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Tami Sommerville

We set up around lunch time and both went for a wall on to the rock, great views and warm, then we spent the afternoon sunbathing nude by the van, then around 6 pm a small camper van pulled up some 50 metres away from us, but in view of where we was sitting, so reluctantly we moved and put some clothes on,

The next morning I took a walk to put some rubbish in the bins further around the rock, looking up I saw a couple on top of the rock, I waved and carried on, heading back, I took the route across the top of the rock, where I met up with Lou and Gretchen, a young couple, mid to late 20's, she was slim and very attractive, he was a good looking guy too, turns out they had been travelling for months in the panel van camper, and like we had done were enjoying the view from atop the rock.

As we spoke I happened to say we had stopped at a club, earlier in our trip, for some reason he asked if it was a gun club, I said no and asked why he had said that, he said no reason, but then asked what club it was, I told him it was a nudist club, Gretchen I noticed had been looking at my tight shorts before, then smiled and looked down to my crouch again, I told them we enjoy going naked as much as we can.

Lou said he enjoyed going naked some times, Gretchen said she liked going naked in private, but was a bit shy going naked in company, any way we chatted for awhile longer, then made our way down, I invited them for a drink, they said they were going for a walk around then if it was ok would come over later, I told them any time.

It was some hours later when they knocked on the door, Lyn was in the shower, I was naked having just had my shower, so slipped a towel around me and let them in. I put some water on for a drink, of course they could hear Lyn in the shower, Gretchen said that was one thing she had missed while travelling, I told her she was more than welcome to use ours, albeit being a quick, wet wash and rinse off, she looked at Lou with the biggest smile ever.

Lyn had to come out naked, and said hello, she asked where the towel was, I looked down, Lyn then just grabbed the towel and pulled it from me, then dried off, I noticed Lou taking a good look over her shaved pussy and big boobs, once dry Lyn stayed naked, Gretchen sat not knowing what to do, I told her a shower with clothes on wouldn't be as good, Lou stood and dropped his shorts and shirt, he would love a quick shower too, we told him go for it, but conserve the water.

Lou had his shower and came out and dried off, Gretchen now the only one dressed, with a shy smile, she put her fingers under the thin straps on her dress and let it slip down, now totally naked her slim body looked even better.

I told her shampoo and soap etc was in there, Lyn said a razor was in there too if she wanted to do some lady scaping, Gretchen smiled and asked if that would be ok, Lyn said of course I've just done mine and showed us her newly shaved pussy, Lou took in the view with a huge smile, and I noticed Gretchen also lingering on the sight before her eyes.

We sat talking while Gretchen had her shower, Lou told us there plans to travel around, and then go to the USA where Gretchen was from, finally she came out, looking so happy, we gave her a towel and she dried off, then sat next to Lou, I then asked them what they wanted to drink, Gretchen said tea, so leaning up and slightly over her, my cock now just inches from her face, I said excuse me, and got the tea bags out of the cupboard above her head.

Then Lou said coffee please, I said excuse me again, and leaned over her again to get the coffee, Gretchen's eyes seemed to pop out of her head each time, Lou was smiling, then I saw why, Lyn had her hand on his cock under the table, just out of sight from Gretchen, Lyn then said, " be careful of Gretchen will bite your dick off if you keep doing that.

As the water boiled I poured the drinks, and Lou asked for sugar, this time I just smiled leaned over Gretchen and got the sugar from the same cupboard, this time I pretend to have to go in deeper, my cock touched Gretchen's face, I stayed like that for a few seconds until I had the sugar, then said sorry, Gretchen looked a bit embarrassed, but smiled and said " you're lucky I was going to bite it" and laughed.

Lyn not to miss a chance said" bring it here I'll bite it", I turned my cock at her mouth, and Lyn took it in and gently bit my cock head, Lou laughed as Lyn then kissed it better for me, each time my cock grew bigger, Gretchen now looking on with wide eyes, as Lyn kept her hold on Lou's cock, my cock now fully grown, Lyn turned to Lou and said your turn if you want, he looked at Gretchen stood and Lyn sucked his cock fully in her wet mouth, Lou shook as she licked her tongue around the end and then swallowed it whole again.

My cock was standing proud, Lou enjoying Lyn's attention to his man hood, I moved gently towards Gretchen, she was watching Lyn gulping down Lou's 7 inch rod, my cock is slightly longer and thicker than his, but at the moment hanging free, then with my cock just inches from her mouth, Gretchen looked around and saw my cock next to her face again, this time I was in luck, her mouth took nearly my full length in one go.

Lyn didn't wait, she took Lou to our queen size bed and got into a 69 with him, I could hear him enjoying her wet pussy as he slurped and licked her clit, Lyn returning the favour deep throat his cock now, I didn't want to rush Gretchen, but I so wanted to taste her pussy juices too, reluctantly I pulled my cock from her mouth, pulled the table from its mount, put it out of the way then lay Gretchen down onto the seat, quickly finding her tiny clit with my tongue.

