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Felicia Chapman

What happened at lunch? She didn’t mean for all that happen, but damn it felt good to know someone cared that she had an orgasm too. What the hell did he do? She had squirted a few times before, but not from that, and not that much. What would tonight bring?

Lisa left work, headed home, and took the kids to their grandparents and back home. A quick shower, so cute yoga pants, and a t-shirt that emphasized her tits. She put on minimal makeup, and got everything done around the house she needed to do. At 950 her phone went off. "Can’t wait to see you beautiful" she read from Jace.

"Then come over!" she replied. He walked down to the end of the block, up a block and a half, and walked over to her house. They lived so close, and it was super easy to sneak to the back of her house and in through the back door.

She greeted him at the door with a deep kiss. He kissed her deeply back, and pulled her in close. She could feel him becoming erect. She could also feel herself getting damp. They had the same effect on each other. He quickly led her to the bedroom, and shoved her on the bed. She squealed in excitement. She wanted him to take her, all of her. Jace quickly slipped her clothes off, and then his own. She stared at his mostly erect cock just standing out in front of her. She shimmied to the end of the bed and took it in her hand. She started slowly running her fingers up and down the shaft.

"Wait, I want to do something else" Jace tells her with a hungry look in his eyes. "Get up" he says forcefully.

Lisa stands up, and then he lays down in the center of the bed. "Now come here and put your knees above my shoulders" he tells her.

Lisa does as he says, and no sooner than she does, he has his tongue lapping at the wetness she already has. A gasp escapes her mouth as she falls forward on her elbows. Jace is furiously lick up and down her slit, darting his tongue in and out of her, and around her clit. Jace’s dick is right in front of her face, and she starts licking around the tip. Jace hesitates for a moment, and then goes back to it, with even more vigor and enthusiasm. This makes Lisa moan and gasp loudly. Jace must have been expecting this because right when she opened her mouth wide open, he slammed every inch he could into her mouth, slamming the back of her throat. She slightly gags, slides it out, and then starts running her mouth up and down over his dick as quickly as she can. Lisa tries desperately to make him cum first, but it is to no avail. As she starts cumming, Jace sucks her clit as hard as he can into his mouth and starts flicking his tongue all over it. She is able to contain herself from squirting as much, but she still does some on his face.

After her legs are done shaking, she realizes in her orgasm she fell off her elbows and is just lying on his torso with just the tip in her mouth. She slowly rolls off of him, and turns herself around to face the same direction. Jace immediately climbs on top of her, spreading her legs wide. She feels Jace start rubbing the tip up and down her slit, shivering every time he hits her clit. After a few minutes, she feels the tip slide in and then back out. Jace slowly adds a little more in her with each slow thrust until she has every inch inside her. She feels Jace sliding his arms under her legs, and lifting them behind her kneecaps. He lifts her legs up as high as they will go, and then starts sliding in and out of her, faster and faster until he is matching the rhythm of her movements.

Jace just thinks to himself "I can’t keep this up, she is going to made me cum." He slowly down slightly when he feels her muscles start to quiver and slightly squeeze around his dick. After a few minutes, he starts speeding up more and more until he feels her muscles clench down tight on him as she lets out a moan mixed with a scream that sends him over the edge. He shoots every drop of cum in his body deep inside her as she is still cumming and clenched around him.

Lisa feels his dick still pulsating inside her as she comes down off her second orgasm of the night. Jace rolls over off of her, panting and smiling really big.

"I know you don’t really like cuddling, but I would like to hang around for a while. Maybe a round two?" Jace stated. "Not asking to cuddle, just to hang around" he says with a smile.

Lisa just smiles and says "No cuddling and you have a deal. However, I hope the next time, you explore something you haven’t yet" with a wink. Lisa gets up, and walks to the bathroom as she can feel his warm goo mixing with hers, and leaking out. Jace watches her, admiring every inch of her naked body. The way she moves, the way she smiles, everything.

Lisa comes back shortly, and they watch a little bit of TV. After about half an hour, Jace rolls over and says "Go get a vibrator, and lube. I’m guessing that is what you mean by exploring, correct?"

Lisa gets up, walks over and gets what he asked for, and comes back.

"Get up on your hands and knees" he commanded.

She did as he said, and then she feels his hands running over her back, over her ass, and down her outer thighs. As he transitions to her inner things and comes back up, she can already feel the juices flowing in her. Jace runs his fingers over her wet slit, and then up, slowly between her ass cheeks, and then she feels the slightly cold lube pooling over her hole. Jace slowly slips one finger in, first half, then the rest and just moves it in and out a little at a time. After a minute or so, she feels a little more lube, and the tip of another finger sliding in and out, adding a little more each time. Lisa was loving the care he was taking, but this was driving her crazy. She wanted his dick in there NOW!

As if he was reading her mind, she feels him coming up behind her, his fully erect dick brushing across her leg, then her pussy lips, and then she feels the tip resting against her hole. She feels a little more lube added, and then the amazing feeling as he slides it in. Kind of slow, but all of it in one stroke. Jace moves in and out until her hits a rhythm that is making her gasp and moan. Jace leans over her, and she feels his finger tips dancing on her clit, driving her wild. Jace stopped playing with her clit suddenly, and that made her mad, it felt amazing, why did he stop? Lisa then realized why. Her toy starts buzzing a split second before it is slammed deep inside her pussy. Jace keeps his arm wrapped around her, his hand holding the entire toy inside her as he starts slamming his dick hard and fast in her ass. Lisa’s head is spinning as she launches into an orgasm, and is not sure what is going on as she squirts so hard it leaves a puddle under her and it running down collecting at her knees. Lisa starts losing her balance and falls forward. Jace never stops. He rides her down, and just keeps slamming in and out. This angle launches Lisa into another orgasm, that also kicks off Jace’s. The throbbing, pulsating feeling of him emptying his load in her again is so amazing. They lay there for what seems like forever, him still inside her, but he slowly takes the toy out of her.

When they got up, she led him to the bathroom. They got in the shower together, not saying a word, slowly slowly and sensually washing each other off. They both could not stop smiling. This is not meant to be, but it feels so amazing. They will just have to be careful. They got out of the shower, and just sat in the living room talking, and having a few drinks. As Jace left, they did kiss very passionately. She wasn’t the staying over night type, unless for a marathon, and neither was he.

Jace walked home with a huge smile on his face. He didn’t know when this would happen again, but he couldn’t wait.

As Lisa walked back into her room, she saw the huge puddle spot on her bed. She didn’t want to deal with it, but it made her giggle he made her squirt so damn much. She grabbed her pillow and fell asleep on the couch replaying the night in her head. When they mess around, it makes her float and she wants more!

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