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How To Sew With Laminates

As a sewer, you just don’t have to stitch but people expect wonders from you. This is the dream of every sewer to reach the expert level and show their skills to everyone at the professional level. We sewers need to sew everything according to the season and this is the real challenge. Usually, to prepare yourself for the monsoon season one has to get something to protect themselves from the rain.

Today I am talking about the laminate and if you have a basic sewing machine then you don’t have to worry about anything because from handing to sewing everything will be easier. If you are looking for the best basic sewing machine then find your machine at Crafts Selection youtube channel and website. Now, let’s see how you can sew with the laminates easily.

1 - Sewing:

At the time of starting to prepare anything with the laminates, make sure you have enough knowledge about the fabric. You must have proper tools, techniques, and information about the certain project. When sewing with the laminates, you need to use the universal needle number 12 or 14. It also depends on the kind of fabric you are using.

Sew laminate fabric on a basic sewing machine

Laminates are basically for the monsoon to protect the children from the rain or to sew the raincoats. Laminated fabric is usually sticky so to sew it in peace, you may need a footer as well to support the whole project. The footer you will use must be non-sticky so you don’t have to pull the fabric again and again in the middle of the work.

2 - Ironing:

Of course, ironing is the important factor of the sewing and without ironing the finishing of the fabric will be a big mess. As we discussed earlier that the nature of the laminated fabric is sticky and definitely it’s going to be much harder than your expectation to iron on such a thing. Due to the sticky nature, if you are going to iron at high temperature then the iron is going to leave the marks.

You can only iron at the laminates from the wrong side to save the appearance. Another trick through which you can press the laminated fabric is to keep the cloth in between the iron and the fabric and then press indirectly to save the fabric from direct contact. Don’t go for too high temperature as it will ruin the whole appearance of the work.

3 - Stitch Snipper:

When you are working with the laminate then I recommend using the markers or invisible ink to create a guide at the time of sewing. Usually, people use a sniper to rip out the stitches if there is any mistake or stitches are not even. At the time of working with the laminate fabric, the things are entirely different and one mistake can create a big problem for you.

Use small pins to pin if there is any need to and always make sure that stitching is on point because if you will rip the stitch out then there will be a permanent hole in the fabric. It would be hard for you to cover up the hole and if you are sewing it for a professional purpose then be extra careful because always take a good look at everything.

4 - Finishing:

The advantage you will get for choosing the laminate is that you don’t have to worry about the finishing of the fabric. In most of the projects, this is the major concern of the sewer that how we are supposed to make it look amazing and how will be the finishing? With a good quality sewing machine for beginners, it will be easier to sew the laminate.

Finishing technique for laminate fabric

The coating on the laminate has the ability to keep the fabric away from the fraying and you don’t have to worry about the appearance in the end. If still, you want to save the fabric and wants to finish then use a Serger. Watch this video for more information about the best sewing machine for beginners that are top-rated models.

5 - Care:

Definitely, the care of every project is important when you are attempting it. When we are talking about the laminate then the crease line of the fabric is stubborn and it will be hard for you to remove it. You need to give a lot of time to the ironing to save the appearance of the fabric as well as to remove the line from the fabric.

If you want to clean the laminate then use a damp cloth to clean it. For your satisfaction, you can also try a scrap in the washing machine and then see the results. Don’t throw it in the dryer after washing because it will damage it. Always place it in the sunlight. I recommend to clean it with the damp cloth and you can also wash it by hand as this will be the soft method.

6 - Stitching Length:

I always recommend this to beginners that make notes of every fabric stitch length so at the time of attempting any project or when you are helping someone you must have a complete detail about the stitch length of the specific project. In the case of laminate fabric, I told you about how a stitch is going to leave the holes in the fabric.

You need to keep the stitch length longer to make it strong and to provide the strength to the seam. If you will choose the short stitch length then it will make the seam weaker due to the increasing number of holes and the possibilities of tearing the fabric will be increased.


To work with the laminate fabric can be a bit tough for the beginners but when you are supposed to take challenge then nothing is tough. If you are looking for the right sewing machine then read Which Is The Best Starter Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Buying Tips for the complete guidance.

I hope the laminate project will be the best one in your all the projects and you will love every bit of it once you will be done with the sewing.

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