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Jamie Perry

Read them first.

On Saturday morning I woke up soon after 7:00 and went to check on David. He had let himself in, stripped his shorts and T-shirt off (to comply with my husband's nudity rule – one of very few rules which now applied to our marriage) and started work cleaning our pool. I went outside to greet him, but realised at once that the happy, carefree David who had left here a few days before was now replaced by a more pensive David.

"David, you looked so happy when you left us the other day after fucking me. What's changed?"

"Yeah. Mum noticed how happy I was as soon as I walked into the house. I tried to be evasive but she kept at me until I had told her pretty much all about what we did together. I had to explain your open marriage to her too, to convince her that I was not busting up your marriage."

"Oh! Dear! Was she angry with you, with us?"

"No! I thought she might be, but she broke down and started sobbing. I put my arms around her and tried to calm her, asking her what was wrong. Eventually she calmed down enough to tell me that she hasn't had any sex since she chased my dad away, and she's really missing it, and basically she was jealous. Apparently they used do it every night and sometimes again in the morning."

"So, why isn't she dating?"

"She says that she would like to, but she doesn't know how to start. She's been married to my dad for about 18 years. She feels that she wont be able to attract men any more."

"That's nonsense. I've seen her going off to work in the morning looking very smart. She must have had you very young because she still looks young to me. Are there any single men at her work?'

"She says that there are a few who've been coming on to her, but she does not want to start anything with one of them in case it doesn't work out, but then they still have to work together."

"How is your mum about nudity?"

"We see each other nude every day, walking to and from the bathroom. It's no big deal for either of us. Why?"

"I thought that it might be a good idea to ask you and her for a poolside barbecue, but she would have to comply with our pool rules. Do you think that she would come?"

"I don't know."

"Have you told her that we expect everyone to be naked in or near the pool?"

"Yes. I'm pretty sure that I did. What would you expect to happen?"

"I don't really expect anything. What I would like would be for her to get the fucking that she craves, with Fred or Brad or both. Or, if that is what she fancies a little girl on girl sex with me or Wendy. Or the possible combinations are endless. What do you think?"

"I don't know about her sexual preferences. I've always assumed that she is pretty straight, but who knows?"

"So? Should I walk across the road and invite her? I think that it might be good for her, but it would also be great for us if we can get her to join in our fun."

"Yes. It is certainly worth asking her. Will you tell her that everyone will be nude?"

"I thought that I would leave you to fill in that detail when she tells you that you are both invited. She already knows quite a bit about our open marriage, so I expect that she'll be wondering what might eventuate. If she accepts then maybe she's ready for whatever happens."

"OK. I'd better get on with cleaning your pool."

"Good. I'll go and see her straight away and tell you what she answers before you finish here."

I put on a simple dress which didn't hide much, crossed the road and knocked on the front door.

"Hello Mrs Smith. I'm Sally Brown from across the road. I think that you know that your son is cleaning our pool for us right now. I have come because I want to invite you and your son for a poolside barbecue tonight if that is possible."

"Oh dear! My son tells me that you require everyone to be naked in and around the pool. Would that apply to me and my son?"

"Yes. My husband is very strict about that rule, but it's not usually a problem, because when everyone else is naked too, we find that our guests relax very quickly and after a few minutes they find it natural. David tells me that you and he frequently see each other naked and have no problem with that, so I'm hoping that you will quickly become comfortable with all of us being naked. I do hope that you will not let our nudity rule stop you from accepting."

"Who will be there?"

"Just me and my husband, Fred, my sister, Wendy, and her boyfriend, Brad, and you and David. Wendy and Brad are living with us."

"Oh! Dear! I'm very nervous. Since my husband left I have not had any social life at all. Do you mind if I wait to discuss it with David before I decide?"

"Of course not. However David is already comfortable with our nudity rule so I don't think he'll have any problem accepting."

"Oh! What the hell! I'll accept on my and David's behalf. You wont be expecting us to do anything naughty will you?"

"There may be a little naughtiness while you are there, however I assure you that no one will be under any pressure to do anything against his or her will."

"Oooh! Well thank you, Mrs Brown, for the invitation. At what time should we arrive?"

"Please call me Sally. Is 6:30 too early?"

"6:30 will be fine. And you must call me Mary. Can I bring anything?"

"No need. Just bring your handsome young son and your beautiful self."

As I walked home I thought about what I had promised – that there would be no pressure. A lie really but we would only use gentle pressure, just enough to help her overcome her inhibitions and do something that she really wanted to do.

I was naked when, shortly after 6:30 I opened the door to David and Mary. As soon as the door was shut again, I welcomed them with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. David stripped his shorts and T-shirt off at once. Mary was hesitating although she did kick her shoes off. I lead Mary into the kitchen to introduce her to Wendy who was busy preparing salads. Of course Wendy was naked too. Then I started to lead her out to the deck beside the pool.

"Mum! You need to take your clothes off. You promised that you would."

"Oh dear! I did didn't I?"

"Would you like a quick drink, to give you Dutch courage, before we go out there?", I suggested.

"Oh! Yes! Could I have a glass of wine, perhaps?"

"Of course. David, would you mind bringing a bottle of Chardonnay from the kitchen fridge and 4 glasses. Wendy will show you where we keep the wine glasses, and a tray too."

While we waited for David, we stood looking out through the glass doors at the scene outside. Fred and Brad, both naked and each holding a beer can, were standing by the barbecue. I knew, because it was always thus, that Fred was doing all the work, while Brad just stood there to keep him company and to keep up the supply of beer.

"Does it embarrass you Mary, to see us all naked?"

"Not really. I think that I should be all right once I've had that first drink. You must think me stupid."

