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Terrance Bellman

His movement is forceful and deep, he hits me hard with his hips onto my arse cheeks with every stroke, his cock hits my pussy with the same force. I’m going to feel this for a few days at least, but it’s nice to feel used.

I slip 2 fingers into my pussy to make it a bit tighter for me, he’s not massive and I love to be stretched, this increases the friction on the rear of my soaked opening, he feels me inserting them and moans a little with pleasure, this pleases me too, and my cunt dribbles even more.

His entire huge bodyweight is lying on top of me, I’m face down, body pushed into the mattress, face into the solitary pillow, my favourite position, with my hand under me so I can sneakily finger my clit.

"Your cock feels so hard" I mumble into the stifling pillow, "Fuck me with it, I want to feel it for days" I continue.

"You want a massive cock to stretch you don’t you"

He whispers back to me, his mouth so close to me ear.

"You want to feel it deep inside you, hitting your cervix, slipping inside your uterus and filling it with cum!"

He’s said this before and it intrigues me he would want to say such things, surely he would be jealous of some guy fucking me with a massive cock, making me moan, scream, cum, digging my nails into in flesh with pleasure and the pain of my cunt being filled up totally, These thoughts make me cum in an instant, his words hit the spot and he knew they would.

I writhed as I cum, my clit throbbed with the increased blood flow, my stomach clenched as the orgasm hit me with full force, I could feel my pussy gush and flood my hand, dribbling onto the sheets. With every continuing thrust he made my tightening cunt opening ache, his actions are more forceful as he feels me cum.

"OH FUCK!!" I scream.

"FUCK ME HARDER, I WANT YOU TO HURT ME" I continue to shout at him through the muffled pillow.

He violently rams his whole body against mine, his cock hits the wall of my pussy with every stroke, it makes the gurgling sound of pleasure as it gushes more, this increases his passion. He brings his knees inside mine and forces my legs open, almost at right angles to my hips, this makes my arse rise into the air, a clear invitation to him.

I feel him pull out and as it rests above me I feel my cum juices dribble from his cock into the crack of my arse. In one motion I feel him enter my sweet arsehole, my wetness makes it so easy for him to slide in deep and again he starts to pound at me, balls deep, full length thrusts, his hips hitting my arse cheeks, my cum juices making a splashing sensation as he does. My fingers frantically rub my clit, my hand is drenched with sticky cum as the feeling of him raping my arse excites me.

"You really love me fucking your arse don’t you" he says in my ear, between his heavy breaths.

"Yes I do now please fuck it hard" I reply gasping for breath at each stroke.

"Don’t you wish it was a massive cock in your arse and me in your cunt" he continues.

"Yes, yes I do" I retort "I want to be stretched, to be hurt, to be violated"

This spurs him on and wrapping his arm around my throat to hold me firmly, he pounds into me almost collapsing my body in his grip. I cum again turned on by his ferocity, my clit throbs and cunt gushes into my palm. My clenching arse makes him cum in return, I feel his cock deep in my arse start to pulsate, his hot cum squirts into my waiting orifice, he pulls out slightly and I feel some of it dribble from my hole onto my cunt and then to my fingers. A job well done, a wet cunt and stretched arse, My idea of a perfect morning.

He stays in me as we recover, his arms are holding onto me as best he can, my hand is still beneath me as I gently rub my tingling clit. He kisses my neck, I turn and in turn kiss his lips.

"I do love you and love how you fuck me hard" I say to him

"I love how you pussy and arse feel in the morning honey" he replies.

In time the inevitable happens and his cock shrinks dropping from my arse hole taking with it some of his spent load. He rolls off and rubs himself hard again while fingering my cunt, he’s soon ready again, rolls me onto my back to reveal me rubbing myself. He climbs on me lifts my legs up to show my dripping gaping cunt and drives himself deep inside me with all his bodyweight.

My cunt hasn’t recovered from the pounding he gave me earlier or the stomach clenching orgasms, but his attention is more than welcome. My hands reach for his massive chest, while one of his wraps around my throat, and the other steadies him on the bed head, his body swings into me pivoting from his knees and resting point around my neck, his huge body hammering itself home with every stroke. I feel his cock rubbing against the inside of my blood swollen birth canal and my enlarged pussy lips with my steroid enlarged clit stroking his cock as he enters me repeatedly.

