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Cassie Epps

Not at all like the replies he had left on my postings or messages. He apologised for the rather depraved nature of his comments , explaining that they were written ‘for hubby’ and not intended for her eyes. He went on to say how turned on he was by her gorgeous blonde hair. How he couldn’t stop looking at her sexy body, her long legs and fabulous full ass, her incredibly flat stomach ( no stretch marks despite having 4 children) and of course her, still pert, 36 C tits. He also commented, as so many did, on her engaging and genuine smile. ‘You are a natural in front of the camera’ he said.
This was not the Jarvis that I knew! There was too, a picture of himself, very sober, dressed in a dark suit and looking quite striking. His message ended with a kiss and the hope that this would not be the last time they would exchange messages.
‘What a gentleman!’ laughed Jackie, ‘I like his style and he’s quite good looking too!’ she teased, searching my face for a reaction.
Yeah, he certainly knows how to flatter a woman,’ I replied. And then, with my head buzzing a little, I added, ‘Well do you think you’ll keep in contact with him?’
‘That’s for me to know,’ she cheekily responded, ‘but don’t worry, you’re still the only man in my life, Mark. Surely you’re not jealous? After all you wanted other men to see my body and apparently fuck and abuse me, so how can you object if I do?’ She then stood up, gave me a passionate hug and kiss and went upstairs for a bath, not of course before logging off of the computer!

I didn’t know what to think. Bloody right I was jealous. Jackie had never wanted or needed anyone else - she was, as she always stressed herself- a one man woman. Often during sex I would talk about how great it would be to share her body with others. She would go along with the fantasy happily and add fuel to it, but the more insistent I became, the more I urged her to really try it, she would always say how ‘dangerous’ it would be. She was a very loving woman who became attached to people very easily. In her opinion she may become emotionally attached to another lover and she did not want to ruin what we had. And as she rightly said ‘You don’t want that either, do you!’
She was right of course, I didn’t- but I was still consumed by the thought of her as a toy for groups of men! My mind was in turmoil!

For a few weeks nothing happened, then one night she confessed how she had been on the site and exchanged one or two messages with Jarvis whilst I was out. He had sent a few more pics and expressed his desire to see ‘more’ of her. My stomach heaved, my head span. ‘And have you sent any?’ I asked.
‘Yes, but nothing hardcore. He is so polite I just had to send him one of me naked on the bed.’
‘What about his pictures? Were they naked?’ I urged.
‘One was him in just shorts. He is a little fat around his waist- but you know how I like a little chubby waist to cuddle up to!’ she giggled.
‘But you couldn’t see his cock?’
‘Not exactly – but the bulge in his shorts looked quite big!’ she teased.
‘Can I read your messages, Jack?’ I asked.
‘Ooooh, don’t know about that. I think I should keep you guessing – don’t you?
Maybe soon. You don’t mind do you?’
What could I say? If I said yes then gone was the fuel for my fantasy – but did I want her talking with Jarvis alone? I didn’t know!
‘No, ‘course not,’ I returned, failing to convince even myself.

The next day, on my return home I found Jackie on the computer, obviously messaging Jarvis. She turned as I entered the room and hit me with, ‘He wants to meet us!’
‘Really?’ I replied.
‘Yep. He wants to wine and dine us he says!’
‘Both of us – or just you?’ I answered.
‘Well he says us both and there’s no way I would go by myself!’ she said.
‘What! You’re seriously considering it? Surely not?’ I added dumbfounded.
‘Why not it seems pretty harmless and he is a really funny bloke- not seedy at all; despite his messages to you!’
‘I’m not too happy about that!’ I gulped.
‘You’re joking! You post pictures of me on the net without permission. Urge people to say what disgusting things they’d like to do to me and then say you don’t want to meet anyone? You’re a joke. I’ve a good mind to do it just to teach you a lesson. Maybe I’ll go by myself if you won’t come as well!’
‘But Jack…….’
‘Look- don’t ‘But Jack’ me. I’m telling you I am seriously thinking about it –the more you protest the more likely it is – bloody cheek!’
I said nothing more, hoping she was doing it for effect. She wasn’t!

