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Masa Ushioda


United States
Photo, Video
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37 years




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Masa Ushioda was born and raised in Japan. Having grown up by a river in a suburb of Tokyo, he had an enormous interest in all aquatic life. When he grew up, his playground naturally expanded to the more diverse, fascinating world of the ocean. He purchased his first underwater camera in 1989 and started photographing Japanese marine wildlife while working as a dive master on Miyake Island off Tokyo and around Izu Peninsula in Suruga Bay.

After graduating Waseda University in Tokyo, he decided to pursue his interest in photography. He attended the University of Miami in Florida, majoring in Fine Art Photography. At the university, he spent days and nights in the dark room and studio gaining the knowledge of the art of photography and mastering various photographic skills and latest techniques of that time. During his free time he made countless dives in the Florida Keys and Bahamas in order to capture Caribbean underwater scenes for his art. After successful photo exhibitions at museums and galleries around South Florida, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography.

Masa started working at SeaPics.com, a stock photo agency specializing in marine wildlife photography, in Miami in 1997, and relocated to Kona, Big Island of Hawaii with the company that summer. In Hawaii he was completely fascinated and inspired by the pristine Hawaiian ocean and the unique creatures living in it, in particular, by the large marine animals. He began concentrating on photographing whales, dolphins, sharks, and other large pelagic fish around Hawaii. In 1998 he founded his own company, CoolWaterPhoto.com LLC, which represents his entire collection of stock photos for licensing for commercial and industrial uses, as well as selling his art prints to collectors, museums, and aquariums worldwide. His photographs are also represented by many other stock photo agencies and galleries around the world, and are featured internationally in hundreds of magazines, books, calendars, other commercial graphic products, TV programs, and advertisements every year.

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