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Malik Tolbert

Then the Girl came along and by being incredibly horny she turned them both on and reintroduced passion to the couple. Then the Girl disappeared and strangely, Dad was the only one having any memory of her whatsoever.

The last couple of month had offered Dad what the previous years didn’t: Sex. At first very passionate, but in all fairness dropping to a somewhat normal level…and then dropping further. To nothing.

Dad wondered what had happened. The Girl had injected so much passion into them it should have lasted a lifetime to consume. Mom was into trying anal. She shaved completely clean. She wanted sex in the shower, in the car – hell even a quickie in a supermarked in the remote corner with pet food, towels and curtain fabrics. It felt like the best time of their marriage.

But it had faded away. Dad was back with his right hand and his fantasies. His fantasies used to be about Mom and anonymous porn stars. But more and more they included the Girl. Oh how hot she was. So young. So horny. So easy to please. The sound of her voice as she came; which she did a lot. The feeling of her squirting; which she also did a lot. The look of her body. Ahh, that perfect young body. Slim and tanned. A firm ass, a waistline like a wasp, fairly big tits that seemed weightless. And brown eyes with paralyzing depth. And of course the deep throat skills and the feeling of her silky snatch that seemed a little too small to fit.

But the Girl was now gone and just a fantasy. Mom was real though.

Sometimes you realize something in a flash. Other times you suddenly realize that you have known something for a while. That day in his car Dad had an epiphany of the latter. He had to visit a customer and by a coincidence he passed a pub and noticed Mom standing outside, clearly waiting for somebody. And then she was picked up. On a motorcycle, the driver in all black leather wearing a black full face helmet and handing Mom another. Mom quickly got on the back seat and the bike took off.

Dad remembered how careful Mom had put on sexy lingerie this morning. He thought of how she had continued to shave frequently – leaving only a vertical strip of hair, a landing strip. All that but not being into sex. The penny dropped on Dad. Mom was cheating on him.

He forgot all about his meeting and pursued the bike. It didn’t go very far and Dad managed to keep tailing it. They drove into an industrial area, and the bike turned into a deserted parking lot behind a closed factory. Dad drove past it, parked his car and hiked back.

By the entrance the gate was long gone, but the gatehouse remained. That’s where Dad hided. He saw the bike firmly parked on its solid kickstand. He saw Mom lying on the bike, ass on the seat, back on the fuel tank. He saw her dress lifted up and her legs parted. What he didn’t see was her underwear. It was gone. But he saw the driver. Forcefully fingering Mom but still wearing the leather suit and helmet.

Dad’s emotions weren’t the peaceful kind as he watched and heard Mom reaching a climax. He looked at the driver trying to kill with the eyesight alone. But then he noticed the contour of the slick leather suit. He noticed the waistline. The driver was female. Emotions turned to confusion. Then the driver took off her helmet. As the shining brown hair appeared, confusion turned to – well shock actually. Dad immediately recognised the hair and then the feminine frame. It was the Girl.

Dad’s emotions took yet another turn. Yes, he had just caught his wife cheating on him. But he was also spying on the two women of his fantasies, one fingerfucking the other. Dad never knew he was a voyeur but that was a damn hot sight. Lurking in the gatehouse, he got turned on.

The Girl had turned to the main course, eating Mom. It would appear she was talented at that too, because Mom was freaking out. She had grapped the steering handles of the bike over her head. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her tits were rocking as Moms body had no way of resting at ease; it was all over the place. Dad was pretty impressed with the bikes kickstand keeping up with the show. And he was pretty impressed with his own growing boner too. As Mom had a screaming orgasm, Dad found his cock and started to wack off, eyes glued to the lesbian bikerchicks in from of him.

It didn’t last long though. The Girl apparently went for no satisfaction for herself, but just aimed to please Mom. As she introduced a dildo to the scene – black of course to match the outfit and with a size suitable for black ones – Mom had her third orgasm and Dad his first. Mom collapsed on the bike and Dad watched as his sticky semen desecrated the small table where a guard probably used to wack off to an old porno magazines anyway.

