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Doug Hill

My body shudders and shakes as the orgasm moves through my loins. I can feel my pussy throb as if a real man, with real fingers and a hard cock just swam in its juices. Why this happens I do not fathom nor will I define it. I just relish in the joy of having these wonderful real dreams.

Now it goes without saying that my husband does not welcome these dreams with the same longing as I do. He is always curious as to whether I am dreaming of him. He wants to be assured that its his cock that snuggled deep inside my wet pussy and that it was his fingers stroking me to an orgasm.

Like most women, I lie! I say, "yes honey it's you... it will always be you". But in reality my nightly visitor is a man I have never met, that is until now. It starts off to be one of those long boring stories of how I must have met this guy someplace and my subconscious picked up his desires for me, translating them into erotic dreams. But I know... I know... I never met this guy before. And yet, for months I have been dreaming about him.

I was "out" with my girl friends doing the girl thing, which gives my husband an opportunity to do the guy thing with his buddies. My girlfriends pursued me to get dressed in something sleek and sexy. Of course, I left the house looking dumpy and then went to my girlfriend's house and changed. You never want the husband to know more than he has to.

A word of wisdom to all women... always keep your man in the dark. What he does not know wont hurt him half as much as if he knew... and it won't hurt you either. It is one of those important things to remember when involved in a marriage, open or not.

We decided to go to one of those new nightclubs where there are older wealthier types. Not to say that my friends and I are in that type of crowd. We are all middle class housewives wishing that we never married our high school sweet hearts, but rather went to college like our mom's suggested. But like mom always said, you can never cry over spilled milk and droopy tits.

I had recently gotten a suck and tuck as a "birthday" gift from my loving husband. Actually, he was quite embarrassed that he had a sloppy dumpy women as his wife. He dreamt of a women with firm tits and no stomach... the women he had married before 3 kids!

So for my "birthday" I got a suck and tuck, which with all things considered is okay. I actually enjoy being whistled at and drooled over. It is a very good feeling! So... I got into this really sleek tight fitting dress. It showed off my new assets... my bigger tits and tiny waist. I always had really nice legs, sexy and slender.

I decided to be a bit daring, and not wear anything under the dress (including underwear). I felt my exposed pussy rubbing against itself and the juices flowing. We were there only for a few moments when I spotted him and grasped. He was the man from my dreams. I just could not believe it. I stammered and pointed. My friends followed the point of my finger and looked.

I did not even have to say a word. The guy I had been describing to them over the last few months was there, at a table... looking as suave as he had ever had in one of my dreams. I was struck dumb and just couldn't say anything for a several long minutes. My girlfriends stammered around me, asking me questions I was unable to answer.

He turned and looked directly at me. Both of our eyes registered our shock. I knew he recognized me, but from where? He stood and walked over to our table. My girlfriends went to into a stammering heap. They were puzzled and chatting all at once.

And then, he was there, by the table looking down at me and I knew for certain, down the front of my dress. I did not care if he got a very good peak at my perfectly nestled tight tits. My pussy lips were throbbing with desire.

I wanted to know if this guy was as good in real life as he was in my dreams. He said nothing but offered his hand. I took his hand and rose. He held me a moment, and then escorted me to his table. He insisted that I sat next to him on his left. I looked deeply in his eyes. I did not see my girlfriends any longer. My vision only held him.

His hand went to my thigh and then rose up my leg. He felt my wetness and smiled. He spoke my name. This did not surprise me, because I knew that we had met before... in each other's dreams. We were dream lovers that were destined to meet on the physical plane of existence.

He closed out his check and we left together. I gave my girlfriends one more look at their puzzled surprised faces, and then left holding his hand. We walked to a black limousine that was waiting with a door open. He climbed into the waiting car and helped me in. He ordered the driver to drive, giving an address that just didn't sound close.

We did not speak but rather our lips touched each others. Our tongues spoke of our longing for each other and our desire. Our hearts pounded in our chests with yearning and I wanted to taste him. I placed my hand on his crotch and felt his hardness. His cock was just as I remembered it, long, dark and smooth. He placed his hand over mine and said suck. It was more of an order than a spoken desire.

In my dreams he always commanded me and I accepted his commands. I knelt down in front of him and took his hardened cock inside my mouth. I sucked him slowly, first nibbling on the tip and then moving my tongue over his shaft. He placed his hands in my hair and pushed my head down. I wanted only to be his obedient slave. I wanted to taste a combination of his milk and his piss, like I had done so many times before in my dreams.

There was nothing like his drink. It set my stomach on fire and it fueled my veins. He was the master of my dreams and I was his to command. His willing sex slave. I never even dreamt of swallowing my husband's cum, let alone his piss. The idea of swallowing use to revolt me, until I started having the dreams. But I knew my husband's cum wouldn't even compare to my dream lovers... to this man that I was sucking.

As I sucked the shaft became thicker. His cock swelled even harder and I wanted to place it all inside my mouth. I wanted to feel it with my tongue. I placed my tongue on his tip and licked inside the hole. I tasted a few sweet drops of his piss. He pulled me away as the car slowed. He zipped his pants up and pulled me back on the bench besides him.

The Limousine stopped in front of a home that I knew well from my dreams. It was set high on a hill and was made of all glass. Hand in hand we walked to the front door. He punched some numbers into the wall and the door opened. He led me to the sofa and I sat looking up at him with expectation. I wanted to continue sucking on his cock. I wanted to taste his mixed flavors in my mouth.

I yearned to have his cock deep inside my mouth as he came. Nothing else was on my mind... I could only think about his cock. He held my head and pulled his lips to mine. He gently pushed me down onto the sofa and ran his fingers up my dress hem. His fingers nestled inside the wet valley of my pussy. It was wonderful how his fingers played in the tidal pools of my wetness, stroking and touching. His long dark fingers penetrated deep inside me. He reached in deeply, my pussy trying to swallow up his whole hand.

I muffled my squirm of pleasure. He pulled down the top of the dress and exposed one of my tits. He roughly cupped the tit in his hand as he brought his mouth to mine. He said again suck and sat next to me. I pulled his cock back out and started sucking upon command. I sucked him slowly, like he had showed me many times in so many dreams, running my tongue over his shaft.

My patience was awarded with a warm spray of milk and piss that melted in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed. He said, "good, whore..." and I knew I was home. I was finally home.

I know this may come to a shock to you all, but you need to tell your father. I will not be coming back for I am home. I have found my master and will be staying with him. He commands me nightly to undress and suck and I look forward to each encounter as if it is my first. This is where I belong. You are all grown and are no longer in need of my services as mom. Your father has been sleeping with the neighbor for sometime and really should be coming out of the closet.

Please do not try to contact me. I am happy here with my master. I am his sex slave and look forward to our nights filled with passion. I am his obedient whore and he is my master. That is all that I need, nothing more. When he is not home with me, I spend long hours making sure I stay perfect for my master. When he arrives I am ready to drink and eat him until he needs sleep.

I am home... finally. My erotic master has come from my dreams to take me... there is no other home besides this one... the one that my master has deemed to be mine.

The end.

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