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Daddy was first invited to join, as the club membership is by invitation only, and he soon enrolled both my big sister Louise and me as members too. Membership now stands at about forty people, both male and female and we consider ourselves to me quite an exclusive set up.

It is rather a sophisticated club and we meet about once each month for an evening of wining, fine dining and societal exchanges. The men all wear tuxedos and the women all wear fine evening gowns with no exceptions to the dress code. I suppose one meeting is pretty much like the last and so I will relate what was a fairly typical evening at the club when we dined there earlier this month.

Daddy’s driver collected us both from our apartments and we drove to the venue seated either side of daddy and snuggled in to him, feeling our excitement grow as we travelled there. I had selected a deep blue wrap over dress which clung nicely to my body and Louise complimented me on the cut much as I complimented her on the gorgeous bottle green gown she had chosen for the evening. It showed the roundness of her breasts beautifully and when she leaned forwards a little, her nipples were easily visible and similarly, as she crossed her legs, the folds of the gown rose to display fleeting tantalising glimpses of the tops of her thighs and her neatly trimmed pussy.

The club house is a development in an old former warehouse complex which has long since been developed into high quality apartments and offices. The club itself is on the top floor of one of these buildings, below which are offices, and so the privacy for our night time meetings is ideal and does not disturb the owners of the nearby apartments.

We rode up to the top floor and walked along to the entrance where we were greeted by our ‘doorman’ for the evening. In his everyday life he is a successful architect but it was no surprise to us seeing him there at the door as all the male members took on this role in turn. He greeted us with a handshake for daddy and kisses each for Louise and myself as he opened the door for us to enter.

The club room itself is rather like a large banquet hall with a long trestle table with dining chairs along the rear side and at the ends, several smaller tables with circles of armchairs around them and individual armchairs and sofas scattered round the room. All in all, quite the usual setting for a private club where members can dine and relax together.

However, the unusual features of our club were immediately visible as we entered the room and were greeted by our hostess who helped us with our coats. She was called ‘four’, as indicated by her name written on her left breast in black ink. She was naked except for a pair of lovely scarlet shoes with unbelievably high spike heels which accentuated her long legs and pert buttocks as she walked from us to hang our coats.

We were then presented with a tray of drinks by ‘six’, an equally beautiful girl who was just as naked as ‘four’ and who gave us a slight curtsey as she presented our drinks to us.

"Ah, welcome," enthused Gary, our host for the evening who is a psychosexual counsellor in his everyday life "how do you like our waiters and waitresses for tonight? Some stunners eh?"

I looked around and had to agree as I spied seven lovely young women and four equally lovely young men parading naked in the room. In addition to ‘four’ and ‘six’, ‘seven’ was laid back across a coffee table and stroking her open cunt for all to see, ‘one’ was slowly wanking one of the guests as he fingered ‘three’ and his wife kissed and fingered ‘two’. ‘Four’ was on her hands and knees avidly sucking ‘nine’s’ cock as ‘ten’ fucked her from behind whilst a group of guests quietly watched, ‘eight’ was sucking the proffered nipples of one of the guests and finally, ‘eleven’ was being sucked off by Lesley (one of the guests) as her husband fucked him simultaneously.

Needless to say, the sight was inspiring and the three of us looked round admiringly whilst quietly selecting our targets for the evening and planning what they would do to please us.

As everyone had arrived, Gary chimed a bell to announce dinner to be served and the waiters and waitresses halted their current activities as the guests took their seats along the dining table. I was seated about five or six places along with a flushed Lesley next to me and Barry, a doctor, on the other side.

"Damn," murmured Lesley in a husky breathless tone followed by a seductive giggle, "I hope the meal tastes as good as that cock did, I’m almost resentful at having to leave it and it’s only the knowledge that I’ll get it back later that is keeping me content."

First course was dealt with rather quickly and the servers were fondled and stroked as they removed the dishes and returned with the mains which we tucked into with a relish. The food served at the club is always spectacular in presentation and taste and despite our surroundings the guests concentrated mainly on what was on their plates for a while.

