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Elizabeth Lewis

You are on of the last to leave work. Your walking to your car and you see a man walking towards you saying "Excuse me Miss" You see that he is an attractive well built man with his muscles showing through his white t shirt and a big bulge in the front of his jeans revealing that he has a good size cock hiding in there and you think "Damn! I hope he is talking to me!" "Can you help me I am lost? I am trying to get back on 75." When you turn to point the direction you don't notice the black van that is pulling in the parking lot and speeding towards you. The side door is flung open and a black mask is put over your head and you feel the man standing next to you grab you and throw you inside the van. In the blink of an eye your wrists are bound with duct tape and your mouth gagged and taped before you can even utter a word. You try to struggle and fight but it is no use. The men begin to slap your face and ass as they laugh at you plight. Your clothes are ripped off and tits are grabbed and pinched hard leaving bruises you feel the sting of tears in your eyes from the pain. Beaten and your clothes ripped off as you are going down the road no idea where you are going while your cunt and ass are being probed and fingered on the way.

You feel your pussy starting to get wet at the probing. Your clit is rock hard Being rubbed and pinched. You feel your clit being pulled and twisted make you gush. Fingers being shoved inside your cunt deeper and deeper. You feel the finger start to probe and penetrate inside your cervix filling with air making your womb swell up inside of you. The feeling your cervix starting to open makes you scream muffled screams behind the tape covering your mouth. Your eyes are flooded with tears streaming down your face. More and more fingers used to get inside your cunt stretching it more and more and getting wetter by the second and start to drip down your legs. You can't help but feel your body betraying you and you feel the urge to orgasm You think to yourself "there is no way I can be enjoying this", but the feeling is unmistakable and you find your self writhing in a deep orgasm you feel your cunt throbbing and twitching squeezing the fingers inside tight and squirt cum and piss all over the man's hand and arm. all over the floor of the van....you hear someone laugh and say "We got us a fucking slut whore guys...she is fucking enjoying this shit!" Another replies "Then she is going to love what we got coming for her!" You feel your ass slapped hard and feel someone's crotch with the bulge of their cock rubbing across your face telling you "Your going to eat that cock bitch!" Then you start to feel the fingers probing and reaching inside of your tight unused asshole stretching it open making it gape open taking in air filling your bowels full. You feel what feels like your asshole ripping and blood running down your legs, but it's not. It is the juices from your ass begging to be fucked and ruined pouring out of you.

Suddenly the van comes to an abrupt stop. The side door slides open with a bang. Then a strong jerk and pull of your hair yanking you out of the van completely naked. The jerk on the nerves of your scalp make you piss and you feel it pouring down your legs and feel embarrassed when you hear them all start to laugh at you. "Piss some more bitch!" You can't help but feel all hold on your bladder release and piss starts gushing from that cunt making a puddle at your feet.You start to hear the zippers opening up and releasing the bulges that have been held back. The bulges that grew the moment you were abducted and bound. you hear them talking about who is going first and from the different voices you can tell there are 5 or 6 of them all wanting to have a go at your holes. Before anyone can come to a decision you feel your hair being grabbed and your pulled down onto your knees in the puddle of piss you left and feel the sting and jerk of the tape ripping the flesh of your face and feel a hard thick cock being shoved in your mouth before you can take a breath and it almost takes all of your breath away and you feel it being shoved deep down your throat. You can't gag because your throat is so full of cock you can taste the pre cum from it being rammed back and forth and you hear someone moan "mmmm this fucking bitch's throat feels good!" Then another voice behinds you yells " I bet her cunt feels better fucker!" You feel hands grabbing your waist lifting you up off the ground picking your feet up and you hear the words " On your feet bitch!" Without a moments notice you feel a bigger cock than the one n your mouth being shoved deep inside your dripping wet cunt. The thickness of it makes your lips open so wide you think they are going to rip. You feel the head of his cock up against the back of your cunt and still more outside waiting to get in. "Mmmm That's a tight little cunt bitch! Must be used to fucking little cocks!" as you feel his cock somehow going deeper in you. You feel his cock bending as the head pushes up against your cervix starting to rip it open. You finally feel the entire length of his 9" cock inside your cunt stretching it ripping through your cervix. You scream but the only sounds you can make are muffled by the cock that is inside your throat pounding away. You think you are going to pass out because you can't breathe You feel the cock fucking your mouth mercilessly growing faster and faster at the same time the one fucking your cunt is pounding you harder and harder faster and faster...The men start to moan louder and louder telling you "I'm gonna cum bitch get ready!" you feel his cock throbbing in your mouth as huge amounts of cum is dumped and squirted in your throat going into your belly. He pulls it out and squirts the last few drops on your face and rubs the head on your face wiping his cock clean. With the cum dripping off your face and out of your mouth. Then you feel the cock in your cunt begin to throb and squirt it's load in your cunt filling it so full it starts to pour out as he is still pounding and squirting his last few drops inside. You can't control the urge that just snuck up on you and your cunt begins to twitch and squeeze his cock gripping it tight and you begin to orgasm and cum vigorously and violently. Your cum and his begin to ooze from your cunt as he pulls the now much more relaxed cock from your cunt.

