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Cathy Aranya

My main pupil was Sarah Slattery. A year behind me, she was smart pretty, popular and flunking calculus. Her stepmother was paying me twenty five dollars an hour to tutor Sarah to pass the proficiency final at the end of the fall semester.

I liked Sarah, she was from Bali in Indonesia. She was a tiny thing, a beautiful face, black eyes that could drill into you. She had skin the color of walnut shells, a small bust and perfect white teeth that all showed when she smiled which was very often. She was always in a good mood except when she had to do calculus when she panicked and forgot everything she had learned.

Her stepmother, Catherine Slattery had gone to Sarah’s calculus instructor and asked him to recommend a tutor, and heard about me, a straight A student in all the sciences and math. We arrived at a deal: twenty five an hour at four hours a week. We always worked at the student’s house, a nice two story condo in the best part of town.

My mother was not happy with the arrangement. Catherine Slattery was not well regarded in town. I’d heard my mother and her friends say that Catherine was immoral and unfit for decent society. There were rumors that she had carried on an affair with the married mayor and in the darker version also with the mayor’s wife.

She was widely criticized for her wardrobe, which in nice weather was usually a long swishy summer dress and high heels. She also spent a suspicious amount of time at the gym and had managed to keep her figure well after my mother and her friends had given up the battle.

"Well, she never had kids; it’s easy to keep a nice figure that way, That dark little girl of hers if from her ex-husband’s first wife." I heard them say to each other in catty tones.

I was not the only hormone crazed teenager who fantasized about what was under those summer dresses. She was polite and proper in her dealings with me. The money was so good, and the tutoring would look good on my college application. Every week when Catherine paid me, in cash, she’d ask about Sarah’s progress. I was generally honest, but may have exaggerated her progress a little.

One Tuesday afternoon about the fifth week into the tutoring deal, Sarah and I were working at the kitchen table and Catherine came home from the gym wearing one of those brightly colored dresses about knee length with spaghetti straps. As she walked through the room, with that dress swishing around her knees, she tapped me on the shoulder and whispered to me. "I want to see you in my room." When you’re making good money and the boss tell you to do something, the smart thing is to do it, so I gave Sarah a hard problem to work on, and followed Catherine up the stairs.

She was standing next to the bed glaring at me. She motioned to me to close the door. As soon as I did, she lit into me.

"Are you fucking my stepdaughter?" she demanded.

"No! No, ma’am, I swear I never touched her, I never did," I stammered.

"Why the hell not? Isn’t she pretty enough? You’ve had every chance. I know from the way you look at me you’re not gay. I pay you a hundred bucks a week to hang around with her. I leave you alone in the house for hours. What’s the problem?"

"Well, Catherine, Sarah is a very attractive girl, but I didn’t know you wanted me to pursue her. It’s a bad idea to get involved with students, and besides, I already have a steady girl." I was the starting tight end and had the pick of a lot of girls. Barbara and I had an understanding.

"Let me explain something to you about myself. I can smell sex. Not just the obvious stuff that most people can. I can smell desire. It’s just a weird gift I have. I can tell with my nose if people have the hots for each other. The gift appeared the same time I developed these tits and this ass. Now I’ve been smelling you and Sarah for weeks. Why don’t you just go ahead and do it."

"I think your sense is off this time. I like Sarah and she’s pretty and plenty attractive, but I’m her tutor and I have a steady girl, so I’m not as interested as you seem to think."

"It occurs to me now that every time I smell it on you, I’m in the room. I’m right about Sarah, she’s definitely got the hots for you, but maybe you just want to see what’s under this dress. Is that what I’m picking up? Let’s just find out, shall we?"

She crossed her arms across her chest and slipped the straps off her shoulders. The dress fell into a colorful pool at her feet. Matching my fantasy perfectly, she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. She moved her feet apart just a little and stood looking at me. All I could do was stare.

Her tits were perfect globes tipped with pink aureoles the size of silver dollars and long rosy nipples so long and hard you might have hung a wire coat hanger from them. The gym had given her hard abs and solid thighs that tapered into her pussy which was shaved so close I could see juice glistening between her lips and her clit poking out at the top. Nothing in the world makes a woman look nakeder than a shaved snatch. She had masses of strawberry blonde hair in curly ringlets that hung down her back and over her shoulders.

I knew from my mother and her friends that Catherine must be pushing thirty, but in all the years since then, I’ve never seen a sexier and more beautiful woman than Catherine Slattery. She brushed her palms over her nipples which got longer and harder still. She pulled on her nipples a little and I could see her pussy lips getting wetter. She slipped a hand down between her legs and I thought I might die.

"See anything you like, Dennis?" she asked. "I’m guessing from the front of your Dockers you like it quite a bit." I was painfully hard.

