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And so it was that later that same day, with the table now angled with holes for her entire udders to fit through that Mr Downs expertly turned an exact replica of my appendage upon his lathe, and not just one but several.

A wooden appendage with a long wooden shaft, such that she might slip within herself when she felt the need or when I felt she should be subdued, and as afternoon turned to evening with great precision was an hole drilled in the table for the shaft of such an appendage that it might fill her womb even as she was sodomised through the brown hole.

She feared the thought of the table when she realised my plan, but she had agreed to submit and submit she did sliding first up the slope to take the wooden appendage, then down to be fully sheathed and then forwards so her udders were guided carefully through the holes and when all was ready and her teats strained I borowed gypsy clothes pegs for the teats and instructed Downs to mount her brown hole once more.

She screamed with pain instantly, "Aggghhhhh," she cried.

"Desist!" I ordered, and Downs backed away.

"I am sorry but it is unyielding within me!" she cried.

"Leather?" I queried, "Should we sheath a smaller wood with leather?"

"Tightly bound and ridged like a whip handle?" she said, "Why not a whip handle?"

"What!" I demanded.

"Some flexibility husband!" she said, "That is all."

A delay ensued, Downs found an old horsewhip and working with his attire in disarray he made a stem or some such form wood and swiftly contrived a flexible leather clad protuberance upon which Miss Harcourt impaled herself ready for Downs to mouth her brown orifice.

This time her cries were of unconstrained ecstasy as the whore within was released entirely.

I drew up a chair and as Downs pounded her I looked her in the eye and then kissed her, "Do you love me?" I asked ironically.

"Yes!" she said.

"What?" I demanded.

"I am fulfilled!" she said by way of explanation and as her eyes glazed over she fell by way of an overexcited stupor to the land of dreams.

Downs exertions were finished soon enough but Mr Trevellyan who had stopped by for to order a new chest took up the invitation to sample Miss Harcourt's rear cavity as did his man Manders while Downs held the horses head and by turns with some chap I scarcely knew mounting her before Downs was recovered and mounted her anew was the apparatus thoroughly tested and my darling whore removed and carried exhausted to Mr Downs' parlour whereupon she was laid upon the hearth rug and I gently spread her legs and mounted her properly.

I used her to the utmost, raping her mouth with my tongue allowing her no secrets, showing not the least consideration, pounding her bruised and sore passage wherin had laid the whip handle whilst she was used like a beast by all who attended, and when I was sated at last ugly red marks upon her neck bore testimony to my passion. And yet when all was done she smiled smirked and silently laughed at me.

I paid Downs hansomly, and arranged not only for to take delivery of the table at my lodging but that he should craft three more the same, identical in every detail, at least the essentials, the matter of decoration or details of the french polish being utterly unimportant, and then with Miss Harcourt sated and incapable of stirring unassisted I took her by hired carriage to my lodgings.

The mornings were a trial for her, the sickness debillitated her though she was hardly swollen, but it mattered not for Mrs Meadows capacious womb offered a suitable alternative and a tug on the bell rope to her attic or Kitchen soon brought her to my bed or floor beside thereof where we conjoined pleasantly enough while Miss Harcourt looked on in utter disgust.

The table was a problem, but we resolved it by stripping the room behind the kitchen of its lifetime's accumulation of rubbish and installing the table there, which was a great boon as with it's own back door servants and the like might come and go unseen.

Miss Harcourt had still not got the measure of me, she had debauched herself to shock me, I had made her debauch herself similarly yet more basely as all were allowed to mount her brown hole at Mr Down's establishment and then she found I had ordered additional mounting tables prepared for her, but though curious she held her tongue.

We waited Mrs Meadows and I for the sickness to subside and then we took Miss Harcourt to her duties, but straightway we realised she would be afforded great discomfort as she knew not what to do with her arms.

A hand hole was the answer, two hand holes with a cross piece below on which she might raise herself of take her weight, and finding this Downs was sent for and arrived before dinner.

The holes were duly cut, the edge polished, the cross bar inserted and secured, the dimensions faithfully recorded and with disappointment writ large Downs was sent forth unrelieved.

For Rev Peasbody was to dine, and with him Alex Chambers and Will Biggins stone merchants from Weymouth. Miss Harcourt dined with us and then instead of withdrawing I took her to the table room and assisted her to mount it, to mount the padded spindle bound with leather, and when she was sheathed I drew away her raiments to leave her debauched in the most complete manner.

"I have an entertainment for you gentlemen, my new invention demonstrated by the delectable Miss Harcourt." I explained.