The final course arrived, wheeled in by ‘nine’ and ‘eleven’. They brought the trolley to the head of the table and lifted the top off a large silver tureen to reveal ‘seven’ basking in a dish of chocolate and cream sprinkled with strawberries. She looked absolutely gorgeous and literally good enough to eat!!

They wheeled the trolley around the table, pausing at each guest where spoons of chocolate, fruit and cream were scooped up and where each guest in turn was able to lick some of the delicious sweetness from the body of ‘seven’. When we all had our desert in bowls in front of us, we all began to slowly and sensuously eat and as we did so, ‘seven’ was helped onto the table top where she lay on her back and the other servers kissed, fondled, licked and fingered her, cleaning all the chocolate and cream from her as we did the same with our bowls.

Finally the meal was ended and the servers cleared the table as we eagerly waited our entertainment. The servers returned and distributed themselves amongst the guests as they were each beckoned to satisfy the appetite of the individuals present. Clearly there were more guests than servers and so some of us either watched the proceedings develop or entertained each other as we waited for a server to become free.

Next to me, Lesley had already motioned to ‘five’ as she slid a little forward in her seat and parted her legs. ‘Five’ dutifully crawled beneath the table and presented her head between Lesley’s open thighs where Lesley had raised the hem of her dress to allow ease of access to her neatly shaved quim. ‘Five’ rested her arms on Lesley’s thighs and slowly began to lap along the presented slit before swirling her tongue deep inside the now dripping pussy.

I felt myself salivate as I watched this from such a close vantage point and I was not sure whom I was most jealous of – Lesley for having this wonderfully active tongue licking her out, or ‘five’ for having such a gorgeous cunt to suck on and dip her tongue into. ‘Five’ would start with her tongue turned almost sideways on at the base of Lesley’s opening and then she slowly dragged the rough surface along the inside of the sopping hole, reaching the top she then swirled around the bulging clitoris before turning her tongue to the other side and sliding it slowly down to circle the gasping hole before plunging in and then starting again. I would readily have swapped places with either right then but contented myself with stroking my own soaking pussy until Barry brushed my hand aside and replaced it with his own.

‘That looks so good’ he murmured in my ear, ‘Do you think she tastes as good as you do?’ he enquired as he scooped his fingers inside me and lifted them to his mouth to taste my juices before offering them to me. he closed his eyes with the pleasure of my taste and I too lapped my saltiness from his hand.

‘I don’t know yet,’ I responded ‘but I will later after I suck Lesley out for myself.’

Lesley had clearly heard me and she reached her arm around my neck to pull me forward and kiss me deeply before informing me ‘Oh Ruth, she is so good! You must try her and later we will try out each other too.’

Now the guests began to move from the table and mingle around the room where various items of furniture presented opportunities to sit or lie. It was then that the gorgeous Chantelle came to me and circled my waist with her arm, "Head or tail?" she enquired as she lightly kissed my neck.

"What?" I gasped at her touch, not understanding the question.
"Head or tail," she purred back with the most seductive smile that only she can give, "quickly, choose, before someone else!"

"Umm, tail" I blustered, still not knowing what the question meant.

"Oh good, that suits me perfectly" and with that cryptic response she took my arm and led me over to the side of the room where ‘nine’ lay on his back on a padded leather ottoman style seat and she urged me towards his rigid cock as she raised her satin dress and straddled his head. Again I was treated to the sight of someone else’s pussy being licked out whilst mine was still almost untouched and dribbling down my thighs.

Mirroring Chantelle, I raised my leg over ‘nine’ and straddled the ottoman. Reaching down I held his glorious cock upright and lowered myself on to it, feeling a surge of orgasmic relief as I slid the full length inside me. Chantelle and I reached across and began to swirl our tongues around each other’s mouths in a passionate embrace as she rocked herself over his mouth and I ground myself on his cock, pushing hard down onto it and clenching my pussy muscles so that I gripped it as tightly as possible, trying to milk the cum from it.

Across from us, ‘two’ had been assisted to a large padded leather armchair where she was placed on all fours with her head buried in the base of the seat cushion. She looked so erotic as her legs were splayed and her rear proudly pointed out and up so that her shaved pussy was open and on full view. It was not left lonely for long though as one of the guests calmly walked up to her and slid his rigid cock straight in. He paused briefly to savour her warmth as he ground around deep in her and then he slowly began to stroke in and out. After a short time, he received a tap on his shoulder from another guest which was his signal to make way for the next cock.

