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Ashley Lindsey

Prim and proper go to church every Sunday, and the loyal wife of a banker, is Beth.

Today she wears black leggings, black flats, a long skirt, and a loose black blouse - for black is a respectable color.

She is walking to the grocery store when she gets the call that her husband is cheating on her from the private-eye she hired. She begins to cry. Andrew, please come get me, "I’m having a nervous breakdown."

Andrew arrives in his BMW and picks up Beth. Beth is a simple woman. She’s probably wearing white panties, Andrew thinks, the wide kind that grandma’s wear.

Andrew is the detective who discovered Beth’s husband was cheating.
He is a man by any other name - all men wonder what type of undies a pretty gal wears…you know - innocently enough.

"I can’t believe he did this to me." She’s crying on his shoulder now. They are at his ramshackle low-rent office. He makes money but he’s frugal. It is a dusty place with a nice computer and office supplies.

He pulls her in close and smells her. He is a man after all…not a pussy. His cock stiffens and she feels it as she tears. Normally she would pull away but normally she does not hug random strangers. But again, Andrew is no random man - he had been helping her and tracking her hubby for some time now and she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

She squeezed him harder and he felt her breasts on his chest. She was tall, angular, like the brunettes on television, with a jaw bone and those thick dick sucking lips that were quite rare for a Northern European woman - they tend to have thin and sharp lips.

His cock grew hard between her legs as she continued to cry. She reached for his gold belt buckle, her fingers clumsily failing to open it as if to prompt Andrew to assist. Instead he put his arms around her back and with a firm grip held her just under her breasts. It felt natural and raw…he inhaled her and could smell that she was ready for what would come next - the taking.

She finally got his buckle open and fell to her knees in mourning and misery - she would regret her actions today but she was split and highly repressed and she needed it like a crack head needs crack rocks. This, she thought, would even things and make her love her hubby again, she did the math, she did the accounting. This was the aspirin to her dilemma.

On her knees she pulled out his cock. It came out somewhat hard and somewhat flaccid. It plopped out. She noticed he wasn't circumcised. She pulled back his foreskin with her long, skinny fingers and looked at it crying. She played with it for a bit with one hand while the other wiped her tears. She looked up sadly at Andrew who was now looking down in disbelief - but of course, wonderment too. Her make up was all messy. She looked like a model/crack whore.

She blew gently on his shinny tip as it emerged from his crinkled fore skin. She wanted to channel her hatred into raw carnal sexual energy.

He let his hangs hang in anticipation and gently stroked her dark hair aside. She reminded him of Jennifer Connelly, in a way, or Julia Roberts. She pulled his pants down. His hips were smooth, like his stomach which dropped into his pelvis and smoothly turned into a giant and thick upward sloping cock. She put her palm on his pubic bone and she clasped his ass, feeling him up. He was after all, a rock of a man.

Her fingers slide up and down his cheeks and then she clutched his rear thigh. His cock instantly received a rush of blood growing what seemed like an additional two inches. She was very impressed. He was bigger and fatter than her cheating husband. His bulbous head extraordinary too. Veins could be seen winding around his cock towards the tip like mythic spirals alluding to his viral powers.

All this she took in with a gaze. Suddenly she realized, to her delight, that she was smiling, gently, underneath her previously melting emotions of sadness. She was numbing herself with sensual pleasure and it is potent - as potent as this man’s seed might be she thought.

Finally she put the cock to her face as she looked up. She knew the tip would be sensitive to the kiss. She gently kissed it with an exaggeration that made the smackle of her lips amplify into a loud concussive sound of bliss. Andrew shivered and gently moaned.

She kissed it again, a little wetter, looked up.

She kissed it to the right, a little more wet, and looked up.

She stuck her tongue out as if she was going to drench his cock but instead she pulled back and laughed up at him in a tease.

He put his hands on her head and was about to thrust her face on to him but she pushed on him with her arms and he eased up. Instead he began undoing her shirt and bra. This she allowed.

Her breasts plopped out. They were very, very saggy. They were beautiful, but saggy, which made them more beautiful. The sagged down to her stomach which was ripped - she seemed to have good genes for she bore a six pack. Her breasts were medium sized but they sagged so much they seemed bigger than they really were. Her nipples were gigantic for her breast size. Each one was easily three times the size of her eyes.

He played with them gently while she continued to kiss cock. Finally she arrived at his balls. They were giant, monolithic balls, and his sack was a tinge of brown compared to his white cock - a product of his Italian decent, most likely.

His balls she let fall into her mouth as she gently nibbled them with her thick red lips. He hoped she would lick the g-spot between his rectum and scrotum and this she read on his face, so she did, as he squirmed in delight.

She caressed them with her fingertips as well as if she were dangling something upside down. She felt his rectum and blood pumped into his cock. She felt how hard he had become with her hands. She made a sound like betty boo boo and stood up. She took a step back and sat on the table. Her long legs in a lean. Her long skirt dangling over them to her ankles where the ends met some flat black shoes with a buckle.

She was still shirtless. Her breasts leaned on her body exploding her nipples into the forefront. She motioned for him to come closer with her finger and he did. She put his hands down the waistband of her long skirt. He felt her hairy pubes and made his way through the thick forest into the wet swampy clit and let his finger rest on it and she rubbed herself on him.

She pulled out his hand and licked her sweet oil off his fingertip. A few more times and he was about to pull her skirt up.

"No!" She screamed. She raised the skirt up and left it on. She raised it very slowly over her shoulders and peered over with her head down at him as he gaped at her. She was exposed. From the ground she still wore her dark, black, flat buckled shoes. Her leggings went up and stopped at her mid-thigh. Her pubic hair was out of control but strangely erotic and a turn on. He went down on his knees and she pulled his hair. He licked her button, sucked her button, and she moaned like a cat.

He put his fingers on her ass and felt her juicy cheeks. He let his fingers stray towards her ass. He could smell that she hadn’t showered in some time but that only made him more of an animal for her. Soon his chin and lips were glistening with her oils. She pulled him up for a kiss and set him down again to clean her with his tongue.

His fingers again, by her ass now, she clutched and shoved inside of her. His large finger went into her ass and held her g spot as he licked her.

She pulled him up and grabbed his squash holding it firmly. She lifted him up and put a leg on his shoulder. She pulled him in close and shoved the giant hanging eggplant between his legs deep into her dick hugger.

He plunged in and felt the wetness. He looked down and saw the white cream of her pussy drip out and make a mess of her pubes and his long shaft. He went in and out looking at the moisture move around like wax, he even played with it, and used it to build his rhythm.

Finally his balls slapping full throttle on her ass, she screamed as her saggy breasts smacked her shoulders. He went harder and she dug her nails into him. He began to come but did not stop the hot lava flow. He kept pumping it into her as he came down to kiss her for the finally grunt. She pulled him in close and kissed him in the mouth for the first time as she felt him empty inside of her. Her legs tightened around him and shook like there was an earthquake in her pelvis. She screamed into his mouth as they locked lips and he held her with sweet and gently compassion.

He got up and began putting his pants on but she grabbed him to come back. She took off her dress and turned around. He was flaccid but getting hard again. She pulled his squash close while looking the other way and shoved it in her ass, at first gently, maneuvering it slowly to stretch out her anal cavity.

Again, he pumped into her, but this time his balls were slapping her from the other way. Again, she was screaming, and again he was coming inside only this time into her colon. She clutched him and made a sound that was at first painful but then ecstatic.

Finally, again, she gave him a blow job. She made him cum three times. The first was a gallon, the second just a cup, and the third but a few drops.

She left - but she would be back…many, many more times.

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