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Katie Kutty

Foxy was working on her essay in the computer lab. She was nearly finished, just needed to do some editing and she was free to head home to her boyfriend, Bruce, to watch some TV and relax for the weekend

Not the greatest essay I’ve ever written, She thought to herself. But still, better than nothing.

As far as she knew, the only ones in the building right now were she, the security guards who were checking in on her from time to time, and a group of boys from her acting class: Wilson, Gabe, and Ian. She hadn’t spoken to them much, like most boys, they weren’t interested in talking to her if she wasn’t single. Not that she wasn’t good looking, she had been on plenty of dates in High School before she got together with her dimwitted yet scary looking boyfriend. But she was mature for her age, something that scared some boys away but drew in some like the performance teacher who subtly had his eye on her much more than the other girls in class, though maybe she was just imagining the sexual tension between them.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, it made her jump more than she should have. She would have heard the creaking door of the computer lab, but she had headphones on.

"Sorry, Foxy!" Wilson smiled apologetically. "You’re still here?"

"Yeah, working on that stupid essay." She groaned. "Shouldn’t you be working on it too?"

"No, all done. I’m working on that assignment for that performance class with the guys." He smiled. "Speaking of, would you mind coming in and looking at our piece, give us some feedback?"

"Me?" She wondered if the late night made him crazy or something. He usually ignored her unless he had to talk to her.

"Yeah, you’re all done, right?"

"In a minute, yeah. I just need to email my essay." He smiled wider.

Foxy had to admit, Wilson was pretty good looking. He had long light brown hair that he tied back, and matching eyes that seemed to be all business and kindness, until he wanted you to see otherwise. She hadn’t seen this look for anyone else except on stage and the few quick glances he’d give her if they were doing a scene together, which again, was the extent of conversation.

Wilson waited patiently as she sent off her essay. Then he told her to put her scarf over her eyes. She didn’t question it, they had plenty of projects that involved getting the audience involved in doing some weird things like being in the dark.

Wilson took her hand and lead her to one of the performance rooms, she recognized the familiar smells and sounds.

"You got her!" It sounded like Gabe, laughing in joy, as if he couldn’t believe Wilson got Foxy to follow him. Gabe had beautiful tan skin and black hair, he always dressed the nicest of the two between he and Wilson, but his over confident personality usually turned most people off. She could feel all three boys surrounding her.

"Oh, yes." She could hear a smile in Wilson’s voice.

"I don’t know if we should do this, guys." Ian was one of the smartest guys in their class, and one of the better looking ones with his piercing blue eyes that would make any woman weak in the knees. She thought it was weird that Ian would be grouped with these men, he seemed like the black sheep, but he appeared to be a little close with them outside of class.

"Oh come on, the guards told us to lock up, they’re not here, and if the rumours are true, we’re doing her a favour. And you won’t tell, will you, Foxy?" She could feel a hand on her face, a thumb on her lips. She had to admit, she was the slightest bit turned on, but she was also confused.

"Um, can I take my blindfold off?" She asked, reaching up to grab it, but she felt hands on her wrists putting them down, pinning them behind her..

"Oh no, leave it." This time, the same hand that was on her face moved down to her neck and chest where her heart was.

"She’s trembling." Gabe was holding her hands, almost laughing as he heard her breathing and felt her hands shake. Goddamn her body betraying her, most never got this close to her to notice.

"Her heart’s beating a mile a minute." Wilson smiled. "Something tells me you like being touched while blindfolded, don’t you Foxy?"

"Wh-what?" What scene was this? What were they doing?

Wilson took his hand off her chest and pulled her close, she could feel his breath in her ear.

"We have this experiment going on." Wilson whispered. "We’re wondering, who has the tightest pussy in class. Ian says that according to your friends, you said only ever been with one man, if that’s true, I think that might make you our top contender."

Foxy only had to tell her friends that to tell them why she was uncomfortable doing a makeout scene with her friend, how would Ian know that?

"Wh--" He put his hand over her mouth.

Wilson moved his other hand down, just grazing her breasts, and put his hand down her pants. He felt outside of her panties first.

"Someone’s warm." He whispered. Then he pushed aside her panties and put one finger inside. "Hmm, you’re wet, but I think we can do better."

Foxy wanted to fight and scream, she squirmed and tried to get out of Gabe’s grip and be heard, but they were strong and determined. Wilson took his hand out and put it on her face, she could feel how wet she was.

"Shut up," Wilson said. "You can try all you want to pretend you’re this sweet, innocent, mature girl who’s dedicated to her boyfriend, but I bet, you’re depriving the rest of the world of that sweet pussy of yours, and you’re really as sex crazed as we are."

