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Brenda Early

The large picture windows of the apartment made it difficult for us to escape the gloomy, overcast skies around us. I sat on the couch watching television as you read Cosmo at the nearby table.

"This is such a waste of a Saturday," you inform me in a somewhat whiny tone. My eyes remain glued to the TV. "I don't have anything to do!" you add, now in full whine. You get up from the table and begin to walk towards me.

"Why don't you go outside and play with the other kids?" I toy, still not looking away from the images on the television set. You walk in-between the TV and my eyes in a rather feeble attempt to attract my attention.

"Because, the rain has made everything all wet.'' That last part dripped from your lips. I remain un-impressed and rather annoyed that you have the audacity to come between a man and his TV.

You sit down loosely on the coffee table that sat in front of me, discouraged by my reaction, or lack there of. I scoot to the side and regain eye contact without whatever beloved rerun happens to be on.

Your whole expression suddenly changes as a devilish twinkle appears in your eye. "I was reading in Cosmo that guys think it’s hot to see girls masturbate." You begin to rub your inner thighs all the way up to the cut-off jean shorts that struggle to fully cover your crotch. "Is that true?" you ask, now playing with the frayed crotch of your shorts. I spied your electric blue thong and you quickly caught me peeking.

Covering yourself up, you tell me to answer the question.

"No," I answer, shaking off the slight daze caused by your little peep show. I try to focus my eyes back on the television set.

"Okay! Then I suppose you won't mind if I do?" My eyes grow as wide as saucers as you say that. First removing your top and bra and then your jean shorts and blue panties you sit on the table edge and spread your legs. Your exposed crotch is now in full view in front of me.

Your hands quickly find your large, perky breasts and begin to tweak the now hardened nipples. I can tell by the look on your face and the moans gushing from your lips. But that isn't the only thing gushing. Between your legs you are now so wet from the intense nipple play that your sweet nectar is dripping from inside you onto the tabletop.

My eyes are now glued to you as your index and middle fingers disappear slowly into the steadily flowing fountain of fertility. You push rhythmically in and out and in and out. Your juices are still flowing and your hands are glistening from the sweet juice. I long to taste it. But I don’t want to stop. I want to see you bring yourself crashing up onto the rocks. I want to see you moan while drowning in your own pleasure. I had spent many early mornings before rubbing my tool with hand lotion and imagining you with your hands in your most intimate hole.

Now it was happening right before my eyes. You were moaning loudly and it was getting me so hard. You could see the bulge through my pants and boxers and you were having fun with it. The though of making me so hard had you yourself turned on. Touching yourself was one thing, but making someone else feel it was something entirely different. Something entirely more erotic.

I needed to feel an orgasm. You had me so on fire that if I didn’t relieve the sexual tension in my ‘nuts and bolts’ I didn’t know what I was going to do. I raced to the bathroom to grab a bottle of hand lotion and came back. Luckily you were still fingering yourself in front of me. And luckily I was still rock solid.

Unzipping my pants I and pulling them and my boxers of all six and a half inches pops out and stands at attention. You moan slightly at the sight of it. But that moan seems to get lost in the rest. Taking a small drop of lotion I begin to slide my fist up and down the hard flesh. Most times I concentrate on prolonging the feeling, but right now I just wanted to come.

"So you do like to see me masturbate, huh?"

"Yes. Very much. It makes me very hard."

"So I can see. But before you relieve yourself, could you do me a quick favor?"

"Whatever you want, just don’t stop playing with yourself." This last phrase comes out through slightly gritted teeth.

"Stand in front of me and point it at my chest." Your request takes me off guard a little bit.

"You want me to jack off onto your boobs?" The round C-cup breasts looked like a perfect target for my hot sticky cum, but I was still surprised that my innocent little sex machine wanted that.

"Yes. Please. I want to feel it on my chest. I’ve heard it’s nice."

I quickly oblige for fear of getting off before I was in front of you. Standing before you, my member pointed down at your breast, I continue to beat my hand up and down. The lotion simulates your wet emission and all I want is to be inside you. But first, I need relief. If I don’t do this now, I won’t last one thrust inside you. And I know that won’t be any fun for you.

The passion is building up like a dam inside me. Suddenly, the dam breaks. Huge squirts of hot, white liquid land on your beautiful breasts. You let out a small yelp as it hits your skin. You begin to rub it all over your chest as if it were lotion. Knowing that the liquid that serves as lube for your self-massage came from inside me quickly makes me hard again.

Suddenly I remember you hadn’t finished pleasuring yourself yet. I decide I should take care of that. You’re focusing your attention on your breast and I’d rather not stop you. You rubbing your boobs and tweaking your nipples while covered in my liquid is very sexy.

Your eyes are closed as you get lost in the pleasure coming from your breasts so you don’t even notice as I sit down on the couch directly in front of you and extend two fingers to the opening of your juicy-fruit. I begin insertion and take you by surprise. I move in and out of you, my fingers sliding easily in and out of the very well lubricated cavity.

Your eyes still closed you lean your head back as you feel incredibly immense pleasure. Your moans get sharper as your breath almost leaves you completely. I continue my fingering as I feel your vaginal muscles strain to contract around my slippery digits. You fall limp forward and I catch you. Laying you carefully on the couch.

The past few minutes attention paid to your body has allowed me to be ready for another emission, this time deep inside you. I straddle you and slide myself in your nearly spent body. My tool entering your very wet crack almost sends you to the brink of yet another orgasm. Noticing that I can easily pleasure you, I quickly raise my pace. You hit orgasm after orgasm quickly as I slide in and out of you. You are shaking and your muscles contract around me with so much force and ferocity that I am about to come on the spot. I bite my lip and hold back. If I hold up for just a little bit longer I can pleasure you like never before. You are being wiped clean by wave after wave of pleasure. We were both virgins upon marriage so your body is somewhat inexperienced when it comes to orgasm. Especially that caused by being filled with a man.

Another couple of thrust brings you to another orgasm. This on encompasses me, too. I explode inside your already soaked love hole and collapse on top you. Our sweaty bodies lay motionless for a little while before an interesting idea pops into my head.

"Hey hottie! We’re sweaty, it’s raining outside. Wanna have some fun?" A look of shock appears on your orgasm-ridden face.

"You mean…we go outside naked?"

"Something like that. Come on!" I take your hand and quickly run outside. We have a very small yard with a large tree stump right in the middle. "Lean over on that tree stump." You oblige, already soaked from the rain. "No, with your backside facing the street."

"But that would mean that people could see my...um…my opening!!"

"Not for long. I’ll take care of that." Moving right behind you, I line my hard tool up with your opening, now just below you anus. You have leaned so far over that I have a straight shot. And I take it. I begin to do you right in the middle of our rainy front yard, just ten feet from the road. Our skin is now just as wet as your interior as I quickly bring you to another orgasm. I too, am close and continue to slide in and out of you. You have lost your mind in passion and can’t believe its happening in public. You orgasm. As do I.

Quickly we run back in side. You lie down on the hard wood floors and give a seductive ‘come here’ sign. I oblige, getting on the floor. You push me down on my back and straddle me. You then place me inside you and we begin to make out. My hard tool inside you makes making out so much more pleasurable. We are both sexually spent, but that doesn’t stop us from allowing our tongues to dance. It has been the most eventful rainy day in a very long time, and I want to relive it soon.

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