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Her lips were soft yet firm and with her tongue licking the underside of my cock it wasn't long before i could feel the urge to explode coming, i didn't really know what to do or should i say something ? I reached down and lightly put my hand on the back of her head for encouragement. She knew i was about to burst and clamped down harder and deeper. I felt the surges coming and let go in her mouth. Maybe it was the suddenness or the amount but she pulled me out of her mouth about half way through and i shot the remaining amount of cum over my chest and the side of Ashley.

Ashley stooped kissing me and looked down at Jan who was grinning like a cheshire cat. "I did it !" Said Jan.

"What does it taste like? " Ashley questioned.

"A bit salty like we thought but not bad" Jan relied. With that Ashley slid down my chest and began to lick the cum off of my chest, slowly working her way to my cock and then cleaned up any trace. Not really getting into sucking my cock like Jan was.

"I love doing that" Jan exclaimed

Without knowing it i had created a monster that i later found out would never get enough of doing that to me.

Ashley returned to me and said.." you have two heated up girls to please now, are you ready for the next lesson?"

"Oh yes please" i responded

"You should treat Jan they way she treated you, you should eat her pussy. I will guide you. Then you can do the same for me." Ashley said.

With that Jan laid back on the blankets and spread her legs, her pussy was soaked with glistening juices. Just a slight light brown tuff of hair above her pussy. I wanted to look and admire as long as i could but Ashley got right into instructing how, where and when to lick certain spots like a girl wants. After all she is a girl and would know. Where better to learn.

I settled down between Jan’s legs and followed instructions. Jan was in heaven and her smell and taste was driving me wild. I soon found out the importance of that little nub at the top of a pussy and how to please it. While not missing a drop of juices either. Jan was soon starting to shiver and squirm as i inserted my finger in her slick pussy she began to cum. I thought she was going into convolutions but the second her love juices began to squirt all over my face i knew she was off in a different land. I continued to lick harder and faster until she was done and collapsed. She just laid there quivering and recovering.

Ashley decided she had enough and laid beside her. "Now do the same for me" she exclaimed. I shifted positions and opened up Ashleys legs. Her pussy was just as wet and pink, what looked a little more developed to me at the time her pussy lips protruded out more than Jan’s. Her tinny bush above was darker in colour and a larger than the little tuff of hair that Jan had. As i settled down between Ashleys legs i began to lick her thighs and around her already flaming hot pussy. I slowly worked my way to the lips of her pussy and began to tease them with little licks. Soon enough my face was buried into her pussy as i began to repeat the lessons i had just learned. Her smell and taste was slightly different but none the less still driving me wild. I licked and kissed and nibbled her just like i did with Jan. Whom to this point still hadn't moved. Within a few minutes her ass was bucking up and down and i knew she was close. I wrapped my arms around her hips for control and went for a full assault. I knew where she wanted me to lick and when. Without ever stopping i drove her to cum and cum hard. She didn’t gush out juices like Jan but none the less was off in another land. I eased off as her orgasm subsided and slowly backed away.

My cock was rock hard stiff now and i wanted inside her again. I moved up and placed my cock to the lips of her pussy and slowly entered, slow long strokes at first. It felt so good. Ashley reached up and grabbed my ass and whispered in my ear.

"Fuck me hard now... give me all you got"

So i began to increase speed and power until we were slapping our bodies together so hard i thought we would hurt each other.

Her pussy while tight and wet was accepting me well as i thrust into her over and over.

I came first and shot my cum deep into her, within seconds of that she felt the juices squeezing out of her and began to cum again.

I continued to thrust into her until her orgasm was over and she began to come down, slowly reducing speed but giving her just those final few feelings.

Jan had recovered now and as soon as i slipped out of Ashley she had my cock in her hand, stoking me at first and then dove down with her lips again to clean me off. While i collapsed onto my back she never let go or missed and stroke with her lips.

I was pretty well spent but still enjoying the desert treat. Jan finally had finished cleaning me off so there was no "little spernies" getting inside her. As she mounted me i felt that warmth again slide over my cock. Even tighter than Ashley was, waisting no time Jan was fully taking my cock into her belly and riding me like i was a rodeo bull.

She had some small orgasms and worked her way up to a large one as she enjoyed it sitting with my cock deep inside her. Leaning forward she rested on me for a while. I could feel her juices dripping down over my balls.

