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Jonathan Little

Picking up girls had never been easy, and he always felt like the man out. He had been that way since high school. But to his chagrin, his long time friend Cheyenne had convinced he needed to go.

Like normal he sat at a table by himself while Cheyenne went off to play with a couple. Once again she had abandoned him once again. Why he came to these things with her was a question he asked every time. He looked around feeling alone. The last time he had come to a party, he tried his best to mingle, but it ended in disaster.

Nearly an hour had passed, and Jeff had already knocked back several beers and starting to feel the alcohol working.

Cheyenne came over to the table making her beautiful tits bounce as she walked. "Jeff how do you expect ever to find someone sitting all by yourself. Get off your ass and go talk to some girls."

Jeff stared at her for a minute. "I tried last time remember, and I left here totally fucking depressed and drunk. You know I hate coming to parties. All it does is pisses me off. The only reason you want me here is cause you get in free. So leave me to my beer ok besides if you were all that concerned you would quit looking and look at the one person you act like you actually care about."He watched as she wandered off. He couldn’t count the times he had tried to hook up with her only to be thrown right into the friend zone.

After a few more hits of his beer, Jeff got up and went outside for a smoke. He found a secluded spot and leaned against the wall and lit up. One thing he enjoyed at these parties was he did at least get out of the house, but that was all.

Donna stood with her friends talking when the effects of her drinking pushed on her bladder. She knew she wouldn’t make it to the bathroom, so she hurried over to the bushes. As she walked, she fought the need to piss. She was reaching for the button on her jeans as she walked into the bushes she noticed the man standing leaning against the wall. "FUCK"!

Jeff stood looking at the lady who had just invaded his space. "Sorry to spook you I’m just smoking."

Donna squeezed her legs together. Her bladder was about to burst. "Um, could you please leave I gotta pee?" She begged him.

"There is a bathroom you know? How about you go somewhere else? Ok?" He stood watching as she danced trying to hold her pee. The thought aroused him.

Donna could not even muster a word as her bladder was starting to hurt. "Dude I won’t even make it, my bladder is bursting, and the bathroom is clear over on the other side. Now please scram"

They both stared at each other for a moment. For Donna, it was a second too long. Her bladder burst and the flood gates opened. She felt the warm piss as it escaped her body, her pants quickly darkened from the moisture. The piss ran down her legs. She blushed from the embarrassment.

Jeff stood in amazement as he watched this girl soak her pants. He also was shocked as his cock got hard. He was completely turned on. So much so he wanted to fuck her.

Donna tried not to cry. But now she had to figure out how to get to her car and not be seen. She just wanted to go home and cry.

Jeff through caution to the wind. He reached out and grabbed the girls shirt and pulled her towards the wall. Cupping his hand over her mouth, he used his other hand to undo her pants. Once he had them off, he undid his own releasing his throbbing cock.

Donna had no time to react. This guy moved way too fast. She relented and let him do what he wanted; she didn’t want to get hurt. When he forced her over she reached for the wall to brace herself.

Jeff couldn’t believe his luck; this girl was letting him do what he wanted. Grabbing his cock, he aimed it at her pussy. As soon as he made contact, he rammed it into her.

Donna gasped as she felt a huge cock enter her pussy. When she felt him pull back and begin to thrust forward, she pushed back. "Oh fuck fuck, fuck me you fucking ass hole."

Jeff grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her pussy as hard as he could. He wanted to say something but had no clue what to say.

Donna could feel her first orgasm building. She closed her eyes tight. "Make me cum asshole, or I’ll start screaming rape. You’re nothing but a perverted asshole.

Jeff thrust his cock as hard as he could. He didn’t like the way she was talking to him. "FUCK you slut. Your damn fault you pissed your pants and got me horny. Fucking sluts always leading me on, always treating me like I’m not visible. Fuck you. " Jeff grabbed a hand full of hair pulling her hair back.

This guy was hitting every button to turn her on. Now he had her hair and was fucking her like a mad man. Never had any guy done this to her even when she begged them to. Her body started to shake as her orgasm built.

Donna bit her lower lip trying not to scream. She let out a loud groan as her orgasm hit. She pulled away releasing his cock and letting go a large stream of fluid.

Jeff glanced down as soon as he felt the wetness. Hard streams of liquid spewed from her pussy, and her body went into convulsions. "You fucking bitch. You just got my damn pants wet.

Jeff pulled her hair and turned her around. Forcing her to her knees, he shoved his cock into her open mouth.

Donna more surprised than anything eagerly sucked his cock. She could taste herself; her juices had a tangy taste to them. Then she realized that she had not completely drained her bladder before he had grabbed her. She was now sucking on a piss covered cock.

Jeff didn’t last very long, not getting laid in such a long time had made him super sensitive and now her hot little mouth was locked onto him. He grabbed hair and thrust his hips.

Donna felt the head of his cock swell. She couldn’t believe the size of his cock, and now it was getting larger.

With a final thrust, Jeff groaned as he let his balls drain into this little sluts mouth.

Cum exploded from his cock. Donna gagged as it hit the back of her throat. Another orgasm hit. She quickly swallowed every drop as his cock convulsed. She loved the taste of cum and had her hand between her legs, desperately trying to cum once again while her taste buds enjoyed the taste.

Completely drained Jeff pulled his quickly shrinking cock from her mouth. Pulling his way pants up he turned to leave.

"The fuck you don’t. No way in hell are you leaving without it at least giving me your damn number asshole." Donna gritted her teeth trying not to scream at him.

Jeff reached for his wallet and pulled out a business card. "Don’t call me unless you’re going to piss yourself." Jeff turned and headed for his car.

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