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Kim Bohrer

It's impossible not to notice sometimes, but I would never think about doing anything with them, until Tamira, a former student showed up one day.
On this particular day, I stayed late at school to do some paperwork which is something that I never do since I feel as though I spend enough time there. While I was sitting at my desk, daydreaming, probably about sex, there was a knock on the door. Thankfully, I have a door that locks immediatly after it closes and I am the only one with a key. I got up to answer it and it was one of my former students, Tamira, who had graduated the year before. I had no idea what she was doing here, but I let her in to catch up.
Tamira was always one of my favorite students and I always found her to be an attractive black girl. Being white and working at an inner city high school, I had recently developed a thing for black girls and she was always my favorite. She was now 19 years old and as lovely as ever. She was a very pretty chocolate skinned girl with some of the most beautiful eyes. Her body was fantastic, Tamira's tits were at least DDD and she knew how to use them. She always wore tight, low cut shirts. Her ass was thick, just the way I like it and her pants were always tight with her ass hanging out when she sat down. We actually used to flirt but I never expected it to lead anywhere. I couldn't tell her this, but I actually used to jerk off while fantasizing about her.
Tamira told me that she was home from school and just happened to come up to school to see her favorite teacher and catch up. It was nice to talk to her again and we flirted just like we used to when something so totally unexpected happened that it blew my mind. She all of a sudden started to come closer to me where I was sitting at my desk and told me that used to actually have a crush on me. She said that she used to fantasize about sucking my dick and getting fucked right here on my desk. Now that she was out of school she wanted to live out that fantasy.
Before I could say anything, she had knelt in front of me and started rubbing my cock right through my pants. Tamira then, unzippered my pants and actually pulled my dick out of my pants. I was actually very nervous because I didn't know how I would measure up to all of the black cock she had gotten before. The nervousness went away very quickly when she started stroking my cock and telling me how beautiful it was. Before I knew it she had dove right in and was giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She began by playing with the head with her tongue for a while before running her mouth down the shaft. While increasing the pace and trying to stay in rhythm, she suddenly had my whole cock in her mouth, I honestly didn't know how much longer I could have lasted when she pulled it out and was still stroking it. She began alternating her mouth and her hands for a few minutes until I actually started moaning with pleasure.
She stopped suddenly because she did not want me to cum quite yet. Tamira took off her shirt and bra and I could not believe the sight of her titties. They were perfect, huge and firm with big, beautiful, brown nipples that I could not wait to take into my mouth which I did. As I was sucking and playing with her tit, she pulled me back up so she could finish sucking me off. Before she finished, Tamira put my cock between her tits and proceeded to give one great titty fuck, which she alternated by putting my dick back in her mouth. When I told I was going to come, she told me to come all over her titties. She finished me off by jerking my dick until I sprayed cum all over her monster titties.
After catching our breaths for a few minutes, we looked at each other and started giggling. Here we were in my classroom, with my pants down, and her shirt off, with cum still all over her chest. She wiped off her chest and told me that we weren't done yet, she was still horny as hell and wanted my dick in her pussy.
Tamira started stroking my cock again and I was beginning to respond. I figured since she had sucked me off, I should respond. I worked down her body, going over those titties again before I pulled off her jeans and bright red thong. When I got them off, I saw the most beautiful, bald, fat , black pussy. I immediately dove right in, I worked her clit until I had her cumming in my mouth. I wasn't done yet and soon while was still eating her pussy I was able to get a finger up that perfect asshole, this sent her into another moaning frenzy until she pulled me up and told me to fuck her right on the desk. My rock hard cock was ready.
She spread her legs and I jumped right in. I started slowly, but could not help myself and was soon fucking her harder and harder until I thought I was going to cum again. Thankfully, she did first and after another minute I pulled out. I told her I needed to fuck her from behind to see that big, black ass in front of me. She was more than excite=ted and we switched positions. As she was bent over my desk, I was soon fucking her again. I had a hand on each cheek and my dick in her pussy, rocking back and forth. I was in heaven. With my hands now on her hips, and her bucking like wild in front of me, I was hearing, "Fuck me, white boy. Fuck me." After she came again, I was about to cum and I told her. She responded by telling me to cum in her face. I pulled out again, and with Tamira on her knees, I jerked myself until my cock was exploding all over her face. She was such a whore that she took what she could and swallowed it.
After we cleaned up and got dressed, we promised to stay in touch whenever she came home from college. I felt better knowing that at least I could make a difference in one of my former students' lives.

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