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Steve Byrd

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley and Shawn Michaels are roaming the backstage area of the Gund Arena, looking to stir up some mayhem, when they past an open door. Hunter passes it without looking inside, but Shawn does stop. The former WWF Champion peeks inside the room and is greeted with the site of Sunny, wearing skintight shorts and a WWF t-shirt, bending over and doing some stretching.

"Hey Hunter, check this out," Shawn calls out. Hunter has gotten a good distance away before he hears Shawn calling out to him. Hunter does an about face and hurries back to Shawn and peeks into the locker room at Sunny.

"God damn... that's one hell of an ass," Hunter says as Sunny continues to bend over. Before Hunter can make another comment, Shawn has entered the locker room. Shawn walks into the room and smacks Sunny's ass. The beautiful diva spins around and slaps Shawn across the face before she realizes it's him.

"Hey watch it buster.... Oh shit... I'm sorry Shawn," Sunny says as she holds her hands to her mouth after she realized what she did. Shawn rubs his cheek and laughs a bit.

"It's ok Sunny, I'm the one who slapped you ass..."

"That's right... I should report you to Commissioner Slaughter..." Sunny puts her hands on her hips and glares at Shawn. Hunter has entered the room after hearing Sunny threaten Shawn. Shawn puts his hands up and smiles at her.

"Hey relax Sunny, we both know you won't do that..." Shawn smirks as he moves his leg to kick Hunter so he can catch on to what he's trying to do.

"And why won't I?" Sunny asks as she folds her arms.

Hunter grins, "Because Shawn here is going to make it up to you... and I'm going to help."

"Oh really?" Sunny raises an eyebrow but starts to smirk, "And how are you going to do that?"

"Like this..." Shawn replies as he takes hold of her wrist and pulls her towards him. He wraps his arms around Sunny and dips her downward as he places a hot kiss on her lips. Sunny wraps her arms around his neck as she parts her lips and slides her tongue forward and into Shawn's mouth. The reason why Sunny is not resisting is that this isn't the first time she and Shawn have hooked up like this. Meanwhile, Hunter has kneeled down near Sunny and has pulled down her shorts to around her ankles. He lifts one leg at a time to fully remove her shorts. Hunter takes hold of the string of her thong and snaps it in order to remove it without sliding it down her legs.

Hunter moves behind the moaning blond as Shawn places his hand on her pussy. As Shawn begins to rub her smooth pussy, Hunter has opened up Sunny's ass and is licking up and down the crack of her ass. Sunny moans loudly as she moves her hips a bit to press her cunt against Shawn's hand and her ass against Hunter's mouth. Shawn slides his fingers into her cunt for a short time before he kneels down in front of her and starts licking her pussy. Sunny pinches her nipples through her t-shirt.

"Oooooo... that's it... eat my pussy... lick my ass... ahhh... mmm..." Sunny moans as she pulls off her t-shirt, exposing her perfect five-star breasts. Shawn slides his tongue deep into her twat, touching a spot inside her that makes Sunny squeal. "Ohhh fuck... stop... get those cocks out..."

Hunter and Shawn smirk as they stand up and quickly remove their clothing. Sunny licks her lips as she eyes up the well toned bodies of both men and gets down on to her knees. She takes hold of both men's cock and strokes them both for a moment before turning her head towards Hunter's. Sunny takes the former blue blood's cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head rapidly on his cock as she pumps Shawn's cock quickly with her hand. Sunny then lifts her head off of Hunter's cock and turns towards Shawn. She moves his cock in different direction in order to make it easy for her to lick the sides of his shaft. Sunny changes how she's kneeling a bit in order to push her ass up into the air, giving Hunter a non-vocal invitation to bang her from behind. Sunny slurps up Shawn's pick into her mouth as Hunter pushes his cock into her tight pussy.

Sunny's moan is very audible despite her mouth being filled with Shawn's cock. Hunter starts fucking her pussy at a brisk pace. He puts on hand on the back of her head and pushes her head forward so she'll deep throat Shawn's dick. Hunter grunts noticeably as he gives the original modern day diva, which drives Sunny to push back on to his cock. Her ass cheeks jiggle a little as they collide with Hunter's powerful thighs. Sunny moves her mouth off of Shawn's cock and lets out a pleasurable sigh.

"Ahhh ohhh god..." She moans as Shawn takes hold of her arms and pulls her away from Hunter. Hunter gives him a bit of a sour look, but that look soon turns to the a smirk as Shawn lays down and has Sunny mount his cock. Sunny starts bouncing up and down on HBK's prick and run her fingers through her beautiful blond hair. She pulls on her own hair roughly as she comes down sharply on Shawn's cock each time. HBK puts his hands on her hips and helps her out some, lifting her up and pulling her back down onto his cock. Hunter gets tired of watching and moves in close to the action. He waves his cock near Sunny's beautiful face.

"I got two words..." Before Hunter can finish what he's about to say, Sunny grabs his cock and pulls it closer to her mouth. She opens her mouth as wide as she can and starts doing a bit of a chicken hawk motion, bobbing her head on his cock as fast as she can for a few moments. Hunter then pulls his cock out of her gullet and moves back behind her. He pushes Sunny forward so her tits are pressed down against Shawn's face. Hunter taps her ass with his cock, which makes Sunny look back at him.

"Do... ahhh... stick it in..." Sunny moans as she slows down her movements on Shawn. Hunter grins and shoves his cock deep into her ass, making Sunny scream in pleasure as Shawn takes advantage of her tits being near his face. Shawn is now licking between both of her breasts as he thrusts up into her cunt. Hunter takes hold of Sunny's hips, using her body as leverage to pull himself harder into her ass. Sunny tries to move against both men, but can't, so she focus on pushing back on to Hunter's cock. Hunter doesn't have the stamina necessary to out last Sunny at this stage in his life, and starts to cum inside her ass. Hunter pulls out of her ass and sits on the first floor trying to catch his breath.

Sunny leans back up and resumes riding Shawn's cock at a break neck pace. Sunny throws her head back she drives herself hard down onto Shawn's body. The ultra hot girl can't last much longer under her own pace and starts to cum.

"Ahhh FUCK!" Sunny yells as she suddenly comes to screeching halt as she takes time to enjoy her orgasm. Shawn pushes her off of his cock, and Sunny lays down on her back. Shawn quickly straddles her body. He spits down between her tits a few times, making a trail of saliva, which he lays his cock on. Sunny presses her tits together, and Shawn starts to fuck her breasts. Sunny lifts her head a bit and flicks her tongue against the head of his prick when it comes close to her mouth. Shawn groans a bit and soon he starts to cum on her face. Sunny opens her mouth wide and moves her head around to catch some of Shawn's banana juice. Once Shawn is spent, Sunny licks her lips and looks up at him was a smirk.

"I... forgive you... this time... next time... you might not be so lucky..."

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