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Phillip Singh

I really don't want to argue or fight cuz it seems like that's all we been doing lately. I'm soaked cuz it raining cats and dogs outside. I walk around the house looking for everyone. No kids, no tv going and no smell of dinner being cooked. I guess we still not talking to one another. I walk towards the bedroom looking for u just to say good afternoon. Walking thru the house the thunder crashes and lightening flash thru the windows. I get closer to the room and hear the shower come on as the shower door close in the bathroom. I take a deep breath cuz I don't know how this is go. I walk in the bathroom and open the shower door. Standing there with with no shirt, wear a pair of jeans shorts I say, "good afternoon baby." U pull ur head from up under the water turn around and look back and give me a simple, "oh....hey"
"How r u?"
"TIRED!!!! I don't feel like it today"
"Well don't let me... Let me do it"
U look back again and I get that pretty smile that I haven't seen in weeks.
"Okay" u replied.
I grabbed the shampoo and washed ur hair. Then grab the soap lathered ur wash cloth and slowly washed from ur neck to ur back. From ur back around to ur breast. I got a slight quiver.
I stopped not over stepping my boundaries. I wait a second and continued on down to the stomach and got close to the spot and got another quiver. I sat down in the bottom of the shower as U grabbed the cloth, looked down at me, rolled ur eyes, propped ur leg up on the side of the shower and washed it urself. I sat there admiring the view. Couldn't keep my eyes off it. Damn near licking my lips. I can hear the rain getting heavier outside. It's not making it better cuz we did some great things while it was raining. U leaned back under the shower head to rinse the soap out ur hair and off ur body.
Watching the water run down ur body was like a waving a lit crack pipe in front of a crack head asking him not to smoke it. I gotta have it..
While u was still ignoring me and not paying attention I leaned forwarded, sliding my tongue inside of u. I hear a loud gasp looking up at u damn near drowning urself. I lean back know u r so pissed at me. U wiped ur face ,looked down at me and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in. Wow. The taste of drinking the water off ur skin and taste of ur sweet center is driving me crazy. It's like biting into a freshly pick strawberry lightly splashed with a hint of creme. I don't give a damn that ur juices is running down my face. I'm not stopping. Ur leg went from being propped on the side of the tub to being draped across my shoulder. You stomach muscle tighten, ur breathing pace slows and deepens as the shower head and ur body create the most sexiest waterfall effect. The sweet taste I got after that was like a treat u would give a animal after doing a good job.
U pushed my head back as I as u head out the shower door leaving me sitting there in those soaking wet jeans shorts. U didn't say one word u just wrapped the towel around u and stood to the sink looking in the mirror. I took my shorts off thru them in the dirty clothes hamper and just bathe so I could get out.
I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist. Look at u looking in the mirror, said excuse me and continued to walk by.
"Wait!!! Where the hell u going?" U said in this snotty attitude.
"Come back here damn we not finish"
I grin as I walk back towards u.
"What the fuck u laughing at?" U said as I looked at u waiting for u to crack a smile as sign of u kidding around.
Placing ur hand on my wet chest forcing me into the wall, ripping my towel off. U Lick the inside of ur palm, grabbed it, stoked it til it was hard and standing at attention. U watched it ready itself as u bit ur bottom lip like a fat kid that can't open a candy wrapper fast enough...
U squat down in in front of me looking at it face to face. U wrap ur tongue around the head, down the shaft followed by those full lips and warm mouth. U got me bout to scratch the paint off the wall as I watch ur head bob back and forth. I can fell the vibration of ur moans thru the head. I don't have to ask y cuz it's so wet I can hear ur fingers sliding in and out of u.
You stopped?!?!
U stand up and swipe everything on the sink onto the floor. U turn facing me and sit back on the sink. U lean back, head again the mirror, as u spread ur legs wide and slide ur fingers back in. Watching the wetness run down the inside of ur thighs I just couldn't take it. So I went into the room and sat down and started watching tv. Lol Jk making sure u paying attention.
I pulled ur hand from between ur legs and licked ur fingers as I slid inside u. I grabbed ur hips pulling them to me as i penetrated forward. The pace quicken as got u to moan and bite ur bottom lip. U grab my hips and locked ur legs around me and threw away the key. I grabbed ur breast, squeezed and sucked ur nipple unto it stood erect. Did the same to the other. I push u off me pulled u off the sink, turned u around and bent u over the sink. I quickly entered u again looking down at ur face in the mirror. I start at a fast pace with my hands wrapped around ur waist. U start to look down as but no I want u to see how sexy u lookin u r into it. I grab a hand full of ur hair and force u to look urself face to face. I think u like cuz u r getting wetter and wetter. It's like I'm a drill drilling for oil and I think I struck oil. I can't take it no more. The moans , the wetness , and u making fog balls in the mirror is driving me crazy. We climax together but I keep going cuz I can't get enough of u.
I slow down the stop. Slapped u on the ass and left u panting at the sink.

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