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Bethany Barlow

No more than five foot tall, she has a slender, curvy figure and a pretty face, with a vaguely oriental look which makes her very attractive. The best part is that Jack loves to have her used, but without her knowledge. He achieves this with the help of his friend Joe, a retired stage magician. Together they discovered that Doris is very suggestible, and Joe can put her in a state during which whatever takes place, afterwards, she has no memory of it. And I have the good fortune of being enlisted to watch it all and write all about it.

There have been many times when Jack has taken advantage of Doris, sometimes at home and sometimes visiting other people, safe in the knowledge that his wife will remember nothing afterwards. One day recently, he called me and said they planned to take Doris out to a friend's house that evening. Joe has the ability to make her behave in different ways, sometimes always having to do whatever she is told, sometimes being very resistant, sometimes she will feel very horny, sometimes she will feel very sleepy. That night, she would simply be her normal prim and proper self, and she would believe they were going to a fancy dress party, dressed as a witch.

I went next door as arranged, where Jack and Joe told me they were waiting for Doris, who would be ready to go out with us in a few minutes. It was worth waiting for. When she came into the room, Doris was wearing a long black coat almost to her ankles, and black shoes with very high heels. Her shining black hair seemed to merge with the coat collar, and the only her pretty face appeared light in all the blackness. She was holding her witch's pointed hat in her hand.

We arrived at our destination telling Doris we were early, and that was why only two other couples were there. All the same, she looked a little nervous as we led her into the main room and found she was the only one who was in "fancy dress". The hosts, Graham and Jennifer, greeted us warmly. The other couple, Matt and Ella, were seated on a couch, and smiled at us, but I noticed both of them quite obviously looking Doris up and down. Graham kindly took the witch's hat from Doris, and we all sat down, almost in a big circle, all eight of us.

In her long coat, Doris was by now obviously more than a little uncomfortable, wondering what was going on, and why everyone seemed to be looking at her. When Jack took her hand and helped her to her feet, everyone else remained seated, and she looked a little puzzled. Then Graham, too, got to his feet. "Let me take your coat, Doris," he said. "You must be far too hot in it." Looking startled, Doris quickly shook her head and replied, "No, no, It's alright, I'm okay." But Jack, with his arm round her waist, said, "You must be sweltering, darling, take it off."

Doris stared at him in surprise. "But Jack," she said, "you know I can't." Her face showed her consternation. "Really, I'm okay!"

Jack gripped Doris's arms firmly by her side and nodded to Graham. "Help Doris with her coat," he said. "The buttons are a bit tricky."

Starting at the top, Graham started to unbutton the coat. With a smile, he murmured, "The witch is being disrobed." Doris stood still, biting her lip and looking embarrassed, as every button was undone. Graham took hold of the lapels and flung each side of the coat over Doris's shoulders. The coat swung open. Under it, Doris was revealed to be wearing very little. A tiny half cup black bra that barely covered her nipples. A narrow lacy black suspender belt attached to dark nylon stockings. A pair of very brief panties forming a delicate vee shape spreading to a pencil thin waistband. And nothing else.

Doris hung her head, the utter shame of being exposed like that showing in her pretty face. Even in her high heels, she looked very small beside Graham and Jack. But her slender body looked superb half naked under the open coat. Her nipples were hidden but managed to show through the flimsy material of the bra. Her sheer stockings reached only a few inches above her knees, with a longer expanse of bare thigh flesh on display, crossed by the front suspender straps.

Matt and Ella had joined the little group, eager to see what Doris was wearing under her coat. Matt pulled one side of the coat further open to let the others have a better look. "Fuck," he said. "No wonder she didn't want to take her coat off. Nice one, Jack."

Graham roughly tugged the coat further down Doris's arms, effectively trapping her in it. The group moved in closer, clustering round her, hands spinning her this way and that, jostling her and making her dizzy. Someone pulled the coat behind her back and used its belt to keep it there, leaving Doris fully exposed in her sexy underwear.

For a few moments they let her stand crouching forward and struggling in vain to free her arms from the coat. Her frightened face showed her alarm as she realised the situation she was in. Jennifer was the first to make a move. Stepping up and thrusting her face close to Doris's, she snapped out, "Going out with nothing on under your coat, you little slut, Doris!"

Doris recoiled in shock, panting for breath. It wasn't quite nothing on, but Ella joined in the game, clamping her hand over one of Doris's tits and spitting out, "The slut wants to show us what she's got, does she!" Doris looked aghast, but she couldn't stop Ella from wrenching the flimsy bra down and exposing her bare breasts. "Look at these everyone," Ella exclaimed. "Look at the little tits she's got. I've seen bigger tits on a ten year old!"

