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Andrew Holmes

We knew each other for years and were inseparable. We had the same likes and such, and spent more time together than actual sisters. In fact, we even looked a little alike, both with long blonde hair and such, both about the same height, and both with the same facial features. We were so close in looks we might have been twins to some eyes, but I assure you that we were not. The differences in the way we dressed and the way we acted were like night and day.

My name is Catrina Walsh, everybody calls me Cat, and my best friend at the time was a frail little girl named Faith Edwards. We were typical young midwestern girls, both from the small town of Seymour, Indiana. At the time there was a hot rap group called XYG, basically one of those boy bands, and Faith and I loved their music. We were fanatics. Whenever we were alone and listening to their music, it was the only time that I ever saw Faith cut loose so to speak. She was always so mousy and reserved at all times, except when we were alone listening to our favorite music. But XYG would open up her personality.

That summer after we both graduated, XYG was to have a concert in nearby Indianapolis, the big city. Naturally, Faith and I wanted to go so we decided to drive to the stadium where they were scheduled to play to get tickets. When we got there though, the concert was completely sold out. Dejected, we sat outside the box office for almost two hours in disappointment. Then this black guy named Noah walked up and asked us why we looked so sad. When we told him about the concert tickets he lit up and claimed that he could not only get us tickets, but he had connections to get us backstage passes too. Elated, we both jumped up to our feet and thanked him but he said that the tickets were not on him but gave us an address to go to for later that night to pick them up. Naïvely, we took down the information and told him that we’d be there.

That night at about quarter to seven Faith and I drove to the location that Noah had given us. We were both wearing blouse and skirt outfits. Nothing special, just normal summer clothes. I remember us both shivering because it was a cool night though and I remember wishing that I had brought a sweater. Faith knocked on the door and after a few seconds Noah appeared and brought us inside.

Inside, we were brought into a large empty room except for two large couches where five other black men were sitting just talking and drinking. They were all so large and dark and I must admit that I felt a bit intimidated at that point. Noah introduced us to them all and their names, or nicknames, just seemed so silly. The couches were far apart, separated clear across the room from each other, but not facing in the same direction. After some pleasantries, Noah took Faith by the hand and brought her to a couch where there was two men and I was directed to the other couch where the other three men were sitting.

On my couch there was Jax, Ford, and Mace, and on Faith’s couch there was Noah, J-Bone, and a very colorful guy named Skillz. As we talked, Ford was a bit affectionate and would brush his hand across my legs and knees. It made me a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t offend me as much as it probably should have. At one point, I turned and looked across at Faith and saw Noah’s hands in her lap in the same fashion so I figured that it was just a normal conversation gesture. At one point I lost touch with what was being said or what was going on across the room and got engrossed in our own couch’s conversation.

I got so distracted from Faith that a good twenty minutes went by without me even looking across the room. Then I turned and snuck another look back over my shoulder and was shocked to see that J-Bone’s pants were unbuttoned and his large black cock was exposed and pointing up in the air. Even more shocking I saw Faith’s hand stroking it with her tiny white hand smiling broadly. Then in one motion, she brought her head down and put J-Bone’s cock deep into her mouth almost swallowing the whole thing. I then watched my shy friend bob her head in J-Bone’s lap, deep sucking him hard and fast as Skillz and Noah laughed and started unbuttoning their own pants.

Before I could say anything, I felt some weird sudden heat by the left side of my face and when I turned back around, I was surprised that Mace was dangling his large black cock in my face. He told me to suck it, that it was the only way that my friend and I were going to get free tickets. The smell of it was strong, musky, and putrid. As I was stuttering and pleading with Mace trying to avoid his cock, Jax stuck his hand up my skirt and pushed his fingers past my underwear and stuck his large middle finger up into my pussy. It felt so good as he dug it in and my mouth fell open and I let out a small moan. That was Mace’s cue and he drove his big cock into my mouth gagging me and pinning my head back against the couch.

There I was, with a finger in my twat and a large black cock in my mouth trying very hard not to like it but the truth was I was getting turned on. After a few minutes which seemed like an eternity, Mace pulled from my mouth and I let out a large gasp for air. After a few breaths I turned my head again to look at Faith and saw that she was now completely naked and on all fours on the couch now sucking on Noah’s cock. Behind her between her legs and holding her hips J-Bone was fucking her doggy-style as Skillz was jerking off to the side waiting for his turn.