After I got out of the bath that night, she told me that we were indeed going to meet Jarvis… and soon. ‘Come on I’ll let you read our messages, Mark. We’ve worked out a place suitable for us both- it’s just working out a time and day. You can help decide that can’t you?’
I had to admit that the chance to read their messages was getting me excited. I wondered what he had been saying to persuade her. I was also hoping to see more of the filthier comments no doubt left by other members about her pictures.
‘Yep-I suppose so. If you’re really determined to go through with it. No way am I going to let you go without me!’
‘Thanks Markie darling!’ she said and planted a huge kiss on my cheek!

Jackie looked absolutely stunning as we entered the bar of the Hitchin Hotel where we were due to meet with Jarvis. Her blonde hair, though short at the back, was longer at the front and often covered one pale blue eye, and when she looked at you through the strands of soft hair, or flicked her head to clear her vision, she looked so damn sexy. And that incredible smile! God – how could anyone not want to fuck her! She was wearing a short black dress, accentuating both her shapely ass and hips and hugging her still slender waist beautifully. Its low cut top also revealed, perfectly, her firm cleavage, for all to drool at. Her back was open to ogling eyes right down to the start of her ass. She was wearing too, an expensive pair of sheer black hold-up stockings and this was all topped off by a pair of black high heels. She often used to dress like this for me but hadn’t done so for a long time. She was making a real effort to impress - and it was working!

How far was she really intending to go I thought, for probably the thousandth time since our meeting had been arranged? She had continually insisted that we were just going to meet for a drink and a laugh, maybe a kiss and hug. ‘Jarvis is a nice guy!’ she insisted. ‘But I don’t want to fuck him, even though he might want to fuck me!’

When I had finally been allowed to read their messages, I found that Jackie had sent further pictures in more revealing, sexy poses – none though were hardcore! Jarvis had also sent her more pics, 2 showing his cock – he was not erect, but it was clear how impressive in girth his cock was! Their written exchanges though remained quite tame – nothing there to fuel my fantasies. The depraved and graphic comments on my original postings had continued to pour in – and I savoured every one. Jackie had read them too but remained unimpressed.

Jarvis was sitting at a table in the corner. Jackie spotted him first and literally dragged me over. He stood as we approached and after firmly shaking my hand, turned his attention to Jackie. He certainly was a big man in every way. He must have been at least 6’5 and looked pretty hefty around his middle. His huge arms encircled my wife, and as she pecked him on the cheek, I watched as his spade like hands wandered down and squeezed her ass cheeks –she didn’t move them but just looked at me and let out a little nervous giggle. I smiled back- though unsure about how I really felt!

As we sat down, Jarvis positioned himself between us and we stayed like that throughout the meal. The conversation was awkward at first but he put us at our ease and though much of his attention was on Jackie, I did not at any time feel left out .Often, after some humorous comment or innuendo, Jackie would lean into his shoulder and laugh or stroke his leg- something she did with anyone- but I could see Jarvis loved it and he always responded by bringing his arm around to squeeze her waist or gently brush one of her breasts.

Towards the end of our meal, Jackie excused herself to visit the toilet. Once out of earshot, Jarvis turned to me, and in a tone more in keeping with his messages to me on the internet, growled, ‘Right, Markieboy I’m aiming to fuck your gorgeous little wife tonight and you’re going to help me aren’t you!’ It didn’t seem like a question.
‘I’m not sure about that,’ I replied, though somewhat timidly,’ I don’t think she’s up for that at all and I’m not really sure I want that either.’
‘Now I know it’s what you want – you’re desperate to see her sucking and fucking black cocks and believe me boy – it’s going to happen. If not tonight then soon. Once she gets a look and feel of my black cock, she’ll soon be hooked and then the real fun’s going to begin. Your job, boy, is to help me - got it!’
I was just about to reply, when Jackie returned and Jarvis reverted to being Mr Charming.
‘Hi, sexy!’ he said and as she sat down once more I saw his hand squeeze her right thigh which became exposed as her dress rode up. She didn’t move it away!

