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Matt Martin

She looked stunning, as usual, in a fitted black skirt, about calf length, that moulded her beautiful ass and her lovely long legs. The skirt fitted just tightly enough to show no panty line, so I knew she wasn't wearing any. (This isn't unusual; she prefers to go without panties. Likes the feeling of fresh air on her shaved pussy she says). The top was scalloped enough to show a fair bit of her beautiful cleavage and accentuate her gorgeous tits. (I often look at this fantastic woman and wonder, how I could dump her as a lover?)

She had taken no more than a few steps in the direction of her car when she saw me leaning against the limo watching her interestedly. Meredith knew the reason being this close to me made her heart beat erratically and she urgently quickened her pace. Unknown to Meredith, I had silently walked up right behind her. Suddenly, I roughly grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me. She immediately turned around to face me.

" What is wrong with you?" she shot at me irritably as she desperately attempted to free her wrist from my grasp. " We need to talk." I replied, ignoring her question, as my grip on her wrist suddenly tightened. " I don't think so." Jane replied coolly, turning her face away from me avoiding my eyes. I breathed out a sigh of frustration. " We need to talk." I repeated urgently pulling her towards me. She turned to face me " About what???"
" Us. What's going on between us." I stated seriously, my green hypnotic eyes boring into hers. " There is NOTHING going on!" Meredith spluttered, unnerved by my intense gaze. " There is no us." Before she knew what was happening my face was suddenly inches from hers. But just seconds before our lips could meet I whispered " Are you sure about that?" Smirking, I suddenly dropped her wrists and pulled away from her.

Seconds after the 'almost kiss' Meredith stood there in a total daze, her cheeks burning and her heart slamming against her ribcage as if trying to escape from her chest. What a prick! she thought angrily turning away from me and started to continue towards her car, when she feels my hand clamp down on her shoulder. She swiveled around, coming face-to-face with me, I swiftly cupped and tilted her face upwards with my strong, masculine hands. She looked up into my eyes and begins to protest " Wha..." when I suddenly leaned forward and gently kissed her. She clung to me as the kiss deepened and became more passionate, my fingers tangling in her long blond hair as our bodies melded together. We got in the limo, I instructed my driver to take us to a secluded bed and breakfast.

We walked into the room, I closed the door pushing Jane aganist the wall. My hands slidding under her top I skillfully unhooked her bra and then quickly removed her top. I run my hands over her breasts before gently squeezing them with my hot hands. Meredith stifled moans as I tweaked her nipples and suckled them fervently. She removed my shirt and runs her hands over my muscled chest and flat stomach as she planted gentle kisses all over my neck. As soon as Meredith feels my hand brushing the top of her leg and slipping to her shaved pussy, she starts to panic. Tensing her whole body, she rallied herself to push me off and run away when suddenly my fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy and touched her clit. That first brush of my fingers made her gasp and clutch onto my broad, muscular shoulders and I lean down to her, working in rhythmic circles with my experienced hand.

I looked into her eyes, " I know you want me" I smirked. Meredith made no effort to reply, her hips moving gently now to the rhythm of my hand. " God... ever since our breakup I've wanted to fuck you." My riveting words tantalized her, but frightened her at once. I slipped my hand down the line of her pussy before returning to her clit. Despite herself, Meredith feels a small smile on her lips. My fingers begin to work faster, slipping into her wet pussy as she groans with pleasure " Oh God..." Arching her back against the wall, she clings to me as her first orgasm rocks her body. Sagging back against the wall, she opens her eyes to see me unzip my jeans and pull them down to his ankles.

Her eyes dropped. She was remembering the feel of that monster cock inside her. My long, hard thick cock stood high and proud above a bush of dark hair. My hairy balls hung beneath it, large and swollen, and Meredith could not help but drop to her knees and wrap her slender fingers around it. She gazed up at me with dark eyes, lost in a sea of desire. Seeing this, I gently pushed her to her knees and positioned my cock before her mouth. Gently, she opened her lips for it and, cupping my balls in one hand, runs her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking furiously and making a soft moan in the back of her throat.
After a few minutes I knew I couldn't stand it any longer without shoving it all down her throat, I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up, her legs wrapping around me. When she feels my thumb rolling around inside her pussy, Meredith thrusts against it with unbridled passion. " John...I want all of you " she whispers urgently.