"Remember don't cum inside me" she whispered as she began to slowly rise and lower on my cock. The feeling was overwhelming and i could have stayed there forever. Slowly she began to increase the speed and moved around more and more. I had already cum twice so i was enjoying being thoroughly screwed by this young maiden. Finally i felt the gush of warm juices again and she was done, likely totally exhausted as much as satisfied. As she rolled off of me Ashley waisted no time in mounting me in the same way to finish me off. Being in two young hot pusses within seconds was amazing. Each felt different but great in every way. I never thought sex could feel this good and having two maidens that seemed not to be able to get enough was beyond any wild dreams. Ashley rode me and came a few times before bringing me off again. As she rolled off me and laid on my left side Jan pulled up against my right side and we rested for a while. Later in life i found out this is cuddling and women love it.

With nothing to clean up or smells to worry about we eventually got up and the girls slipped out the mow door while i went about my chores. Oh what great afternoon.

The next morning i was doing my regular chores and headed to the barn to check things there, no sooner than i was in the door and Jan came running in alone. This was kind of odd i thought. She was a giddy and cheery, "aunt flo came to visit last night" she rambled off. Well just stood there," who the hell is aunt flo " i soon asked.

Well i didn’t know much about girly stuff so she had to explain, and even then i just knew it was a monthly thing and tread lightly in those days around girls. Finally she said..."it means you didn't knock me up when you shot your cum into me the first time silly".

"Ohh....Well thats a good thing, i guess" i stupidly replied.

"But it means we cant have sex like we did yesterday for a week, So i will have to give you special treats in other ways so Ashley doesn't get it all". She said.

With that she grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled the buckle apart and the zipper down. My pants were at my knees in seconds and she kneeled down and began to suck on my now stiffening cock. As i stood right there in the alley way of the barn getting my dick sucked i wondered if this was a good time and place, but i didn't need to wonder long. She was waisting no time and her head was constantly moving. As i looked down at her fine young lips wrapped around my cock. I soon felt the urge to cum and just like before i set my hand on the top of her head. This unknowingly became the signal to her that the end was near and a symbol to be used many many times over in the next few years. This time however she knew what was coming and wasted none of it, keeping her lips wrapped tightly around my cock till i was done unloading. As soon as i was done she stood up and showed me her mouth full of cum. Then in one big swallow it was gone. With a peck on the cheek she darted around me, said good bye for now and was out the door. I was still standing there with a semi stiff cock and my pants around my knees. Wow. But a good wow.

The day went on and the chores and work were done for the day, as i passed by Jims trailer in the evening everyone was outside enjoying a camp fire. Jim waved me over and started chatting. "I suppose you have been keeping the girls entertained this summer" he said. I almost tripped stumbled and fell at that moment before recovering with a typical smart ass comment. "Yea Jim but why do you have to leave me here with two silly girls, what good are they to play with?" I chuckled.

Well the tension was off and a decent recovery made with no suspicions.

Ashley was not one to be quiet and soon piped up "well i can ride a bike better than you can" she remarked. Then the bickering began. The playful cantering went back and forth until Jim said " i know what you two need". As he walked over to the shed and pulled out his 2 person bicycle. "Here take this for a ride and see if the two of you can manage to ride together. Ashley and i both headed for the steering part. I decided we could take turns so i let her go first. On the bike and away we went out the lane and down the road. Ashley followed my directions and i took her to secluded area on a dead end road. We knew where we were going and why. With the bike resting against the gate we slipped behind a deserted building out of site and began making out. "We cant be gone long, they will think we killed each other" she giggled to me.

So hands wandered really quick and clothing was loosened off. Ashley dropped her pants and turned around in front of me bending over slightly. As she looked back at me fumbling with my pants she said "lets try it this way". My cock was well aware of the situation and was ready for the new position.

As i stepped forward and guided my cock into her waiting pussy, there was no going easy this time. I opened her up fast and drove in hard making her squeal a little bit in delight. I liked this new position for the fact neither of us to to totally undress and the feeling was different. Apparently Ashley liked it too for within a couple minutes she was letting out louder and louder moans as i thrust into her from behind. I could feel her pussy clamp down on me as she came and that was enough for me to release my cum deep into her. I stopped thrusting as i came and just held myself deep inside her as the shots of my cum hit her insides. She let out another squeal and i could feel her shaking and orgasming again just from my cum hitting her. I slowly pulled out and we pulled up our clothes. " i like that the best" she said. We kissed and grabbed the bike, but this time with me steering.

