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Lori Buchholtz

As I was kissing him Jeff was watching us and whined, hey you guys, no fair! I'm sitting right here!
Gary looked up and laughed, what's wrong?

Well you two are making out and I'm sitting here by myself and I feel left out!

Gary looked at me, laughed and suggested I kiss Jeff to make him feel better.

I looked at Gary and said, really?

Sure, why not? We're all friends!

I've always wanted a kiss from you, Jeff Laughed.

I smiled, thinking to myself, hmmm I've wanted to kiss him too. Out loud I laughed and looked at Jeff. As I was turning to him he leaned over and gave me a big kiss. I was surprised at how big a kiss it was. As his lips touched mine, to my surprise, his tongue entered my mouth and really kissed me! His tongue shot into my mouth searching for mine. I returned his kiss with more enthusiasm than I had intended. I enjoyed his soft lips and and swirling tongue and I could feel my cheeks get warm as we kissed longer than I anticipated. Hmmm that was nice I thought.

Wow, you kiss really nice! Jeff panted as we parted.

I laughed and said something like, you kiss nice too!

Not to be outdone Gary turned me toward him and gave me a more passionate kiss putting his arms around me pulling me to him. I smiled inwardly as I enjoyed his kiss knowing I was turning him on by the feel of his cock against my thigh.There, how was that? Gary demanded.

Oh, that was really good too! I laughed.

Not to be outdone, Jeff pulled me towards him and gave me another hot kiss. They each began pulling me to them as they continued to assault my lips. Now we were all laughing as we exchanged kiss after kiss. My heart was beating fast as I was pulled from one to the other. Our kisses were getting hotter and hotter and my tongue became the agressor as my first thoughts of actually going all the way with both of them started to take form in my mind. These thoughts filled my head as I felt a deep tingle deep within me as I was really enjoying all the attention.

Then things started really heating up when Gary started feeling me up. The touch of his fingers on my breasts was electrifying and my nipples ached as they instantly got hard. My body was getting hot and really turned on. Then I felt another pair of hands on me! I couldn't believe it, I was being felt up by both of them! I instinctively moaned as I enjoyed their hands roaming over my body! Hearing me moan emboldened them and they started putting their hands up my shirt. At first I thought to stop them but it felt so incredibly good that I just let them. Before I knew it they both had their hands up my shirt and under my bra. Their hands on my bare breast was felt amazing. I felt myself flush with heat as each of them found a hardened nipple and were gently pinching them. I squirmed between them enjoying how my pussy felt as they kept kissing me and fondling me. I enjoyed the sensation of their hands squeezing my tits knowing they both wanted me, and I knew that I wanted both of them! The heat within me was growing as I felt my pussy getting hotter and wetter! I just sat there being totally used by them. I could hear their ragged breath and moans as they tried to outdo one another.

The next thing I knew Gary had his fingers at the snap of my pants! Again I started to protest but gave up as I realized that I didn't want him to stop! As he unzipped my pants he slipped his hand down to find my panties were soaked. I shivered as his hand brushed by my clit. I wanted him there as I was hot and wanting him to feel me. He started fingering me and my legs opened wider to give him better access. I could smell my sex as he started working his finger in and out of my juicy pussy. We continued to kiss and I got hotter and hotter as my body was being manipulated by these two horndogs!

Hmmm, Gary moaned as he continued to finger me, you are sooo wet! I smiled and just nodded my head. With my pants fully opened I felt another hand dip down with another set of fingers probing for my hot pussy. I couldn't believe the sensation of having two guys fingering me at the same time. My pussy was on fire as they continued to kiss and finger me. I didn't know how many fingers were in me but it felt amazing.

