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Where to look for inspiration for content?

Content marketing cannot be attributed to one specific tool. It is always a collection of different types of content, preferably united by a common concept and strategy. However, the approach to this method of promotion can be very different. Each of them solves its own problems and is aimed at a particular consumer. These solutions are not universal, so the right option for you can only be chosen after tests.

Content managers often find it difficult to generate ideas, especially if content marketing has been going on for more than a year.


There are a lot of resources out there, and they are all different formats. We decided to divide them into several segments so that you can find something for yourself in each of them. We'll start with a few insta-accounts.

You can check out the profiles of glossy magazines. In general, any more or less active profiles of glossy brands will do. We can advise you to look at the accounts of VOGUE, NOICE Magazine, and Somewhere Magazine. It makes sense to see what magazines in your field are doing on their social networks. It might prompt some interesting content packaging.

If you want your posts to make you smile and be actively reposted, there are profiles that will show you how to achieve this. There are also 9GAG, Starter Packs Only profiles whose content is also built on humor. You shouldn't turn your profile completely into a page with memes, but it's okay to use some formats.


Since time immemorial, companies have been looking to their competitors for insight, strategy, and ideas. When executives create initiatives for their company, they always do a competitor analysis to make sure they are not overlooked or left behind. Content strategists and copywriters should take the same approach when creating their content plans. It's not always about the number of page views or the number of times some content is shared on social media-sometimes the best copycat content inspires on a more subjective basis.

The best content informs a potential buyer or customer and leads to a sale or forms a new relationship. Take a look at your competitors and see how they talk to their potential customers. Are they answering questions you don't have? Do they promote the benefits of their services the way you do? What does your competitors' content say to you and how can you mimic that with your own unique voice?

In-house team.

One mistake many marketers make is always looking outside for content ideas. However, reaching out to other teams in your company can help you generate some of the best ideas for content. Talk to your people at your company-salespeople, customer service reps, and anyone else on the front lines of customer service and ask them to share:

  • What feedback they hear all the time.

  • What trends do they foresee?

  • What they see as the best features and benefits of your company from their perspective.

Our large company buy android reviews promotes mobile applications and we are constantly looking for inspiration within the team. For example, by talking to the sales team, you might learn something completely new about your company or customer needs that should be addressed in new content. 

Industry Sources.

This source of inspiration goes beyond competitive analysis and goes directly to organizations and associations that create thought leadership that can sometimes determine the direction of your business. For example, a school offering truck driving courses needs to be aware of new rules for drivers and how it will affect student test drivers to get certified. Ultimately, it will affect what the school includes in its curriculum. And it can also lead to creating content that informs prospective students about these changes and how they will affect their education.

I hope your content strategy helps your brand take off. Regardless of where you draw inspiration or what industry you represent, the two top priorities of your content should be to build: new customer relationships while strengthening existing ones.

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