Sensing her desire, her desperation to have me fuck her, I then withdraw my thumb.
She was caught off guard. She knew that I was powerful and massive wealth, she had no idea the amount of my significance and power within her life. " Please John.. I'm - I'm sorry. Prove it to me then." " How?" She was becoming suspicious, it felt like a set up to her. " What would you do to make it up to me?" I smiled. A charming smile that on any other day would have made her feel at ease. " Any - Anything John." " Good girl. I know that today is your 30th birthday." As I said this, I pulled her towards me and embraced her, managing to caress her breasts as I pulled her in. At first, she struggled, she finally gave in as she feels my cool embrace. She knew that she would do anything to keep her two babies. She had refused to let me visit the babies we had together.

I let go of her and circled around her, admiring her. " Good, now take off your clothes." She did as she was told, not wanting to anger me anymore. She slipped off all of her clothes. " And your bra, Meredith. Please, hurry. I don't have all night." Quickly she slipped off her bra. She was hot, she had beautiful curvy body. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders, her green eyes ecuntated with light makeup, her 32B breasts, and her shaved pussy. " Very nice, Meredith.." I trailed off as I took off my clothes slowly, menacingly. " I will not do anything without your consent, but just know that my recommendation can make or break you in this city."

She hesitated " But.. but I have missed you. I have not dated anyone since our breakup Jon." I threw my head back and laughed, " Even better!" With that I took her by her arms and shoved her to her knees. She would have protested but I didn't leave her enough time to say a word as I took her head in my hands and shoved my enormous hard cock into her mouth. She had sucked my cock before. She always had trouble opening her mouth wide enough and always gagged as it went down her throat. My 9 inches of pure thick cock, gagged her every time I thrusted into her mouth. I was groaning " UUUH..UUUH..UUUH..AAAH..AAAH," and she did her best to please me. Maybe she could make me cum quickly and she could go home. She worked her tongue quickly on my cock.

After a few minutes of her sucking and gagging, I pulled back. " My my my, you did better. I almost actually cummed. Let's see how you do with this next step." She shivered, suddenly cold, as I pulled her hand and her body to the bed. " Get on and spread your legs." She obeyed me. What harm could a little pussy licking do? She quickly spread her legs and I shoved a finger in hard. She gasped, taken off guard. I kept pushing until my finger was buried as far as possible. "Ohhh please John no. I'm tight. It hurts" " Obviously, Meredith. You told me that before, and that's what this" - a quick push " - is." She arched her back, trying to distances her pussy from my finger. " But don't worry, I won't be testing your tightness quite yet." I said. I brought my face down to her pussy and licked her up and down slowly. " This is quite the cunt you have."

She moaned loudly. " OH GOD..OOOOH..OOOOH..AAAAH..AAAAH..MMMMM."
This was the first time since our breakup, my pussy has been licked. She groaned, gyrating her hips as I shoved my tongue inside of her. " Ohhh John. God that feels so good." I paused for a second, grinning up at her and she could see something on my face. She realized that it was her pussy juices. She was so horny, and getting so turned on by me. I had brought her into this situation, knowing that she would do this. I returned to her pussy, eating her out as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel her pussy tightening, tingling rising up deep inside of her. I shoved in one last time, all the while looking up at her as she orgasmed hard.

" Oh God! Yes John yes!" Her hips bucked and I raised up while she finished orgasming.
" I knew you'd like that. You always did." I brought my cock to her pussy entrance and tapped on it, sliding my cock on her slit. She moaned " OOOH..OOOH," still turned on and in my post-cum stage. "Are you ready for me Meredith?" She looked at me briefly, saw the greed in my eye as I watched her breathing heavily. She nodded her head slowly, frightened now. " Don't worry, it will only hurt for a moment." With that, I lined up my cock with her pussy and shoved in gently, less than ½ an inch. Just enough to stretch her briefly. She gasped " OH GOD." Too late to back out now," I said as I grabbed her arms and held them by her side. I looked down at her and saw her biting her lip in quivering fear as I slammed into her hard, rocking her back on the bed. I tore her tight pussy in one thrust. Her pussy was on fire. She started to scream "OMG..JOHN..AAAH
..AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH," as I took my cock completely out before shoving in again, harder. She struggles beneath me, craving something to hold onto in her pain, I kept a hold on her arms pinned to the side as I rocked my hips.