I need to see your tits! Jeff exclaimed, and proceeded to unbutton my shirt. I surprised myself by laughing and said, why, sure! All inhabitions were cast aside as Jeff had my shirt all the way open and my tits were on display. I smiled at him as he pushed my bra up to release my perky tits. He smiled down at my exposed tits and wasted no time in bending down to suck on first one and then the other nipple. The feeling was incredible as he twirled his tongue around them. I moaned louder as Gary too began sucking on my other tit! I enjoyed them sucking my tits and fingering me at the same time. Never before had I been so open and horny I knew they were hard as I could feel their hard cocks as they leaned into me. I wanted to feel them both so I placed my hand on their laps searching for their cocks and was rewarded with the feel of both of them! With Gary having his fingers in me and Jeff kissing my tits I enjoyed running my fingers up and down their hard cocks, but I wanted more than just feeling them through their pants. We all were lost in a rush of lust. I heard them say, oh yeah, you are so hot! You like this don't you!
All I could do was moan, mmmmm hmmmm.
All of a sudden Gary let go of me, jumped up, and yelled, Hey, let's go to bed!
Yeah!, Jeff answered, jumped up and started removing his shirt.
Gary got up and pulled me up, and then we were racing for his bedroom shedding our clothes and laughing hysterically as we went. I felt exhilarated as I ran, throwing off my shirt and bra. Getting to the bedroom we all hopped around as we tore off our jeans. We jumped onto the bed completely naked and resumed kissing and fondling each other. Feeling their hands on my tits and pussy was fantastic! I smiled as I felt their hardons pressed on each side of me. Never had I felt two cocks at once and reached down to grab each of them, I smiled as I started stroking each of them together marveling at how hard and smooth they felt. As I was stroking them I knew what was going to happen,they were going to fuck me, and I couldn't wait! I wanted fucked and I wanted to fuck them both!

Who gets to go first? Jeff panted as his fingers were thrusting in and out of my pussy.

I'll flip a coin! Gary laughed. As he found a coin and flipped it Jeff yelled, Heads!

Looking down there was a look of disappointment on Gary's face as he called it, heads it is.

Oh yeah, I've always wanted to fuck you Amy! Jeff said in a husky voice as he immediately grabbed me, turned me towards him, and started kissing me and rubbing my tits and then sliding his hand down to my hot pussy once again. Oh yeah, you're so hot, so wet, and so ready!

Oh yes, I moaned as I spread my legs for him. I wanted fucked and I wanted it to be him first as he would be the second guy to fuck me, and I liked him! I looked forward to the feeling of getting a new cock in me!

At first Gary was not happy by not being first and I was afraid that he wasn't going to go along with this, but he soon got into it as he watched Jeff slide between between my legs with his cock in hand pointed at my pussy. I looked over at Gary and smiled as I watched him slowly begin to stroke his hard cock with a look of pure lust on his face. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed Jeff's stiff cock as it slowly filled me up. It felt great having his cock slide into me and my hot pussy was being stretched wide as he began to pick up his pace. In and Out he fucked me as Gary watched urging him to hurry so he could fuck me. I smiled up at him as Jeff continued to slam his cock into me knowing that I would be fucking him next!

As Jeff ground his big cock into me, he looked down and asked, you like my big cock?

Oh yes, I love your big cock! I smiled and moaned as I arched my back up to him as he continued to fuck me harder and harder.
Gary knelt beside me and started fondling my tits. It felt wonderful having a cock in me and him rubbing my tits. I reached over and took ahold of his big cock and started stroking it in time to Jeff's thrusts. I loved the feel of his cock, smooth and hard, and thoughts of putting it into my mouth was tempting as I stared at it, but then Gary leaned in, kissed me hard, and said, oooh you like getting fucked, don't you?

I could only moan and nod my head as he pressed his lips to mine and began twisting my nipples. My body responded by bucking harder into Jeff.

Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me! I moaned over and over as the tingle within me grew more and more intense. My body was on fire and I returned his thrusts over and over.

