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Taking a deep breath to distill any apprehension you might be able to hear in my voice or step and to slow my heart beat, I close the door loud enough that you can hear and audibly lock the deadbolt. I follow the detailed directions you gave to the room where you’re waiting for me, planting my sneakers firmly onto the hard floor so you can hear my approach. I open the door and my breath is momentarily taken away as I see you in person for the first time.

You are a sight to behold, kneeling on the floor in front of me with your legs slightly spread, pantied ass cheeks resting firmly on your bare ankles and heels, back straight, soft, thin shirt lifted slightly away from your chest by your bra’d breasts, head up, and hands resting on your naked thighs. You’ve been sitting like this for 30 minutes, as per my instructions, blindfolded. I can see you, your sexy form silhouetted by the dark room lit only by unscented candles, but you can’t see me. You subconsciously lick your lips, making them glisten as the candlelight dances off of them. Your heightened hearing picks up on my feet treading across the soft carpet.

I smirk deviously, wondering if, in the back of your mind, you’re slightly worried that a complete stranger has happened upon your unlocked door and found you in this compromising position. You have no idea how much time has passed, only that it feels like it’s been forever.

I leave you to wonder, silently gazing around the room to see if you have obeyed all my instructions. I am pleased to find that you have laid out everything I demanded: ropes of varying lengths including one of smaller diameter, a clear, glass anal plug, your wand vibrator, the blue, curved glass dildo with two beads of increasing size on one end and a phallic head on the other, a flogger, a crop, your 3 favorite toys in addition to anything I requested, the 3 toys that make you the most nervous, and 3 normal household items that could be used for varying purposes during a scene.

I grab the crop and walk over to where you’re still kneeling, waiting with anticipation. As I get closer, I can see that your panties are slightly damp from your wet pussy, making me smile knowing that, in that moment, you are just as turned on as I am. I move behind you, reach over your shoulder with the crop, and ever so gently touch the top of your left hand with it, sliding it painfully slow up your arm until I reach your shoulder. I hear you breathe outwardly and can visibly see your body tense as you feel my touch for the very first time. I’m touching you so lightly with it that you don’t know what it is. The leather is slightly cold to the touch, and, after being blindfolded, your skin is more sensitive than normal.

I repeat the movement, this time along the inside of your left thigh. Again, I reach the elastic of your panties, being ever so careful not to touch your labia. I do the same with your right arm and leg, your hand and arm followed by the inside of your right thigh. Then I make a path along the outside of your right leg, all the way to the bottom of your foot, sliding it across you so lightly that you begin to squirm. I run it between your ass cheeks, on top of your panties, around your side just on top of the waistline of your panties and underneath your shirt so it’s on your bare skin. When I reach just above your mound, I slide it upward, on top of your shirt, straight up the middle of your chest, between your breasts, up your throat, and push it against the underside of your chin causing you to look upward, making the end of the crop bend. At this moment, you realize I’ve been touching you with the crop.

I move it back down to the inside of your left thigh, touching you ever so slightly, but this time, without warning, I snap my wrist back and you jump slightly as it smacks against the inside of your thigh. Once, twice, thrice… fifteen times I smack you, just hard enough for you to know I’m there and cause a little pinkness to appear on the inside of your leg. I repeat with the inside of your right thigh. Once, twice, thrice… fifteen times. You’re tempted to count, worried I might not have been waiting for you to do so for the count to begin, but, the good girl that you are, you hold your tongue knowing that you have not been ordered to count - yet.

I set the crop back on the table, and, from across the room, and, with my first words to you in person, I say with an even tone, "Stand up." You do so, slowly as your legs move for the first time in 40 minutes. I stand there for a moment, again taking in your beauty. Unknown to you, my cock has been straining against my pants since I arrived, and I feel it now as I behold your angelic body, knowing that what we’re about to do will be anything but angelic.

After making you wait, I stride up to your face, place my lips millimeters from yours, breathing through my mouth so you can feel the warm air escaping from between my lips. So close, but our lips never touch. I walk around you, close enough that you know exactly where I am, looking you up and down salivating at the opportunity to finally be able to play in person. I stop briefly in front of your face again so you can feel me ever so close to your slightly parted, wet lips, and again, circle around you. This time, though, I stop directly behind you.

Still refraining from touching you, I place my lips next to the side of your neck and, blowing warm air onto you I move upward toward your ear. You can feel me breathing on you, and, after a moment, I move my right hand upward, around your front, and you feel my fingers wrap around your throat, gently, but firm enough you know I’m there.

"Hello, naughty girl," I whisper. "You may tell your Sir hello."

