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Damgaard Jonasson

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The first time we ever had heard of Damwon Gaming was at 2018 Worlds where the majority of teams were telling us in their interviews about how amazing the junior Korean team were in scrims and how they would conquer the world when they compete in LCK. They didn't quite perform to the standards of the media during the subsequent year. Damwon Gaming had a little boost later in 2019 and was able to qualify for Worlds however their performance was not particularly impressive when they were knocked out by G2 Esports in the quarter-finals. They bought Ghost from Sandbox Gaming this year and their results were improving with each win. Damwon is just one step away from the most prestigious honors in the "League of Legends" and also being part of the elite group to win the "Summoner’s Cup" however, many are interested in who these players are. We will take through time and provide brief histories for each of the five players on the team. DAMWON-gaming: who are they. DAMWON Gaming is a South Korean professional Esports.

DAMWON gaming: who are they? What Do They Know?

Top Nuguri

A hard-working high school kid with a passion for playing videogames is how one would describe Nuguri in the early days of his professional career but he soon began to focus on LOL far more than his studies. He was a participant in an online cafe tournament and received his first opportunity to join a professional organization and played with IGS for a full year. Damwon Gaming saw him there and wanted Nuguri to join their team as their top laner. Nuguri not only brought his incredible skill along but also his vivacious personality. One could not really describe the importance of that in a professional atmosphere. Nuguri quickly rose up the ranks in Korean SoloQ and players feared him for his outstanding laning and team fighting however, even though he is among the best top laners in the world now Nuguri still says he is still learning. Also, what has changed is his attitude - he is now more focused than ever to win the Summoner's Cup and become the top player in the world. Visit our website for know about Damwon gaming: who are they.

Jungler: Canyon

Canyon is the sole jungler in the history of LCK to get an award of a pentakill. However, his journey to get to this spot is not without some tough moments. Canyon began his journey with Damwon Gaming late 2018, and was a major element of the scrims Kings' time. But, Canyon played among the best junglers in the world at the age of 17. It was surely thrilling to be able to defeat them. Canyon continued to do the same in 2019 , but gradually others caught on to his tactics and this changed the results of Damwon Gaming. Canyon didn't reach the level he believed that he could perform at on the stage but we saw glimpses of his excellence and there was a sense of confidence within the Korean community that he was in a position to compete against the best at Worlds. Canyon was a great start to the tournament however, Jankos defeated him in the final match against G2 Esports.

Damwon and Canyon worked hard all year and they have finally made it to the promised land and the ultimate reward was the revenge they took against G2 Esports last week in the semi-finals. Canyon has finally beaten every jungler he defeated last year, and the only thing stopping him from lifting the Summoner's Cup this week is Suning Gaming.

Mid: Showmaker

Showmaker could be the most competitive player in the team, and we can see that in his interviews. Showmaker responded to an inquiry about how crucial he was to the team's success. He replied, "I feel like I get carried away even when I win and lose. It's not easy for 20-year-old players to be able to handle the hopes of so many fans cheering for them every week however Showmaker has made it his goal to win. Everyone in the team is awed by Showmaker and often claim that they are the most vocal member on the team but the midlaner's young age has frequently confessed to doubting himself often.

Showmaker declared in an interview that it was his top tournament however, he later stated that he believes this is his last tournament. G2 Esports have been on Showmaker's mind throughout the year. He has always talked about his desire to retaliate for the loss last year. We saw how relieved he was with their win last weekend. He kept pinging emotes and even took over G2 Esports' post multiplayer game celebration in order to let them know that he will not accept any disrespect to his region and team members for a long time. This week we will see the new Showmaker, who is much more comfortable and confident with what has happened in the past as his sights are to the future. At handleveled.net you will be able to find the exact answer to DAMWON-gaming: who are they.

ADC: Ghost

Ghost is possibly the best player this year, but to his teammates, he's the joker of this group. Ghost is hilarious and is constantly trying to entertain the crowd by his jokes and ease tension. When asked about their hopes for the season in the split earlier this year, he laughed that they could win eleven more consecutively to secure their spot in the finals, but that's exactly what Damwon Gaming needed. Damwon lacked a player who believed in his abilities . Ghost filled that hole for them.

Ghost's former teammate, support legend Madlife is a fan of his. He awarded him the title scrim-god in part due to the fact that he could not deliver the performance onstage that he was hyped up for. However, this time, Ghost and Damwon overcame their stage demons and the sky is the limit.

Support: Beryl

Beryl is the shotcaller of choice at Damwon Gaming and why shouldn't be? He has been a part of Damwon Gaming the longest and is the longest-running player in the group. Beryl was previously an ADC however, when Nuclear was brought into Damwon Gaming from H2K, the team agreed to share the time with Hoit as the supporting player for the team. Beryl was a student about his team and playing. However, Coach Kim was not flexible with his selections and Beryl never had the chance to demonstrate his capabilities as a top-quality support player. In the year that Coach Zefa was in charge, Beryl finally got that opportunity and revealed his hidden potential throughout the season.

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