As we rode back to trailer with big happy smiles, Ashley reminded me about the smell of fresh sex and that we should get into the camp fire smoke before getting near the parents. Arriving back at Jim’s everyone was glad to see we hadn't crashed. I parked the bike where it belonged as Ashley was the first to begin telling our tale but mistakenly standing in the camp fire smoke to do it. I soon joined the group and told Jim she was ok for a city girl, but she will need to learn the country ways if she is gonna hang around here. Everyone was chucking at our silliness and bantering at each other. With that Ashley grabbed me and dragged me into the smoke of the fire while wrestling with me and calling me out about country ways. It was all just a show to keep them thinking. Ashley soon went over to Jan and gave her that big Cheshire cat smile as she sat down. Jan knew what that meant and her eyes were lit up.

I just stood there with Jim and remarked. "silly young girls who wants to hang out with them". I soon excused my self and wandered off.

Our summer vacation activities became a daily thing for the three of us. Jan became more afraid of getting pregnant and regular type sex with her became less and less, although the monster i created never missed a chance to give me treats, even in the strangest and oddest times and places. I returned the favours as often as possible but she seemed content with pleasing me.

Jan had to spend time with her mother throughout the summer and that left more time for Ashley and i to become closer and engage in our sex activities, sometimes multiple times a day. She was always wanting to try different things in different ways, and constantly sharing things with me of what a girl likes and where to touch them and when. Finally one day when we were walking back home from visiting Jan for the afternoon, including a long sex filled afternoon in her bedroom i decided to ask Ashley where she comes up with all these ideas and sex things, since she was without any practical experience. Thats when i found out she had an older sister who lived on her own in the city and had been feeding her information almost on a daily basis as our saga developed. Ashley confessed she confided in her sister right after our first sexual encounter in the hay mow. Her sister began to tell her what and how to do things.

She was actually very happy he little sister was getting it finally and enjoying it each time. Things now made sense in my head, not only was i being tutored but so was Ashley.

We began to spend a lot of time together and even go to some events together with Jim’s family. Of course the jokes and comments never ended about us being a couple, even though we played it cool when with others. I nearly blew it one day when Jan’s brother suggested Ashley and I should "go steady" a silly term they used. Without thinking i blurted out "well that wouldn't be fair to Jan". It took some quick covering up to explain that mistake. Since the three of us had discussed the dating thing, the girls were very adamant that if things happened to develop and one of them was to "go steady" or be dating me then our three way activities would end. None of us would like that to happen. Naturally we all knew that would likely end up being Ashley and I. For now we were happy to each have what piece of heaven we could get.

As the summer wore on and school got nearer everyday, our daily activities never ceased or slowed. Usually it was just Ashley and I but when we could meet up with Jan or she was visiting her dad the treats and three way activities would never end. Jan couldn't get on birth control so we were very careful. No one ever suspected us because we keep it cool around other people but when we were alone it was a different world. I took a lot of jokes and teasing from my other friends, but if they only knew what was hiding behind closed doors they would fall over with jealousy. We had a large house and my parents never went up stairs , they were always busy with other things as well. So it slowly worked out that Ashley and i could spend time in my room. Countless times through the months to come we slipped in the back door and up the back stairs to spend time in my room.

Summer ended and school began, our free time was gone and new routines had to be sought out. All three of us were in different grades so that made it even harder. Jan spent the week with her mother but we often walked her home and stopped for treats and pussy snacks. Jan was very happy to only be getting and receiving oral sex most of the time as Ashley watched and gave pointers, more like a cheering squad more than anything. I really think Jan enjoyed her cheering us on it seemed to make her cum harder and squirt even more. We both became very proficient at our skills, far more developed than anyone our ages and likely better than most adults. Quiet often when Ashley and i got up to leave for home Jan never even moved, she just laid there off in ecstasy land with her throughly licked pussy spread wide.

Ashley and i developed new patterns and still managed to have sex three to four times a day where ever and when ever we could. No matter the situation there was always a way, be it quick and satisfying or a full love session with me giving her the oral treats that Jan often received. Ashley wasn't much into giving me treats. She said that was Jan’s thing, i didn't mind at all.

Months went by and spring came, school ended again and i was looking forward to another summer with the two girls. Then one day Ashley just disappeared, i finally tracked down Jan and found out that Jim and Ashley’s mother spilt suddenly and Ashley and her mom moved back to the city in a hurry. I never had the chance to say good bye or had any way of contacting her. Neither Jan or I ever heard from her again.