You gulp, lick your lips, and respond, "Hello, Sir."

My hand around your throat, I continue, saying, "Today, you belong to me. In this moment, you are completely and totally mine. You are mine to command and, in this moment, you exist for one reason and one reason only: to please me. If I choose to cause you pain, it’s because it pleases me. If I choose to give you pleasure, it’s because it pleases me. If I choose not to touch you at all and simply admire your smooth skin and curves, it is because it pleases me."

I push the bulge in my pants against your ass cheeks as I say this last piece simply so you know it’s there and to give you something else to think about. I almost groan as I press against you, loving the way you feel against me, but I refrain so as not to let you think you have an edge.

"Today, your body belongs to me. You are my toy. You are mine to play with and mine to use for my pleasure as I see fit." My hand leaves your throat and, parting your lips with it, I slip three fingers deep inside your mouth and press against the flat of your tongue, continuing, "Your mouth belongs to me and is mine to use." I slide my hand down to your right breast, running my fingers along the top of your shirt, and say, "Your breasts are mine to use for my pleasure." I run my hand down your side, on top of your shirt and on top of your panties, tracing my way to your right ass cheek I grab it, saying, "Your ass and its pretty, slutty little hole belong to me and is completely and totally at my mercy."

I feel you squirm as you decipher what’s coming next, not having been allowed to touch your pussy for a week prior to my arrival. Your pussy is throbbing at this point, I imagine. I make a trail around your right ass cheek and, cupping my hand, the tips of my fingers at the bottom of your slit and the heel of my hand pressing firmly on the pubic bone above your clit, saying, "And your pussy… no, MY pussy, is all mine. It belongs to me. It is mine to tease. It is mine to admire. It is mine to taste. It is mine to vibrate. It is mine to make squirt like a geyser. It is mine to fuck, with whatever I want to fuck it with. It is mine to command. And it absolutely will not cum without my permission. There will be significant punishment if it cums without my permission. Is that understood, my little toy?"

"Yes, Sir. I only want to please you Sir," you manage to spit out, trying to concentrate with my hand still cupping your pussy.

"That’s my good little slut," I reply. "However, you have been very naughty up to this point. You have been dominating my thoughts. You distract me through the day. I wake up hard in the middle of the night having dreamt of you. And we both know that you do not get to dominate me unless I give you my permission. So I’m going to have to punish you. I’m going to have to tease you. I’m going to have to make you wait, because you have been so incredibly naughty."

You smirk deviously at the knowledge that you’ve been constantly on my mind, which I happen to notice. I remove my hand from your pussy, and, still whispering into your ear, I say, "Remind me of your safe words. You are likely going to need them today."

"Red," you respond, "for stop and take a break. Yellow for I’m at my limit but continue. And green for everything is A-OK, Sir."

"That’s a good girl. Such a good memory. Also, if there is something in your mouth and you cannot speak your safe words, when you are on red you will shake your head while repeatedly saying ‘uh, uh, uh’. Show me now."

You shake your head from side to side and intone, "Uh, uh, uh. Uh, uh, uh."

"Very good. I did, however, see that smirk on your face a moment ago, and we are going to have to deal with that."

Still blindfolded, I walk over to the toys you’ve laid out and grab the clear, glass ass plug. "Open your mouth," I command. You do so, not knowing what I’m going to stick inside. You feel the smooth, hard glass, cold from laying out in the room, part your lips. A moan escapes your mouth as you realize what it is, knowing where it’s going to end up, "Lick," I command. You do so, your mouth good and wet from being made to hydrate prior to my arrival. I slide it in and out, in and out, the smooth, cold glass sending chills down your spine. "Get this good and wet, my little slut, because spit will be all the lube you get today. Close your lips around it and hold it in your mouth."

"Eh ir," you manage to mutter as your lips close around the plug, wondering what it’s going to feel like pushing open your tight, cute little anus.

Still blindfolded, you feel my fingers grab the hem of your shirt. "Lift your arms," I say. You lift them straight in the air, and I slowly lift your shirt over your head. As I do so, I let the tips of my fingers make a trail up the now bared skin of your sides, across the sides of your tits, up your armpits making you quiver, and up your arms. When I get to your wrists, instead of pulling your shirt completely off, I bunch it together, make a loop out of the middle, and wrap the loop around your wrists trapping them in your shirt.

"Do not drop your arms," I say firmly. "Eh ir," you reply, mouth full of glass plug.