Doris turned her head away in shame but Ella immediately pulled it back. "Look at me, you bitch!" she said harshly, holding Doris's chin. "Out for some fun tonight, were you, dressed like that? Hoping for some cock were you? Someone to take you home and give you a nice shag in the back of his car maybe?"

"Noooo." Doris found her voice. "I wasn't... it's not like that..."

"Oh yeah," said Ella sarcastically. "I know all about you, Doris. Always up for a ride, aren't you. Always looking for cock!" She slapped Doris across her bared tits, which produced a squeal and a surprised "What do you mean!" Another slap made Doris try to back away, crying out "Stop it!" But the rest of the group were crowding her, and there was no escape. Ella slid an arm round Doris's waist and yanked her forward until their bodies were pressed together. Doris was so much smaller than Ella that her face was only just higher than the woman's tits. She was held for a moment then Ella spun her round to face the others.

"Slut!" she hissed. She clamped her arm round Doris's neck from behind, keeping her off balance, and bending her backwards. Her hand slid down to Doris's waist. The others eagerly closed in around her and she gave a strangled whimper as she felt Ella's fingers scrabbling at the top of her knickers. She was gasping for breath and her eyes were wide with fear and shock.

Her legs were slightly apart, her hips thrust forward suggestively, the suspender straps taut on her bare thighs. Ella pushed her hand inside the flimsy knickers, her fingers clearly visible through the semi-transparent material. Doris gave a sharp little cry as she felt the fingers rubbing her pussy. But she was being held, unable to move, and could only stare hopelessly into space as the older woman took advantage of her helplessness. "You like me doing this to you, Doris?" she said with a wicked grin. "You like it when a girl touches you like this? I think your pussy likes it, I can feel it getting damp."

Without warning, she visibly stabbed a finger up into Doris's cunt. Doris cried out and her knees buckled. She was quickly pulled up by the arm round her throat, her head tilted back and her tits thrust out. Jennifer took hold of them with both hands and rolled the nipples between her fingers. "The bitch is getting excited," she exclaimed. She turned and strode towards the door. "Bring her!" she ordered.

With much futile struggling and stumbling in her high heels, Doris was dragged into the bedroom. Her coat was removed, and the belt used to bind her wrists behind her back. She looked terrified, standing helplessly with her bra pulled down under her tits, surrounded by a number of people who clearly intended to abuse her further. She glanced around and saw that there was one very large and very high bed, surrounded by various chairs and tables, some of which were laden with glasses and bottles of wines and spirits.

Graham took her arm and pulled her to the bed, standing her with her back to it. "Ladies first, I think," he said. With big smiles on their faces, Ella and Jennifer advanced on Doris. The rest of us sat down to watch. Doris, half naked in her underwear, cowered away from them. "What... what are you... going to do," she stammered.

"Sit on the bed." It was an order from Jennifer. The bed was so high that Doris had to try to climb onto it, and as she did so, Ella pushed her. Doris fell back against the bed with the edge of the mattress in the small of her back, and her feet barely touching the floor. Both women leaned over her and pressed her down. "Oh, sweet little Doris," said Ella with a certain amount of contempt in her voice. "Sweet innocent little Doris. Slut, Doris! Comes to us in nothing but her undies under her coat and then says what are you going to do."

She stood up, leaving Jennifer to keep Doris pinned down. She gazed down at the helpless slender body on the edge of the bed, stocking clad legs pressed tight together. She placed her feet on either side of Doris's, and put her hands on Doris's knees. Her fingers traced a path upwards along the nylons until she reached bare skin at the stocking tops. "Mmmmm," she purred. "Such firm young flesh and so shapely, so nice to feel." Her fingers reached Doris's hips and curled into the narrow waistband of her knickers.

Doris heaved her body up, a final useless struggle as Ella began to draw down the knickers. "Stop it!" she cried out. "What do you think you're doing!"

Ella laughed. "What the fuck do you think I'm doing, slut. I'm taking off your knickers."

