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Ricardo Cook

for now. I honestly don’t have a direction in mind so I’m going to just start writing and see where it might go.

Didi becomes one of the family

"Well, Didi, did you enjoy yourself last evening?"

"Sensei, you both taught me so many wonderful things about myself last night and to be honest, my mind is still filled with it all and I don’t know what to do next."

"Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what to do next. Monica, did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, Sensei, I enjoyed myself tremendously!"

"What did you enjoy the most, whore?"

"Difficult to say, Sensei. Our new slut gave me great pleasure and made me cum very hard. I loved having another woman between my legs. But I also liked comforting her and then watching you fuck her to sleep."

"You didn’t answer the question, bitch, and you’re very close to a punishment. What did you enjoy the most?"

"I enjoyed whipping her the most, Sensei. Even though I’m a submissive, it gave me a great thrill to have power over her and at the same time give her pleasure. In fact, those were some of my juices on the floor mixed with hers."

"Yes. I saw it on your face as you whipped her. Did you cum?"

"Yes, teacher, I had two small cums."

"Very good pet. And you Didi, what did you enjoy most?"

"The whipping, master. I never thought that pain would give me that much pleasure. Especially on my tits. I’m still confused about that."

"Don’t be. We all have something that can stir us like nothing else. I think, over time, we might find other things that stir you. Are you sure that you want to stay with us?"

"More than anything, Sensei. If you’ll allow me to."

"Of course. Monica, do you concur?"

"Absolutely, teacher. When you allow it I can’t wait to explore Didi some more."

"And you will. Today I want you two to go out together and just have fun. Go shopping, have lunch, some wine, and just enjoy yourselves. First, shower, enemas, and dress casually but no underwear."

"Will I have a dog collar too, master?"

"Of course, my eager little slut. I’ll put it on you myself when you get home."

Monica picks up the story

Didi and I ran from the kitchen touching each other and rubbing to turn the other on. We giggled like school girls and jumped into the shower. We soaped each other up, kissing, and trying to bring the other to orgasm. We both succeeded! We gave each other two enemas and came again. We then went to the closet to pick out some clothes for the day. We each selected the shortest shorts we could find and button up blouses so we could leave buttons undone to show the maximum cleavage. We finished it off with heeled sandals and were looking HOT! We decided the sluttier the makeup the better and were ready to go. We went back downstairs for Sensei’s approval.

"Very nice, ladies. Now, you may flirt outrageously but there is to be no fucking. You may allow men, or women, to touch but no more. And neither of you is to cum. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sensei!" we squealed in unison.

We were outta there. I knew exactly where I wanted to start but kept it to myself.

"Where are we going, Mistress?"

"We’re going to do pretty much what the master wants but I have a stop to make first."

"What stop?"

"We’re gonna buy you a dress but I want you to follow my lead and don’t ask any questions. You’ll pick up quickly on what I’m doing and you’ll have fun. I promise."

I pulled into the same strip mall we were in the other day and I parked in front of the dress shop. When we walked in, I was glad to see the same little slut that was there before. She was staring at a magazine that I could see was pornographic but I couldn’t make out the pictures. She shoved the magazine under the counter when she heard the bell over the door ring.

"Hello. You may not remember me but I was in here yesterday and bought a dress. My friend wants the same dress in a different color and I hoped you could help."

"Well, yeah, ok, uh I’ll show you the rack. Follow me."

If she swung her ass around anymore I’m sure it would have fallen off. She was wearing a tight tank top over some Daisy Duke denim shorts. There was a very distinct camel toe in her crotch. I exchanged a look with Didi and think she was catching on but didn’t have it all yet.

"Here you go lady. Do you know what color you want."

"We’re not sure yet. Could you stay and help us?"

"Sure, um I guess so. What can I do?"

"Maybe just give us your opinion on the color."

"Ok, I’ll do the best I can."

