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Michelle Frazier

She was conscious that his eyes were on her, feeling his desires for her from across the room.

He sat in the chair, calm and deliberate. Everything he did was that way, as he liked to be in control. His eyes followed her as she removed the skirt as she placed it on the chair and shyly covered herself a little playing the innocent girl.

"Good girl," he reaffirmed about the no underwear instructions he had given beforehand.

She blushed.

"Show me."

She moved her hands and again felt his eyes on her, devouring her nakedness and knowing she was affecting him.

He leaned forward in the chair and took her in before having to adjust himself in his pants.


She craved his control and was excited to submit to him.

As she knelt down, he moved out of the chair and started to undress in a meticulous fashion, placing his clothes across the chair and letting his now hard cock out of its cage.

"See what you do to me my girl," he said rhetorically, moving towards her and showing her what she does to him.

She beamed inside and wanted to touch it. But she waited.

He walked around her without saying a word. Almost inspecting what he owned.

His hand then moved down on her head and pulled her hair back where he wanted and then caressed her cheek as he knelt down.

"Mine," he whispered with intent.

Those words sent a shiver through her body. She was now conscious of her wetness for the first time. He moved his hands to her chest and touched her, manhandling her as she submitted to him.

"Who owns this?"

"You own me Daddy. All of me."

"You like that don’t you?"

"So much."

"Does it affect you?"

"Yes Daddy. I’m wet."

His cock flexed.

"Show me," he instructed, putting his foot inside her knee and pulling her legs apart.

She assisted and spread for him while in that position. She moved her hand down and dragged her fingers up her pussy lips and held them in front to show him.

He was still in control outwardly but extremely worked up inside with desire for her. Moving his body between her now open legs, he held his cock to her mouth.

She was salivating in anticipation.

He made her wait.

Her pussy was now almost dripping as well as her mouth.

"Please Daddy," she said in a begging tone.

He placed his cock on her lips as she opened and took him in her mouth. She could hear his groan as she started to pleasure him and it turned her on so much knowing she was giving him that much enjoyment.

Her wetness was again evident as she took his cock and sucked him in a devoted manner.

"Fuck I love your mouth," he exclaimed.

Grabbing her hair in a rough manner, he pulled her mouth off his cock as there was some drool sliding off her chin.

She inhaled and tried to catch her breath but wished he let her have more time with his cock in her mouth.

He moved to the side table and took hold of the ball gag and moved back to her displaying it in his hand in a swinging fashion in front of her eyes.


She lifted with her hands as she stooped and placed the ball gag into her mouth and affixed it at the back.

"Can’t have the neighbours hearing you tonight," he said in a devilish tone.

She needed him to use her and teach her the things her body was made for.

"You are my fucktoy tonight."

Again, she was intensely turned on and in need at his words.

He moved to the table once more and pulled the next implement he was going to utilise for the evening. Placing the metal bar in front of her, he placed it around her neck and pulled her wrists in before clamping the other side on the back of her.

She had a moment of realisation that she was not incapable of moving her upper body and also gagged. The fear was coupled with excitement was intoxicating for her as she trusted him completely.

He then pulled her with force to her feet and to the bed then pushed her on there before draggigng her body to where he wants. Leaning in he then said the words again that made her shiver.

"Tonight you’re my little plaything."

She was watching him, head turned and writhing on the bed. Her full breasts moving and catching his eye as he walks away leaving her on the bed.

All she wanted was to be used by him. She didn’t want to wait and was in need.

He moved back to the bed and was stroking his cock as he did, looking at the amazing sight of his submissive on the bed.

He could wait no longer and need to consume her.

Moving between her legs, he spread them and guided his hard cock into her in one motion. He was in need and she was going to fulfil his desires.

Her fingers curled in the only movement she had while being shackled on the bed as his sex toy. She felt his cock deep inside penetrating her as she could only emit muffled sounds of pleasure of being used by him.

His hands felt tight on her hips as she felt him take hold of her frame to drive his cock harder as she could see the look of intensity in his eyes.

"I am going to fuck you like no one else ever has, my little fuck doll."

His demeanour was forceful and controlling and he knew what he wanted and was now taking it at will. Looking down at his restrained submissive, the feeling on intense lust like no other was drowning inside him.

He needed her more than anything.

She felt his dominance as much as his cock while he devoured her tight pussy, the intense feeling starting to become overwhelming.

She had no way of asking permission and her pussy was now out of control as she unconsciously let go and began to squirt on his cock as she had an almost out of body experience as he fucked her furiously.

"That’s right cum for me my little slut."

Her eyes were fluttering furiously as she was climaxing and listening to his dirty words and the sounds they made together as he fucked her with pace.

She felt her pussy dripping but did not care at that moment and wanted to be his filthy slut. To be able to let go and be the object of his desires and needs were fulfilling her as much as the orgasm he had just given her moments earlier.

He withdrew and gripped her legs, pushing them into the air as he moved inside her soaked pussy again before pushing further and dropping her legs on his shoulders. Driving his cock deeper still, this position moved him closer to her and the feeling of her tight pussy pulling against his cock was amazing.

"Fuck I need this pussy."

He began pounding her, in a more slow and deliberate movements, his cock making a point.

"I fucking own this pussy."

Her body reacted at his words as she tried to speak, for a moment forgetting the gag in her mouth, leaving only muffled sounds of proclaiming herself as his whore. She felt herself again being pushed towards the edge.

"You’re going to feel me tomorrow."

Driving his cock harder still, pounding her pussy.

"Fuck!" he cried out, in a moment that she watched him almost lose control as the look on his face was unlike anything else.

He picked up speed and was beyond a tipping point it seemed to her, now being used roughly as he fucked her.

She felt his hands grab hold tighter, almost hurting her as his groans were building as he was about to explode.

"You are mine!"

He was now making the bed shake.

"My slut!"

His cock deep.

"My fucktoy!"

Hearing his filthy words pushed her over the edge as she began to orgasm again. Her mind lost for a moment in bliss before being pulled back by both a feeling of his cock starting to flood her as well as his immense cries of pleasure.

Together they were climaxing in a moment of indescribable need being fulfilled. There was no moment passed this one as this was the moment they both wanted to attain and live there for perpetuity.

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