She took a couple of steps towards me. She sank to her knees on the carpeted floor and started undoing my belt. There was a difficult moment when my shorts wouldn’t go over my erection. As soon as she freed it, it sprang up like a windup toy. She was so close, it almost hit her under the chin. She smiled, opened her lips and took me into her mouth a few inches. She swirled her tongue, scraped me with her teeth and bobbed her head. When she shoved my dick into her cheek, I was afraid I’d blow up. Making it even harder to hold off, she had one hand down between her own legs fluttering like a humming bird.

"You know, even if you have a steady girl already, a relationship can’t be hurt by a little extra action. This won’t hurt anything between you and Barbara," Catherine mumbled around my cock.

"I suppose that’s why there’s no Mr. Slattery," I said.

"If I didn’t have your dick in my mouth, I’d slap your face."

"Don’t you dare come, I might need you later." She cupped my balls with her free hand and never stopped bobbing her head in my crotch or rubbing her own slit. She got more and more aroused, her nipples hardening, groaning noises in her throat and the muscles in her belly pulsing. Another minute and just as I thought I couldn’t hold back anymore, she got herself off, a shattering, twitching, grunting climax. Still on her knees, she collapsed, slumping forward with her head in my lap and my dick still deep in her mouth. Just at this moment Sarah walked into the room.

"Catherine! What the hell are you doing?" Sarah shouted. Catherine raised her head just a little.

"I’m giving your boyfriend a blowjob. Why do you ask?" Catherine clambered to her feet, an incredibly sexy thing to watch.

"He’s not my boyfriend, Sarah insisted. Catherine was right in her face now.

"Well no wonder, he tells the two of you haven’t fucked! What are you waiting for?"

"He’s never asked me. He already has a girlfriend. Barbara is a cheerleader and has big boobs and blond hair. I don’t have a chance."

"Not with that attitude! I know what you want. I was telling Dennis here a while ago, I can smell desire, so I know you want him."

"That’s not true, I’ve never made a move toward him."

"Nonsense, look me in the eye and tell me you’re not oozing in your panties right now." I noticed Sarah didn’t do it, her eyes flicked over to where I was still sitting on the bed with my hardon sticking up like a club.

"That’s what I thought," Catherine said and stepped around behind Sarah. She lifted Sarah’s t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Catherine knelt behind Sarah and pulled down her sweatpants and white lace underwear. Without an objection, Sarah stepped out of them and stood facing me stark naked.

She was gorgeous in a completely different way than Catherine who was now standing behind her. Sarah had small tits, A or B at the most, but had the most beautiful skin, a walnut chocolate color. Her delicate body was beautifully formed, long arms and legs for her height.

She had a little black bush trimmed down to a tiny patch. Her straight black hair was parted in the middle and fell down to her nipples. I wondered if she was OK with the situation, and then she gave me that huge smile showing all her white teeth and I knew she was fine.

Catherine caressed Sarah’s tits from behind, nibbled on her earlobe and ran a hand down into her bush.

"Would you like Dennis to eat you?" Catherine whispered in Sarah’s ear

"Yes, I think I’d like that, if he’s willing." I was still tingling from what Catherine had done to me, so I was plenty willing.

Catherine led Sarah over to the bed, laid her on her back and pulled her knees apart. Catherine looked down on her and started playing with herself. She gave me a little push to put me between Sarah’s legs. My hair is kind of kinky curly and can be a little scratchy, so I slicked it down a little before I slipped my head between her legs. Catherine was right, Sarah was plenty wet already.

I stuck my tongue in her slit and wiggled a little to get her used to it. She wiggled and twitched a little, so I went ahead and tongued her clit. That went over very well, so I continued. Barbara had trained me to what she liked, so I tried it on Sarah.

I started all the way down at her little pink asshole and licked all the way up to her clit. She jumped and gasped. I went on, working up and down, alternating with side to side, with much more of the same for several minutes with spectacular results. She was delicious but tasted quite different from Barbara. Every time I came up for air, I saw Catherine sitting on the bed next to Sarah staring down at me eating Sarah and rubbing herself.

Sarah herself was writhing, moaning and holding my head hard into her snatch. She got off loudly and actively with my head clamped between her thighs, rolling side to side and grunting with pleasure. When Sarah settled down a little, Catherine leaned over her, French kissed her for a while and sucked on her little tits. I was still hard and needed some release. It was coming.

"That was pretty good pussy eating there, Dennis. Catherine sniffed and said in a matter of fact voice. "I thought she might be faking it, but I can tell now she really came."

"Well, thanks, I guess, but I could use some relief here." I said.

"Well, She’s ready to be fucked now. Think you can manage it without losing your cheerleader girlfriend?"

