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Details on the calendar


Like many authors, I have always dreamed of writing a novel. When I finally embarked on the process, I had a great plot that developed from real events. Unfortunately, most of my experience has been writing nonfiction, which tended to require factual presentation with less emphasis on descriptive elements. Exceptional fiction requires authentic details that draw the reader into the classroom in which the story takes place. I have found that one of the best ways to do this is to turn to essay writing service.


Having received no feedback on the story, I gave an early draft of the manuscript to an editor I learned about at a writer's group. She liked the novel, but noted that it lacked year and event reference and felt that the action of the story could take place at any time. The editor advised me to use a calendar with actual dates and years in which the action of the novel would take place. This approach helped me not only plan the narrative better, but also to weave a historical reference to Jesse Ventura's election as governor of Minnesota in 1998 into the narrative, or to celebrate the Aquatennial Festival, which is held in Minneapolis each July, and increase the credibility of the book.


Following her advice, I created a five-year calendar during which the narrative in Eyes of Darkness, Eyes of Grace unfolds. Not only was the calendar used advantageously as an organizational and research tool, but it also allowed me to focus the book on a specific time period. In real life, the events that served as the basis for Eyes of Darkness took place over a much longer period of time, creating an uncomfortable time frame that dragged on, provided no sense of closure, and risked boring the reader. Using an indirect calendar, these events could be condensed into a much shorter and more intense movement.


The use of actual dates has created a dramatic dilemma, with the Pearson family combining their financial resources in a frenzy to keep Paul out of a long prison sentence.


The use of the calendar also helps combat one of the dangers many authors face at https://essaywritinghelp.pro/write-my-paper/ opened writer's block. Once I sketched out the basic outline of a novel on the calendar, if I had trouble with a particular chapter or setting, I could write another chapter and return to the problem area later with new inspiration. For many authors I know, it can be easier to write out of order when the energy comes up than to force a writer to compose a manuscript linearly. Not only does a calendar help an author create a vivid account, but it can also be a functional tool for keeping track of the progress and sequence of a story.


The original version of the calendar was a "bare bones" outline of the major scenes that make up the novel. I then began to write individual scenes, developing them and including crucial details, many of which were discovered through research. Those descriptions that make the setting real can be as common as a Halloween daredevil or a once-in-a-lifetime Millennial event--an experience any reader can relate to.


The details should engage the reader and connect him or her to the characters, the background, and the narrative. This editor taught me a great lesson that in order for fiction to really come alive, authentic details are needed. For many authors, these details can often be found within the confines of a calendar.

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