Didi started to unbutton her blouse and I could tell she noticed the little bitch staring. Now she understood. She continued to unbutton but didn’t let the blouse separate until she was at the bottom. The tramps eyes were like silver dollars and Didi noticed. She slowly parted the blouse watching the girls eyes.

"Do you think my tits are too big, Monica? What do you think little girl? What’s your name?"

"Mmmmy name is Cheri and they look fine to me."

"Why thank you, sweetie."

Didi removed the blouse and unfastened the button on her shorts. She wiggled her hips seductively as she slowly slid the shorts down over them and kicked them off. Now she was nude except for the heels.

"What about my pussy, Monica? Do you think I should grow a patch over my slit or just leave it bald? What do you think, Cheri?"

I think Cheri was getting a little more bold at this point and wasn’t afraid to let it show a little. But just to make sure, Didi had slid a finger down between her lips and over her clit. Her lips were now starting to show certain dampness and were definitely getting puffy.

"Ma’am I think your pussy looks perfect just like it is. It’s bald and it looks smooth and it’s perfect."

"But do you think it’s smooth enough Cheri? Here, rub your hand over it and see if you can feel any stubble."

Cheri walked closer to Didi like she was in a trance and put her hand over Didi’s Mons. She rubbed it slowly and I could tell she was dying to sink a finger past the lips but she held back.

"How does it fell, honey? Does it feel good? Can you feel any stubble? I don’t want someone to get stubble burned when they eat my pussy!"

"Oh no, lady. I can’t feel any stubble at all. It just feels good. I bet anyone would love to eat that pussy!"

"Would you like to eat my pussy, baby? I mean you wouldn’t be put off by any scratchy stubble would you?"

"Shit lady, I’d just about pay to eat this pussy."

"You’re sweet Cheri. Would you like to eat it now? Here in your store?"

"Goddamn lady, quit teasing me! I’ll lock the fucking door and put the sign in it if you’ll let me eat this thing. Please lady? We’ll go in the back room. There’s a couch and a TV and you can watch porn while I suck that cunt. Please lady? You two are making me crazy!"

"You mean me too, Cheri?"

"Yes you bitch and you know it. You knew it yesterday and that’s why you came back today. You knew I wanted you and now I want her too. I’ve only been with another girl once but you two are making me hornier than a three cunted cow. I’ll do anything you ask. Please?!"

"Go lock the door you slut and we’ll meet you in the back room."

She made record time locking the door and getting back. When she walked in she was like a kid seeing Disneyland for the first time and didn’t know what to do first. I told her to strip and she ripped the tank over her head and dropped the shorts. She was skinny and had small but firm breast with large nipples that were already hard. She was wearing plain white panties that were soaked in the crotch but not for long as she whisked them off.

"Now come over here and undress me slowly. Like you did yesterday."
"That’s it bitch. Now bite my tits anywhere, everywhere."
"Bite ‘em harder but don’t leave marks. OOOOhhhh yeah just like that. Now the nipples, suck ‘em and bite ‘em and lick. That’s right baby now drop my shorts but keep on my tits. Damn you’re good. Now you can go over and lick that pussy you wanted. Do it now."

Didi was bent over the couch with her hands on the cushions and her legs spread. All you could see was that big ass and that wet pussy. Cheri kept mumbling Oh God, Oh God and got on her knees behind her.

"Eat that ass first, rim it good and suck it. C’mon baby eat me."

"But I’ve never….."

Didi just reached behind her, grabbed a hand full of Cheri’s hair, and pulled her into her ass. Cheri started licking and sucking like a pro. She came up for air and moaned…..

"Sweet Jesus this is good. Gimme that ass. I’ll lick it and suck it ‘til you cum."

"Then get back in there and do it. Tongue fuck my asshole you little ass slut, suck it good."
"Oh yeah baby eat that asshole. Make me cum. I’m gonna cum for you bitch keep eating me. Goddamn that’s good. You eat ass like a natural baby keep eating. I’m gonna cum now. Get your face in my pussy and lick all the juice out. Here you go baby, I’m cuuummming swallow it, lick it up, eat me!"