It only took about a minute before I heard Gretchen groaning and push my face hard into her cunt, I was in bliss this young girl squirming around on my tongue going wild, two fingers quickly found her cunt increased her orgasm, she kept going, now another finger found its way into her hole, then the fourth, it felt so warm and inviting too.

Gretchen was still going through a orgasm when I stood, leaving my fingers in her cunt, then with one swift move swapped them for my cock, Gretchen gave me one of those "fuck me looks" so without hesitation, I started to pound her into the seat, Lyn still in a 69 with Lou, looked over to see us in action, Lou also took time out from licking Lyn to see Gretchen going wild, that was all it took,Lou swung around, his cock finding Lyn's cunt ready for him, went in balls deep.

Lyn was enjoying her young buck, he threw her legs over his shoulders and fucked her faster than a jack rabbit in heat, often turning to watch Gretchen being fucked too, I turned Gretchen over, she now faced the bed, my cock found her cunt and went straight back in deeper than before, Gretchen was looking at Lou her cunt tightened up and she went into another orgasm, my balls nearly let fly then, but I held off, I fucked her deep, I knew Lou would most likely have fucked her fast, I wanted her to feel every inch inside her pussy.

Now I wanted to see how Gretchen would go in a 4 some, lifting her up, I carried her to the bed, putting her pussy over Lyn's face while my dick found her sweet spot again, I knew Lyn would eat her clit while I worked her insides, Gretchen soon moved a bit for Lyn to get a better go at her pussy, then wham, she had a huge orgasm, my cock held solid by her cunt muscles.

Lou rubbed Gretchen's back, saying " it looks like your enjoying that baby" but she was too busy as another orgasm hit, we kept this going for awhile I wanted to make sure Gretchen was into bi sex, then swung her around again, and told Lou to move so Gretchen could 69 with Lyn, before the words were out of my mouth Gretchen went under Lyn and chewed Lyn's pussy, so Lou and I went back to fucking their cunts.

This put me in front of Lou of course, I indicated to him to slide a finger into Lyn's ass, I sucked on one of my fingers and moved it close, Lou did the same, as his finger went in I saw his face light up, I know Lyn's cunt tightens up like that, Lou gave me a huge smile and eased more fingers into her ass, then I told him to spit on his cock and slide that in her ass, he gave me a weird smile and I repeated it, he then spat on his dick and moved it up.

I saw Lyn move ready for his cock, Lou looked at me again and I nodded yes, he started in, Lyn pushed back speeding his entry to her ass, Lou then gave one good push and he was fully home, he now fucked her slowly getting used to the new feelings around his cock, being underneath Gretchen saw everything, I felt her cunt tighten up too, and another orgasm race thought her body.

My balls kept telling me to fill her cunt with my baby seeds, but I wanted to stay in her pussy as long as possible, but poor Lou his face took on a strange look as he tried his hardest to hold off, then just as Lyn orgasm he did too, both moaning loud taking each other higher still, this set Gretchen off, well I had no chance, my balls exploded with force, sending Gretchen higher still, all four spent, our cocks slipped out I watched Lyn eat my cum from Gretchen's cunt.
Well Lyn being Lyn, I knew what she was doing, she sat up some, her ass still over Gretchen face, then I heard a muffled fart, then Gretchen gagging and sputtering under her, Lou's cum was being pushed out, I moved around to see, Gretchen was covered in cum, her face and boobs soaked.

As Lyn moved away, I went down licking up Lou's cum, also kissing Gretchen as I did, she kissed back, as more cum was fed to her, Lou stood watching us play in his juices, then I went down and ate Gretchen's pussy with my cum in it, then with a mouth full kissed Gretchen again, this time dropping all my cum into her mouth, she swallowed the lot, Lyn sucked Lou's cock dry.

"That was so kinky" Gretchen said, I said "what the 4 some", she replied "no you eating Lou's cum from me, Lyn said we both love eating cum, and other kink too, well it took some time telling them all our kinks, Gretchen gasped a few times when we told her about our anal sex fun, with guys and toys and taking a fist, Lou was taken back a bit when we told them I enjoy being fucked too, Gretchen said that was so kinky, Lou a bit indifferent on that one.

We spent the next few hours resting sun tanning and getting to know them, Gretchen happy now to stay naked, in fact enjoying it, later we had a meal and Gretchen asked me to take her inside again, this time she sucked my cock hard, then straddled my rod, lowering her cunt onto my meat, she rode me like a cowgirl, swirling her hips around and grinding her cunt onto my cock, I loved it.