Jan and i continued our treats and love sessions but just wasn't the same without Ashley. I missed her deeply and the great sex we had daily.

I began to spend more and more time searching for Ashley but in those times options were limited. I eventually gave up and began to hang out more with my buddies while still satisfying Jan as often as i could.


One Saturday in the mid summer my friends decided we should go visit some friends in another city nearby. I tagged along not really knowing where we were going or what we were doing. We ended up at a house where there was 5 girls, there was 4 of us boys. We sat around chattering in the garage. Eventually everyone seemed to pair up with a girl, i figured out later that this wasn't the first time they had all met but this time i was the stranger in the crowd and tagged as the shy virgin guy. The two remaining girls were complete opposites. Roxy was the loud, outspoken, very forward one. While Gail was very timid and quiet and it was her house we were at. I didn't care much for Roxy although she was well built and very pretty, i guess thats when i figured out that girls all come in different "types", and she wasn't mine. Eventually Roxy spoke up and said.."well i guess i get the virgin". As she came over to sit with me. Everyone except Gail had a partner and was making out as we chattered away. Roxy decided it was time to kiss and begin making out. I really had no interest in her and decided to be the bumbling virgin i was tagged as. The kiss was a total flop and she ended it right there. "You a lousy sloppy kisser" she blurted out. The rest of the crowd had began to wander away and that soon left just the three of us. Roxy wouldn't shut up and went on and on about the kiss.

Finally i had enough and decided it was time to burn her at her own game. I said.." fine i will go kiss Gail". With that i moved over and laid the sweetest best kiss on Gail anyone could ask for. Then whispered in her ear to lets get out of here and away from Roxy. With her mind still spinning she grabbed my hand and lead me into the house toward her bedroom. Roxy was pissed and decided to go watch TV as Gail and I entered her room and closed the door. Now Gail wasn't a great looking girl but was slender, blonde and very tall, well developed but not overly.

As we laid down on her bed i wondered how far she would go with this, was this just a make out session or was she wanting more. Either way i decided to return to the lessons Ashley had taught me. As we began i choreographed every move and touch. Gail responded to each one with more and more enthusiasm.

Moving forward with each planned move, i began to unbutton Gails shirt from the bottom up with gentle touches as i went. As i removed the last button i slid her shirt to the side exposing her chest. Her bra was still covering her small breasts as i leaned down and planted some tinny kisses around its perimeter, Gail was loving every second of it and making all sorts of sweet noises. Her bra had a front clasp so i reached up with both hands and undone it. With each hand on a bra cup i slowly slid it to the side and licked and kissed as i went, slowly exposing her breasts while giving each one its own special treats. Alternating between kissing Gail and giving each breast a through teasing, i spent what seemed to be forever but i wanted to make sure she was comfortable with me and liked where this was going. I gently slid a hand down between her legs to see if she would accept that or give me an invitation for more. As my hand reached directly over her pussy i could feel the heat and moistness, she spread her legs slightly to allow me more access which to me was the invitation i was looking for. While still kissing her i moved my hand up and undone her pants, sliding my hand under them i passed her pubic hair and found the moist over heated spot i wanted. As my finger reached her clitoris i began to tease it and drive her wild, she never stopped squirming and making gentle purring noises. With proper timing i slid two fingers down the lips of her soaked pussy and gently inserted them into her as she stretched to receive them. Her underwear was soaked as well and i could feel it on the back of my hand. I began to wonder what she tasted like, so after i worked her pussy even more wild and hot with my fingers for a while i pulled my hand out and got a sigh of sadness from her. Lifting my hand towards our faces i brought it up to my nose as she watched me and smelled her sweet aroma. With my eyes pinned to hers i inserted my fingers in my mouth to taste her. While looking in her eyes i tasted her juices for the first time. The taste was again different and more sweet. My plans in my head nearly went out the window as it drove me insane. Nodding my head to the side towards her waiting pussy i asked..."may I ?". As slight little nod and a gentle whisper followed..." oh please". I began to slide down positioning my self for the pleasures she was about to receive. With one hand on each side of her pants i pulled down and removed them. Her legs instinctively spread open to revel her waiting pussy. I hesitated for a moment to enjoy the view, the first completely blonde haired bush i had ever seen. Her pussy was just a slit soaked in gleaming juices. There was no protruding lips as Ashley or Jan had.