" John please.. please it hurts!" She continued crying, the pain mounting in her pussy as I took my cock out again and again, slamming in harder and harder, stretching her tight cunt. " Just deal with it. You knew this would happen and you gave your consent." With every word I thrusted in again, adding to the moment as I smiled down at her. My grip tightened on her arms as started thrusting faster, no longer going for depth. She could hear my grunting, feel my hips bucking and slamming into her. Her pussy was no longer on fire. She starts to enjoy it. The dull throbbing coming from her cunt almost masked the feeling of another orgasm rising within her. But nothing could stop it from arriving as she let out a shrill shriek of "John, I'm cumming!" as her hips bucked and rose to meet my thrusts.

I was fucking her like an animal now. Letting go of her arms as I switched to holding her waist, pounding in and out of her. Her orgasm continues as I kept hitting her g-spot over and over. "John yes!" She screams and begging me, gyrating her hips as I kept fucking her. " You're sooo tight Meredith!" After a few more seconds, I let out a bellow " UUUUG..UUUUG..UUUUG..UUUUH..UUUUH..AAAAH," as she feels my warm cum gushing inside of her pussy. Alarmed, Meredith realizes I hadn't used protection. "John.. John..Nooo..?" She asks me, while trying to catch her breath and trying to pull away with her hips. " Of course I did, baby," I leaned down to kiss her on the lips, pulling her hips back towards me and my cock back into her, letting the rest of my cum fill her tight pussy, " and I will continue to creampie your tight pussy when I want, Is that clear?"

" Very clear, John," She said. looking up at me as I collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed. There was nothing else she could have said, She would be under my command for many years. She needed the job, the house and my money. We breathed heavily for a few minutes, not saying anything as I caressed her body. I laid on top of her and moaned " aaah..aaah..aaah," as I begin to come inside her. It feels as though electricity was jolting through her body, she could feel jet after jet of my cum shooting right against my cervix. She swears that she could feel my cum shooting straight through her cervix. My cock swelling more as I thrust into her all the way. She feels the huge head push into her cervix. She feels the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. She screams ' OMG..JOHN " and I moaned " aaaah..aaaah..aaaah," as spurt after spurt of my cum shoot deep inside her.

I pull out of her, then roll her onto her stomach spreading her legs. My hands grab her ass cheeks and guide their fucking motions. My fingers dug into the cleft between her creamy spheres. A finger tip rubs across the tight nub of Meredith's asshole. This was another uncomfortable moment for Meredith. Ever time I touch her there, she shudders.
Part of her brain told her she should stop me, it was quickly suppressed by the part of her brain that loves everything I was doing. She had missed letting go like this and she didn't want anything to break the spell. Meredith gasped when she feels my fingertip push through her opening and slide into her ass.

The feel of my naked sweaty skin next to her flesh, my tongue swirling in her mouth, my huge cock driving deep into her cunt on each thrust and my middle finger now buried to the knuckle in her ass was more than Meredith could take. She feels her entire body tense and shudder. She digs her fingers into the sheets and throws her head back.
She didn't say anything, wincing when my fingers slid inside her tight ass. She bits her lip while I work them deeper. Meredith buries her face in the sheets as my fingers fuck in and out of her ass. I moved them slowly at first, then went faster and faster after she seemed to adjust. Meredith slipped a hand between her legs and rubs her clit. My fingers dig and twist inside her. Meredith's fingers fly across her clit until she stiffens and orgasms with a squeal. " OOOOH..OOOOH..AAAAH..AAAAH."

" Oh my god, what are you doing to me?" Meredith asks while sitting up on the bed. " No one has ever touched me there before much less put their fingers in my butt." " Would you like to try it with something bigger?" I ask while gesturing at my cock. " No... it's too big. It would hurt too much." "How do you know until you've tried," I argued. " You got off with my fingers in your ass. It might be even better. I'll go slow and you can ask me to stop whenever you want." This is crazy Meredith thought to herself. She wasn't going to let me just fuck her in the ass. She wasn't going to let anyone, not even me, fuck her in the ass. Why didn't she just tell me no. She poured herself another glass of wine and drained it.