Our meal finished, we were about to say our goodbyes when Jarvis suggested – no insisted -that we have a little night-cap in the room he had booked for the night. He had, he said, anticipated drinking and didn’t want to risk arrest by driving home. Jackie turned to me and said ‘What do you think, Mark? It is a little late. Think we should be off don’t you?’
It was decision time! Go now, and we may never meet again. Go now and my fantasy may remain just that - forever! The meeting was surely just Jackie’s way of trying to ‘teach me a lesson’ after all!
Then, stomach churning, arms shaking, I answered with, ‘Oh, just one more little drink will do no harm!’ Her fate…and mine, was sealed!
‘Excellent!’ beamed Jarvis!

. On entering his room, Jarvis gestured me towards the single armchair – I duly complied, whilst he and Jackie moved to perch on the edge of the bed. As she sat, her dress again rode up and I saw clearly her gorgeous, chunky white thighs above her stocking tops and glimpsed too her red panties stretched tightly over her lips. Though he couldn’t share the view, he could clearly see her exposed thighs and quite brazenly he stared at them, before placing his huge black hand firmly on her right thigh and stroking it. She looked at him, then me. Was she looking for some response or approval? Whatever it was, she promptly moved his hand away – but not angrily.
‘Little lady,’ he then said, ’Do you know just how sexy you are? I’ve been horny ever since you walked into the bar. How about me having a little look at those fabulous tits for real, after all I have seen them in your pics and I’d love to have a feel of them too. Markieboy doesn’t mind – after all he wants you to fuck me.’

‘Sorry, Jarvis, you’re a funny guy but there’s no way I’m going to fuck anybody except Mark!’
‘Aw come on, Sexy, just a little look. Perhaps a little look at that delicious ass of yours too? I’d love a few pictures of my own – I could use my phone. Go on lift your dress up for me and wiggle that ass for old Jarvis. Tell her, Mark – just a little look – promise I won’t touch.’
‘It’s not up to me,’ I said.
This situation was incredible. I had no idea what I really wanted to happen. Part of me wanted to get up and go – get Jackie out of here – but a greater part of me wanted her to give him a show at the very least. Knowing her as I did though, I knew there was really little chance of that happening.
‘Surely you’re not going to go and leave me all horny like this, Sexy? Tell you what – if you won’t show me or let me touch you, how about you touch me? Give me a little rub. You now how much you appreciated those pictures of my black cock. Wouldn’t you like to see it hard for you? I bet Mark would – in fact I know he would, wouldn’t you, Mark!’ Jarvis suggested.
I couldn’t very well deny it. They both knew the answer!
‘Go on, Sexy,’ he again urged,’ let me get it out and show you both and you can just give it a little rub for me. Look, Markieboy’s getting hard just listening to me!’
He was right my cock was rock hard now and I couldn’t help squeezing it a little with my hand. Jackie stared at me for a moment, then at my bulging crotch, and then turned back to Jarvis with a cheeky grin on her face.
‘Okay, to keep you both happy I’ll give you a little look at my tits and you, Jarvis, can give yourself a little rub. You Mark will have to wait until we get home. No wanking for you – I want a good fuck later!’
‘Sounds good to me little lady,’ he replied and immediately started to take off his trousers and undo his shirt.
What sprung out of his pants was simply breath-taking! Jackie didn’t see it at first, as she was pulling the straps of her dress down to reveal her tits – but when she finally looked down at it, her mouth dropped open and her eyes were immediately transfixed by it, as were mine! His cock was no longer than mine but it was so damn thick. It jutted out from his huge, hairy thighs, ram-rod straight! Not a bend or curve anywhere. It was covered in thick bulging veins and though uncut, the foreskin was already stretched back past his cockhead, as he approached full erection. The head itself was a deep pink, in contrast to the glossy ebony skin of the shaft. At its base lay a pair of huge balls, tight now and clearly full of fabulous black sperms aching to erupt! The base of his amazing cock was a mass of black and grey hair.
Jarvis began to stroke it slowly, pulling the skin back as far as it would go. On every down-stroke the hole would open wide – that too was huge - and my own cock pulsed at the sight. I tried to imagine the sperm jetting out into my wife’s face – if only!

