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"Bettas get constipated? That's no surprise! This is an all too common issue for these little guys. If you notice your betta bloated and floating around with gas, then maybe there could be a problem.

What Are The Symptoms of Constipation?

Your chances of treating constipation in betta fish are more significant the sooner you notice it. Here are some signs and symptoms that might indicate they're sicker than usual!
Stringy Poop
The most common sign of constipation in betta fish is also one that’s incredibly easy to spot. If your little guy has stringy feces, and it dangles off the bottom while he swims around, then chances are there's some serious impaction going on with his bowels!

In contrast, normal poop sinks once passed, so you won't see any evidence like this from time spent at home or away for instance- unless someone has really been neglectful about cleaning out their tank regularly (in which case all bets aren't necessarily off).

Bloated Belly
Betta fish are often constipated because they have a bloated belly. Suppose your betta has been unable to empty their bowels for too long. In that case, the feces won't go anywhere and this can cause them problems in another way than just being uncomfortable.

If there's nothing coming out of his body cavity quick enough with all these pent up gases building inside him (which sounds incredibly alarming!), he might start shooting liquid poo or making what looks like snot by releasing excess air bubbles through nasal pores when distressed!

Trouble Swimming
In more extreme cases, constipation could end up making your betta swim around in circles. If this is the case, you should start treating him as soon as possible because he'll be incredibly uncomfortable and need to go out at least once per day for a quick sprint or two!

At this point in time your little one has probably experienced some pretty drastic changes with regards to water quality and diet; he's likely suffering from both stomach issues (parasites) or an ailment like Swim Bladder Disorder where there isn't enough moisture available due to their anatomy which causes them discomfort when they dive too deeply into tanks fully stagnant surface area.

Spitting Out Food
This is not a clear sign that your betta is constipated. But it could be an indicator of what’s happening to him. If you find the food being ignored or spat out, then other symptoms should also be looked into because they can help make more informed decisions about how best to treat this problem.

Check out the Betta Fish Constipation Treatment Guide here:Aquarium Fish City

Betta Fish Constipation Treatment

Now that you’ve determined your betta is suffering from constipation, the next step is to start treatment. There are multiple ways in which one can treat this condition but most of them revolve around feeding high fiber foods for their fishy friends like ficus leaves or piths (the inside of coconuts). These ingredients will help relieve discomfort caused by hard stool along with moving everything back into proper position once again!


If you're looking for a natural cure to treat your betta's constipation, then peas are just what the doctor ordered. Simply remove their outer skin and cut them up into tiny pieces before serving themselves some delicious protein-rich treats! We recommend feeding no more than half of one pea per fish - don't overdo it, or else things could get worse from there on out.

Epsom Salt Bath

It's not just humans who benefit from Epsom salt. Fish love it too! With a laundry list of ills that the chloride in Epson can cure, you're sure to find something your fish needs--and they'll thank you for giving them peace of mind when their digestion is feeling tense or constipated.

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