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Cheryl Taylor

My name is Greg. I want to tell you about what is probobally the most wonderful thing that happened to me during my high school years. It started out as a disaster, but eventally turned into what could only be described as a miracle.

We all remember high school, the adrenaline jungle littered with short skirts, tank tops, hip huggers, and those gifts from God that we simply call low-cut tees. At the time, and to this very day, I was fascinated with breasts, and the low-cut shirts were my guardian angel, ensuring that I would indeed survive high school. I would spend entire class periods staring down girls shirts. Occasionally I would be caught and called a perv, but there were those occasions, albeit rare, when the girl would slyly smile and let that neckline fall lower and lower until the only obstacle of a nip-slip was a pink laced bra. Although I adored breasts more than life itself, I had never actually seen one, internet aside. Unfortunantly my classes were only a half hour, but after school, I was in for another treat. Most people wanted to go home to spend time with their friends, or hang out at the mall, or be with their girlfriend. Personally, I didn't have many friends, the prospect of the mall was unreachable, and I had never had a girlfriend. Rather, I looked forward to being released from school for the bus ride itself. From the school to my house was about 45 minutes, and the bus had maybe nine people on a good day. But luckly for me, one of those few students was a certain girl. Her name was Terri. She had the most magnificent breasts I had ever seen, whch were accented by the fact that she wore an extra low cut shirt day after day. She sat in the seat across the isle from me, and often she would sleep on the way home. Another blessing was the fact that the road to our area was filled with potholes. Every time we hit one, it seemed as if her breasts were just eager to leap up out of that shirt. Every day I would stare at her breasts, never getting tired. At home, and on a few occasions on the bus, I would jack off to alot of the girls at school, but always finish to Terri. The magnificent shape of her breasts, the perfect curve to them, the way they bounced. They were, at my guess, 42 D's.
The days went by and I would see new peeks but always be enticed by the sight of Terri's breasts. Not a day went by that I didn't look, and on one day that she was sick, I thought for sure I was going to die, only being saved by the fact that I saw what I thought might have been a nipple earlier that day. She never seemed to notice that I was staring. A few times I was tempted to reach over and feel them, but always seemed to find a reason not to. And then, on that fateful wednesday, it happened. The day had been slow. It was cold, so nobody was wearing a low cut shirt. But I knew Terri would. The day seemed to last for hours. People were yapping on and on about the snow outside, but I could care less. People seemed entice by the white wonderland of snow, while I couldn't get my mind off of the bountiful wonderland or Terri's mounds. Finally, the 3 o'clock bell rang and I rushed to the bus. Terri arrived a few minutes later in a georgeous blue shirt, low cut of course. The first low-cut peek I had seen all day, my dick snapped to attention the second she stepped onto the bus. She sat down and closed her eyes. I sat with my legs on the seat, and when I was absolutely positive nobody was looking (the bus was near empty, and the bus driver couldn't see anyways) I whipped out my cock and began stroking it. I stared at her magnificent breasts, so full and protruding from her shirt, while stroking myself. I was in heaven. When I felt that I could take it no longer, I stopped and started to put my dick in my pants. I didn't want to end blowing my load all over the seats again. Suddenly, the bus jerked and I was lurched to the side. The bus driver had been cut off and hit the brakes to ensure not to hit the slow driver. Terri was thrown out of her seat onto me, and the bus driver shouted a mixture of swears and apologies. I looked down to Terri on my lap, and she looked up, sleepily.
"Are you hurt?" I asked.
"No." She replied.
Then we both looked down to my lap, where my rock-hard boner was softly nestled between her breasts. She looked up at me with a mixture of shock and surprise. At that moment, the bus pulled up to my house. I shoved my dick in my pant and flew off the bus. As soon as I got inside, I locked the door and crouched down holding my head. I was screwed. My dick fell into her cleavage. Why me? Then I noticed that the crotch of my pants were soaked with semen. I stared in disbelief as I tried to remember when I came. Was it before or after I pushed Terri off? Did I blow my load in her cleavage? Oh, God, what does she think...?

The next day, I skipped school. I rented out a house by myself, so I didn't have to play sick to any parents. The entire morning I stayed in my bed just replaying yesterdays events. The next day, friday, I decided to man up and went back to school. I expected to hear rude remarks or find cops waiting for me, but nothing happened. Nobody even seemed to know. I was still cautious throughout the day. When 3 o'clock came around, I considered just walking the 20 miles home, but I knew it was ridiculous. I would just have to man up and hope Terri understood. Yeah right. I stepped on the mostly empty bus and chsoe a seat at the back far away from everyone else. I looked out the window and hoped Terri wouldn't show up. We had been sitting there 5 minutes, and the bus started up, but just before the bus started rolling the something touched my arm. I had been so deep in though, I nearly hit the roof of the bus. I quickly looked who was next to me and saw Terri looking at me. I backed as far into the corner as I could and stammerred.
"Your name is Greg, right?" she asked. "Y...yeah." I replied. She rested her hand on mine. "Greg I want to talk to you about the other day." I felt my face burn red. Obviously she could tell because she said "Don't be embarassed. I know that you've been looking at me." She smiled at me and I felt my face become less red. "I'll tell you a secret. Do you know what I have for the last class of the day?" I shook my head. "I...I never see you during the day, only on the bus." I replied. "Well, then you wouldn't know what I usually wear." Saying this, she reached into her backpack and pulled out a regular t-shirt. It looked like some sort of hiddeous demon thats goal was to hide boobs. I looked up at her quizically. "I wear this most of the day, and since my last class is gym, I change into a low-cut shirt instead of my usual shirts." She must have seen I was confused and added "I usually don't like guys staring at my boobs. I only wear low-cut shirts because I noticed that you liked them, and, well, I kinda like you." She was the one blushing now. I just sat there dumbfounded. She wore them for me? And other times she wore that hiddeous thing? This must be a dream. I looked at her. She looked back at me, her ice-blue eyes looking nervous, almost like she would cry. I smiled at her. "You...You really do this just for me?" She nodded. "I've always wanted you to like them, so I do my best. Wednesday was amazing. Were you thinking about me?" I looked at her and wondered if she realized how I felt. "Of course I was. There is nobody else as beautiful as you and nobody else that I would rather think about." When I said this, she smiled. "In that case, would you like to feel them?" I felt my mouth drop open. I thought I would faint. "Are you serious?" She smiled and replied "Of course!" She moved closer to me and grabber my hands, pulling them towards her, and placing them on her breasts. I had never felt anything like it. As she removed her hands, I fondled the clothed part, then I slowly moved my hands upwards. Just as I was about the feel her bare breasts, the bus stopped. I looked out the window and saw my house. I looked up at Terri, and she said "Don't worry. We'll finish where we left off on monday." With that, she moved out of my seat and let me out. I walked off the bus, looked back, and I saw Terri pull down her shirt and bare more cleavage then ever through the window. I began to walk back to the house, stopped, then thought to myself "How am I going to make it through the weekend?"

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