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The Most Powerful Pressure Washers On the Market: Reviews

Even though most people will be okay with a light duty power washer. For others, however, the kind of water pressure and flow rate that an average power washer for home use generates just won’t cut it. You either have heavier needs in a pressure washer like needing to clean multi-story homes, power soaping or paint prepping. 

You might also be a professional cleaner and need to find a reliable, heavy duty power washer that can keep up with you throughout the working days.

Whatever it is that you do and whatever are your reasons looking for Good pressure washer brands, this article can help you.

1. Simpson Cleaning PS3228

The Simpson PS3228 is one of the most powerful gas powered washers there are. The powerful and incredibly durable Honda engine that sits on the solid metal chassis can generate a staggering amount of power that can handle just about any job that you throw at it.

The Honda GX200 engine can put out about 3300 PSI of water pressure at an average flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This puts the PS3228 well into the heavy duty range and allows it to do more powerful intensive jobs like paint prepping. However, we don’t recommend it for multi-story home cleaning and power soaping.

It is equipped with a 16-inch spray wand made from high quality steel, so it should last almost indefinitely. The spray wand has a trigger lock for better safety and also to keep it from accidentally going off and wasting water while you’re not using it. 

Even though this gas-powered pressure washer is quite heavy and unwieldy at 84 pounds, the large tires that are mounted directly on the metal frame make the washer quite maneuverable.

The only thing that comes close to being a drawback for this washer is that it is very loud. In fact, this pressure washer is so loud, that we highly recommend that you invest in quality hearing protection if you were to use it for a long period of time.

2. Generac 6565

The Generac 6565 is a true workhorse with its powerful in-house Generac 420 cc OHV engine. This massive engine block allows the Generac 6565 to generate an amazing 4200 PSI of water pressure and a flow rate of 4.0 GPM. Cleaning power is also boosted by the professional-grade triplex pump, which elevates this washer to the commercial-grade level and suitable for professional users.

During usage, there is a regulator for you to flexibly change the spray power and water pressure, which is a feature that not many heavy duty power washers in the same pricing range offer.

But just because the engine is so sophisticated and powerful doesn’t mean that it will be difficult to maintain. It’s got specialized sensors inside to detect low oil level and automatically shut down the engine to protect it from overheating, prolonging its life as a result. Thanks to these mechanisms, you won’t really have to worry much about the washer.

Even though this Best rated pressure washer surely is bulky and heavy, the oversized pneumatic tires make it quite easy to transport around and will even allow you to work on uneven terrain. The handle grips are designed for ergonomics, so you will be very comfortable using them.

It also has a variety of quick-connect nozzles and soap applicator to allow you to work with the integrated detergent tank inside of the unit. The Generac 6565 also has a long 50-foot high pressure water hose for extra range.


That’s it for today’s Let the Cleaning Begin! Uncover the Best Pressure Washers and we hope that you have found the heavy duty pressure washer of your dreams with this article!

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