I step back, admiring you in your undergarments. I reach around your back, my lips meeting yours and my tongue licking your lips around the plug and licking the plug, hard enough that you can feel me, but you can’t actually feel a full kiss because the plug is in the way. I unclasp your bra and, taking off your shirt, trail my fingers along your skin as I bring the straps around to your front, my fingers teasing your breasts, barely grazing your now very firm nipples. They meet at your sternum, and make a path straight down, past your belly button, to the waist line of your panties.

I toss your bra to the side of the room, discarding it for the rest of the day, and kneel in front of you. You feel my beard rubbing against your mound under your panties, and I slide downward, placing my tongue at the bottom of your pussy while grabbing your ass. I give you one, long, firm lick on top of your panties from the bottom of your labia to just above your clit with the flat of my tongue, being careful not to part your swollen pussy lips even slightly, and then do the same one more time.

I lick right next to your pussy on that really sensitive, baby-like skin between your legs, first on your right side, and then the left, my tongue sliding just enough under your panties that it makes you squirm, but avoiding your labia. I run my tongue under the elastic at the bottom of your panties, going outward, first the left side, then the right, and then move to the waist band of your panties, sliding my tongue underneath and running it along you, getting your skin nice and wet.

My fingers clasp the waist band, and I begin to slide your panties down your legs, my fingers again making a trail down your naked, smooth skin on the back of your legs as I go. I set your panties down nearby, knowing I’m going to use them momentarily. Between your wet pussy dripping into them and my saliva, they’re quite wet.

I lead you over to the wall and place your forearms against the wall above your head, providing a little relief from the burning you feel after holding them above your head. Your head is against your forearms, and I spread your legs and move them away from the wall, making you arch your back and stick your ass out.

You feel my tongue press against the ankle of your left leg, and I slowly begin to work my way up your left calf, kissing, licking, nibbling my way up the back of your leg, the inside of your knee, your thigh, your ass cheek. Moving over to the top of your crack, I give a long, firm lick with the flat of my tongue going upward to the small of your back. My hands this whole time are keeping pace with my mouth, gently caressing your sides.

I work my way up your back, standing up, and pressing my crotch against your ass. Again, you can feel the bulge in my pants pressing hard against you, but you know better than to wiggle your ass cheeks trying to tease me.

I get to your neck, and then concentrate on the muscle on the side of your neck where you’re more sensitive and work it up and down, kissing, licking, nibbling, until i suck your earlobe between my lips, suctioning and licking with my tongue.

I pull off of you and repeat on the right side. Calf, back of knee, thigh, ass cheek, crack, back, neck, earlobe, kissing, licking, nibbling. My hands follow suit, pressing your hands into the wall as I play with your neck.

I drop to my knees and spit at the top of your crack, loving the sight of my spit dribbling down your crack and pooling around your asshole. I slap your right ass cheek and do it again, and again. Once there’s a good amount of spit, I work my tongue down your crack, circle the rim of your pert, puckered asshole, and slowly begin working my tongue inside you. Your hole eventually relaxes enough to let me in, and I use my tongue to shove all my spit inside your pink hole.

I follow my tongue with a finger, which slides in easily now that your asshole is spit-soaked. I pull downward, slowly, firmly, stretching you ever so slightly, making room for a second finger, which I slide in alongside the first. You moan with the plug in your mouth, and an evil smile creeps on to my face as I work them in and out, helping you adjust to the intrusion.

I stand up and tell you to give me the plug. I remove your blindfold, and, as your eyes adjust to the light and you see me for the very first time in person, making you watch as I play with the plug in my mouth - sucking, licking, in and out, making sure it’s good and wet.

I drop back to my knees, and press the glass, now warm from being in your mouth, against your asshole. There is a little resistance at first, but once the tip is inside you begin to relax as I slowly work further in, back it up a little, further in, adding spit as I go, twisting slowly as your asshole takes more and more and more and then all of a sudden swallows it up as you move your ass forward trying to escape it.

"What a good girl. Your tight, slutty asshole took that so easily. I move in front of you and ask, "Would you like to kiss me?"

"Yes Sir," you say. "Beg me," I reply.

"Please, Sir. Please kiss me. I want to feel your soft, wet, warm tongue parting my lips and entangled with mine. Please Sir."

"No," I say. "I have not finished punishing you for being so naughty." You whimper, disappointed but so turned on at being teased, especially as you feel your asshole relaxing and finally accepting its fate with the plug inside.

"Stand up straight," I say. You do. I remove the shirt from your wrists, drop your hands to your side, massaging your shoulders and arms to relieve some of the tension in them. I turn you around to face where you have the toys set out so you can see what I’m doing. I walk over, grab two 30’ ropes, and walk back over to you. I drape one over your shoulder, running the soft rope along your skin so you can feel it.

