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Espen Rekdal


United States
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Espen Rekdal (31) is a natural history photographer, videographer, writer and marine biologist. He specializes in underwater stills photography. Though extreme macro work has been a speciality in the past, he has branched out quite considerably over the past couple of years, to include wide-angle, wreck and deep-ocean-life to his areas of expertise. Artistic expression and simplistic compositions are trademarks of his photography. Espen is currently working on a master thesis in marine biology/ethology on the behavior of wrasse (Labridae). Many of Espen Rekdal\'s images are represented by several image agencies as well as his own agency Espen Rekdal Photography.

What I look for in a Dive Operator:
As a working photographer I\'m dependent on dive professionals who know their area well and can help me find what I\'m looking for and also help me discover what is special for their destination. Well trained instructors/dive masters is a must. A well laid out operation also has all the necessities a photographer needs: large dry area/table to work on cameras, rinse tanks, lots of outputs for charging batteries etc. As a diver. Comfort is most important. Because quality of the time spent out of water is what sets most operators apart. Most important is food, entertainment, size of rooms etc..

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