My attention was then snapped back to my own crew when Jax pulled my legs straight up in the air dragging my head down to the couch cushion. Jax then pulled my panties off with one movement getting them off me in a split second. He then put both of his hands on my inner thighs and secured my legs over his shoulders then put his tongue into my pussy. It felt like heaven as his tongue, lips and hot breath worked across my vagina, making me squeal with delight.

Jax then suddenly pulled his face up from my legs and with one thrust in he stuck his entire eight-inch cock into my sloppy wet pussy. My mouth dropped and I couldn’t make any noise at first, but then I screamed loud as he fucked me hard. I could hear Faith’s wails too and assumed that she too was being railed hard on her couch. Mace and Ford kept sticking their own cocks in my mouth from both sides of my head but my concentration was focused mostly on Jax as he plowed me and I kept dropping them from my mouth.

Jax kept on pumping. Every time I thought I was about to cum he’d shift a certain way and the sensation would subside. That’s how it went the next ten minutes. Jax would bring me up the mountain but before I could explode, he’d shift and my body would come down then have to build again. It really was a beautiful tease. While he fucked me, I continued using my hands and mouth to keep Ford and Mace hard. Jax then made heavy breathing noises and a few seconds later he pulled out and jerked his hot and sticky seed across my stomach.

I was asked to get on all fours and as I did, I snuck another peek across at Faith. They guys had her upside down against the couch but on the floor with her ass propped up straight in the air and her legs spread wide but down around her head. Skillz was hovering above her and he was shoving his giant black cock in and out of Faith’s small white asshole. How she was taking what seemed like his whole ten inches completely in her ass was a miracle to me. Each time he bottomed out his large billiard-like balls slapped hard against her body making a loud smacking noise. Both J-Bone and Noah were stroking their rods waiting their turn.

On my couch, Mace position on his back in front of me and I dutifully leaned forward and grabbed his bone and put it in my mouth deep. My torso contorted a little and my ass and pussy opened wide for Ford who started to work his shaft into my pussy. Ford was bigger than Jax. Not as much in width but definitely in length. The two of them pricked my mouth and pussy hard in this position for the next fifteen minutes. Nothing felt better as the two of them stabbed into me at both ends using my body like one of those real sex dolls.

I looked over at Faith again during that and saw that Jax had joined her fray and was now sticking his freshly hard again cock into Faith’s upside-down asshole.

I turned back to my couch to notice that Ford was tagging out of my pussy to J-Bone. So, they were all going to rotate between the two couches and each get a turn with the both of us. I must confess, I’d never to that point had sex with more than one man let alone six. Faith, though, looked like she was doing something that she’d done a few times before. The two of us had always been so inseparable over the years, I just couldn’t imagine when or where she would have been engaging in these types of things. The only other explanation was that she was just a natural at it. Some people are like that. They look immediately comfortable the first time doing something.

J-Bone pulled from my pussy and shot ropes of cum up my back. He shot so hard and high that I felt it hit the back of my head. It felt so warm and sticky. Mace was next to take his turn. As he readied himself, I again put my gaze on Faith and the scene that was going on with her couch. She was being triple teamed by Noah, Jax, and Skillz. Noah was in her pussy, Jax was still fucking her ass, and Skillz was in her mouth. I watched them stab into her with synchronized synergy, pumping her full of black meat in all three holes. I marveled at the beauty of it all, the contrast of black and white skin mixing together.

Behind me, it didn’t take long for Mace to start huffing and pull out and cum on my back too. Now I was told that it was time for my ass to be fucked. I was picked up then placed over the arm of the couch and the first to go to work on my asshole was Ford. Because I’d never had anal before, this was going to be painful. I lay my head down on the couch cushion and put my hands together under my chest. Ford started to work himself in with his spit and my pussy juices and it hurt so bad. I started screeching and crying as he pried my anus open with his dark fleshy crowbar.

Ten minutes is what it took for Ford to get completely inside my asshole. Ten long minutes of painful pushing and prodding. Once he got a rhythm though, the pain subsided and it felt great. He boned my ass for five more minutes peppering my pussy with his balls and prying deeper into my anal cavity. He then pulled out and J-Bone relieved him opening me up even wider. Faith was still being triple teamed on her couch and the guys were tagging in and out within the two couches.