Looking thought the window Lyn was on her knees, Lou dogging her ass once more, both going strong, as Gretchen then pulled me on top, I pushed her legs over her head and went in deep, she cum like crazy, I kept going like that for some time, then knelt her up, my cock finding her wet hole easy, then as she was having a orgasm, I side a finger into her butt, she took off, her orgasm louder than before, so another finger then three ended up deep in her ass.

I was close to coming, but was going to push this young girl, I put some lube in her butt, then eased my cock in, the head popped in easy, as it replaced my fingers, then Gretchen caught on, she went to move forward, I gripped her waist and pushed, half my cock now inside her virgin ass, as she squealed, I handed Gretchen my poppers and told her to take a good sniff, she did, as my cock eased in further.

I stopped for a second, then eased out, returning just as deep, then repeated that a few times, her sphincter now taking my cock easy, so a gentle push and another inch sunk inside her, she didn't pull forward this time, so slowly I worked the rest in, now she was beginning to ease back onto me, once I was balls deep I told her and began in earnest to fuck her ass.

Her first anal orgasm didn't take long, gripping my cock tighter than her pussy had, then a second and third, boy she was loving it, so I pounded her butt as hard as possible, then another huge orgasm, that was it, she took my baby seeds deep in her bowels, pushing every inch and every baby sperm as far as possible into her.

I collapsed onto her back, then lay next to her, she had tears of joy in her eyes, as we kissed and hugged, she told me that was even better than we had said it was, and how she would have to try that again, I told her wait till you get a cock in both holes, your go wild, her eyes lit up big time, and a 'Please" was next.
Lyn and Lou were laying when we joined them, his cock still wet with juices, Gretchen sucked it dry as I licked Lyn's pussy and ass, then Gretchen told Lou what I did to her, he sat up, and she then said, "later you're going to fuck my ass, while I have his cock in my pussy", you could walk though the smile on his face.

Just for laughs I put the shower bag up in a tree, then we spent time washing one another off, Gretchen more than happy to wash Lyn's boobs and cunt for her, as Lyn returned the favour, us guys watched on with stiffening cocks. once clean I told them I was going for a naked walk to the top of the rock and watch the sunset with a drink, they all said what a good idea, and got organised.

With several drinks and a camera we headed up, it was so peaceful other than a towel we had nothing to cover us from the warm spring air, once at the top we sat down enjoying the view, we watched the girls as much as the sunset, equally both great views.

Just before the sunset, we saw another car pull in around the other side of the rock, but we didn't care, as more drink went down we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset, Gretchen started to suck Lou's cock for him with Lyn's help, I went behind Lyn and gave her cunt a warm up fuck, Gretchen slipped under her and licked her clit, while Lou opened up Gretchen cunt for her, was nice to see them fucking together.

Lou and I then indicated a change, we swapped ends and enjoyed the juices of the different pussies on our cocks, Lou's soon had his cock back in Lyn's ass, but I knew I would need lube for Gretchen ass, so held off, then caught movement in the corner of my eye, two figures standing nearby watching us all fuck, with the dim light I wasn't sure, but it looked like a couple, I whispered to Lou who turned to look.

As he did they moved closer, then we could see it was a couple possible mid 40's or so, both average build , wearing shorts and tee shirts, as they got closer she had good sized tits too, and her tops came off soon after too, he then turned and kissed his lady, while they still kept a eye on us, my cock felt like it was growing more, with them watching.

They too took their clothes off, and she began to suck his cock hard, now they were only a few feet from us, Lou and I said hello, as she nodded whilst keeping his cock in her mouth, he said hello, and commented on us being a nice sight playing together, Lou then said, "Yes, his wife's ass feels really good too", I saw the guys face change in total shock, his wife nearly gagged on his cock as she swung around to see.

Lou pulled back to show them his cock was indeed in her butt, the other guy nearly fell over getting that close, his wife impressed by the show going on in front of her, he then lay down with his head near Lyn's end and she sat down on his cock, which from where I was looked good too, as she rode him her tits bounced wildly, they must have been a e cup or more.

I had told Gretchen she would be taking us both tonight, so I reminded Lou he still had her ass to fuck while I was in her pussy, it was then I heard the other lady gasp, and stop riding her partners cock, and say " did I hear you right ", I replied "yes want to watch" and a very quick "yes please" followed.
It was then I said well we had better move this party to the caravan, as we need lube to help, Gretchen quickly moved saying "Let's go", pulling Lou with her as she stood, as Lyn stood I said "coming" ? to the other couple, they grabbed their clothes and walked with us, introducing them self as Sue and Rick.

Once at the caravan, I threw a large rug on the grass, as too many people for inside the van, and grabbed my poppers and lube, Sue was once more riding Ricks cock, as Lyn sat on Lou's cock, both woman now touching boobs etc too, as Gretchen waited for her first dp, I put some lube on my cock and bent Gretchen over, slipping in her pussy fully, then I stuck a finger in her butt to lube that up, then Lou moved Lyn of his cock ready to fuck his lady in the ass for the first time.

