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Felicia Chapman

I had just kissed her goodbye and watched her leave. My heart felt sadness to see her drive away. I told myself I think she will be back as I went on into the cabin. I cleaned up from breakfast and went upstairs.

I could still smell our sexual essence in the air. I looked over at my bed and it seemed so empty. Then it occurred to me that it was made. I didn’t remember making it before we went down for breakfast. I wanted to keep the sheets the way they were, but also knew I hoped that she would be coming back soon, maybe even tonight. I decided to change the sheets so I pulled the quilt back and when I did I saw them.

A delicate little pair of panties placed strategically on my pillow. I laughed out loud, "That dirty little girl." I reached down and picked them up and held them to my nose and smelled in the wonderful sent of my new lover. "Mmmmmm, I can’t get enough of this women." I took them away and looked at them and saw a little stain of her girl cum.

I never understood men who would say that they would not text or call a women the next day after having sex. I think that is a cruel way to be. I would hope that she would want to hear from me. I didn’t want her to have any doubts about what I felt about the time we spent together. An idea came to me and I grabbed my cell and took a picture of me holding her panties to my nose right on her cum spot and sent it to her with the caption, "Thank you for the gift!"

30 seconds later she returned a message, "Oh My, did I forget those? What ever am I going to do all day without them." then a picture came through. It was a selfie of her dress pulled up showing herself without any panties. I thought, this is going to be fun. I sent back, "Mmmmmmmmmmh, can’t wait to return them to you, after I have spent some time with them." I slipped them into my pocket.

I then changed the sheets, worked out and cleaned up like I always do every morning. I took the sweet present out every now and then and held it up to my face deeply breathing in and then putting them back. Time slipped away and it was noon before I knew it. My phone chirped in, it was a message from Betty, "I hope you have enjoyed your morning. Uhm, could you bring me my gift back to me? I promise to bring them back to you tonight. I have an appointment this afternoon that I couldn't get out of and I don’t want any... wardrobe malfunctions."

I texted her back letting her know that I will of course bring them to her. Just where did she want me to bring them to. She texted back an address that I didn’t recognize and I went to get ready to go.

It didn’t take long for me to get ready and then jump into my truck and headed out. I pulled up to the location that she had sent me. I was shocked to find it to be an adult bookstore. I saw her car so I pulled up beside it. He car was empty. I looked around and figured that she was probably in the store. I smiled and thought to myself, Betty is naughtier than I thought.

I went in and saw that no one was there but the girl behind the counter. She looked up and said, "Hello, can I help you today." with a smile that made it obvious what she wanted to help me with. I responded, "Oh, I am looking for my friend. She told me to meet her here." "You mean Betty? She said that a handsome man would be coming in to meet her. She is in the theater." "Thank you." I said as I walked up and paid her for the ticket and then went into the theater.

If you have never experienced an adult theater, some are better than others but they really are all about the same. They have overstuffed chairs and couches. Usually everything is black. Usually 2 or 3 guys in there getting their rocks off watching the porn on the screen. Sometimes they are helping each other with a handy. Today there was no one here except Betty sitting on a couch close to the wall.

"Well this is a strange place to meet." I said as I slipped in beside her. She grabbed my face and kissed me long and hard with her tongue teasing me. When we finally came up for air she said, "I know this is weird, but I always wanted to come in here and make out." She kissed me again and started rubbing my manhood which was already beginning to rise to the occasion.

Next breath break I said, "Seems like the girl at the counter knew you. Do you come here often?" She laughed at me and then gave me a dirty look. "Well I have bought a toy or two here, but mostly because I sold this place to her father a few years ago and she became an instant friend." she then kissed me again. We were groping each other and I started to move up under her dress. She looked around knowing that no one had come in so she lunged forward meeting my hand as I grabbed her and rubbed up against her wetness.

She was panting and pushing into my hand, then she pushed me back and undid my belt and pants. She grabbed my pants and underwear down past my knees in one pull. Then she roughly slammed down and forced me unto her all the way to my balls. Then she screamed and looked at me with a hungry passion on her face while she raised herself up and rammed down again.

If felt glorious. I let my head fall back on the sofa with my eyes closed as she continued to use me. She turned and started riding me in reverse cowgirl and watched what was happening on the screen the same time she road me. She was moaning and grinding and driving down hard. She was in her own zone. I could tell that this must have been a secret desire for a long time. I am just happy that she would want to share this with me. I looked over toward the door and I saw someone standing in the doorway.

It was the girl that was behind the counter. She stepped into the door and moved in and sat down in the seat beside us. I saw her undo her pants and put her hand down them. She stared me in the eyes and began to moan as well. Betty finally looked away from the screen and saw Judy. She paused for a moment and then looked at me and smiled while she continued to enjoy her seat.

"Looks like you have a fan." she said and we both looked and Judy was in the throws of her orgasm. That triggered Betty which triggered me. So all three of us sat in the dark adult theater dripping cum everywhere. After a few moments Betty slide off my lap and a dollop of cum fell from her onto my leg. Judy was getting up and saw that and took her finger and scooped it up and put it in her mouth. "Mmmmm that tastes soooo goood." she reacted. Her knees were still weak and they buckled and she fell back into the chair.

"I know right?" Betty said as she too was taking from herself and feeding on my cum. Then she turned to me and said, "I think you have something of mine?" then I took her panties out of my pocket and held them out so she could slip them on. She rested her hands on my shoulders while I slid them up her beautiful legs. And then she finished pulling them up. I slipped to my knees as she showed them to me and I pressed my face into her panties taking a deep breath. "I expect these back on my pillow tonight." I said with a smile.

"Are you inviting me back to the cabin?" she asked already knowing the answer. "...or anywhere you would have me." I said. Then she looked deep on my eyes and smiled and said, "I will be there tonight after my dinner appointment. Around 9?" Then she kissed me. "Let’s get out of here. Thanks Judy." she said. I turned to Judy and also thanked her. She smiled and came up to me and kissed me. Betty raised her eyebrow and then smiled and said, "Okay kiddo, I will let that one slide but that is enough." Judy stopped and stepped away. I smiled at her and thanked her again.

When we got out to the vehicles, I took her in my arms again, "Thank you for helping me with a long time fantasy. I never thought I would find someone who would trust enough to share one of my dark fantasies with. Thanks for indulging me. I trust you with all I am." she said. I responded, "I have to say, you are full of surprises that’s for sure. With you in my life I am sure we will have many many more ‘adventures’." I kissed her and wished her good luck on her deal. I then got in my truck and drove back to the lake.

I settled back into the cabin and started on some work I had to do. I couldn’t keep my mind on anything else other than Betty. She came in and I had a bottle of wine chilling sitting with two glasses while I sat on the couch facing the lake. I was of course nude. I looked back over my shoulder and said, "Come on in and tell me about your day? And by the way, you are over dressed." she smiled and slipped off her dress and let it fall into the floor. She then took off her bra and panties and she brought her panties to me. I took them in my hands and smelled the combination of us together. "That’s my girl." she smiled and bent down and moved my hand full of panties out of the way and said, "How about the real thing?" I answered, "all in good time, my dear, all in good time."

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