Didi had forgotten Sensei’s order not to cum but I was sure that when we explained the situation to him he’d understand. If not, she’d get another whipping but I know she wouldn’t object to that. Cheri kept her mouth glued to Didi’s pussy until Didi fell forward on the couch. I walked up behind Cheri, grabbed a handful of her hair, and yanked her to her feet. I spun her around and kissed her. She had a hungry mouth and I could taste Didi on her. I pulled her hair straight up and kissed my way down to her tits. I sucked a nipple in my mouth and she gasped. I sucked and sucked hard and slid my other hand between her legs, rubbed the pussy, and slid my finger past her lips and massaged her clit. I then put two fingers in her cunt and fingered fucked her while switching to the other nipple. She came as I bit and sucked the nipple in my mouth. I could feel her cum on my hand and she would have collapsed if I wasn’t holding her hair above her head. I put my fingers in her mouth and let her taste herself.

"Did you like that you skinny little ass eater? Did you cum nice for Mommy?

"Oh Jesus, Mommy. That ass was incredible and you made me cum so good, soooo good. Now please let me sit down and catch my breath."

"But you’ve got some more ass to eat, baby girl. Don’t you want to eat Mommy’s ass. Don’t you want to lick and suck Mommy’s ass and pussy? I’ll tell you what; you can sit on the couch and I’ll bend over in front of you and you can eat all you want while you rest. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Mommy. That would be perfect. Let me sit on the couch and I’ll suck that gorgeous ass ‘til you beg me to stop."

"Oh, there’ll be beggin’ but it won’t be me doing it. Now go sit."

When I bent over in front of her she attacked my ass with her mouth and tongue. She must have learned a lot from eating Didi. I reached behind me anyway and got a fistful of her hair and pulled her in.

"Ooooh baby you eat good ass. Wet your finger in my pussy, slide it in my ass and lick around it. Ahhh fuck that’s good. Now fuck my ass with your finger and lick. Fuck mommy’s ass baby, fuck my ass hard. Now put another finger in and fuck me harder. That’s it fuck mommy. You can’t hurt me so fuck me harder. Fuck mommy’s tight asshole."

I was right on the edge but I had to stop before I could cum. I reluctantly pushed Cheri’s face out of my ass and stood up. I wouldn’t have minded the punishment but I didn’t want to disappoint my master. One of us I think he would understand but not both.

Cheri was a wasted mess sprawled on the couch and Didi turned around with a big shit eatin’ grin on her face. I leaned over and tongue fucked Didi and she just groaned. She’d have gone around with me but that shit would have to wait for later. After we got dressed I reached down and slapped Cheri’s face.

"Cheri, we’ve decided against the dress. Didi wasn’t crazy about the color."

"But wha….where are you going. You can’t just leave me like this. Will I see you again…..Mommy?"

"You’re such a good little ass licker Cheri. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Maybe soon, who knows?"

"But……I love you Mommy."

"I know you do, baby. I think you’ll see me again sooner that you think."

Didi and I had a wonderful lunch, too many glasses of wine (or was it bottles?), and couldn’t stop giggling through the whole thing. I’m sure people around us thought we were crazy and I’m sure we are after the stunt we just pulled but it was fun. More than that, it was highly enjoyable.

We were still giggling as we walked through the front door and Sensei stood to greet us and hug us both. We made drinks for all of us and Didi and I sat on the couch and proceeded to give master a complete description of the afternoon’s events. When he heard that Didi had cum, his face got a little dark and I thought we were headed for a trip to the basement. As the story progressed, though, he was more and more amused. I told him that I thought Cheri was ripe for the plucking and he said we’d discuss it later.
"Bravo" was all he said. Then he told us of a new idea that he thought might be fun and we discussed and refined it through the night. It was bold but promised new delights for all of us. Master put Didi’s dog collar on her and she beamed like she’d just won an Oscar. We slept well that night.

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