"My God Carter, you'll rot in hell for this!" Peasbody averred, but already his appendage swelled obscenely for he wore naught beneath his black priestly robes and her backside invited him as surely as the most comely choirboy.

"Father forgive me for I have sinned!" he added as gathering his robe he eased his purple headed appendage into place against her brown bud and pushed firmly, she writhed at his assault and the movement excited her, she gasped as I found the clothes pins for her teats and then I invited my friends to sit and watch as Peasbody ground her against the unyielding board and scarcely yielding wooden appendage until he forgot all shame and cried out.

"For pities sake have mercy!" she cried and when quickly was Peasbody sated so in turn my friends mounted her and when all was done she still pleaded,"Please!"

"Yes my love?" I said with sarcasm.

"Sate me, please!" she said.

I was dumbstruck, "You had three men!" I averred.

"No, I need you, properly, John, please, quench me." she said, and seeing her I realised I too was ready to burst.

"Then so be it," I said, "Assist us gentlemen, if you please.

It took the three of them to release her, Alex carried her not to the kitchen but to my bed chamber, and carried her easily for he was twenty stone if an ounce and she like a feather to him and there laid upon the counterpaine legs spread wide and her orifi displayed lewdly I had no resistance and with a second to disrobe I leapt upon her and speared her.

My seed erupted almost in an instant, "Yes oh yes!" she cried, "Oh you are perfection, I love you John Carter," she said and I believed she said it sarcastically.

That was when I decided she must be broken, and I knew in an instant how it should be done.

It needed preparation, I ascertained that Miss Harcourt had given her clothing to the poor of the workhouse near Weymouth bridge and so I went there to retrieve it, and, as I thought,the greater part of it was still on the premises for sale to the lesser gentry instead of given freely to the poor.

Agreement was swiftly reached, the warden retained most of his teeth an I reclaimed my whore's wardrobe though as it transpired scarce anything would fit her so greatly had she swelled, and then to London I despatched my spare tables, to an establishment wherein Gentleman's needs might be assuaged and where indeed Mr Harcourt, the father and Mr Simon Harcourt the brother might be on occasion found.

She was confused, Miss Harcourt, I showed her kindness or so the thought, yet I abused her abominably, and indeed allowed all comers to abuse her for sodomy, indeed I sometimes charged a farthing for her services to humiliate her further but I became accustomed to her and she accommodated me in the night readily enough and indeed she tried vainly for civilised conversation, but to little avail.

I would break her, of that I was determined.

It was a little leather headpiece that did for her, shaped like a horses head with plumes, it disguised her utterly and with Mme Richards aid at the London Club was my trap sprung.

I took her on the forenoon train from Dorchester, she attired as near as we could contrive as a respectable young woman, yet she knew from the outset that I was taking her to a London brothel, and yet she did not demur.

The hustle and bustle of the metropolis might have frightened her but to the outside she was calmness itself even as Mme Richards had her disrobe before a coterie of Gentlemen who thereupon were able to sample her delights though with hands, indeed with fingers alone and consider how much they might offer for her.

I let them continue but the purpose of my visit was other than this, in one sense it was the table which I had sent before, angled and with holes for insertions and for arms and udders to hang through it afforded a great degree of security and convenience for the avowed sodomite and his mate, and that I claimed was my reason for attending.

I was surprised that Sir Timothy offered two hundred guineas for my whore, not withstanding that she was with child, but I decided to wait and perhaps he would offer more as she swelled.

I let her dine, she dined naked with seven Gentlemen, a spindle inserted within her and securely strapped to afford access to only the brown hole, and of course her teats which bore their now usual clothes pins, and when it was done I had her don her horses head mask and she was securely strapped to the table.

My table was the sensation, my whore just a means to demonstrate its features and so her leather headpiece and face - mask went unremarked even as I stood aside and let her be used.

The room was an ordinary room, a study perhaps in the architects eye, too small for dining but with size enough for the table and ten or more to stand and observe, meanly appointed but wall papered, the table and a wash stand with bowl and towelling the only furniture, that and a thing of hooks for to take jerkins and breeches.

I stood aside, I am unremarkable I admit and this I turned to advantage as I donned unfashionable attire and unshaven I lurked and waited as Miss Harcourt was thoroughly debauched, and unknowingly since I drew Miss Harcourt's eye patches across to afford her no view of her tormentors.

She was as always impaled upon the leather clad spindle which afforded her unavoidable pleasure and a pleasure she had long since abandoned any pretence at denying and at eight minutes to ten o'clock my trap was sprung.

