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iFitzone is a health and performance studio in Vaughan. iFitzone offers personal and fitness training, ems training, hybrid training, strength, and conditioning and a medically supervised weight loss program in the city of Vaughan.

In order to please the demands of a wide range of clients, IFIT Zone Studio is an all-encompassing health and fitness as well as efficiency facility. iFitzone supplies innovative training and health services and along with sports as well as health and wellness efficiency, increased physio as well as professional sports rehabilitation.

Our objective is to provide everybody the capability to attain their health and fitness objectives. We have collected professional physicians, trains, and dieticians in one center to provide specialist sports rehab physical treatment. We are delighted to give our participants as well as individuals the ability to sign up with a good deal of flexibility and choice in both EMS and also typical training for our services.

We offer 1:1 monitored training and tailor a training program just for you.

We have a package to satisfy your demands, whether you are recovering from an injury, simply getting started on your fitness course, or trying to relocate your fitness to the following phase.

We provide EMS as well as standard equipment screening, clinically supervised training, and also Elite Athletic Program training at the IFIT Area Studio - Vaughan Fitness Centre.

Based on their current problem and health top priorities, individuals can change perfectly between various sorts of workout. Let us assist you take your success to the next phase due to the fact that you are an elite athlete.

We have an all natural strategy to health and also health, and we are likewise pleased to give a skillfully overseen nourishment program managed by a doctor to our individuals, where your very own accredited dietician can be appointed to you. Nutritional programs will also be related to the training schedule within the Elite Athletic Program.

We intend to offer exercise and give it a try to everyone that is inspired to find, therefore helping our clients appreciate better health and wellness, a feeling of wellness, and boosted quality of life. Offer us the possibility to attempt to help you attain your health and wellness objectives!

Educating services and Health and fitness Programs

EMS Training

The induction of contraction making use of electric impulses is called EMS (Electric Muscle Mass Stimulation). The stimulations are generated by a tool as well as sent to the skin surface above the muscular tissues to be stimulated by electrodes. The urges permit the muscles to contract, so the effect resembles the muscular tissues' actual movement and also daily tightenings.

Hybrid Training

This is a crossbreed model of typical training as well as EMS training that assists you to attain your optimum physical fitness capacity. For a person that is trying to get lean muscle mass, shed fat, construct stamina, slim down as well as enhance endurance, the crossbreed version is the very best program.

Clinically Monitored Weight Management

The medically monitored educational program at the IFIT ZONE Studio has actually been developed and is conducted by Dr. Farida Jeejeebhoy, a cardiologist, Serge Zinyuk, a wellness expert, as well as Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy, a nutritionist/gastroenterologist. Our mission is to give clients with an easily accessible as well as protected training program.

Elite Athletic Sports Training

At IFIT ZONE STUDIO, we recognize how major it is for professional athletes to keep in shape without obtaining hurt and to make a press everyday. For elite professional athletes, we still believe in the worth of cross-training. With very reliable athletes in mind, EMS training was first developed.

For athletes that want to improve their ability to reach an even better requirement of success, EMS Training can be a best alternative type of training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ems Educating?

Training of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is an approach of exercise that uses a health and fitness gizmo that links to the body, triggers muscle mass by little electrodes, and also will certainly quicken your workout and boost the results of your body toning.

Exactly How Ems Training Functions?

A revolutionary means of exercising without needing to hang around in the fitness center is EMS (that's Electro Muscle Mass Stimulation). Just one or 2 20-minute exercises a week is what it requires to obtain a banging 'figure on the sand. It operates by providing electrical impulses of radio frequency to contract your muscular tissues as you are exercising.

How Many Calories Does Ems Training Shed?

EMS is the most recent sophisticated wave innovation where, throughout a single 20-minute exercise session, you will shed as much as 500 calories.

What Are The Core Benefits Of Ems Training?

Throughout, and for a number of hours after, a training session, EMS motivates a high degree of metabolic task. The greater your metabolism, the quicker it can lose fat as well as create lean muscle mass for your body. EMS workout for ladies has been located to decrease the size of typical trouble areas, such as around the abdominal area, hips, and also thighs.

Can Ems Training Aid Me Recoup From An Injury?

You can attend to specific pain locations with EMS workout, improve deteriorated muscular tissue teams, and concentrate on stabilizing the muscles. ... However, to help regrowth, non-active muscle mass can be refurbished and reconstructed more effectively by full-body EMS (Electro Muscle mass Excitement) therapy.


iFitzone is located at 9587 Weston Rd, Vaughan, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5, nearby Vellore Hall Park (Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5), Matthew Park (1 Villa Royale Ave, Woodbridge, ON L4H 2Z7)Starling Park, 131 Starling Blvd, Woodbridge, ON L4H 2T9, and Comdel Park, 60 Comdel Blvd, Woodbridge, ON L4H 2P9.

You can also visit iFitzone from Pine GroveKleinburg Vaughan, ONPurpleville Vaughan, ON L4L 8L2, and Sherwood Vaughan, ON L4K 4X4.

Directions from Pine Grove, Vaughan, ON, Canada:

Head south on Islington Ave/York Regional Rd 17 toward Hayhoe Ln. Take Firglen Ridge and Torran Rd to Islington Ave/York Regional Rd 17. Turn right onto Hayhoe Ln. Turn right onto Firglen Ridge. Turn right onto Torran Rd. Turn right onto Kiloran Ave.

Drive along Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73. Turn left onto Islington Ave/York Regional Rd 17. Turn right onto Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73 (signs for Regional Road 73/Rutherford Road). Turn left onto Weston Rd/York Regional Rd 56. Drive to 9587 Weston Rd Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5, Canada.

Directions from Sherwood, Vaughan, ON L4K 4X4, Canada:

Head west on Sherwood Park Dr toward Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73. Turn right onto Weston Rd/York Regional Rd 56. Turn right. Turn left. Turn right. 

To find more recreation services in Vaughan, visit this website.


Name: iFitzone - Health and Performance Studio

Address: 9587 Weston Rd, Vaughan, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3A5, Canada

Phone: 647-834-4348


Contact ushttps://ifitzone.ca/contact-us/

EMS training: https://ifitzone.ca/ems-training/

Email: info@ifitzone.ca

Working hours: Mon - Fri (08.30 am - 09.00 PM), Sat (09.00 am - 03.00 PM)

Categoreis: Boot camp, Yoga studio, Fitness center, Pilates studio, Personal trainer, Weightlifting area, Aerobics instructor, Kinesiologist, Health consultant, Sports massage therapist, wellness center, Sports medicine clinic, Womens personal trainer, Sports massage therapist

Lat-Lon: 43.834508876354015, -79.55652755897812

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