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Karin Brussaard


Years Shooting:
21 years




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# of Dive Trips Per Year
5 trips per year

Karin Brussaard

Karin was born in The Netherlands in 1972. Her brother persuaded her to join him on a divecourse in 1997. Like she once said “I’ll never go diving” she also said “I’ll never start with underwaterphotography, much to difficult for me”….
After a while diving turned out to be the most passionate leisure interests she’d ever experienced. After discovering the beauty of the marine life, the step towards underwater photography was easily taken. She simply felt the urge showing the rest of the world the flora and fauna she met on her diving trips, abroad and in her home country, The Netherlands.
In 2003 Karin took a camera with her on one of her dives for the first time. Now, a few years later her work is regularly published in many divemagazines all over the world (Duikmagazine, Unterwasser, Asian Diver, Dive New Zealand, Scuba Diver Magazine, Wielki Blekit, etc.). As one can conclude Karin developed herself from amateur to a semi-pro photographer with a great talent for composition and an everlasting persistence for taking the perfect picture. Her enthusiasm, style and talent did not stay unremarked in The Netherlands. Dos Winkel, the famous Dutch underwater photographer, adopted her as his protégé.
On every trip she tests a digital camera and an underwaterhousing for this camera and write reviews about her statements. These reviews are for a big European photography website www.letsgodigital.org. Although many people say she is crazy to figure out every camera, she says she likes to work with all the different DSLR and compactcamera’s. In this way she’s always updated with the latest camera’s which is useful for herself and for her students in the workshops. Many other websites and photography magazines all over the world also publish these reviews. If you are interested in these reviews, please contact Karin for more information.
In coöperation with Ron Polet, the owner of www.scubacam.nl, she gives regularly workshops in digital underwaterphotography. The combination of two people teaching during a course is perfect, she thinks. Ron is an expert in the technique of the camera’s, lenses, strobes, etc. and Karin knows how to work with them!
Once, an article stated that Karins enthusiasm is her power. Karin says that underwater photography just brings her a lot of fun. You can’t only see this in her pictures, but also in de workshops she gives and in the articles she writes.

What I look for in a Dive Operator:
I need two things from a dive operator. The first thing what I need is a good diveguide who nows where to find the special things and he/she needs to have a lot of patience. The second is freedom. I can\'t stand it when the diveguide tells me to move on or to leave the water after 45 minutes!

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