There was nothing Doris could do to stop Ella pulling down her knickers, a few inches only at first, just enough to expose a neatly trimmed triangle of black hair. A little further then, to the top of her thighs. Jennifer dipped her head to Doris's tits and began licking and sucking one of her nipples, distracting Doris as Ella pulled the knickers all the way down over Doris's ankles and flung them aside. Doris crossed her legs, desperately trying to keep them together, but Ella quickly pulled them apart. Her hands stroked up the insides of Doris's thighs, and there was no way Doris could stop her. She was balanced precariously on the edge of the bed, her hands tied behind her back, with no panties, her stocking clad legs forced open, and her toes barely touching the floor.

She let out a shocked cry as she felt Ella peel apart her pussy lips. And then Ella pushed her finger straight up into Doris's cunt. She worked it round and round and in and out. "What a tiny little pussy you have, Doris," she smiled. "It must be nice... when a man gets his cock in there... must be a very tight squeeze though... nice for him anyway... Oh, you're getting a little wet! I must see what it tastes like."

She began to lick as well as finger Doris's cunt. She probed with her tongue and nibbled with her lips as her finger moved rhythmically in and out. Above her head, she could hear Doris helplessly whimpering and moaning. She stopped sucking and licking and looked down at Doris's cunt, watching herself finger fucking Doris faster and faster. And then she stopped, and stood up.

"Get the bitch up on the bed," she said. "Maybe you men will hold her legs open for us." Both Graham and Matt jumped forward and helped manhandle Doris onto the bed on her back. They spreadeagled her legs wide, and grinned as they looked down at the little slim girl in stockings and suspenders, aroused but helpless, her cunt open and vulnerable, panting and moaning, her little tits peaked now with nipples stiff like thimbles.

Ella turned to Jennifer. "Pass me one of those bottles," she said. She held it up for Doris to see. It was a slender bottle with a long tapered neck. "Prop the bitch up, I want her to watch this."

Now looking absolutely terrified, Doris was lifted to a sitting position. Ella crawled onto the bed and held the bottle to Doris's lips. "Open your mouth, little Doris," she purred. "It's all right, the bottle's empty, I just want you to wet the neck a bit. Think of it as if you were sucking a cock." She pushed the bottle between Doris's lips and worked it gently in and out of her mouth. "There now sweetie," she said, "you've made it wet enough. Do you know what I'm going to do with it?"

With a look of disbelief and fear on her face, Doris shook her head slowly from side to side. Ella let the bottle roll over Doris's nipples, first one, then the other, over and over. The nipples responded, becoming even more stiff and erect, and the coldness of the glass made Doris gasp. Ella raised the bottle again in front of Doris. "I asked you, do you know what I am going to do with this. Tell me, Doris."

Doris shook her head. Ella raised her voice. "Tell me what you would like me to do, Doris. Speak!"

"I... I don't know," she whispered in a croak.

Ella smiled. "Of course you do, my little slut," she said softly. "You know where this bottle is going, don't you."

"Noooo." There was panic in her voice and showing in her face, knowing how vulnerable she was with her knickers stripped off and her legs being held wide apart. She was helpless and unable to move as Ella rolled the bottle down to Doris's legs, letting her victim feel the cold glass on the insides of her parted thighs then pushing the neck of the bottle against her pussy lips.

The men lifted up Doris's shoulders so that she was forced to watch everything, her stockinged legs held obscenely spread wide open, the long expanses of bare thigh flesh, suspenders, the little patch of black hair, and of course, the bottle being pressed against her defenceless cunt. Her breath was coming fast and noisy, her slim body twitching, her eyes wide with fright knowing Ella intended to fuck her with the bottle.

And Ella continued to taunt her. "You're just our little whore, Doris," she said. "Our pretty little asian whore with such a sexy little body... What fun we're all going to have with you, Doris. Let's see how much of this bottle our little fucking whore can take in her tight little cunt."

Doris stared at her in horror, then gave a sharp scream as the bottle started to penetrate her cunt. Ella smiled and pushed it in deeper. "Your cunt ever been screwed by a bottle, Doris?" she said with a sneer. "How do you like it, is it better than a cock fuck?" She began to move the bottle in and out. "How does that feel, bitch? Is it good? Does that tight little cunt like it?"

The neck of the bottle started long and narrow, then broadened out to the full width. Ella quickened her pace, excitedly jabbing the bottle in and out, deeper and deeper. Doris gave an anguished wail and started sobbing, her face contorted and her mouth hanging open. Compared to her tiny body, the bottle fucking her looked huge. By now, everyone was clustered round watching and enjoying the sight and sound of the sexy young oriental girl writhing and moaning and sobbing as the bottle was driven into her helpless cunt.