As Jeff continued to slam his cock into me I could tell he was getting close to cumming as his cock began to swell larger within me. The walls of my pussy clenched tight onto his cock in anticipation of receiving his cum, and then he started yelling, I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming and he squirted rope after rope of cum deep inside me. Feeling his hot cum fill me up was incredible. I held him close and felt my pussy clench over and over as if to milk his cock for more.

Breathless and sweaty, he collapsed on top of me. Oh fuck you're good! He moaned as his cock slowly softened and slid out of me along with some of his cum.

Okay okay! I get sloppy seconds! Gary laughed as he pushed Jeff off of me. Jeff smiled at me as he lay beside me saying, I knew you would be good a good fuck!

I smiled up at Gary and said, Okay big boy, you're next. Come and fuck me!

Gary wasted no time on entering me, god you are sooo sloppy he laughed. I eagerly accepted his cock thinking to myself, hmmm yes, this feels sooo gooood! As Gary picked up his pace the sound of our fucking was surreal as squishing sounds filled the room. I soon was lost to the feeling of getting fucked for a second time in just a few minutes. Jeff began rubbing my tits as Gary pounded my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him to get him to go deeper inside my hot pussy. My heels dug into his ass as I loved the feeling of his cock as it hit me in a great spot and my excitement grew and grew. I couldn't believe what I was feeling as his thrusts became harder and harder. His balls were slapping against my ass as he strived to get deeper and deeper in me. The tingle within me grew and grew as Jeff was rubbing my tits and we continued to fuck and then I felt a release like never before! I thought I was going to pass out as I started to yell and thrash around! The feeling of release hit me like a ton of bricks as I thrust my body up to him as he continued to pound into me!
Jeff squeezed my tits hard and yelled, Holy Fuck! She's cumming!
I loved the feeling of my body as it quivered with my orgasm and I pleaded with Gary to fuck me harder!
Oh fuck, oh fuck! Gary yelled as he found his release. I thought I was full before but when he came my pussy was completely flooded. I cried out in ecstasy as my body responded with more force than I had ever felt. Sweat was pouring off our bodies. I hugged him close to me and I could feel our hearts beating frantically!

I just laid there in a stupor as Jeff and Gary laughed, God you are so fucking hot Patti! I lazily smiled up at them and then noticed Jeff's cock was getting hard again as he looked down at me stroking it. Jeff smiled at me and asked, okay, ready for more? Turn over so I can fuck you doggy style. Smiling big I knew what he wanted but I had never fucked doggy style. I turned over, got on my hands and knees, and spread my legs and looked back at him wanting him to hurry and bury his big cock into me once again. My pussy ached with the anticipation of getting fucked yet again! I watched as cum dripped out of my overfilled pussy as he got ready to enter me, he spread my legs wider, and then pushed his stiff cock all the way in me with one big plunge, I grunted as he grabbed my ass with both of his strong hands and began slamming into me. I couldn't believe how deep he was in me but I was enjoying each thrust as I eagerly slammed back into him.
Oh yeah! Fuck me, Fuck me, I love your hot pussy! I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first met you!

I clawed at the sheets relishing the fucking I was getting. He was hitting at my sensitive spot as I again felt that incredible feeling coming over me. I don't know how long we fucked as I was lost in my own building orgasm, and then I looked back at Gary. He again had a look of lust on his face as he slowly stroked his cock and watched as Jeff again began to explode deep inside me. Jeff slapped my ass hard as he came which sent me over the edge. I collapsed onto the bed completely spent. I was still shaking with my orgasm and whimpered as Jeff slowly withdrew his cock. He slid off me panting heavily. Oh shit you are incredilble!
Holy fuck this is hot! Gary laughed.

I slowly rolled over and looked up at them as if in a haze enjoying the feeling of their cum flowing out of me. Wanting more I hungrily stared at Gary's cock as he continued to stroke it. Hmmm, I think you want some more!
I just smiled as I spread my legs and reached up for him. Ohhh Yessss I thought, I want more!

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