As Jarvis continued to pump his cock, I noticed Jackie move closer to him – mouth still agape. She was no longer holding up her tits for him to look at. Instead her hands were now between her legs gently rubbing her own lips through her dress and panties.
‘Here little lady, ‘whispered Jarvis,’ sit down next to me and have a closer look!’
Mesmerised, she obeyed immediately!
‘Tell you what, why not have a feel of it yourself?’ he urged, and as he did so he removed his own fist, took her left hand in his and placed it around his magnificent black shaft. The sight almost made me cum. This was what I had wanted to see for so long, my wife’s hand curled around a huge black cock!
I watched motionless as her slender, delicate white fingers with their ruby red nails teasingly encircled ( but only just)the girth of Jarvis’ cock and started to tenderly rub it up and down. He moaned and then started to move his hand up the inside of her thigh – but with her free hand, she stopped him.
‘No, ‘she whispered. But he took no notice and started to push his rough fingers against her panties seeking a way inside. She didn’t stop him this time! As she next pulled down on his shaft a bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock head and then started to trickle down the shaft onto her hand. She stopped to look closely at it.
‘Look what you’re doing to me, Jackie!’ Jarvis grunted, ‘Why don’t you take an even closer look?’ and with that, using his free hand, he pushed the back of her head down towards the huge ebony shaft. She didn’t resist.
‘Kiss it!’ This time it was more of an order. She glanced at me with a hungry look on her face, smiled and then turned back to his shaft. She nudged closer and gently sniffed the head.
‘Go on Kiss it!’ he again urged.
‘God I want to,’ she replied.
She had never been an avid cock sucker –always insisting on me being immaculately clean – but she did enjoy it when in the mood, though she had never swallowed my cum! It was breath-taking then, to see her lips part and her tongue peek out, before finally taking her first lick of Jarvis’ shaft. She moaned and licked along the most prominent vein first, then dropped down to the base and began kissing his balls.
Jarvis looked across at me and grinned, clearly loving the attention of Jackie’s mouth.
She moved back up the shaft and, after a deep breath, opened her mouth wide and plunged the huge head into her mouth, sucking hard and pushing down about 2 inches.
‘Keep wanking it, little lady !’ he said.
‘It’s so fucking big. It feels so hot!’ she mumbled.
‘Can you taste my precum? You love it don’t you!’
No reply was forthcoming as she continued to plunge her head up and down the first 2 inches of his cock.
‘Get more in!’ Jarvis urged.
She pushed a little more but could only manage another few centimetres, before gagging and lifting her head off. A long string of saliva stretched as she moved away, one end attached to her bottom lip, the other to the back of his shaft –what an awesome sight. I watched rapt, as it started to elongate in the middle, before finally breaking in 2, one half dropping onto the wiry hairs at the base of Jarvis’ cock, the other, retracting upon itself to sit glistening at the bottom of her chin! Noisily she sucked it back into her mouth.
‘God it feels so fucking big in my mouth, Mark!’ she said huskily.
‘Come on little lady, put it back!’ Jarvis said impatiently, whereupon he firmly grasped the back of her head once again and forced, but not roughly, her mouth to start greedily sucking him again. Her lips were stretched wider than I had ever seen them, and the sucking sounds and sight of her escaping saliva ( with, no doubt, some more of Jarvis’ precum) which was continually dribbling down his shaft and pooling on his hair and the base of his huge balls, was almost unbearably horny. It was a real struggle to stop myself from cumming!
‘Here, Mark, take some pictures with my phone!’ Jarvis barked. And he then tossed it over to me. I stopped wanking and moved in closer to get some clear pictures.
Jackie gurgled some comment but it was incomprehensible. If she didn’t want any pictures taken - it was too late anyway! However, that wasn’t what she had said, as she then lifted her head once more and moaned, ‘I need to be fucked – now!’
‘Babe, I never thought you’d ask!’ Jarvis answered excitedly.
‘Sorry, Jarvis, your black cock is incredible – but only Mark fucks me! Quick Mark I need it so bad. Get your cock out and make me cum – I’m so close!’
He didn’t seem too happy about this but he said nothing, just urged her to start sucking again. Jackie slid off of the edge of the bed onto her knees, and positioned herself between Jarvis’ massive thighs. I moved in behind her, lifted her dress and pulled her gusset aside. My cock went straight in to the balls as her cunt was so wet. She groaned as I did so and urged me to do it hard and fast. I willingly obliged. Looking up, I could see her bobbing blonde head, full of thick cock, beautifully framed by Jarvis’ fat, ebony skinned, hairy torso. His sheer size dwarfed her – a stunning sight. So much so that after about 30 seconds I came!
Jackie lifted her head from his cock again, ‘Fuck, Mark, you’ve cum haven’t you! You fucking selfish bastard –I was so close! I need to be fucked hard!’
‘Sorry!’ I said. ‘I couldn’t help it!’
‘Jarvis, I need your cock now to finish me off. Have you got any condoms?’
I had had a vasectomy after our 4th son, so we needed no precautions.