Ella carried on fucking her ferociously. Doris had stopped sobbing, she was now gasping and panting, staring down at the bottle being rammed into her cunt. Her agonised face had a look of sheer desperation, and suddenly her hips started twitching. "I think the horny bitch is cumming off on the bottle!" Ella exclaimed. "Yes, Doris, you fucking little slut, cum for us, Doris, cum for us!"

Doris started moaning helplessly, her hips jerked against the bottle in her cunt, and suddenly her whole body was convulsing. The relentless brutal fucking with the bottle was bringing Doris to a huge orgasm. She was frantically fucking herself on the bottle when she climaxed with a long, tortured scream before collapsing and bursting into tears.

The men wasted no time. Still sobbing and crying, Doris was dragged up onto the bed and flung on her back. Graham immediately pounced on her. With her legs spreadeagled, his cock easily found its way into her cunt and he began fucking her with long hard strokes, making sure she was taking the full length of his cock inside her. Then he rolled over onto his back, with Doris on top of him, still with his cock embedded in her cunt.

"Ride me, you fucking bitch!" he cried out. By then Doris was so totally bewildered she didn't know what she was doing or what was happening. All she could do was slump sideways over his body. This suited Jennifer, who had pulled off her panties and hoisted her skirt up to her waist. She took hold of Doris's head and pulled it between her legs. "Lick me!" she commanded. "Tongue me, I want your tongue. I want to feel your tongue fucking me!"

We couldn't see what Doris was doing but it was pleasing Jennifer, who started moaning with a look of ecstasy on her face. Matt watched for a moment, then climbed on top of Doris. Graham grinned and clamped his arms round her to keep her still. Jennifer saw, and used both hands to grip Doris be her hair and pull her head up so we could see her terrified face.

Matt's cock was rock hard. He eased it between Doris's arse cheeks. He pressed the knob against her arse. Slowly, he pushed it in. Doris screamed out "No! No!" and then started to groan, her face contorted in pain, as the cock began to penetrate her. It took several minutes for Matt to get his stiff cock into Doris's arse. She is so small it didn't seem possible for her tiny slender body to be able to take both cocks in her holes, and the tightness must have been incredible. She was half sitting up on Graham's cock, her stocking clad legs splayed out and the suspender straps taut against the curve of her arse. Her back was arched, pushing out her tits, and despite the horrified expression on her face, her nipples were out on stalks.

When both cocks were finally buried in her holes, the two men began to fuck her. Jennifer dragged Doris's head down again and once again started to grind her cunt against her mouth. She got more and more agitated, panting, thrusting her hips violently against Doris, until she came off with a long cry of "Yessssss!"

The men were close to cumming off too. Fucking Doris hard and fast, they were both groaning and gasping, and could not last long. The friction and tightness was too much for them and both seemed to climax at the same time. Matt was first to pull out, his cock dripping cum, and then Graham rolled Doris aside, knelt over her, and dripped the last of his cum over her face. Both men struggled to their feet, gazing at Doris's little naked well fucked body now lying limply exhausted and whimpering.

The party was over. Jack found the coat and slipped it over Doris's shoulders. She was still moaning softly as we helped her out to the car and set off, heading for home. I drove slowly, keeping an eye on Jack and Joe with Doris between them in the back seat. Eventually I had to stop the car to watch.

Under the coat, Doris, of course, was still naked. She looked half asleep. Both men were fondling her tits and fingering her cunt. She was still moaning, not resisting as they turned her on her side, facing her husband. Her naked body gleamed in the semi-darkness of the back of the car as the coat was discarded. Jack's cock slid easily into her cunt, making Doris give only a little gasp. He used her hips to make her move on it a few times, then paused as from behind her, Joe worked his cock into her arse. The earlier fucking made it easy for him. Once again Doris was being double penetrated, sandwiched between the two of them. But this time the men stayed still, and simply moved her body to and fro between them, alternately spearing her holes with their cocks.

After a minute or two, Jack muttered, "Okay, it's time to fuck her." Doris's slender naked body was tightly jammed between the two of them and both of them drove their cocks into her at the same time. Each thrust drew a loud gasp from Doris, getting louder the faster they fucked her. Both cocks were going like pistons, pounding into her cunt and arse. But soon the pace of fucking eased and stopped. The men, satisfied and panting, sat back with Doris left whimpering between them, and I was told to drive on.

Back home, Jack and Joe quickly got Doris indoors with the coat draped over her shoulders. I went home, and a few minutes later I heard Joe's car start up, and I knew the party really was over.

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