He smiled and nodded and pulled slowly from her to be replaced by the eagerly waiting cock. This was almost like an old fashioned ballroom scene where one dancer was replaced by another to seek the favours of the belle of the ball. After a short while, the second cock was withdrawn and replaced by a third and so on. It was not long before a thin stream of mucous hung from this well used cunt and swung lightly back and forth with the movements of the thrusting cocks.

Whilst this had been taking place, daddy had positioned himself behind Chantelle and eased his cock into her tight anus as ‘nine’ continued to lick on her, now intermittently licking the wet shaft of daddy’s cock as he fucked her ass hole with long slow strokes. Chantelle shuddered through another orgasm and I felt someone behind me trying to emulate daddy with my tight little hole.

I was already so wet from my orgasmic pussy juice that a deliberate hard push resulted in the cock popping through my sphincter with relative ease. The two cocks in me now rubbed against each other through my thin membrane, filling me completely as another cock pushed it’s way between Chantelle’s lips and mine to receive our frantic tongues around the head and shaft. A few short thrusts and the cock exploded between our lips spurting lovely thick gobs of spunk over our chins to drip down on our tits and over ‘nines’ chest.

The sight of this brought the expected reaction from whoever was fucking my ass and he grabbed my hips and buried his cock deep in my bowels shooting pulse after pulse of his cum into me as I clenched him tightly to drain it from him. With a soft plop sound he pulled from me and wandered away to find further entertainment, his warm cum dribbling from me over ‘nines’ balls.

My legs were now trembling furiously with the succession of orgasms I had experienced and I slid from the still rigid cock of ‘nine’ and sank to my knees alongside the couch as Chantelle did a similar collapse but she dropped her head over the now vacant cock and hungrily licked and sucked my juices from it as daddy continued to slowly fuck her ass.

I squatted for a while gathering my senses and looking round the room. There were naked and half naked people all about engaged in every form of sexual pleasure. All of the servers were fully occupied with other guests as they responded to their instructions to perform what was necessary to satisfy their sexual appetites.

I spotted Louise across the room and as usual she was surrounded by rigid cocks as she sat ‘reverse cowgirl’ on one whilst happily wanking on two others as a fourth attempted to gain her attention from over her shoulder in anticipation of her oral ministrations. She already had cum all down her chin and chest so she had clearly not been idle whilst I had been enjoying myself.

Daddy and Chantelle had gone their separate ways, looking for alternative entertainment and I decided that I had caught back my breath and needed something more myself. I slid over the floor to another friend, Denise, who was happily sucking on the rigid cock of Anthony, another guest.

As I reached her I could see cum all down her thighs and some still oozing from her pussy. What else could I do but dip my tongue in there and taste that lovely nectar despite having no idea who it belonged to although it was probably from more than one source. Denise purred her pleasure and released Anthony who positioned himself behind me to slowly drive his thick cock into my gasping pussy. I’m happy with cocks of all sizes and don’t necessarily crave a big one but Anthony and I have fucked many times in the past and I knew how good his was as it is about as thick as a can of cola!

I was already well lubricated so he had no trouble getting it in though and he delivered a glorious slow fuck which bounced me through another series of orgasms causing me to clench and twitch my inner muscles as I milked that wonderful lump of meat. He had obviously enjoyed his previous sucking from Denise and was equally enjoying the feel of my insides as he thrust hard and deep into me and I felt the spurt of his cum. Pulse after pulse was shot high into me and I savoured every one, twitching and clenching on his cock shaft until I felt him soften slightly and he slid from me leaving yet another stream of cum dribbling onto the floor.

Denise by now had been hauled away to experience another cock inside her and I rested again to be ready for whatever came next to me. I looked around again and pondered who I might enjoy during the remainder of the evening and although I registered one or two favourites I knew that even if I didn’t manage to enjoy those particular pleasures there was a whole room of alternatives ready for me to pass the rest of the night away before eventually returning home with daddy and Louise. Life really is bliss!

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