I grab the bite of the first rope and tell you, "Put your arms behind your back, forearms parallel to each other with the inside of your wrists facing the other arm, grab at the top of your opposite forearms. While you do, I sneak a peak at the incredibly hot plug still stretching your asshole.

I wrap around your forearms 3 times and tie off, leaving a little space so you can switch your arm position if needed and leaving my bite available so I have a back door if I need to get you out quickly. Then I take the other end up and across your upper arm, across the top of your breasts, and wrap all the way around twice, finally coming back to the original line, wrapping my rope around it and pulling it to the center, which pulls your forearms up ever so slightly and making it slightly uncomfortable. I do the same, this time under your breasts, as high up under them as I can get, tie off to my center line, and, adding my second rope, I cinch down the strands above your breasts so you can’t wriggle them off your shoulders. You’re now effectively tied in a classic box tie. I add some more decorative ties on the front with my extra rope.

We then go back to the wall. I press your face against it and pull your ass out. "Don’t you dare drop that plug, my little slut."

"Yes, Sir," you reply. Leaving you there, I grab two things: the flogger and your soaked panties. I tell you to open your mouth, and I cram your wet panties into your mouth. "I’m going to kiss you now, naughty girl, but you are NOT to kiss me back. Your lips will not move." And then I grab your hair, push your lips into mine, and I kiss you, running my tongue all over you and the wet panties in your mouth, making you crave the feel of my lips and being able to kiss me with all you can, but you’re not allowed to.

I whip the wall with the flogger, making you cringe, and then let the tails run down your back and arms and ass and legs.

"Spread your legs," I say, "and don’t you dare lose that plug."

"Eh Ir", you manage to get out.

"You will count, out loud".

And then you feel the sting of the first one. "Uh" you say. The next one is harder as I feel out your pain tolerance. "Oo" you groan… I develop a rhythm, not hitting too hard, but consistently hitting the same spot over and over again. Your ass cheeks begin to turn a bright red color with whelps from the tails going across…. "ohry ine", "i ee", you get out.

I drop to my knees, running my hands over your stinging ass cheeks, gently. And then you feel my tongue as I bathe them thoroughly, soothing the sting and turning you on because they’re now so sensitive.

Then, I drop to my knees, slide between your legs, and put my back against the wall staring at your wet, throbbing pussy, and with no warning or further ado, I lick your bare pussy, flat of my tongue, from bottom to top, on top of your outer lips. I do that 4 more times, slowly, firmly, and with the last one I part your outer lips and your juices built up inside pour into my mouth that has been craving to taste you since we first started talking.

"You took your punishment well, my sexy slut. Now it’s time for your reward, but don’t you dare cum without permission."

Unable to speak at this point, you simply moan. Your moaning gets louder and louder as we continue.

I suck your inner labia between my lips, suctioning them and running my tongue up and down them at the same time. I give you several long licks along the inside of your outer lips, bottom to top with the flat of my tongue.

And finally, I arrive at your clit, and decide to give it my attention. Using the flat of my tongue, I lick up and down it along its side, slowly, rhythmically. While I do, I slide one finger inside you, hand facing down, and pull your opening downward, stretching out your pussy hole. I slide another finger in, and, still pulling down, make you feel like all of a sudden you have something much bigger than my fingers inside you.

I continue licking your clit, wiggling, swirling, stretching with my hooked fingers in your hole, the ass plug still not allowing your asshole to close.

"Ay I cuh Ir? Lea? Lea? Lea?" you beg.

"Not yet," I say, not letting up. Now my lips close around your clit and slightly suction it up between them, leaving enough room for my tongue to continue working your clit, up and down, around it, rhythmically.

When I do this, I suddenly turn my fingers around, hooking them upward and curling in toward your gspot, moving them across your gspot, vibrating my hand every once in a while. My left hand reaches up to just above your clit and pushes down, ever so slightly, creating just a little more pressure against your gspot.

I lift my lips just long enough to say, "Now my little slut. Now make my pussy cum."

I suction your clit again, still running my tongue all over it, my fingers still stroking your gspot.

I feel your body tense. Your legs are quivering. My permission was all you needed and the first wave of orgasm hits you like a train, and they keep on coming, your legs barely holding you up as wave after wave after wave of glorious, long awaited orgasm overcome you. I feel your juices all over my mouth, soaking in as much as I can loving how you taste and loving the feel of your body uncontrollably jerking against me.

You finally finish, fall down to your knees, straddling me. Lay your head on my chest and I wrap my arms around you, take the panties out of your mouth, kiss you deeply, and stroke your hair as you melt into me.

To be continued...

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