Dad fled the scene and returned to his car. He watched as the bike with the two women left and he hurried to his meeting thinking of a reasonable excuse for being so late. He had some trouble keeping focus setting up the bank manager with a pension plan – which was Dad’s job – but at the end of the day, … yes well by then the work day had ended. Dad went home.

She was waiting for him. He saw the bike at the intersection and pulled over. The Girl was expecting him. He got out of the car.

"Hi there", the Girl said; just like that.

Dad was stunned. Gone was any trace of innocence. A heavy makeup had changed her eyes from Bambi style to the look of a predator. The eyes used to look round but now had a shape like almonds. With the slim leather suit she looked like a porn version of Catwoman. The zipper was opened to her bellybutton and the resulting cleavage revealed that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Dad tried to all sorts of questions like why-did-you-disappear and what-the-fuck-are-you-doing, but his mouth didn’t seem able to get past "wh".

"I need you to do something for me", the Girl then said.

Dad’s mouth finally made up its mind and articulated the word: "What".

"I need you to fuck a cunt", the Girl explained, plain and earnest.

Dad put on a dirty smile. "Well, if you really need it…", but the Girl cut him off.

"No, not me, silly" she said, sounding a bit annoyed. "I need you to fuck the brains out of a certain woman according to my specific instructions".

"Does she look like you?" Dad just had to ask.

"Apart from the basic anatomy I would have to say no", the Girl answered trying to hide a grin. She handed Dad a photo.

Dad immediately recognized her. The Dame. A local celebrity. He had a meeting with her the day after tomorrow; she needed a pension plan badly. She was in her late 50’s. She had money like grass. She used to be a model, but that was clearly a few decades ago. She had spent a substantial amount on plastic and beauty treatments, but she just kept the look of a worn out old hooker, only now with even bigger breasts and lips. She was married to one of the richest men in Ireland, owning all sorts of companies.

"Am I going to fuck the Dame?" Dad asked in disbelief. "She probably don’t even want me too!"

"You should have noticed by now, I have a gift of turning people on," the Girl said.

"But hell, I don’t want to", Dad continued. "She is a gross whale with makeup. I’ll probably suffocate in her tits."

The Girl’s eyes went hard. "I wasn’t asking, I was telling you. I am sure you have noticed I managed to get you back together with your wife. That was easy. I know you watched us earlier today. You clearly liked the show but you may not have realised that I am now turning her into a full blown lesbian. Do as I say, and you will keep her. Disobey and you will lose her forever. Any day of my choise, she may come to you and tell you she met someone else – a woman – and that she is leaving. It’s up to you whether that day should ever come or not."

Dad took his time taking in all that information. He had watched the women but the Girl had watched him too. The Girl was manipulating Mom, she had manipulated them both earlier, and now she was blackmailing him.

"But you used to live with us", Dad said, still trying to sort it all out.

"That’s what you say", the Girl smiled. "You wife have no memory of that whatsoever. Isn’t that odd?" She was mocking him.

"I have no choice", Dad resigned.

"That’s the beauty of it", the Girl smiled, all warmth returned to her eyes. "Get in the back seat and I will give you some instructions".

They got into the car. The Girl laid out a plan. Dad was going to seduce the Dame during their meeting. The Girl would be there as his assistant. As to the purpose of it all, Dad didn’t need to know, she told him.

After the briefing, the Girl unzipped Dad’s pants. Her zipper was already quite a bit down and she freed her shoulders from the suit, then her arms and eventually her firm, young breasts. She bent down and took Dads cock in her mouth. "Consider this a down payment", she explained. "Or a preview of how your life is going to be if you succeed".

And then she started sucking. She licked his balls. She licked his shaft. She sucked the head. She deapthoated like a pro, producing lot of throat saliva. With that saliva she rose and titty-fucked him too. She bopped her head frantically up and down. And she kissed and caressed the rock hard member with passion. She did all of it keeping eye contact looking quite like a lioness. Dad was paralyzed. She swallowed every drop and thanked him for it. The she put back her suit, got out of the car and took off on her bike.