Mr Harcourt and Mr Simon Harcourt entered, not just the establishment but the room wherein Miss Harcourt was, not that her father and brother would recognise her, her head hid and body swelled.

"See father, the apartus Richard," Simon cried.

"A Sodom-easy," Mme Richards corrected him, "Twenty five guineas and a bargain!" she explained, "Shall you try it sirs?"

"Indeed," Harcourt the elder replied, "The whore seems well used and plump enough,"

"Then use her sir, tis free this evening," Mme Richards averred.

I watched in fascination as the elder Harcourt dropped his breeches and advanced upon his daughter, appendage in hand, rampant if modest, he paused while Mme Richardsused a small brush to lubricate Miss Harcourt's rear cleft and her brown orifice with soothing cream.

He thanked her and then advanced until the tip of his appendage began it's journey within her, sliding easily along that well worn path, until when fully sheathed he began to hump furiously, animatedly so for one so aged.

He had no notion so as he humped like a arthritic jack rabbit I nodded to Mme Richards, "Monsieur," she addressed Mr Harcourt, in the French accent she had adopted in her ascent from life as a street whore in Rotherhithe, "Please for the peak of pleasure now withdraw and allow Fifi to suck your filthy appendage clean while you spend your cream within her, how do you say, ah, gob."

"Yes father step aside for have a fearful thought that I may explode directly!" Mr Simon Harcourt explained.

The older man agreed and stepped aside for his son to mount her, brown trails spreading from their discontinued union washed away in a flash by the ever attentive Mme Richards with her moistened cloths, and so Mr Simon Harcourt mounted his sister with the grace of a pig mounting a sow.

I waited on the moment, the flash of recognition but it did not come, even when Miss Harcourts head cover was opened at the mouth and she took Mr Harcourt's brown streaked member therein was no recognition, so on my signal Mme Richards removed the headpiece entirely, still Miss Harcourt did not realise, and nor did her brother and father.

"Hose her filthy face with your pure seed," Mme Richards whispered in Harcourts ear and in a trice he had extracted himself and gripping his member it pumped once twice and again and again oozing his filthy slime over Miss Harcourts unbelieveing face and up her forehead to congeal in her beautiful flowing hair.

"Hold Hard Harcourt, you've soiled me whore!" I charged, but he did not need my words.

"Verona?" he muttered and staggered backwards in shock until the wall behind arrested him with a thwack to his head.

"Father!" Simon cried as helplessly he forced his gushing seed into his sisters intestines.

"It's Verona!" the older Harcourt cried, "It's your sister!"

"And quiet delightful is she not?" I asked, "Though I grant I take her on her back."

"I, hate you!" Miss Harcourt said thoughtfully but I grinned.

"Madame, the whore has two orifi unfilled, surely there are Gentlemen in need of relief?"

She busted away, and Miss Harcourt challenged me, "I had no idea how low you could stoop!" she said, "But this I promise, I shall not see the sunrise tomorrow."

"Kill our baby?" I asked, "I think not."

Harcourt had regained some equilibrium, and upon prompting Simon challenged me to, to my great surprise, a duel.

"Not again!" I said, "Last time your sister debauched herself to save you, so who this time, your mother?"

"So you refuse?" he asked.

"Yes!" I stated, "It was your lewdness led you to sodomy with your sister, your false allegation of cheatery that led to her decline, covered in filth abused by all as well you knew, she should be a fine lady not a filthy whore but for you."

"It was you did it, Carter," he said, "You spurned her."

"Hold hard, I scarce met the wench!" I protested.

"You regarded her as a frump and bean pole!" he challenged unjustly.

"Never," I protested, "She is a perfectly comely wench and as perfectly at home on the arm of a Colonel or a Prince as that of a night soil man."

"Pistols at Dawn!" the elder Harcourt added, and so it was done.

We met that morning, Miss Harcourt stood aside, bathed, perfumed and dressed in such finery as Mme Richards could find ready for a return to the bosom of her family or the alternate life in Mme Richards establishment for which Mme Richards would pay me thirty guineas.

Harcourt whispered a last instruction to Simon as we stood back to back and as dawn broke we paced away, "Turn!" Mr Grey ordered, and around we went, there was no searing pain this time, just the hiss and bang of a shot twelve inches wide.

"Oh no!" Miss Harcourt cried.

"Shall I shoot you instead Miss Harcourt?" I asked.

"It would be a kindness." she said.

"But I am heartless," I admitted and levelled my piece and fired.

Harcourt screamed and fainted to the ground, a bloodied hole in his breeches and when they were dragged aside it was seen I had missed his prong by a millipede, though blood gushed from the sac where from one of the balls lay separated upon the ground.

