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Best persuasive speech examples from history - 5 features you'll find


        Persuasion plays a vital role in an individual life, persuading, convincing, or influencing is an important attribute only possessed by a few. You may have heard different political speeches without realizing that you are being persuaded. Yes, it is true, a presidential debate is a perfect form of persuasion where candidates use different arguments to influence. You may need to persuade someone on an academic, professional, or personal level so you should know its important attributes.

        You should know that influencing is the core objective of a persuasive speech – where you ultimately achieve your goal. However, writing an excellent speech is not child's play. Presidential candidates, governors, senators, and other political personalities hire professional speech writers from free essay writing service for their speeches. They themselves are only good communicators with the ability to persuade on the basis of words written by someone else. I am writing down five major features that you will find in the best persuasive speeches in history.

Five main features in persuasive speech

        Historically, there were many important speeches that turn the tide and favor or against a certain phenomenon. The twentieth century is full of such examples where people followed their leaders blindly. It was only because they knew the techniques of persuasion with the ability to enforce their point of view.

Some of the best persuasive speeches from history are ‘I have a Dream by Martin Luther King,’ ‘Against Going to War With Iraq by Barack Obama,’ 'We Shall Fight on the Beaches by Winston Churchill,' 'Women's Rights are Human Rights By Hillary Clinton,' and 'The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln' These are some important speeches from history that influenced the public to its core. These speeches contain the following five features. 


        It is the most important attribute in a speech where your words must speak to the public. Your words should shock the audience's soul so that they feel encouraged. If you want to write such a speech then you must contact an academic cheap essay writing service. A speech written by a professional writer will be eloquent, concise, comprehensive, and vivid.

Smart pacing

        You should know the value of words that you want to use in your speech. In terms of pacing the best speech is the Gettysburg Address as it only contains 300 words. It also involves a balanced presentation where you need to stick with the main idea. The unnecessary repetition of words would definitely ruin your pacing so make sure your speech is well written.

Interesting hooks

        The start of your speech is as important as the rest of your speech. This is where you would be getting or losing the audience's attention altogether. For me making a perfect hook was very difficult so I decided to get outside help. I simply asked to write my essay online from cheapest essay writing service for my speech and surprisingly it was quite helpful. You can also do the same while spending your time in other creative activities.

Authority to speak

        A good speech must include authentic and credible information. Once a speaker is clear about the information only then he can speak with authority. The speech 'I have a dream' is very compelling in this regard. At that time it not only persuaded African Americans but forced American officials t0o. It was only because of this speech that the Civil Rights Movement remained successful.

Logical presentation

        The sequence of arguments is very important in your speech. It shows how much grip you have on your topic. Your most compelling argument should come right after the introduction paragraph. Once you have written your speech, you may need to change the sequence of your arguments. By applying these five techniques you can easily write a good speech.   



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