"Yeah, I guess since she’ll never know, it’s OK."

"That’s the spirit." Catherine laid Sarah on her back at the edge of the mattress and opened her legs.

"Don’t worry, he’s got a perfect dick for you. It’s not some monster like a billy club, just a nice six or seven inches with good width," she said to Sarah.

I stepped up and rubbed my dick up and down Sarah’s slit to get lubricated then press my tip against her opening. There was a lot of resistance so I pulled back, knelt down and licked some more and got a lot of spit just at her entrance. This time I started in easy. I could see her little brown pubes bulge as I pushed the head of my dick in. She whined and rolled her hips against me. I set up a steady pumping action, once in a while pulling clear out then thrusting deep back in. Catherine was laying with her head on Sarah’s belly, jerking herself off while watching my dick sucking Sarah’s pussy lips in and out, and occasionally rubbing Sarah’s clit.

After a couple minutes of that, Catherine straddled Sarah’s torso facing away from me and lowered her pussy on Sarah’s face. She got the idea right away and ate Catherine steadily. When she leaned back a little, I could reach around Catherine and fondle her tits while I fucked Sarah. I could hear Catherine panting for breath as she got closer to climax.

When she finally came, she dropped forward onto her hands, shook and moaned while Sarah continued to lick her snatch. I was still banging the hell out of Sarah and trying not to come. Sarah was squeaking on every thrust.

Catherine climbed off the bed, grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards out of Sarah. She rolled Sarah sideways and took her place in front of me, kneeling up with that perfect ass just at my waist level.

"I’m going to do something for you not one woman in a thousand can do. It’s called the Shanghai grip and I learned it from a Chinese whore on a business trip to Saigon with my first husband."

I took a step closer to the bed, and with my dick still wet from Sarah’s juices went balls deep on the first thrust into Catherine.

I thrust as deep as I could as fast as I could for a few seconds. I might not have the biggest dick, but it was big enough to make her grunt every time she took the meat. Then I found out about the Shanghai grip. Catherine just clamped her pussy around my dick. It stopped me cold. It was exactly as if she had a fist in there. She would clamp and release, absolutely controlling my thrusting, the speed and depth.

After she had me down to the depth and speed she wanted, she rolled Sarah back over and started eating her snatch. Sarah had a couple pillows behind her head so I could look directly into her face while I fucked Catherine. Her eyes were opened wide and there was a line of drool in the corner of her mouth. It was very hot. Sarah got more and more aroused, digging her heels into the bed and humping her pussy up against Catherine’s face and her hands tearing at the sheets. Just as Sarah was about to come, Catherine growled at me over her shoulder.

"Put your finger in my ass!" She released my dick so I could thrust the way I wanted. I could feel the head of my dick going past my finger up her ass. She was groaning louder than Sarah now.

I looked at Sarah. She was panting for breath, biting her bottom lip; her eyes rolled back in her head, she was holding Catherine’s face against her pussy and shaking like a paint mixer.

I kept fucking Catherine who was wailing, rubbing her clit furiously and close to orgasm. As Sarah gradually calmed down, she rolled away to the edge of the bed and tried to stand up. Her legs buckled and she sank to the floor, near her pile of clothes.

I couldn’t quite get Catherine over the top, and finally she crawled forward, popping my dick out of her snatch and my finger out of her ass. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide apart. There was pussy juice dripping on her thighs. She looked over at Sarah who was getting into her panties.

"Where are you going?"

"I’ve had enough, I’m done. I can hardly stand."

"You’re not done until I say so, and I’m not done."

"Please, mom, I can’t take any more."

"Crawl over here and suck me off, you little bitch!"

Sarah dropped back to her knees, her beautiful skin a contrast with the white carpet, and crawled back over to the bed. I was still standing there as hard as ever with Catherine’s juice and precum coating my dick.

Sarah ate Catherine as she was told, and it really worked on Catherine. She was immediately more aroused that when I had been banging her. When I saw that she was about to come I climbed up on the bed and set my dick against her lips. She smiled at me and gaped her mouth open. I went all the way into her throat. I held the back of her head with both hands. By the time she reached her climax I was right there with her and pumped her throat full of cum while she twitched and gagged and groaned.

I never touched either one of them again. The tutoring session went well and Sarah easily passed the math proficiency final at the end of the fall semester. At the little ceremony after the announcement of the grades, Catherine approached me.

"How about a little celebration for the three of us, it’ll be like old times."

"I’m sorry Mrs. Slattery, but Barbara and I are engaged and I couldn’t do that."

"I figured you’d say something like that. I hope you’ll accept this as an appreciation for everything you did for us."

She handed me an envelope with four hundred and fifty bucks in it, four and a half weeks pay.

Sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.

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