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He was licking his cock. The dog walked toward Crissy and David lying on the floor. The dark, crouching thing in the back of Crissy's brain began to stir again as the dog approached. Otto walked up to Crissy and David pressed his snout against Crissy's crotch. She jerked when she felt the touch of Otto's snout. The primitive beast in the back of her brain began to howl. Crissy felt Otto's tongue begin to lap at her pussy and ass. The cum from George was running out of her cunt and the cum from David was running out her ass. David lifted up Crissy and moved from under her. She began to moan, low, deep in her throat. She shifted her position to get up on all fours; yes, they didn't call it "doggy style" for nothing. As she moved, she saw Ron standing in front of her, stroking his hard cock as he watched what was going on. "I think you're going to like this, Crissy," Ron said, with a wicked grin. "Otto's very talented." Crissy's moans were getting louder and more frequent as the dog's tongue lapped at her pussy. Suddenly, she felt him press his muzzle hard against her. His tongue snaked out, slid between her pussy lips, and entered her, reaching up inside.

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Suddenly her mind and body exploded together, spasms racked her, and she lost her breath in a single explosion of air. The orgasm was like no other she'd ever experienced, taking in her entire body. Crissy felt like she was being turned inside out. She was shaking so bad she could barely breathe, and was afraid she might pass out. As Crissy's orgasm engulfed her, Otto continued humping her with his dog cock. On one stroke he pulled back too far. His cock slipped out of Crissy's pussy. On the return stroke, the dog's cock banged against the flesh that divided Crissy pussy from her ass, angled upward, and slid to the hilt into Crissy's ass. Crissy gasped as she felt her ass take in Otto's dick for the second time.

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Crissy and Debbie were two of those rare girls who love being fucked in the ass. Now she was not only living her fantasy of being fucked by a dog, but the dog was reaming her favorite hole. She was in heaven. Otto, oblivious to the difference between Crissy's holes, kept humping his cock into Crissy's ass as vigorously as he had into her pussy. Having a dog's cock in her ass, her brother and sister with George’s two friend watch was the ultimate turn-on for Crissy, and her body and mind responded as never before. The thing in the back of her mind was now a shrieking animal, drowning out all else. Suddenly, Otto whimpered and slammed even harder into Crissy's ass. She felt his doggy cock twitch, and his cum begin to spurt into her. Feeling the dogs cum filling her ass was enough to trigger another orgasm for Crissy. Her body shook as she gasped for breath.

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"Are you ready for me now?" he asked.

Crissy moaned. Being fucked by the dog had left her totally spent, her orgasms draining all of her energy. But she wasn't going to get any rest.
"Get back up, you're not done yet!"

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Ron was driving his cock into her hard, obviously driven to frenzy by watching a dog fuck the young Crissy. He reached around her with one hand and began massaging her clit, leaning forward so he was resting on her back almost the same way Otto had. Instincts took over completely.

Just as she felt herself getting ready to explode, Ron slowed his thrusts, and moved his hand from her clit, using it to rub her belly instead.

"Damn it, don't stop!" Crissy's voice trembled with frustration.

"Oh, don't worry; I'm not going to stop." Ron's cock was still moving inside her, but slowly now, less forcefully. "I just don't want this to be over too soon."

Crissy's body relaxed slightly, her breathing slowed as Ron fucked her more gently. He continued the slow, rhythmic strokes for a couple of minutes, and then began to pick up the pace again, moving his fingers back to her clit. Crissy gasped with pleasure. Crissy's body began to build toward orgasm again, her breath coming in short gasps. Her pussy pulsed around Ron's cock, and her clit was throbbing under the touch of his fingers. Then he slowed again.

"NO!!!" Crissy screamed. "Fuck me hard! I need it!"

"Just teasing you." Ron sounded like he was almost giggling.

David’s cock was right in front of Crissy’s face. He pulled her head toward him, slid between her lips. She could taste her own shit. He pushed it in as far as he’d been before, then pulled back, did that a couple more times. Then he let it slide a little farther back in Crissy’s mouth, groaned as he felt it wedge between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. A couple more strokes like that. Then he pushed harder, holding Crissy’s head, shoving as far back into her mouth as he could. He could feel her nose brush against his pubic hair, his balls slapped against her chin. Shit, he had his cock all the way in her mouth. The head pushed back into her throat. Fuck that was so tight! Crissy gagged and her throat closed over the head of his cock. Dave’s balls throbbed. Dave pulled back and Crissy coughed, choked, trying to get her breath. He drove back into her throat. She gagged again, he body jerked. This was better than anything Dave could remember, because Crissy’s throat was smaller and tighter. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, heard her gasping for air, then thrust in again. This time his balls tightened, pulsed.

"I’m coming again, Crissy!" He pulled her head forward even more, felt his cock move deeper into the Crissy’s throat. Her nose was pushing against his belly just above his cock now, as his balls pushed spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Feeling Crissy’s throat pulsing around the head of his cock made this the strongest orgasm he’d ever had. Finally the last of his cum shot down Crissy’s throat, and he pulled back, let go of her head. He looked down at her, saw the expression of joy on her face.
Suddenly Ron began fucking her with a fury she'd never before experienced. His cock pounded into her so hard she was afraid something would rip inside her. His fingers pinched and twisted her clit, sending shock after shock through her. Crissy began gasping in huge breaths, letting them out in screams.


Crissy thrashed convulsively as Ron buried his cock in her one last time. She felt his cum spurting into her pussy as the strongest orgasm of her life rolled over her, shaking her to her core. Her body vibrated like an electric current was running through it. Then, as Ron began to pull his cock out of her, she squealed, and squirted, spraying Ron's cock and balls, the inside of her own thighs, and the ground under her.

Crissy collapsed on the floor again, this time in no condition to move at all. Soft moans escaped her lips as she tried to catch her breath. God she loved what George and his friends had done to her. Otto she could never look at him the same again. Debbie watched and wants some action also. She pulled on George’s arm and said "I want Otto to fuck me."
George brought Otto over and told her to suck his cock. She got on her knees and rolled Otto on his back and started to suck his cock. Soon she had the whole six inches out of his sheath and half in her mouth. I stopped her and had her present her ass to Otto. He licked her cum coated pussy and ass. He did not need help and he mounted her. His cock was poking at her open ass and cum not knowing which to choose. He got his cock into her little cunt and started to fuck her fast. Her young and under developed cervix could feel Otto cock banging against it. With one lucky thrust Otto cock open up her cervix and entered it. It clamps down on his cock and would not let go. Otto did not care, he had this human bitch and she would do what he wanted. He loved the feeling of his cock being held by her cervix. He kept on fucking this human bitch with everything he had. He shot his large load into her cervix and was done. He pulled out and smelled her cunt gave it a lick and left. George saw how the dog open up Debbie little hole and he wanted some. So as Otto left he enters he loved how loose her cunt felt. Two stokes and he was at the opening to her cervix the next stroke and he was in. The tight fit scared him her cervix grab hold of his cock and would not let go. He had four inches in it. He started to fuck her longer he fucks the harder he trusted into her tight little cervix. Debbie was loving it first the dog when it found and entered her cervix she never knew pain could feel soooo good. Then George found it now he was fucking her harder the she ever been fucked before. She started one long orgasm that took minutes to stop. She could feel George empty his load into her cervix.
Ron and David had to leave so we said good-by and to cum back soon.
We headed up to the shower.

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