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Julian Cohen


Years Shooting:Edit
18 years


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I have only been taking underwater photos since 2007 so I started by shooting everything I saw. As I started to learn about light and how to manipulate it underwater, I changed my style so that now I go into the dive with an idea of what and how I want to shoot and then go looking for that opportunity. My favourite thing is portraiture and playing with light and depth of field to give a more moody look to my photos.

What I look for in a Dive Operator:
Primarily I am concerned with a photographer friendly operator. On a live aboard I look for rinse tanks, camera workspace and dry areas for charging. If these things are not available then I look to see that the operator is not going to be inconvenienced by my requests for looking after my camera gear. I want to enjoy myself without worrying about how I am affecting others. I always ask for a private dive guide as that means I can sit in front of a coral head for an hour and not hold up anyone else.

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