It was an easy decision for Dad not to confront Mom when he got home. Yes, he did watch her cheat, but what did he just do himself – and what was he planning on doing? They both acted like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

* * *

They met outside the Dame’s office building. Dad was as always in a suit when working. The Girl was – well she was hot. She was in a grey business suit, the tight skirt not covering her knees, the white silk shirt buttoned tight under the feminine shaped jacked. Hair pulled tight in a ponytail. Black stockings and high heels. And to complete the picture – a pair of glasses that she didn’t really need.

In the elevator going all the way to floor 24 she adjusted and tightened his neck tie. Then with a sudden impulse as realizing something, she pressed the stop button. She checked the time.

"We have about 8 minutes", she said. "Will that be enough for you to get off?". As Dad hesitated, she started to work on his pants.

"The thing is," she explained, "I need your stamina up there. We can’t have you finishing off in ten minutes. I figure you will endure quite a bit more if you came now, for instance in my ass".

The cock was out in the open and not completely limp. She turned around facing the elevator mirror and lifted her skirt. Under the skirt were suspenders for the stockings, but no underwear. She bent over, offering her perfect ass to Dad. His eyes started at the high heeled shoes and rose slowly up the completely straight seams of the stockings. When his glare rested upon the pink bullseye of the dartboard her round ass looked like, seeing her index finger already probing the little brown star, he was fully erect.

There mere sight was almost enough to get him off. He lent forward and sent a gob of spit to her rectum, then pressed his bulbous head in the same direction. She took it like a pro, maybe she had prepared, Dad thought. In three strokes he hit bottom and she didn’t make a sound. Being a gentleman he started wondering about her pleasure and remembered how easily satisfied she was. Her quietness seemed a bit odd – but then he remembered the purpose; he was supposed to get off asap, and a load of female cumjuice on their suits wouldn’t make the best start for the meeting. So Dad fiested on the sight of his hot assistant as he plowed away in her butt hole.

When he started he had seven minutes left. As it turned out, four was enough. He came in her rectum, withdrew and zipped his pants. The Girl did even less. She rose, pressed the elevator button and straightend her skirt. Just another day at the office. Dad thought, she would have to have quite a tight ass to keep the fluid from running. He actually found that funny.

The Dame was as vulgar, as Dad would have expected. Her hair was platinum blonde, beyond any question not her natural color. It was big, curly and messy in an on-porpose-just-got-out-of-bed-way. Her makeup was plenty. Maybe it was more filler than makeup as its primary purpose was to make the face look less wrinkled. Her lips were botoxed. Her tight purple dress had probably cost more than Dads car, but could not hide the fact that she was fat. Her tits were enormous; they looked like two seals caught in a sleeping bag.

The Dame greated Dad with a kiss on the cheek and a hand on his hip (actually closer to his ass). Quite a direct approach for a formal meeting as they had never met before, Dad thought. Her breath was one of cigarettes and Whiskey. The Girl acted as they had planned, quiet and discrete, and the Dame never greeted her or offered her as much as a glance. The Girl had instructed Dad to start the meeting as he would start any meeting. The seduction itself would be taken care of, she had assured him. Indeed that proved right.

Dad tried to keep the conversation on pensions, retirement plans, expected income and expenses, chosing high return over low risk etc but to no avail. The Dame was dangling her shoe. She bit her lower lip. She sucked her pen. She fondled her breasts. As instructed, Dad just sticked to his role. It became however more and more difficult. Every time he asked the Dame a question, she would not answer, but say something else. One time she asked Dad, if he liked fingers up his ass when he fucked. The next time she told him, her cup size was H but she would use a bra size G or even F to make them stand out more. Eventually when she put a foot right in the crotch of Dad he figured it would be the credible time to step out of character.

"What are you doing?" he asked, not knowing what else to say.