It was like that for the next half hour both of us in the doggie position on our separate couches. Faith fucked in the all of her holes and me in my ass and mouth. Every once and a while a guy would pull from my ass and paint my back with more and more sticky hot cum. It would take weeks after this for my asshole to return to its original state and shitting became an unpleasant adventure. But I’d never want to remove the experience from my life. Finally, we were both pulled from our couches and placed sitting with our backs to each other on the floor. The six men stood around us and we blew them all draining them of whatever cum that they had left.

I thought that we were done. We’d done our deeds and the payoff would be our tickets and backstage passes for the concert. Then Faith stood up and said "Is that it?" They all started laughing and then Noah made a call on his cell phone. In twenty minutes, eight more black guys showed up. Three of them were as old as in their fifties, the youngest only about nineteen. Before long, everything reset and Faith and I were being gang-fucked again taking even more big black cocks in all three of our holes.

During the next four hours with fourteen different dicks to work with, I lost count on how many more loads of cum were dumped inside of my body. My hair was full of both sweat and semen and it was a complete mess and matted down to my head. My eye make-up was running down both sides of my face bleeding two thin black lines of watery mascara. My jaw was sore from all of the black meat that I had stuck into my throat. My pussy and my asshole were both raw too, but they felt perpetually gaped open and oozing drubs and drabs of what seemed like non-stop dripping cum.

Faith was like and animal during it all. She was buried between black bodies with a cock stabbing in all of her holes. The majority of the men were around her couch and I could only see her feet for a long while which were up in the air around a black torso flailing around as she was pounded mercilessly. At one point, Faith had two cocks pumping into her asshole at the same time which seemed impossible but I watched it happen with great awe. I heard someone say about her ‘this one’s a natural. A big-time black cock whore here! She could net some major coin." The men seemed rougher when they were around Faith, and gentler when they were with me. They were slapping her ass really loud, and tossing her body around like a rag doll. They looked like big black pumas swatting around a little white kitten between them.

My little mousy friend was most definitely in her element. She easily got three times more than what I got that night and she seemed like she was hungry for more and more. Maybe she ‘was’ a natural. When things were finally over it was like 2am. We drove back home to Seymour and said very little to each other. I wanted to ask Faith if she had done anything like that before but I didn’t. When I pulled up to her house, she silently looked at me and smiled and then got out and stumbled into her house. I watched on until she disappeared inside then went home and collapsed in my bed and slept for like fourteen straight hours. When I woke up later, I tried calling her but there wasn’t any answer so I figured she was still sleeping.

What I didn’t know was that since that day Faith’s life went black cock nuclear. After our gang bang, I didn’t hear from her in ten months. I tried several times to contact her through her family during that time but they always said the same thing "Faithy went off to bible camp for a while. She’ll get back in touch when she returns." I just figured that her parents found out about her sexual activities and sent her away, but I was wrong. It was all a ruse completely thought up by my so-called mousy and reserved friend. As far as her parents knew, she WAS in bible camp.

Then one day, Faith showed up at my door one day and she looked completely different. Her hair which was always long and blonde like mine, was now completely dyed white. She was wearing a black see-through mesh t-shirt that exposed her belly, without a bra that strategically hid her nipples but you could see the majority of her breasts through it. In fact, it looked like she got a breast enhancement because her boobs were a little bigger than I remembered. The red leather skirt she had on was split up the left side and it stopped halfway up the thigh exposing a lot of her leg. Some Red fishnet stockings and a pair of black four-inch heels rounded out the ensemble. On her left shoulder I could see a quarter-sized tattoo of a black spade with a large white Q in the middle of it. She was toned, she was well groomed, and her make-up was painted on a bit slutty too. A lot had changed in the ten months since we were last together.

Everything was different about Faith and at first, I didn’t recognize her. I invited her in for coffee and we relived the big gangbang night from months ago. She explained to me how she had gotten ‘the fever’ that night and that it changed her world forever. She revealed to me that she went back there the next day and got fucked again for a few more hours. She told me about a new guy named Mondo that had a thick fourteen-inch-long cock that wasn’t circumcised. Mondo split all of her holes open even more than the rest of the guys had done, even the guys from the night before. After pumping her full of more sperm, the others all left and then Mondo took Faith for some fast food and during that lunch he introduced her to a place called ‘The Factory’.