Wilson’s hand was taken away for a second until a piece of cloth went around her mouth to gag her.

"Where should we start, boys?" Wilson asked.

"I’ve wanted to see those tits of hers for the past three years!" Gabe said.

Foxy shook her head, no, this couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t be showing her breasts to another man, let alone three!

Gabe pulled her hands back, her finger tips now grazing where his hard cock was over his jeans, as Wilson unbuttoned her shirt.

"For an innocent girl who doesn’t want to be seen, you wear a lot of low vnecks." Gabe whispered, nibbling her ear the slightest bit, forcing her hands to touch his bulge even more. "Don’t be shy. Touch it, I know you’re curious." He grinded against her hands, she could feel the size, he was definitely bigger than Bruce.

She heard scissors cut her bra open. Good thing she didn’t spend too much on her underwear, Bruce was too used to her body to care about whatever was over her breasts and pussy.

"Oh my god," Ian gasped. "Fuck you’ve been holding out."

She felt Wilson step aside as Ian grabbed her breasts, squeezing them tightly.

"See, Ian?" Gabe said. "We told you this would be a great idea. This experiment is going to go so well."

She could feel Ian’s tongue on her right breast, licking and sucking the nipple so gently. Foxy knew Ian probably didn’t have as much sex as Wilson and Gabe, but she could tell he’d done this before.

"Let me have a turn." Gabe said. "Wilson, take my spot."

"Actually…" Foxy could hear something metal clanging. Wilson was looking through her bag and found her magician’s handcuffs. "Why did you have this?"

"For a skit!" She tried to say through the gag. She finished that skit months ago, she must have forgotten to take them out of her bag.

"Like I said," Gabe chuckled. "She’s holding out on us. Let’s chain her to the bar."

The boys lead her to the ballerina bar with the mirror. She felt each cuff going on each hand and the bar. Now there was definitely no escape.

She felt each boy take a turn fondling her breasts, teeth grazing the nipples every so often. She was somewhat grateful for the gag since it would quiet her small moans.

Foxy had somewhat of a rape fantasy, and though she was terrified right now, and Bruce’s face flashed before her as they fondled and kissed her, she was still enjoying herself even a little. Being worshipped and praised, and used.

She could feel her pants at one point being pushed down with her panties.

"Lay her down." Wilson demanded as Ian and Gabe stopped, laying her on the floor, still chained to the bar, as Wilson took the rest of her pants off.

"Gabe, tell me what you think. Think she’s wet enough?" She could hear Wilson’s own pants unbuckling and being taken off as Gabe’s fingers found their way into her pussy once more.

"She’s so wet," Gabe moaned. Then she suddenly felt his tongue on her pussy.

Foxy wasn’t used to being eaten out. Bruce barely did since it often took her a while to cum. But Gabe knew what he was doing, and it was clear he loved to eat pussy.

"She tastes so good." He said, putting two fingers into her pussy as he continued to lick her clit. She squirmed and screamed in pleasure, but tried to make it sound like she wasn’t enjoying it.

"You know," Wilson said. "The more you pretend not to like it, the more turned on I get. Why do you think I didn’t ask nice?"

She felt the gag come off as Wilson’s cock replaced it. He was huge. Much bigger than Bruce, she could barely fit just how thick he was in her mouth. Foxy wondered how long it was, would it even fit in her pussy? Would things go that far? She wouldn’t let herself want to find out.

"Aww, she can barely fit me." Wilson said. "I wonder how small that boyfriend of her’s is."

"Wilson, come on." Ian spoke. "Quit hogging her."

"One second," He said and took his cock out of her. She coughed a bit before the blindfold was taken off and Wilson squeezed her mouth in his hands. "You’re on the pill right?"

"What?" She tried to say, her eyes adjusting to the light. He squeezed harder.

"You have protection?" He asked again. "We weren’t planning on fucking you earlier and it’s not like condoms are just lying around."

"Um… IUD." Foxy said. Wilson smiled, this smile was evil. She could almost feel like she knew what he was thinking.

"Perfect." He said. Before she could protest, Ian put his cock in her mouth. He wasn’t nearly as big as Wilson, or as big as she assumed Gabe was, but he was still a bit bigger than Bruce, who she still couldn’t totally fit in her mouth or pussy.

Gabe stopped eating her out and looked at Ian.

"Switch. She’s so wet now, it’ll be no problem." Gabe stood up and took off his pants as Ian went down to her legs.

"No! Stop!" Foxy whimpered. "Please! I won’t tell anyone! Just please don’t!"

