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Numerous companies, both large as well as small, have discovered the advantages outsourcing software development in-house. The problem is in the quality of the software development team's work tasks in this responsibility. In the past, the fad was outsourcing to offshore companies in Asia and Eastern Europe, but this came with several disadvantages among them diverse corporate cultures. Many companies are switching to Nearshore outsourcing. It offers the most effective compromise between in-house outsourcing offshore and in-house. Check here to discover a full report on nearshore outsourcing.

What exactly is nearshore outsourcing?
This refers to delegating a task a company that is located within the region such as a software development firm in the USA. This is a way outsourcing to remote offshore teams.

When selecting the most reliable nearshore software development company there are several pointers to be aware of;

Experience in technical fields
Was the software created by the same team that developed yours? Do they have references that back up their claims? Experience in the field of software development is crucial like other technical fields. But, the team should also be updated with newer technology. Which certifications are the leaders?

It is also essential to take into consideration the number of individuals in the group. If you're working on a huge project, it means that you require a large team as well, when it has to be delivered in a short amount of time. Beware of temporary hires that might not be as proficient as the main team. When selecting a team, it is important to keep the your delivery deadline in mind.

Understanding your requirements
This is in addition to the technical expertise. If a team replies to your Request for Proposal, you can see if they have a clear understanding of what it is that you need. Is the RFP adequate to meet your requirements and provide innovative solutions?

Communication approach
How quickly do they reply to your emails? Are they available via Skype at times you need to contact them? It is essential to have seamless communication in the early stages, when collaboration is needed to improve the design.

It is essential to take into account the time difference. A gap of about 3 hours in working time means you can expect this delay in communications as well particularly in the start of your work day.

Although frequent travel can increase the cost of outsourcing It is still possible to meet with your team at least once, particularly to verify your team's identity. You should think about a location you can fly to and back in a convenient manner.

The selection of the right software development company could make or break your business's operations, which is why the need to choose correctly, with the help of considerations such as above.

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