The pressure of his strokes force my cum juice to dribble down between my bum cheeks to mingle with his cum leaking from my arse and soaking the sheets. My finger redirects itself to my clit and I begin to massage it gently, they get trapped with each clash of our sweat and cum drenched bodies but this just excites me more. He pulls out and moves down the bed to bury his face in my dripping cunt, holding my legs apart with his arms and one hand spreading my lips, he devours my clit, sucking it like a small cock, occasionally tongue fucking me. I show my gratitude by dribbling my cum down his chin.

The feeling of his face in my crotch makes me tremble with delight, my hands grip the back of his head pulling him in deeper as he viciously sucks at my cunt. He releases one leg to insert two fingers into me, now finger fucking me, sucking at my clit I’m in ecstasy, he moves the fingers to my arse and finger fucks it with his cum lubricated digits, then slips them back into my aching pussy.

Lifting himself up, he returns to fucking me with his cock and body, holding my legs up he now has easy access to both holes and soon makes use of them. Slipping out of my cunt and into my cum filled arse, his wet cock meets no resistance. This time drilling deep into my arse with all his force and all of his stroke, then pulling out and into my gaping cunt again, pounding into it making the cum juice run out and fill my arse, ready for him to renter it for more anal raping.

One of my hands is busily rubbing myself, the erect clit enjoying the attention, the other his faintly holding him away so as to offer some resistance to him but only as a gesture, my body and mind are enjoying this to much to want him to stop.

The energy exerted is forcing sweat from his forehead to drip onto me, running down my cleavage to pool in my navel and mixing with mine. He pauses for a while, pulls out and sits to my side, resting, regaining energy. He has never been a lazy fuck and luckily he is fit enough to give me a good long fuck session when needed.

As he mops the sweat, I carry on rubbing my clit and slipping the odd finger inside then up to have a taste of myself,

"Nice?" he asks.

I slip them back in and give them to him to try.

"Here try for yourself" I reply.

He begins to suck on my fingers, licking them gently then sucking them again.

"Try mine" he says,

Getting up before me he grabs my head and pulls me towards his cock, my mouth already open to receive it willingly. He takes a handful of my hair and uses it as handles to face fuck me then throat fuck me. His cock hits the back of my throat making me gag and my eyes run. The tip slips passed my tonsils cutting off air supply.

"That’s better" he says "Deep throat me, take my cock all the way"

He releases me to get air then fucks my throat again. My hand is between my legs, fingers inserted into my pussy, palm rubbing my solid erect clit, I can feel my cunt squeeze and spasm as he deep throats me, he has been saying that he wants me to suck a guys dick while he fucks me so he can feel it for himself, then change round so the lucky guy can feel it too.

4,5,6 times he chokes me, then lets me up for air, as he does saliva runs from my mouth down my chin as well as down his cock onto his balls, I run my tongue along its length to the base and up again, kissing his purple swollen head, then he forces it back into me choking me again, my free hand tries to hold him away but he is merciless in his action.

After several cycles of gagging and relief he cups my chin with his hand, leans down and passionately kisses me, licking my lips and chin, tasting me and him. He lies face up on the bed beside me, holds his cock vertical saying,

"Climb on my cock Bitch"

"Yes Boss" I reply,

Eagerly I climb on top of him, high on my haunches I hover over his saliva soaked cock, my lips hanging, dripping with my cum, lower myself slowly onto it. I feel its tip touch my waiting pussy as I insert him in me, I let my weight force myself down until I feel him hitting deep inside. His hands reach for my breasts, cupping them, my nipples between his fingers, he gently at first squeezes them, then more forcefully. I’m riding his cock, my hands resting on his shoulders my legs lifting me to the tip and back inside again.

"Do you want a huge cock to sit on??" he asks.

"what would I do with a big cock, I’m only small" I reply.

"Let it fuck you deep and hard till it hurts you, until you can take all of it, so it stretches your cunt so much you take weeks to recover" is his answer.

I’m still unsure why my loving husband would want to let others fuck me, but I’m too much in the mood to argue,

"Yes I want a massive cock to sit on and hurt me, I want to cum on his cock and make his balls wet, I want to feel it so deep inside me, I want you to fuck my throat as I do" That’s what he wants me to say.