"I win, I think," I added.

"Then I am released," Miss Harcourt exclaimed as she approached, "Father shall pay my release from Mme Richards.

I looked at her, "Raise your skirt, I have need of you." I said, "Do it woman!"

She stared at me, "No I shall not!" she insisted, "Honour is satisfied!"

"I have need of you," I repeated, "Verona."

Dr Rochforth was attending to Simon Harcourt when Miss Harcourt went to assist, so finding herself superfluous she stood beside her father.

"Take me home," she said to him.

Harcourt stared, "Don't be a fool girl, you have committed the vilest debaucheries such that no decent man would look at you, no, I cannot have you in my house you whore!"

"Raise you skirts," I whispered, as I approached and stood beside her, I saw tears streaming down her face, but her hands stole automatically to her skirts and began to lift them.

"No, perhaps we should repair to our lodgings, come." I ordered and she followed meekly behind me.

We called on Mme Richards but briefly to collect Miss Harcourt's things and she was perplexed when I kept the carriage waiting, "But where am I to go?" she asked.

"Home of course!" I explained and with a rush we were at the station in time for the last train to Dorchester.

Mr Allenby and his wife Gladys spoiled our plans by accompanying us within the carriage compartment but eventually we were alone.

"Shall you sell me to a Weymouth brothel?" she asked.

"Lord no," I replied, "No on your knees woman, lift your skirts that I might enjoy some relief."

She did as I bade her and soon with the rocking of the train I sought her softness with my manhood and enjoyed her warmth and wetness as we sped through the Dorset meadows at thirty miles an hour and more until I was fulfilled and she in turn was filled with my seed.

"We need to consider the baby," I told her, "I think you should be confined forthwith."

"Confined?" she queried.

"Yes confined, looked after." I said, "As any other expectant mother."

"But I have no husband!" she complained.

"Then lodge with me, send for your mother." I suggested.

"She will not come!" she insisted but she was wrong, as soon as she received a communication she came post haste by the afternoon express train.

"Simon has become a laughing stock!" Mrs Harcourt protested as she arrived by Carriage with her ladies maid Mathilda.

"He is pathetic," I agreed, "But I have greatly enjoyed your daughter, Mrs Harcourt," I added, "In fact she is as accomplished a whore as I ever sampled."

Mathilda tittered and blushed beetroot. "Send that simpleton hence!" I insisted, "Before I make her a woman!"

Mrs Harcourt stared at me but Miss Harcourt intervened, "Yes go while you are still intact," she said, "And lodge with a decent family, show her Mrs Meadows if you would."

Mrs Meadows agreed, "Very good Ma'am." she said in deference to Miss Harcourt's suggestion as Miss Harcourt was for once decently attired, and with much hustle and bustle they were away.

We sat in the parlour, "You lodge here Mr Carter?" Mrs Harcourt asked.

She was perhaps forty two years, comely once, but greyed now, "I say lodge, but I own it, and two hundred acres here abouts."

"Oh?" she queried, "Is that it Verona, do you hope this oaf will make you an offer?"

"No, Mama, I am his whore," Miss Harcourt reminded her.

"Indeed and she served an apprenticeship in the brothels of Weymouth where all and sundry used her copiously." I explained.

"Liar," Mrs Harcourt rounded on me.

"No. it is true Mama." she said, "But Mr Carter has reserved my womb for himself since I last bled and the child is his Mam."

"Debauched yourself, in a brothel?" the older woman questioned.

"She sought a disease that might slay us both," I explained, "But as it was I am such a proficient whore chaser that it matters not a jot."

"Am I to understand," Mrs Harcourt asked, "That you treat my daughter as your mistress?"

"Oh no, like a whore, my friends may use her for sodomy and use her mouth as they will whilst I reserve her womb alone for my pleasure." I explained.

"My beautiful daughter!" Mrs Harcourt, "Your whore, I thought it were said in jest, she had expectations of Mr Winslow."

"Indeed?" I enquired, "And what has he to offer above what I can provide?"

"Propriety!" she announced boldly, "Marriage!"

"I think the Rev Peasbody would oblige us if we had need," I said.

"Mr Carter?" Miss Harcourt said, "Marriage?"

"Well, with the child," I admitted, "It would be seemly."

"Oh," she said, "Oh."

"We sleep together," I explained, "And when did you last protest at being mounted?"

"I gave my word," she said.

"Well there shall be no more mounting, not until the child comes" Mrs Harcourt averred, "No you shall employ a paid whore."