The Factory is a place located in the underground society, located in an old industrial building somewhere. White women are brought there to stay for a period of time and fucked by numerous black dicks, kind of like a makeshift sex resort. There are different reasons why a girl ends up at The Factory. A woman could be kidnapped and taken there against her will, usually targeted because of paid revenge by someone that the woman in question has pissed off. A racial remark is a common offense. Others are sent there after contracted black cock fever and it is noticed by someone who introduces the idea to them. This is what happened to Faith.

But the majority of the women who end up at The Factory are merely victims after a fishing expedition for hot white pussy. Those expeditions are usually fronted by a fake modeling agency or maybe a fake Hollywood talent scam, or casting couch. The casting couch ones are very common and often are filmed and sold to pornography companies. In all cases, once a woman goes through The Factory, she takes to the life instantly and becomes addicted to black men and the multitudes of interracial sex that she receives.

Time spent at The Factory usually ranges from as low as a few hours to almost four months in duration. ‘Graduates’ of The Factory fall into different categories after being released. Some are put to work in some capacity as a high-end black cock only sex worker, or sometimes a stripper at a club frequented only by black men. Some are even black bred to carry black babies and birth more of the black race. And some of the others end up strung out on crack or heroin ending up as a street worker for some lowly pimp somewhere. A lot of that latter category end up in the grave pretty early.

When presented with the idea from Mondo, Faith went voluntarily. The thought of all that sex daily in black cock only gangbangs was very appealing to her. She described to me how it was there. She was taken secretly, blindfolded and unaware, to what looked like an old abandoned building that had many rooms in it. She was housed in a room that had only a bed and an adjacent bathroom in it. She was told to get a good night’s sleep. The next morning at 9am she was woken up and taken to a larger room where over twenty naked black men were standing around a large red gym mat pulling on their cocks. The men ranged in ages from eighteen to sixty and they were all large and different shades of black.

She was led to the middle of the mat, and that day all day the men took turns fucking her in all three of her holes with the biggest and longest cocks that she had ever seen. She said it was non-stop for hours on end and that by the time she was returned to her bedroom it was pitch black outside again and time for bed. After a shower and good night’s sleep, Faith said that they continued this routine for the next ten days without any food or any other contact with other people except the black men who were fucking her. Each day it was a different group of men making her lifetime number of sexual partners quickly grow.

With nothing provided to eat, Faith explained how she learned in those ten days to swallow every bit of cum that she could to get the necessary protein that her body needed to function. Basically, she was on a semen and water diet. That’s how she lost her excess fat and got her body so toned. Faith said that she had so much sex in those ten days that her pussy and her anus were sore and dilated constantly, even when she was in her room sleeping. She said that she would go to sleep at night completely exhausted after taking a long shower to remove the cum and sweat, and she’d still wake up an hour or two before 9am with a huge craving for more cock. The feeling is like no other she said.

After the ten days, Faith was moved from her room to a barracks area which housed six other women. It was the first time she saw anybody who was not a black male in ten days. The barracks was big enough to accommodate five times as much as the seven of them. All of the women were white and attractive just like Faith, and all of them were very happy to be there. They would talk about the men and their cocks and how full they felt when they were being fucked. They even had nicknames for some of the regular cocks men. There wasn’t a disgruntled woman among them, each woman ecstatic to be there.

Faith was at The Factory for three months. She ‘graduated’ as high as second tier stripper and escort and was assigned to a gentleman’s club in Columbus working for a man named Shucky Thompson. She explained how Shucky fucked her the first day, and then sent her right away with another girl named Lynda to get tattoos on their legs. Faith was stripping four nights a week, escorting the other three, and working black cock gang bang parties with other women at least twice a month. She said that since that first time for the concert tickets, she hadn’t gone a day without a black cock between her legs. These men even had sex with her while she was menstruating.

I lost contact with Faith in that next year. I called Shucky’s club one time to try and see if I could find her, but the girl who picked up the phone said that Faithy left one day and never returned. I heard a rumor that Shucky sold Faith to an African man who took her to Africa and that she is now married to an all-male African tribe with forty men in it. I find it hard to believe, but then again, with Faith who knows.

It is now eight years later from that crazy day. I’ve since married and have two little ones running around. My husband Drake, a six-foot black man, satisfies my every need sexually, and he even sometimes brings a few of his friends into our bedroom on occasion and I get to relive a piece of that glorious day back with my friend Faith. Drake usually brings two different friends and I suck and fuck their black cocks all night into the morning. It truly is a great life and I want for nothing.

We never did get to go to that concert.


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