"Nonsense. Apart from David, we're all strangers to you. I hope that soon you will be convinced that we are actually very friendly."

David came back with an open wine bottle and a tray with 3 glasses.

"I took a bit longer than expected because I poured a glass for Wendy."

While David and I sipped our wine Mary gulped hers down and held her glass to David for a refill. When she had finished that one too, David took her empty glass and set it down beside the bottle. He stood in front of his mother and pulled the long zip down the front of her dress revealing her perky breasts. She made no move to stop him as he slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Not only was she not wearing a bra, but she wore no panties either. I realised then that when she dressed for this evening she had every intention of respecting our nudity rule; it was just when it came to stripping that her courage had failed her.

"Are you ready to meet Fred and Brad?"

"Yes. I guess so."

David put a fresh glass of wine in her hand, then went back to the kitchen for another bottle. I took Mary's other hand and lead her out onto the deck. I introduced her to Fred and Brad and they both gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She seemed to enjoy the brief contact with their naked bodies. As we ate the conversation was mostly about sex. Mary listened quietly, but my impression was that she was aroused by our uninhibited stories of various combinations of multiple partners.

Finally she asked the question that was troubling her. "David tells me that you say that you, Fred and Sally, truly love each other, yet you fuck almost anyone. Doesn't either of you feel any jealousy?"

"You know, Mary, when I was in America Sally kept telling me about fucking two men at once, or about fucking her boss and his wife, I was jealous, yes, but not in the way that you mean. I was jealous because I had never been part of a threesome, or a foursome. Sally promised me that when I got back from America we would share those experiences together, and that is what we have been doing since I got back."

"But a few days ago you watched Sally give my son a blow job, and later you watched David fuck Sally on your living room floor."

"But there was no deceit. If I had not come into the room while Sally was sucking David's cock I am certain that she would have told me about it soon after."

"And you weren't jealous when David fucked Sally in front of you?"

"I was jealous of his stamina. David and I had just fucked Sally together, I could not have fucked her, or anyone else, so soon, yet David stayed erect in Sally's cunt and was able to go a second time. Maybe when I was a teenager I might have been able to do that, but not at my age. That is the only jealousy that I felt."

"Oh! I'm so jealous of your freedom. I felt so randy and so lonely when David told me about fucking Sally with Fred the other morning. I've only ever been with my ex-husband."

Then Mary burst into tears. Fred immediately went to her and pulled her against his body. She wrapped her arms around him but continued to sob.

"Listen, Mary," Fred said, "if it's casual sex that you crave, you've come to the right house. You can have any of the people here, men or women, in any combination that you fancy. And no one outside this group will ever know about it."

Then he pulled her to her feet, turned her so that they were facing each other, pulled her body against him and started to kiss her full on the lips. At first her body was stiff and she was fighting to push him away, but she quickly relaxed and appeared to be enjoying their kiss.

When they came up for air, Fred asked, "So Mary, who do you want to fuck first?"

"What do you mean first?"

"Well, you said that you've only ever been with your ex. There are three cocks here tonight and I don't think that you should leave before you've experienced all three. Also there are two very sexy women here and I think you should have both of them eat your pussy, between fucks."

"I couldn't let my son fuck me, could I?"

"I think you could. Incest is taboo because the offspring may be inbred. If there are no offspring where's the harm? You are on birth control, aren't you?"

"No. I'm not on birth control."

"Well. In that case we'd better not fuck you. How about if we all take turns eating your pussy. Would that satisfy you, this time?"

"What do you mean 'this time'?"

"Well we all hope that you will be a frequent visitor, and once you're on birth control Brad and I will be happy to fuck your brains out, and I'm guessing that David would too."

"Oh! But I really want to feel a cock pulsing in my cunt. You've got me all wet talking about it."

"And risk getting pregnant?"

"I don't care. I want to be fucked."

Fred lead her to a mattress beside the pool lay on his back, pulling Mary down on top of him. Apparently all her inhibitions had evaporated because, there in front of the rest of us, she steered Fred's erect cock into her cunt and sank down on top of him as his pole entered deep inside her. She must have been very wet to have it slide in so easily.

"Oh my god. That feels so wonder …" But then her first orgasm hit her and the rest of the sentence was lost in a series of moans.

Fred fucked up into her cunt, lifting his bum up to meet her downward thrusts while she had two more orgasms before he stopped thrusting into her and pulled her body hard against his as he pumped his cum deep inside her. When she realised what was happening she came again, moaning and writhing on top of Fred's body.

She lay on top of Fred, apparently enjoying the fact that she had just been fucked for the first time in a very long time.

"Oh! Fred! Thank you for that. That was the best fuck that I've ever had."

Brad went to help her up off the mattress and walked her back to the table, where the rest of us were seated. But before she sat down he moved her seat back from the table so there was room for me in front of her. I went to her, spread her legs and knelt between her legs and close to her. She looked puzzled but did not say anything. I started to lick up her cum-covered slit, from her arsehole to her clit.

"Sally. What are you doing?"

"I'm going to give you another orgasm or two. Just sit back and enjoy it."

"Oh! I've never done that before. Isn't it naughty?"

"We all like naughty. Don't you?"

Then I went back to licking her cunt. Almost at once I felt her hands on the back of my head, pressing me into her. A few minutes later it became obvious that she was cumming again.

"Oh my god! I think that I like naughty too."

"It's Brad's turn to fuck you next." Fred told her.

"No. I couldn't. I'm exhausted."

In the end it was agreed that Mary and David would stay the night and Brad would fuck her in the morning. Mary slept with Brad, David slept with Wendy (but not before he fucked her) and Fred and I slept in our bed (but not before he ate my pussy for me).

To be continued in "New Rules 8"

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