"We’ll use you as much as we want tonight." Gabe said, squeezing her mouth the same way Wilson did, pushing is pants down with the other hand. "And maybe after that if you’re good."

She was expecting Gabe to put his cock in her mouth next, but instead, they looked at Ian and her face. They wanted to see her reaction, see the moment that they won, see that their experiment, that their theory of her having the tightest pussy, were true.

"Please, Ian!" Foxy pleaded one last time. "Ian, you’re better than this!"

Ian stopped for a second, looked at her, then looked at her exposed breasts.

"Sorry, Foxy." He smiled and grabbed one hungrily. "It’s for science."

He slid his whole cock then and stopped, his face in shock for a second and pounded into her as he laughed.

"Fuck! Oh my god, she’s so tight," She chuckled. "Fuck it’s like my cock is being held by a vice grip! I bet a dildo would just slide out!"

Foxy wanted to cry, whimper, but this felt so good. Being fucked by another man, she didn’t think this would ever happen, that any man would want her like this.

"Stop," She kept saying. "Stop, I don’t want this!" She sounded less convincing this time.

"Too late," Gabe said as he shoved his cock into her face. "Use that long tongue of yours and take it."

She obeyed, telling herself it was for survival but she also kind of wanted to now. Being used by three men at once that she thought had no interest in her, now wanting her body, needing it, craving it.

"Oh my god," Ian moaned. "I’m getting close!"

"Just cum inside her," Gabe said. "I know I will when I get to fuck her."

Foxy squirmed, she’d never been cum inside before. She didn’t know how effective the IUD would be against one load, never mind two. Did they all plan to cum inside her?

"Oh yeah," Ian moaned. "We’re going to use this fucking pussy over and over." He nibbled at her breasts, one of Foxy’s weaknesses. She couldn’t help but moan.

"Cum, Ian." Wilson said. "Cum inside our new personal cum slut. Be the first to fill her up with cum."

Ian stopped, Foxy could feel his cum filling her up. When he pulled out, she could feel it dripping.

"Holy shit," Gabe said as he pulled out of Foxy’s mouth. "That’s the most I’ve seen you cum."

"Clean up in her mouth." Wilson demanded, taking Foxy’s hand and putting it on his huge cock. She was still to scared to look and see how big it was, but it felt long. "Get hard again, we’re going to put loads inside her. One after the other."

Gabe didn’t waste any time before shoving his slightly bigger cock into her, pushing Ian’s cum deeper inside her. It was painful, she squirmed and tried to stop him from going any deeper, but he kept pushing, his cock barely at the base.

"Fuck! She’s still so tight!" Gabe moaned as he thrusted deeper inside her.

"Yeah, that’s right!" Wilson said, "You’ll love being our little cum slut. Our little fuck doll."

He took her head away from Ian’s cock, giving her a chance to breathe for a second and turned it to take his massive cock. She closed her eyes as he did.

"Open your eyes," Wilson said. "Look at the camera and say you’re our little cum slut."

Foxy opened her eyes and saw the phone, he was recording this! She screamed, but he pushed his cock deeper.

"You fucking love it." He said. "Our little fuck doll."

She tried to push away, stop everything! How could she have let things go so far? Her reputation was at risk! He could put this anywhere, Bruce could see, her professors could see!

"I think she got wetter from seeing you recording," Gabe moaned. No, it was impossible! She couldn’t be getting turned on by this! "Yeah, you like me pushing Ian’s cum deeper inside you, huh?" Gabe continued. "Then Wilson’s gonna put a load in you and push our cum in. You love that, don’t you, Foxy? You love being used?"

Wilson took his cock out, putting the camera in her face.

"My friend just asked you a question." He said.

"I…" Was all she could say. Wilson slapped her lightly.

"Say you love being fucked." Wilson said.

Foxy couldn’t speak, she refused and shook her head.

Wilson slapped her harder.

"Say it." He said.

She was quiet still, Wilson raised his hand.

"I love… being used!" She said. Gabe thrusted faster, he liked what he heard.

"Say you love being fucked by Gabe’s big hard cock."

To avoid another slap she complied.

"I love being fucked by Gabe’s big hard cock." She cried. Gabe thrusted harder.

"Fuck, I’m so close!" Gabe moaned. "Say you want my cum!"

"You heard him!" Wilson demanded.

She was quiet for a second, realizing that she did want his cum. She wanted to be filled up, continue to be filled up and used, but she couldn’t let them know.

"Say it now!" Gabe moaned louder.

Wilson raised his hand to slap Foxy.

"I want your cum, Gabe!" She moaned.

