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The topic of our political science thesis can be chosen from the fields of political philosophy, political sociology, foreign policy studies, or even comparative political theory.

Hungarian and universal political history

The roots of political science go back to ancient Greek times, when the need to study social institutions was already present as a tool to help gain power and maintain the social support behind it. The consolidation of democracy and essay service the welfare state was a necessary precondition for the development of modern political science. Political science first emerged as a discipline in its own right in the United States, and only became accepted in Europe with some delay. In Hungary, the change of regime created the conditions for the emergence of an independent discipline that (also) criticised the previous political system. If our subject is Hungarian or universal political history, the result will be a very wide-ranging and wide-spectrum thesis.

Systems of government, forms of government

A popular thesis topic is the analysis of government systems and forms of government. In a broader sense, the term governmental system is used to refer to the political system, and in a narrower sense, it is used to refer to the state system as a whole, or the part of it that performs the functions of political governance. The typology of governmental systems and different forms of government is based on the relationship between the legislative and executive branches of government and the internal structure of the executive branch; in this thesis we cannot therefore ignore theories of the separation of powers. The essence of the form of government is best illustrated by the way in which the constitution regulates the executive's responsibilities towards parliament. It may be a good choice to examine the two basic types of governmental systems, parliamentary and presidential, and the solutions in between, from this main point of view.

Political culture

Empirical research on citizens' attitudes to politics is very popular: it is essentially a study of political culture within a community. Political culture is a set of historically evolved group-level attitudes, emotions and symbols that orient political actions and provide a framework for interpreting political processes. The analysis of Hungarian political culture can make for an exciting thesis. After discussing the theoretical framework, we can move on to primary research, collecting quantitative and qualitative data. In the case of a thesis analysing political culture, it is advisable to focus on qualitative research: in-depth interviews and focus groups help us to understand processes, reveal trends and shed light on attitudes and attitudes.

Political psychology

Political psychology is not fundamentally a practice-oriented discipline, but there are several thesis topics that require a more practical approach and empirical research. You can choose a thesis title from the fields of political communication, political marketing, background analysis or political psychology. Within the latter topic, we can deal in our thesis with the analysis of political patterns. Political schemas are enduring cognitive structures that influence the processing of political information over several election periods. Although these schemas are poor predictors of electoral outcomes, they can provide answers with a high degree of certainty to the question of, among others, what political and campaign propaganda may be able to influence a voter with certain characteristics. In our thesis, for example, knowledge of political https://essayassistant.net/computer-science-homework-help/ patterns allows us to examine the question of the typical campaign tools used by Hungarian parties in a given election campaign and how they try to address their target audience.

Other suggested thesis topics

In our thesis we can also examine current political issues. Interesting theses can be written, for example, on the following topics: "terrorist incidents and their governmental communication in the United States of America and in Western European countries"; "the development of Hungarian security policy in the 21st century"; "the refugee issue and its governmental communication"; "the development of the relationship between NGOs and public policy"; "the social characteristics of Jobbik's support".

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