With that i lowered my self down and began, still drawing on every lesson i learned and hitting every spot at the perfect time. I was soon driving her wild just working on her clit. Soon there was no stopping the orgasm that was hitting her and she shook and squealed loudly in delight. With her body shaking and wailing i knew i was on track and slowly brought her down from that orgasm. After a few minutes of recovery i moved down to the opening of her pussy and planted my tongue just above her ass and licked upward and inserted my tongue as far into her as i could. To my surprise her tight slit was keeping all of her cum inside and i received a huge mouthful of the sweetest girl cum i ever had.

As i swallowed i went back for more and more, each time i made her cum i received another small sample. I was in no hurry at this point so i turned her sideways on the bed with her ass on the edge. As i kneeled down beside the bed to a more accessible and comfortable position i held her legs up with my arms and went to work licking and teasing her pussy for what seemed like forever. I lost track of how many minor or major orgasms she might have had. All the while making all sorts of noises. I wondered if Roxy who was only a few rooms away could hear her.

I slowly lowered her legs and stood up, she was off in another land. I undressed and removed her shirt and bra. My cock was as stiff as hell by now and wanted inside her. I moved forward and placed the tip at her waiting pussy lips while leaning forward, as i kissed her i slowly slid into her with everything i had. Slowly at first letting her adjust i began to move in and out of her.

Again a different feeling than Ashley or Jan.

Maneuvering around with different movements and strokes i was about to cum and cum hard. I dove my cock deep as i could into her and felt it touch bottom. That caused her to wiggle just at the perfect time as i blew my hot semen against her insides resulting in her having the most intense orgasm i had seen from her yet. If no one had heard her before they were hearing her now! As my orgasm subsided i grabbed her legs and did a roll maneuver while still buried inside her so that i ended up on my back with her straddled on top of me. Gently lifting her ass off me i positioned her where i could thrust my hips up and thrust into her in just such a away to hit her g spot perfectly.

Our juices were now flowing down my cock and balls and this reminded me of the first time with Jan. I pounded harder and faster every minute it went on until i felt her cum yet again and i released my second round of cum into her without ever pulling out or really stopping. But this time i held her so my cock was just inside he pussy lips and shot it up into her. The sensations were amazing and the force was more since there was no restrictions around most of my cock. She felt me go off and her eyes rolled around in her head once again.

We collapsed on the bed in sweat and exhaustion and true to what i learned i cuddled her and gently touched her while we rested. After resting a while she figured we should get dressed and join our friends.

Not quiet ready for this to end yet i asked i could have one more with her from behind.

There was no argument from her as she rolled over and raised her ass up for me.

I straddled on top of her, her ass was tiny and my cock was big enough to reach deep in her so i guided it to her pussy and grabbed the front of her hips keeping her in position and locked in. This was the time to fuck hard and fast and i gave it everything i had left. Her wailing in pleasure never seemed to stop as i remembered the first time taking Ashley from behind and knowing how much she liked it. I couldn't hold out to long in this position as i makes me cum fast. As i came deep inside her and then pulled out i dropped down beside her on the bed and laid the sweetest kiss on her lips i could muster. We rested for a bit and she got up first and dressed and went out the bedroom door. I was just pulling on my pants when Roxy burst through the door. "what the hell did you do to her ?" She screamed at me.

I thought oh shit did i go to far? Did i do something wrong? I screamed past Roxy to go find out what was wrong. I found her at the sink getting a drink of water. As she turned i could tell she was off in another land still, her eyes were still rolled back in her head, her hair a mess and her shirt half tucked in. "Are you ok ? " i asked.

"Oh more than ok ! That was out of this world ! " she replied.

As i turned around there stood Roxy with this growling look on her face. I just looked at her and said..." i don't know I'm a sloppy kisser".

As i walked away to rejoin our friends in the garage. Everyone looked at me as i walked in and joined them, nothing was said until Gail walked through the door in the trance and still messed up. Followed by a now very growly Roxy. They all looked at her and then at me, nothing was said but there was no shy virgin guy comments ever made again.

Not long after we needed to leave to catch the bus home. I said my good bye to Gail with a hug and a great kiss. Not knowing if i would ever see her again.

Well true to their form, yes girls do talk about these things just like Ashley, Jan and her sister had. I believe after we left Gail gave a recount to the others of what all i did to her.

Apparently the others didn't have an experience anything like that. The following week i received a few calls from the girls that were there including Roxy wondering when i was going to be back to the city. I never did return.

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