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Forex is a set of transactions among market agents involving exchange of specified sums of one currency into another one according to the rate approved by a certain date.

The essential difference between Forex and all other markets of the world is that it does not have any fixed trading place. Forex is a huge network of interconnected by numerous telecommunications exchange dealers scattered throughout the world’s leading financial centers, and working around the clock, as a single mechanism. The currency trading is carried out by telephone or via computer terminals and as the result of this a transaction is carried out simultaneously in hundreds of banks around the world.

Forex is considered to be a sufficiently young and dynamically developing financial market. He emerged in the 70's, when a system of floating exchange rates appeared emerging under the influence of the market demand and supply. For a quarter of the century, the market was on a long road, which enabled it to become the largest market in the world in our times. Its daily turnover is more than 4 trillion dollars. This situation is that today Forex serves not only the foreign trade and international capital movements. Besides this it acts as an universal arena for all sorts of speculation. Their share in total transactions has grown over the past decade in several times. This is due to several factors of course.

As for the main reasons for the popularity this biggest market among investors and financial speculators around the world I can mention some of them right now. The trade in this market is carried out 24 hours a day, moving behind the sun from Southeast Asia to Europe and then to America.

In general this activity starts in the Far East, New Zealand going through various time zones scattered around the globe. In fact I can’t mention all of them. So this market belongs to the entire world. And you can also become an essential part of this financial world if you manage to participate in this in the right way. But be prepared to start your hard learning which is going to be somewhat time consuming for you but at the same time this will bring you a real prosperity.

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