"Mrs Meadows obliges on occasion." Miss Harcourt explained, "My Mr Carter would mount anyone when he feels the urgency."

"Surely not that aged hag, can you not send out for a comely wench?" the older woman asked as she looked at me quizzically, "Or arrange her attendance on the days when an urgency is expected."

"Oh no, John becomes rampant in an instant, three times the last night we conjoined,"
Miss Harcourt explained.

"Oh Verona, you poor poor child." Mrs Harcourt cooed.

"When I wake with your hand stroking my appendage what do you expect." I asked, she blushed.

"Do you welcome his attentions?" Mrs Harcourt asked, and when her daughter blushed she said, "Oh dear lord, let me free of this mad house for you are entirely evil."

"But Mama!" Miss Harcourt protested, "Of all the men I have endured only Mr Carter makes me feel, ah." she paused, sought for the word and then said, "Loved."

"Pah, love!" Mrs Harcourt scoffed, "Pergatory, no my girl, when you marry you shall be spared the marital bed, we shall find comely wenches that he may sate himself elsewhere."

"Am I to take it Mr Harcourt shares his lack of prowess on the card table with his lack of prowess with the wenches?" I asked.

Mrs Harcourt rounded on me, her bosom heaved with indignation, "Mr Carter!" she railed, "This is unseemly."

"And arousing," I added, "So which one of you will relieve me?"

"Mama!" said Miss Harcourt triumphantly, "Mr Carter has need of you."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Mrs Harcourt snapped, "I am a respectable woman.!"

"Yes, what use is a middle aged frump to me." I replied.

"Frump!" she snapped, "How dare you, I am considered elegant, indeed I have many admirers who would snap me up in an instant."

"I mean you are too, ah," I sought the words, "Old for."

"Old, me!" she snapped her bosom rising and falling.

"For lust," I explained.

"Never!" she snapped, "It is her father that is too idle for lust, too set in his whore chasing ways while I lie idle and neglected."

"Then lie back and raise your skirts that I may sample you." I suggested.

"No," she demurred her brave face deflating, "No, you shall not I am a married woman."

"My Mr Carter takes No for Yes, Mama," Miss Harcourt averred, "But the pain subsides soon enough, and I think I shall prepare something to eat," and with that she slipped away.

"The cold floor or my warm bed, Mama?" I queried.

"You will not take No for my answer but will force me?" she asked.

"Indeed, I am master in this house." I explained.

"Then your bed may be easier," she said quietly.

I showed her the bed chamber and she began to disrobe, I fancied she wished my approval but as I disrobed myself I scarce noticed her until she stepped nakedly across to the bed.

"Usually I pay the servants a small consideration when they mount me," she explained, "I shall pay you a farthing if you please me."

"And I should willingly pay a whore like you a halfpenny," I laughed, "Shall we?"

She eased her legs apart, trailed her finger between her lower lips to show the extent of her moistness, and said, "Do your worst Mr Carter."

I stepped towards the bed, she showed the lines of age, sagginess where Miss Harcourt was taut, but she had a pleasant matronliness about her and as I sank myself within I realised there was no babe to consider, just my own pleasure, as with any ordinary whore, and so with no consideration at all I commenced to assuage my needs.

A moment was all before Mrs Harcourt cried out,"Please, please be gentle," but I ignored her entirely, and as I thought it was the unaccustomed rampancy of my unrelieved manhood within her little ploughed slot that caused her apprehension, half erect fearful decorous servants and a barely erect semi flaccid husband had been her lot but now with my rampant manhood in full cry she found herself as a woman once more.

"Oh you are an animal," she cried as I took my pleasure heedless of her declarations and protests until at once my seed began to bubble forth within her, and at once sated I sank down upon her warm breasts for a moment.

"You are an absolute animal!" she said appreciatively, "Look how you have bruised me, now shall you marry my Verona or shall I inform the High Sheriff that you have ravished me?"

"A bargain, madam," I suggested, "If I wed your daughter, I shall expect you madam to fulfil those wifely duties which my dear whore Miss Harourt cannot due to her condition."

"Oh!" she said, "I, ah."

"Say yes, it is quite simple!" I suggested, "I need a whore you need a paid lover, and you cannot deny we lie well together."

"Perhaps," she said, "But I have such slender evidence upon which to base my opinion."

"Then I shall mount you anew!" I suggested.

"Later," she said, "For I am ravenous," she paused, "For food, not for,"

"Fornication?" I queried.

"Quite so!" she agreed, "Let us dine and then," she smiled shyly, "We shall see if we are indeed compatible."

To be continued.

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