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Comparison of facial care products!

Please refer to the following three points when choosing a facial device if you want to use a facial device to take care of my skin at home.

  • Price of the device: The price of facial equipment can be extremely high. This is the point where most failures occur, so choose a model with a reasonable price.
  • Functions: There are multiple functions of facial equipment, so choose the one with the functions that match your current concerns.
  • Reliability of the manufacturer: It is very difficult to reduce the size of a facial device for home use while increasing its performance and output, so some manufacturers cheat with low performance features that have little effect. Choose a manufacturer with a high level of innovation who has been doing research for many years.


No.1*1 in the manufacturer's market share in the facial equipment category and body beauty equipment category for two consecutive years.

With a history of more than 40 years since its establishment, the company is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a pioneer in the facial equipment market with proven reliability.

The company specializes in the manufacture of beauty equipment, not only for home use, but also for professional use such as beauty salons, and slimming equipment.

The company's popularity has exploded in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is almost certain to be a candidate when choosing a facial device.


One of Japan's best-known manufacturers of home appliances, popular for its ion effector series.
They have a wide range of products from low to high prices, and the quality is fine.

In terms of quality and reliability, it is a facial device manufacturer that ranks alongside Yaman in terms of facial device selection.

L&L Skin

L&L Skin is still young compared to Yerman and Panasonic, but its low price and cute design have made it popular among young people.

Although it needs a little more in the way of functions and performance, it is a good choice for those who are just starting out with facial equipment.

People who are not satisfied with the L&L Skin facial devices series often buy the Ya-Man or Panasonic products, and it is safe to say that there are not many people who switch from the aforementioned two manufacturers to the L&L Skin series.

Yarman Photo Plus EX

The reason why the Photo Plus EX was chosen as the No. 1 recommended facial device is because it is equipped with multiple professional-grade functions, yet its price is less than 40,000 yen.
In addition to skincare, this facial machine can be used for all kinds of skin problems, such as sagging, lines, dark circles, eye care, and skin elasticity, and is especially recommended for people who feel that their skin has recently turned a corner.

It has been used in many beauty salons and clinics, and has a good word-of-mouth reputation and a large number of reviews, making it a highly satisfying product.

L&L Skin MIO2 Face Lift Massager

MIO2 is a facelift massager facial device that is worn on the face, and the controller built into the cheek area generates EMS stimulation. Both hands can be used freely during use, so you can use it while doing housework or watching TV.

This product is especially recommended for people who want to do something about their sagging face, because it allows you to distinguish between facial muscles that should be trained and those that should not be trained. This is especially recommended for people who want to do something about their sagging face.

Panasonic High Penetration Type Ion Effector

The EH-ST86 is one of the most high-spec models among Panasonic facial appliances, and it is equipped with an electroporation function that can penetrate even high-molecular ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Ordinary iontophoresis cannot penetrate such large ingredients, so it is recommended for those who are particularly concerned about dryness.

However, it is a little tricky to use, so be careful if you are cumbersome or don't know how to use it properly, or the effect will be reduced by half.

L&L Skin MAMI Massager

This is a hot and cold facial massager device that specializes in the surface of the skin, such as ion guidance to remove dirt from pores and ion introduction to penetrate beauty ingredients. It does not have an RF function that is effective in treating sagging and wrinkles.

It's the ion-introduction + ultrasound that I felt the most immediate results from! I did the ion-introduction + ultrasound as part of my nighttime skincare routine, and my pores were tighter the next morning! My makeup also looks great. It's a shame I can't do it every day.

It's a shame I can't use it every day, but I've only been using it for about two weeks, so I don't know the effects of the iontophoresis and LED.


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