"Good that’s my girl" he replies "now stick my insignificant cock in your tight arse" he demanded.

At this I raise myself up to allow his cock freedom from my demanding pussy and to enter my hole, I grab it as it leaves me then position it under my arsehole and then lower myself down onto it, slowly, the tip enters my already cum filled hole then the shaft, I feel it open me up as I slide down on it. Eventually it’s fully inside me, our skin is touching, my bum cheeks on his groin. He reaches up and wraps his hands around each of my small breasts, but very firmly squeezing them as I rise and fall on his cock.

"That’s it fuck you tight arse with my cock, make it hurt, make yourself cum with it" he orders me.

My fingers are rubbing at my clit, wet, cum soaked clit, my cunt it slapping against his pubis leaving a puddle with every impact, the slurping sounds are so horny.

"love your wet cunt dribbling on me" he says.

"I love your hard cock in my arse" I reply "It makes so horny"

"Good cum for me then, dribble your cum on me and then sit on my face so I can drink it from your cunt"

This spurs me on, I frantically bounce up and down on his solid cock, pushing it deep into my willing arse, still rubbing my clit in a frenzy.

"Fuck that’s awesome" he comments. "Keep fucking my cock"

I don’t need telling, his hands are gripping my tits, my fingers are frigging my clit, my arse is full of cock, my pussy is gushing on his body, everything is in unison.

This goes on and on seemingly for hours, but realistically 20mins at the most, but i’m enjoying it to much to stop. Then he starts to raise his hips to meet my bum cheeks, violently slapping me with each stroke, it stings, my wetness makes it worse, he releases my tits, they sigh a breath if relief, but he then begins to slap my arse cheeks, this spurs me on.

"Ouch!!" I exclaim

But this doesn’t stop him, repeated slaps,then,

"Cum now bitch cum for me" he orders.

I concentrate on his cock in my arse and my fingers on my clit, then I feel it coming. The feeling stirs in me again, my clit throbs and wants more attention, my movements are more violent as I begin to peak, then my cunt muscles spasm, in return it gurgles letting out a stream of my cum onto his body.

"good girl" he exclaims "I love the feel of your arse when you cum" he continues " your cunt is so wet it’s awesome I want to taste it"

I push myself hard onto his cock, all of my force and body weight push him deep inside my wanting arse, again my cunt spasms and more cum runs from it, more and more spasms follow releasing my juice with each one.

The muscles clenches follow, my uterus contracts and hurts my stomach, having a baby was easier than the orgasms he gives me with anal, but I want them so much, it makes him happy to know iv’e cum.

I can’t take any more and lift myself free from his cock, Still rubbing my clit, get up and straddle his face with my legs, my swollen clit and pussy lips hang low between them still dripping with my cum juice. he immediately grabs his cock and starts rubbing it madly as I lower my cunt onto his waiting mouth, He instantly begins to suck my tingling clit but it’s so sensitive that I struggle to stay in place, even though I love to sit on his willing mouth it’s more than I can take, I continue to dribble into his mouth and down his face until its too much and push myself from him.

I look down to see his rock hard cock, in his hand, getting a frantic wanking, I carry on rubbing my clit and he watches me intently. I see his movement become more urgent.

"Put it in you mouth and swollow me" he orders.

Without delay I bend down and take his throbbing cock in my willing mouth, grip it with one hand still rubbing myself with the other. I carry on his wanking motion, I feel it get bigger and harder and know he is nearly there. He puts his hand on the back of my head, forcing his cock into my throat, my eyes water, I gag, my saliva runs down his cock soaking the sheets.

"Suck it bitch, suck it and swallow me" He demands.

I devour his cock like a starving woman, then he forces it in with all his might and explodes in my mouth, the warm cum erupts into my throat and I swallow it down, eruption after eruption follows and I gladly drink each drop, when he finishes I run my tongue up his shaft to the tip and tease his end making him quiver with delight.

"Thank you" He says "Your awesome"

I move up to his face and give him a massive French kiss, sharing my meal with him.

"Your welcome" l reply "your pretty great yourself"

We lie together kissing and playing with each other.

It’s breakfast time, think we have both earnt it this morning.

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