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Roku Remote Just Flashes Green

Roku is one of the top pieces of streaming hardware you can purchase on today’s market. It allows you to drop your expensive cable plan and stream anything from Netflix to Hulu, HBO to Amazon TV, all in one place.

Every Roku device comes with its own Roku remote. More often than not, your remote will work fine, but some people have noticed a common issue with a select number of Roku remotes: a perpetually flashing green light.

Usually, when your Roku remote flashes green, it just means it’s in pairing mode. But if it won’t stop flashing, the remote will never pair to your TV, and that’s when you have a problem.

To fix this, we’re looking at a handful of possible quick and easy troubleshooting solutions involving your Roku remote, Roku player, WiFi network, and finally, the Roku mobile app.

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1: Change Your Roku Remote’s Batteries

Batteries on the tail-end of their life tend to make electronics act out in weird ways: delaying button inputs, refusing to perform a specific task or function, or simply making the device stop working altogether. Thankfully, the fix is about as easy as it gets.

2: Power Cycle Your Roku Player

Like your TV, your Roku player can occasionally face data overload. Power cycling your Roku player would rid your system of these overloads and let you easily connect your Roku remote.

3: Reset Your Roku Remote

If power cycling your Roku streaming device didn’t work, and your Roku remote is still flashing green, the issue may lie within the Roku remote itself. Your Roku remote’s software might have a data overload, which is probably why it’s malfunctioning.

4: Hard Reset Your Roku Device

Sometimes your Roku device itself can have a data overload that can trigger a domino effect, causing your external devices (like our TV, gaming systems, cable boxes, etc.) to have issues.

5: Reboot Your WiFi Router

Even your WiFi router might be the one to blame for your Roku remote’s malfunctioning. If there is an interruption between your network and your Roku device, the remote pairing process could easily become an issue.

So, you’ll need to soft reset your WiFi router.

6: Get the Roku Mobile App

If nothing else has worked so far, download the Roku mobile app for your phone or tablet. This app will allow you to operate your Roku device until you get your hands on a new Roku remote.

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How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking Green Light?

Roku is one of the most reliable streaming devices for smart TVs, consoles, computers, etc. If you purchase a Roku device, it will always come with a free Roku remote. To use the remote effectively, you’ll need to first pair it with your Roku streaming device.

However, some users have reported that their Roku remote is flashing green light. This normally happens when your Roku remote is in pairing mode. In this guide, we’ll show you why your Roku remote is blinking green light and how to fix it. Read on to learn more.

Fix Roku Remote Blinking Green Light Issue
When going about this problem, first make sure that your Roku remote has operational batteries. If they’re older than three months, you can consider replacing them with a new one. Then, you can check if it works normally or not.

Important: After ejecting the old batteries on your Roku remote, wait for ten seconds before plugging in the new set of batteries. This is to reset the internal components of your Roku remote and also to avoid bugs.

Final Thoughts

Roku devices are a great option when looking for a quality streaming device to pair with your smart TV. It supports various streaming apps and has an array of live and on-demand TV shows and movies.

However, you’ll need a working Roku remote to use the device with ease. And at least you have your remote! People lose it behind the couch, kids wander off with it, and dogs hide it – if you lose your remote then use the Roku Remote Finder to locate it.

Hence, these fixes can hopefully help you in solving the Roku remote blinking green light issue. If you’re still facing the same problems, you can try to buy a new Roku remote online.

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