He came. She could feel the streams of cum in her pussy filling her up with Ian’s cum. Gabe and Ian now both had loads inside her, and it scared Foxy how much she loved that fact. She’d never been a creampie girl, even when watching porn, but she loved the feeling.

Gabe got out of her pussy, the two men’s cum dripping out of her, and Foxy felt she needed a break. She also wanted to avoid Wilson’s huge cock she still hadn’t seen completely, never mind feel inside her.

"Please," She moaned as she licked Gabe’s cock clean, willingly now. "My pussy can’t be as tight as before. Just let this be the end of it!"

"That’s what you think." Wilson moved where Gabe was and handed Ian the camera. "Why do you think we started with Ian before me?" He chuckled. "Look at it."

Foxy looked at his cock. It looked like the kind you’d just hear about, see porn videos of and assume it wasn’t real. It had to be almost a foot long, and it was so thick, no wonder she struggled to take it all.

Wilson shoved his fingers into her cum filled pussy as she looked.

"Oh yeah," He moaned. "You know, you’re the first girl we’d cum inside like this. Our first cum slut. But, I know when a woman’s turned on from my cock." He lined up his cock with her pussy then. "And you have no excuses to not take it all."

He pushed slowly, taking his time and enjoying the cum filled pussy of his friends. Foxy whimpered, but as he got deeper she started to scream from the pain, and Ian took her mouth and shoved his cock inside.

"Get your mind off the pain," He said. "You’ll enjoy it soon enough."

She nodded and tried to concentrate on sucking his cock as she used her other hand to jack off Gabe. They stepped closer as she tried to please them both at once, both Ian and Gabe moaned. Most girls probably didn’t do this for them.

She could hear Gabe take the keys from the handcuffs and take them off. She was submissive to them now, no reason to run.

Foxy let her mind go blank, enjoying being filled, enjoying pleasing these two men. She wanted to give in to the pleasure, to let the pain and her other fears subside.

"Foxy," Wilson moaned as he stopped. They all looked at him. "You are the tightest girl in school."

Then he thrust, taking his cock completely out then back into her again. Slowly at first, then gaining speed.

Foxy moaned, she didn’t care anymore. Taking in all of their cocks in her mouth and her pussy.

"Fuck!" She moaned. "Oh my god fuck this is so good!"

"You like being filled?" Ian asked, camera in her face.

"Yes!" She screamed, taking in his cock in her mouth.

"You like the fact I’m pushing Ian and Gabe’s cum deeper and deeper inside you than anyone ever will with my big thick cock?" Wilson said, pounding harder and deeper. They pulled her hair back to answer.

"Yes! Oh my god yes!" She went back to sucking his cock.

"Our cum belongs inside your pussy, right?" Gabe asked. "Deep inside your pussy, so deep we’re putting that little IUD to the test?"

She just nodded, trying to keep from screaming, she was so close to cumming.

"You want me to shoot my cum deep inside you?" Wilson asked as he pounded harder and deeper than before. "You want me to fill you up to the brim? Over flowing with my cum and my friends’?"

She whimpered.

"Say it." He demanded. "Say you want to be filled with our cum, you tight cum slut!"

The boys could tell, she was so close to cumming. They pulled her hair back.


He thrusted harder than he had before, moaning loudly as everyone could hear the squish of Ian and Gabe’s cum eventually mix with Wilson’s. Foxy screamed in ecstasy, from the feeling and thought that she had three men fill her pussy with cum.

Wilson smiled and got up, grabbing Foxy’s head and making her lick all three of the men’s cum from his cock. She loved this taste. She loved this feeling.

Foxy wondered what was going to happen next. Were they going to leave her there? What about the video?

"Uh oh," Ian said, taking the camera to her pussy. "Looks like a bunch of cum came out."

"Looks like you gotta replenish it." Wilson smiled.

"WHAT?!" Foxy said, before moaning as Ian thrusted back into her, ready to fill her up again.

"We’re going to have some fun with you." Ian smiled, grabbing her breast again, showing his cock in her pussy to the camera. "Look at that, all three of our cum inside this pussy." Now she could see his smile, the evil inside him that made him the perfect match for Wilson and Gabe’s gang.

"What do you say?" Wilson said. "You wanna be our little cum slut? Let us fuck you when we say? Fill you when we say with loads of cum?"

"Just imagine," Gabe whispered. "After class, Wilson takes you, fills you with cum. Later, Ian does. During break of one of our lectures, I fill you up." His hand slowly creeped down to play with her pussy as Ian thrusted, feeling all of their cum mixed together to lubricate her pussy. "Come on, Foxy, what do you say?"

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