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Raymond Millet

A soft smile and giggle seemed loud in the enclosed vehicle as she looked out the window. A hand reached out to touch and tease along the top of his thigh, her approval of their playground showing. The tall wrought iron gates stood in the middle of the equally tall walls, the designs echoing back to another period of time in the lines of there beauty. Turning back from the view and sliding across the bench seat of the car, leans up to place a kiss upon his cheek. The answering arching of a brow is coupled by the appearance of a slight smirk upon his lips. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, slides one leg over his own and slips between the steering wheel and his body, straddling his lap. Her tongue darts out quickly to lick the tip of his nose which brings a chuckle. As her hand opens his door, she whispers, "Hide and seek..... your it."
She is out of the car leaving the door open before he can even dispute the fact, even if he wanted to. A light pressure to the gates allows her admittance to the grounds beyond. The fog that had been noticeable while they drove from the club now seemed denser as she jogged slowly threw the midnight darkness. As with so many things with him, this too was a first yet just as exciting and trilling as everything else they had tried so far. Shadows fell deep upon the already dark ground, some large some small. Cemetery monuments came in all shapes and sizes these days. Taking a side path slowed to look at some of the carved statues that she could see. Angels reaching to the sky in ever silent and still in pleas to the Gods for mercy on those below. While others of their winged brethren stooped doubled over or lay prostate in what seemed to be either pain or sorrow or both to those who they stood over. Each was something to wonder over and delight in how fine the work had been done.
She could not have heard the gate open yet her eyes turned to where she just made out the beginning of the path from where she stood. He ghosted like some dark specter as he walked, looking this way and that every so often, taking his time in the game. As soon as he slipped from sight, she ran. Unfamiliar with the layout made the chase more chaotic, almost dangerous. She had no idea if she was running right back toward him or if she was becoming hopelessly lost. An errant thought that he had no sense of direction just made her shiver in anticipation for the first time. It might be a long chase after all, the thrill of it rushing through her veins.
The wind gently cooled her skin as she forced herself to walk after several minutes, her choice in shoes vastly inappropriate for such an outing. Especially when she made her mind up to leave the paths of manmade material and wander between graves on the grass, the heels sinking into the soft ground. She kept her feet moving though, he was here somewhere if he spotted her he would catch her if he could. Running on the soft earth would likely break her ankles if she tired. The soft fringe of lace on the short skirt caressed her legs as she went, touching the headstones. Finally giving up on the footwear simply stopped and sat on the marker closest and unzipped the thigh hi boots and took them off. "Many apologies Sir." offered to the grave.
Ahead of her lay a building that seemed to be more of a tunnel really but it was lit with a soft light and curiosity could not be denied. As she walked on the smooth floor in her stockings, found that it was a place for ashes of those who had been cremated. Interesting enough but by far more was where it lead. Surely this was the older part of the grounds, the ones that were of a time period of the gates that they had to pass through to enter. The graves while well maintained were crumbling simply from the age of them. Dates where harder to read, name sometimes all but impossible yet the artwork and craftsmanship still shown threw where it could. Someone had cared a great deal for these when they had been made.
The only noise now was the soft call of insects to each other. The fog swirling around her feet higher then it had once done crawling up her shins. Looking slightly like it belonged in some creepy horror film, which was oddly appropriate in a cemetery at midnight or was it later now? She had lost track of time a bit. Glancing to the sky though found a canopy of stars looking back down upon her. So many they seemed to hang in layers. Such was the sight she was unable to keep from looking at it.
"Oh excuse me," she nearly jumped out of her skin at bumping into someone, then almost ran at thinking of who it could be not wanting the game over just yet. Glancing back however found that it was not a person at all, just another angel. This one kneeling with hands pressed palms together to pray with a peaceful expression upon it's face. As she got nearer, giggling softly at her own fear the moment before, found that is what drew her to it. It was peaceful. Not many others she had seen where. Stooping down in front of it she studied it's face, hard to tell if it was female or male. Having committed, hopefully, that visage to memory she moved to it's back to do the same to the wings. When the world went suddenly black.
It was instinct that made her scream some as the pressure of the silk scarf was tied over her eyes. It was that same instinct that made her hands raise to try to tug at it as well. Fortunately he was prepared for that one too. Grabbing her wrists tugged them over her head with ease and locked the manacles into place about them and forcing her to her tip toes. Bumping into her back, he forced a few steps to be taken forward until she could go no further for the angel blocked the way. Shifting to her side so he could keep her arms taunt as they descended out before her and lower forcing her to bend at the waist until her slipped the chain that ran between the cuffs around the angels hands to lay beneath his wrists. The position leaving her bent over at the waist, her upper body cradled on the outstretched wings. Her skirts barely covered her backside like this, they had been that short and the tops of her thigh high sticking left much to touch. His hands lighted softly upon her ankles and slowly dragged his nails up her legs, not hard but soft and sensual. They ran up and under her skirts as well, finding no panties to stop there progress along her skin. He repeated it again and again, the only difference was where his fingers started there climb up her legs till every inch had been treated to the touch and left her whimpering and breathing harder then before. The his fingers appeared at her wrist as he leaned against her back, then moved upward to her shoulders without moving his body from her own. On the fourth or fifth pass up her limbs his hips pressed closer, more snugly to her backside. The press causing a moan to sound into the night joining the music of nature. Along the line of her shoulders and nape of her neck is given little nips, slightly harder bites and kisses to soothe away any hurt that might linger there. The corset style top giving him the advantage to play. Every once and a while clamping down on the back of her throat to simply hold it within his teeth, while she whimpered and writhed and twitched beneath him. She loved the slow torture of touch, to be savored like some work of art or worshipped as a Goddess of old. As he leaned down to touch her legs once again her knees trembled as they skimmed the backs of them and tease for several long moments. The next place are her wrists, then inside of her elbows. She feels the lower of the laces start to be unwound before his finger trace over her lower back which causes her breath to hitch and to test her bonds once more. Though the corset is never unlaced more then what it needed for that act. A series of mewls and whimpers starts as she starts to push against him harder, grinding almost with the need of it all. When his hands skim down the front of her completely, just enough to let her know where his hands are the pleading begins. Softly to the night air her voice begs for what she so wants at this time.
"Please.... please.... I can't stand it anymore."
"All you had to do was ask..." is the whispered reply.
With her body on fire with need she almost wanted to be taken hard and fast, so slow and gentle was almost startling in contrast. Yet it was absolute bliss as well. As he entered and took her from behind one hand snaked around her neck to hold it firmly, almost squeezing but not quite. The small bites along her shoulders started once more as he pushed all the way in to join them more. Soft little moans and groans cannot be silenced as they fall from her lips and only encourage as well. The other of his hands slides from her hip downward to play upon her sex and the hidden treasure there. Within in moments the once soft moans become loud and intense as she bucks against his body trying to drive him deeper within. The climax when it comes is something that almost blinding in it's fury and power.
Laying still joined together and both pressed to the back of an angel there is naught but silence for a long time. Only the sound of small kisses being exchanged.

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