Why couldn't she just say no, Meredith wondered. Why all the questions? She didn't want me to fuck her in the ass. She was sure of it... wasn't she? " Yes, Meredith, I have. More than once, and no one ever told me to stop." Meredith knew she should get up and ask me to let her leave. She had already gotten what she wanted from me – more orgasms in one night than she'd had since refusing to see me. She opened her mouth to speak and was betrayed by her own words. " I... I don't know. Maybe, but... if it hurts you have to promise to stop, okay?"

I nodded. Meredith watched me pull a tube of lubricant out of my trouser pocket. I had come prepared for this she thought. I knew she would say yes. Now she feels fear. She could still stop it, she found herself too numb to do so. I rolled Meredith onto her stomach and spread her legs. She feels the cool lubricant drip onto her asshole. She gasps when a finger pushs into her and then a second. I twist them around inside her making her gasp from the sensations she was feeling. I pull my fingers out and she feels the huge knob of my cock press against her sphincter.

Meredith prepares for the searing pain of penetration, but it never came. I push very slowly fucking the front part of my knob in and out until she finally relaxes. Meredith feels her asshole stretching wider and wider as more of my knob pushes into her. She feels increased pressure and no pain. And then 'pop' – I was inside her. Meredith gasps when it happens. The pressure was huge but there was no pain. Meredith knew this was the biggest part of my cock but it still had a long way to travel up her ass before I was buried all the way inside her. I was gentle and slow. I pull my knob out and pushs it back in several times until Meredith was comfortable.

" I'm going to push deeper," I told her. "Just relax and it will go in easily." Meredith nodded her head. She feels me going deeper and gasps. It didn't hurt, but the pressure was incredible. I pull back and push even deeper. Meredith tenses, sure that her insides were going to explode. I let Meredith relax before pushing deeper. And then, with one final push Meredith realizes that I was buried all the way up her ass. I fuck her ass in slow short strokes. Meredith moans and begins to move with me. My strokes become longer and longer until my entire length was sliding in and out of her asshole on each thrust. The pressure had become intense pleasure. Meredith moved a hand to her pussy and rubs her clit.

" Yes... yes... fuck my ass... oh god... uuunngghh...deeper... oh fuck... uh... uh... god I love your cock in my ass... mmmmppphhhhhh..." I was now slamming into her asshole like a jackhammer. Meredith's fingers were flying across her clit. She could feel the explosion churning in her belly. She pushes two fingers deep into her pussy digging them up under her pelvic bone while her thumb rubs her clit. Seconds later Meredith's entire world erupts. Her whole body stiffens and jerks in a series of spasms. She screams and clutchs at the bed sheets. " OMG..YES..YES..JOHN..UUUUNNGGHH..AAAAH..AAAAH..MMM."
I continue to hammer her ass with my cock. A second surge tore through her body. Pussy juice gushing from her cunt and dribbling down her hand.

I pull out and roll Meredith onto her back. I push her knees back by her ears and ram my cock deep into her asshole. My face was inches from hers as I hammered her tight ass. She looks at me with lust crazed eyes. Filth spewed from her mouth between her desperate gasps. " Oh..Fuck..John..You Fucking Bastard..Oh Fuck." Another orgasm sweeps through her body, this time without Meredith touching her pussy.

I roll onto my back. Meredith mounts me and quickly stuffing my cock up her ass. She rides me like a possessed woman slamming up and down on my length driving my cock deep into her. She pushes three fingers up her cunt and imagines that she was getting fucked by two cocks at the same time. Her screams reverberated off the walls when the next orgasm hit like an earthquake. " OMG..OOOH..OOOH..OOOH..AAAH..AAAH..AAA
H..MMMMMMM." I roll Meredith onto her shoulders with her knees back by her ears and her ass sticking straight up into the air. I stand over her and slamming my cock straight down into her stretched and wide open passage. I fuck her with hard and reckless thrusts pounding into her again and again. Meredith's screams and gasps were completely out of control as I send her to places she never dreamed were possible.

At last I pull my cock from her well-fucked ass. I wrap my hand around it and aim it at her face and tits. Stream after stream of hot cum explodes from the tip bathing her lips, nose, cheeks and tits with my creamy elixir. When I was finished Meredith smiled, " John, I want you back into my life..I will be available anytime." She said.

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