Before you can even stop the tremors that is coursing through your body. you are grabbed by your hair with a strong hard pull walking you backwards to the van. You Hear the words "Bend over you fucking whore!" and your head is grabbed pushing it down to your knees. You look to see a monster cock standing firm and throbbing then your ass cheeks are spread open hard. You feel the head of that monster cock pushing inside that tight asshole burning like you have just been ripped apart. The cock is going deep inside and deeper still. Your asshole is stretched to the limit and you think you can't take anymore and then feel more cock going in. " Oh God! This thing is fucking huge!" you think to yourself. Knees buckle when you feel the base of his cock at your ass entry. You scream but when you do you are pulled again by your hair and are forced to lay back on him as he begins to pound your asshole from the bottom. "Now your going to know how your ass feels to be raped bitch!" You think to yourself "This fucking hurts, but it feels so good!" Your cunt begins to gush at the feeling of your ass being pumped by the monstrous cock filling your ass and bowels. Another man walks up to you and you see he has his hard thick cock in hand and. You hope he is going to fuck your whore cunt with it as you feel him shove it in your cum dripping cunt slamming it deep and hard. rubbing your clit as he does. All you feel from your spine to your belly is full and like you are about to just be ripped open from the cocks pounding and fucking your holes at the same time. You immediately start to orgasm uncontrollably and your hair is grabbed and your head is pulled over to the side and your mouth again is filled with another cock shoved deep inside and fucking your throat as you moan helplessly. " A whore's mouth should never be empty bitch!" You hear from the side. You feel all three holes filled and fucked at the same time with different rhythms keeping you off balance to the thrust makes you orgasm more and harder. You can't stop. The sounds of the thrusting drown out the whoops and hollars of the others encouraging "Fuck that whore harder! Deeper man she can take it!" You are starting to fade from the lack of air due to your throat being fucked without mercy and the constant orgasms. Your body goes limp. "This bitch just passed out!" The cock in your mouth cums at this sight and floods your mouth and throat. It is removed from your mouth wiped on your face and you can breathe again but the cocks fucking your cunt and ass are still going strong.

You are woken up by the sting and loud slaps on your tits and face. Blood starts to trickle down from the corner of your mouth from the vicious blows to your beautiful face. Your nipples being slapped, pinched and pulled almost right off your skin. Tears once again stream down your face from the pain that your face, tits, and both your ass and cunt are enduring. Your begging them "Please stop it hurts!" But the more you plead the harder they continue. You hear" The bitch wants us to stop! haha!" from one of the men fucking you on top "Oh shit I'm gonna cum!" from the one on bottom and the one on top says" Fuck I am too this bitch feels so fucking good!" They begin to thrust harder and deeper faster inside you and then you feel the release of their cocks inside you filling your bowls and womb with hot thick cum releasing a thick heavy load with every squirt from the throbbing cocks inside you. "Ohhh fuck! That's so good mmmm." The one on top pulls his cock out rubbing the last of his drops on your clit as the mixture of all the cum from the one before this one and your cum pour out of your badly sore and abused cunt. The man on bottom shouts" get the fuck off me bitch!" and tosses you aside like a rag doll. One of the men grabs you by your hair and throws you down on the ground the others grabs your arms and legs and hold you down. One of the men takes his belt and begins to lay blows across your ass cheeks. Saying with every blow "This is what we do to cock teasing whores! You want to look and act like a fucking whore we will treat your bitch ass like one!" You start to sob at the blows coming down on your ass like fire. The sound of leather hitting flesh making your ass burn and sting more and more. With every lash your cunt grows wetter and wetter again and he pain is unbearable. Your ass is a bright glowing red like an ember hot to the touch. Then like a prayer answered they stop. "Turn the bitch over!" Your body is turned over on your back. You try to look around but can't see the faces through the tears in your eyes. All 5 men are standing around you and you can tell through the tears they are holding their semi hard freshly used cocks that just abused all of your holes in their hands and start to piss. You them start to piss all over your body from your face to your feet. You are completely covered and soaked from head to toe. You hear one of them say "Lets go get some beer!" The other respond in agreement and load up in the van and drive off. Leaving you laying there helpless and crying covered in mud piss and cum. Feeling your cunt betray you again getting wet at the abuse and your clit hardening again. You start to rub your clit hard and fast. Deep down you were hoping they would take you with them so that you could be used again like a cheap whore.

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