‘Sorry, darlin’ – never use them!’ he laughed.
‘Just fuck me, quick – but please don’t cum in me. Can you do that?’
She was desperate to cum and needed fucking long and hard. Only Jarvis could satisfy her now. But the fact that she, ultra cautious Jackie, was willing to risk this, showed just how horny she was!
‘How do you want it, Jackie?’
‘From behind – now! Shove it in right up to your balls and pummel me hard!’
Jarvis eased me to one side with a triumphant grin on his face and knelt down behind her. ‘Markieboy,’ he ordered, ‘spread her cheeks wide. Hold her open for me. I need 2 hands to feed this in.’
I willingly did this. Her asshole opened a little and her cunt lips, dripping with my cum, parted too. Jarvis fed his helmet into Jackie’s gaping hole, pushing slowly. Her lips had to spread so wide that I thought they would rip. She groaned, but pushed back, desperate to get him in. Finally, the head was fully in and her lips engulfed it greedily, sucking it in further. Then he started to thrust – hard. The rest of his great black shaft slid in easily and within seconds she was taking the whole cock right up to his heavy balls. It was amazing to watch his great black ass thrusting into my wife. Her whole body shook with every thrust. She was soon cumming, the groans from her throat were animal like, guttural. But Jarvis didn’t stop. He kept pumping away and soon she was cumming again. Something I was rarely able to do for her!
‘God, your cock feels so fucking great. It’s stretching me so wide. It’s fucking fantastic! Don’t stop, please! I’m gonna cum again in a minute. Go on fuck my cunt hard, you big black bastard!’
She was frenzied now – almost out of control.
‘Sorry little lady, but I’m gonna shoot any second!’
‘No – not in me. Take it out, quick!’ she sounded hugely disappointed. ‘Just have a little break and then fuck me again – I need more. I need that gorgeous thick fucking cock again.’
‘Okay,’ he replied and pulled out making a lascivious plopping sound. Jackie’s cunt remained wide open for a second until she involuntarily squeezed and it closed up, though only a little. Cum, both mine and hers oozed out.
My cock was beginning to harden again.
‘I could make you cum now, Jack,’ I offered.
‘No, let Jarvis do it. I need a proper man to finish me off!’ She was being deliberately cruel now because I had cum so quickly earlier – but it was only in the heat of the moment I thought –or was that hoped?
She arched her back, pushing her exposed ass out to meet him. Her dress, though still on, was bunched at her waist.
‘Mark, pull my panties down so Jarvis can get right in. I want to feel his balls banging against my ass and thighs – I couldn’t before! Come on do it- now!’
She was frantic, insatiable now with lust for more thick, black cock and more orgasms. The whole of Jarvis’ cock was smeared with a mixture of my cum and hers, and her cunt, still gaping, swallowed him easily to the hilt as he pushed back in .
‘Oh fuck it fills me right up. I can feel every inch of it – it’s so fucking thick and hard. I’m cumming already.’ –and she moaned and pushed back even harder to get more of his great cock into her! As she did this, Jarvis grabbed her hair in his right hand and pulled her head right back. This made her scream – but not in pain- in ecstasy!
As he let go seconds later, her head collapsed onto the bed and she lay there exhausted but sated.
Jarvis though was still fucking her hard. Every thrust made her ass cheeks ripple.