"I’ll tell you what", the Dame said with a voice not unlike Joe Cocker. "I will take whatever pension plan you recommend for me. That is IF you can get me off first. Right here, right now!". Her eyes were a bit blurry from booze, but also lustful and quite a bit hopeful.

"But of course", Dad ensured with a smile, he hoped would not look too forced. "Giving advice can be done in multiple ways." After all, Dad thought, this old crow just needed a bit of affirmation.

"Exactly", the Dame smiled, clearly relieved. "But I’m afraid I have been a baad girl. I am naughty and should be punished". She curled her hair with her fingers and made an innocent face trying to look like a school girl. She didn’t succeed very well, and Dad almost couldn’t resist laughing. He glanced briefly at the Girl. She was studying some documents, explicitly not paying any attention. She did well, but her part was the easy one, Dad thought. He got up. Here it goes, he thought to himself.

"You are right. You have been naughty", he said. "You need a spank for sure, but that may not be enough!"

The Dame obviously enjoyed the role playing. She placed her heavy body on the table, bending over and offering her back side to Dad. Her ass was huge, but in all fairness it was actually smaller than her bosom. Probably because there were no implants on her back side. Dad roughly liftet the dress and gave her left ass cheek a hard slap. And then another one. He thought he was hard on her, he could see the imprints of his fingers, but the Dame needed it rougher.

"Come on. Punish me! Make me hurt. Or are you to weak, you little prick?" she hissed through her teeth.

"Shut up you old cunt!" Dad replied and hit her ass as hard as he could. This time she actually moaned. Dad got surprised of his own reaction and looked to the Girl. She had moved to the Dame’s desk where she had found a whip. A handle with a number of leather straps attached. She handed it to him discretely.

"Now here’s the deal, you dirty slut!", Dad barked. "I’m gonna ravage your filthy body in whatever way I deem fit. And the only words I will hear from you is ‘yes please’ and ‘sorry’. Got it?" As he said the last words, he hit her ass with the whip. Dad wasn’t used to whipping people, and had he thought a bit about it, he might have wanted to calibrate his strength a bit. He hit her just about as hard with the whip as he had done with his bare hand. That was by far too hard. The Dame swallowed a scream, tears ran to her eyes and little streaks of blood appeared across her fat ass. But the only thing she said was "Yes please".

I might get the hang of this, Dad thought to himself. He dropped the whip and yanked her panties down. Then he opened the dress zipper and commanded her to undress. She obeyed. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but a corsage that lifted the boobs without covering them. Dad remembered a thing he once was told about the teachings of Freud, as the Dame stood before him. Any man desires a pretty and slim woman to brag about but a fat and vulgar bitch to ravage in bed. "Well Sigmund", he thought to himself as he picked up the whip once again, "you won’t get it better than this one".

Dad inspected the fat trembling body, giving it a whip wherever he felt like. Boobs, thighs, ancles, back and even once on the left chin. The Dame just stood there. But she got more and more horny.

Dad instructed her to spread her legs. As she did he noticed her old cunt was shaven. Thank God for that, Dad thought, the hairline was visible and had she not shaven, the carpet would have been the size of Texas. Dad forced that image away and shuffled the whip handle up her dripping wet pussy. The Dame moaned and her legs trembled.

"You may bend over the table again", Dad instructed.

"Yes please", she replied. Good girl.

Dad got behind her and fucked her hard with the whip. To his own surprise he was rock hard. Making love to this whale would probably be impossible, but molesting the shit out of her was apparently not such a bad idea. Dad stepped out of his pants and shorts, but kept shirt, jacket and tie. With no further warning he then entered her bum hole. She may or may not have been ready, he didn’t care. He coordinated his thrusting between his dick and the whip, still in her dripping wet pussy. That made her come. She was some kind of screamer – she wined like a baby. Dad slapped her a few times, but didn’t slow down the pounding.

As she came down from her bliss, Dad commanded her on her knees. He shoved his glistening prick in her face.

"You will know what your own sorry ass tastes like", he said. "You eat this!".