Sue stopped riding Rick's cock, and stood next to Gretchen, as Lou moved up, I told her to take another good sniff, she did a couple of good sniffs, with my cock fully home, I felt Lou begin to enter her ass, as more went in Gretchen groaned long and loud, her body shaking with pleasure, then Lou told her he was fully in and started to fuck her in earnest, my cock getting the feeling though the thin inner wall.

I let Gretchen get used to both our cocks then said " there's a third cock here now too, one for your mouth " Gretchen's eyes lit up, then she turned to Lou, I called to Rick, want to fuck Gretchen's mouth for her, if Sue's ok with it, the words weren't out of my mouth before I saw Rick jam his cock right down her throat, Gretchen gagged but took him as the three of us worked her body.

Lyn and Sue moved in, their hands playing with Gretchen as us guys enjoyed fucking her, she took everything we gave her, her orgasm building nicely, then wham, a huge orgasm ripped her, we had trouble holding onto her, whilst she was in the middle of her orgasm Rick shot his load in her mouth, she took some, the rest dropped out, I licked it off her face, as Lou also grunted filling her ass with his load, my balls still happy to retain their baby seeds, as they fell exhausted next to us, I got Gretchen to sit over my face, and push Lou's cum out, as I ate it, Sue was so close she nearly got cum on her face too, then she kissed me taking a mix of cum from my lips.

Now it was time to take a chance, slipping out from Gretchen I moved behind Sue, she didn't move, so I bent her forward and pushed my cock to her clit, she eased back onto my cock, so I knew she was good for a fuck, with one swift push, my full 8 inch cock went balls deep inside her cunt, Sue grunted and began to work my cock with her pussy muscles, wow what a feeling.

Rick was getting his cock sucked dry by both girls, Lou happy to watch after his almighty orgasm, so I whispered in Sue's ear, did she want to try anal, Sue looked at me and said is it as good as it sounds, I told her often better, as I love anal myself, her eyes nearly popped out of her head, I told her I love feeling a guys cock in my ass and his cum filling me.

Sue shook though a nice orgasm with me telling her that, then she said shyly, that she would like to try it, but carefully, I gave her the poppers and told her to take a good sniff, as I put lube on my cock, she didn't tell Rick, he was too busy playing with the girls boobs and fannies, my cock touched her butt lips, she moved forward, but I held her waist and eased in, Sue grunted fairly loudly, getting the attention of the others, one good push 5 inches or so went in, She really jumped then, but held firm, that was all I needed my cock balls deep, causing her to squeal.

I Gave her just enough time to get used to my size, then went to town in her ass, pulling her fully back onto my rod with each thrust, her first anal orgasm ripped its way around her body to my cock, I kept going for as long as possible, but my balls needed to release their load, as Sue shot though another anal orgasm better than the last few, my cum let fly, there was too much feeling to hold back, Sue squealed again feeling my cum fill her ass.

Rick now took interest in what we were doing and looked to see my cock still pulsing inside here ass, he stood and came closer, then as my cock slipped out, he moved straight in, his cock growing harder by the second soon went fully home up her freshly fucked ass, pushing my cum out down her legs, he gave her a hard fucking, Sue now pushing back as hard as possible to get his cock deeper, being a bit smaller than mine she wanted it all.

I let Rick get used to her ass, then said, want another cock in her pussy? Sue gave me such a dirty sexy smile and then said "who wants to be the one" Lou's cock now hard was a good choice, he moved under her, and eased in her cum soaked cunt, Rick hardly slowed, between them Sue went ballistic, her orgasm's louder than ever.

My cock was soft but growing, so I moved and stuck it in Sue's mouth, now she had 3 cocks to play with, she nearly bite it off a few times when her orgasm's hit, the other two girls played with her tits and cunt, Sue was going wild, I grabbed her tits a few times, they were nice and firm for big tits too.

While the other two fucked her, my cock was sucked by the three woman in turn, it was such a beautiful sight, just hours ago three couples all strangers, now fully engaged in full on sexual fun, then Lou started to grunt, Rick also looking red in the face making strange noises, set one another off, Sue flooded with cum screamed though a huge orgasm.

Sue dropped onto Lou with Rick on her back, all three gasping for air, as Rick rolled off her I told her to kneel up, with my mouth in place I told her to push the cum out, I was rewarded with two mixed cum loads, both tasting nice, I got as much as I could from her, then kissed her, sharing her reward, she licked my mouth and face clean.

As we all rested Sue told us, that they had swung once before with a couple, but very straight sex, this was by far the best fun they had been involved in, Gretchen also told them she had never been in a 4 some before, let alone a 6 some, and now knew she would be doing more when the chances arose, I told her we intended to stay a few days, Sue quickly said they will now too.

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