‘I’m gonna cum now, Jackie!’ he groaned.
‘No, not in me.Take it out, please. I’d love all your cum in me, but please don’t do it!’
‘Okay, Sexy!’ he laughed, seemingly in full control.
‘I’ll toss it for you, Jarvis – all over me if you like – but not on my cunt!’ she offered. ‘I‘ve never seen another cock cum before!’
Jarvis pulled out and stood up. His huge cock looked even bigger jutting straight out in front of him. ‘Right, on your knees in front of me, quick,’ he ordered.
Jackie turned and did as she was told.
‘Markieboy, get the camera again and come closer. I’m gonna cum in your little wife’s face and you’re filming it!’
‘Not in my face, you’re not –but you can cum on my tits. Go on smother my white tits with your spunk!’ she shouted.
She would often let me cum in her face but always screwed up her eyes. It was more as a favour to me when she did – she didn’t enjoy it. She did though love to watch cum spurting out and feel it splash on her skin – just not in her eyes or mouth!
‘Come on, Sexy,’ Jarvis replied, ‘I want to cum all over your pretty little face.’
‘I know you do, but I need to see your cum spurt out and if you do it on my face, I’ll have to close my eyes – just do it on my tits!’ Then, almost inaudibly she added, ’Maybe next time!’
I’m not sure he heard – but I did and my head swam at the thought. Just the situation talking I thought to myself!
‘Get that dress right off and that bra too, then hold those tits up for me!’ Jarvis said.
She peeled the dress off, unhooked her bra and then took her tits in both hands as Jarvis started to pump his cock hard. I clicked away quickly and keenly with his phone and then switched to video waiting for him to cum.
What a sight it was! My own wife, on her knees, dressed only in hold- up stockings with her panties at her ankles, kneeling in front of a huge black man and looking up wantonly at his cock waiting for it to cum.
‘Come on, spray me. Cum all over my tits. I need to see it now!’ she urged.
Then his knees buckled slightly and the first jet shot onto her tits. It was followed by 8or 9 more, equally as powerful as the first. Some did spray her on the chin but the rest smothered her chest. It was thick and glutinous. She looked on wide eyed at each spurt and savoured every splash on her skin. She laughed, almost manically, at the sight. Thick stringy ropes hung from the end of her nipples and dropped onto her arms and thighs. She scooped some up and inspected it. She held it to her nose and sniffed in its aroma. She let out her tongue, looked up at him and for a second I thought she was going to eat it, but she didn’t – she was only teasing. I had captured every second on his camera though!

Once we had all calmed down, an awkward silence descended. No-one seemed to know what to say. Jackie cleaned herself up and after a few pleasantries, including suggestions from both parties that we should,’ Meet again,’ we left, but not before Jackie had kissed Jarvis on the cheek and he had patted her ass once again. I shook his hand and as I turned to follow Jackie, Jarvis whispered, ‘She’s hooked - believe me! We will be meeting again…..and again!’

The drive home was similarly quiet as we both wrestled with our emotions and reflected on the night’s events. Would there be a repeat? Did either of us want a repeat? Was Jarvis right?
I was soon to find out……..

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