She did. Actually she wasn’t talented at giving head, but she eagerly licked and tasted all of it, just like she was told. When he felt his dick was clean, Dad pulled her hair back violently forcing her onto the floor. For a second he feared she would be wearing a wig but the hair seemed to be attached in one end, luckily. Dad squatted on her belly and placed the hard member between her tits.

"Now press those globes of fat together for me and give me a reasonable trail to follow. She lifted her massive tits that easily covered the prick completely. It didn’t feel that good though. Just as Dad thought of abandoning the exercise the Girl handed him… a bottle of mayonnaise. The Girl smiled at Dad as he looked at her in disbelief. Did she think of everything? Mayo??

The lid was off, and Dad splashed plenty of mayo onto the giant bosom.

"You seem to like fat, don’tya?" He accused the Dame. She agreed. She eagerly opened her mouth when Dad – just for fun – tried to feed her with it. And she seemed to like it, when he smeared it into her face. Damn, she was a fat fuck.

With the mayo lube, the monster-tits weren’t that bad. But it was to Dads surprise that the Dame suddenly trembled in another orgasm. It felt a bit like sitting on an earthquake. Dad turned his head and noticed he had help. Ever so discretely the Girl had grabbed the whip, still seated in the old cunny and her handling was probably the cause of the orgasm more than the tit fucking. During the climax, the Girl withdrew like a shadow. The Dame probably never noticed what hit her.

"Now you will eat my dick mayo", Dad instructed, "and then I will fill your grubby old crack with some high quality sperm. Would you like that?"

"Yes, oh yes!" she cried out.

"It is yes PLEASE!", Dad shouted and slapped her hard on the chin.

"Yes please, I’m sorry" was the correct reply. Dad got on his knees above her head and started to fuck her face upside down. She tried to lift her head towards him to free her throat but it was nearly impossible in that position. She choked more than once. When she did, Dad would pinch her nose until the color of her face would change. She must have been close to fainting when Dad finally eased up on her. He went to fuck her missionary style.

For a second he was afraid she would be trying to kiss him in that position. He probably would have gotten limb by that. But she didn’t. Her eyes were closed, her head on one side and she was mumbling and moaning completely out of her mind. Dad focused on the tits and fucked her with a maximum thrust in a rabbit pace to get off as quickly as possible. At that point he blamed the Girl for extending his stamina. It was however she, who helped him the final steps to ejaculation. The Girl went to the copulating couple on the floor, standing legs apart just above the Dame’s face, her back turned to Dad. Then she lifted her dress and squatted a bit. She released her sphincter and Dad watched in awe as his own cum from the elevator mixed with ass juice dripped onto the Dame’s face. That did it for him. He shot his load on to the old uterus.

As elegant as in the elevator, the Girl just withdrew. Dad took his time putting back on his shorts, pants and shoes. The Dame took her time waking up. When she did, she was truly grateful. She signed every paper Dad presented her and then resigned to her bathroom to freshen up as she put it.

They kissed a bit on their way down the elevator. The both seemed relieved it was over and it apparently went well.

"Did I do OK?" Dad asked.

"You did just fine", the Girl assured him. "I think we got it."

"Got what?" Dad realized, he still didn’t any clue what so ever as to what this was all about.

"I’ll tell you. Later" The Girl looked into Dads eyes. Like she had done on the way up she reached out to adjust his tie. But she changed her mind. "You better let me take that tie to the cleaner. If you wear it home you will have to explain quite a lunch disaster; it’s covered in mayo…"

Dad laughed and handed her the tie.

On the way out, the Girl turned to Dad: "By the way. I don’t think your wife will turn lesbian after all. She can’t seem to get rid of that cock craving. But I hope you eventually will accept that she from time to time would like me to join the two of you."

It took a few seconds before Dad caught the little twinkle in her eyes. Then his face split in a wide grin. They split up and went their separate ways.

Later that night, Dad got a text message from a hidden number. It said: "We didn’t get it. :( We have to go back. sry."

(to be continued)

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