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Lego is one of the most recognisable and valuable toy brands worldwide and has been for a long time! We've all spent hours playing with Lego in our early (and sometimes later) times however have you thought about the role Lego plays in a child's developmental and early learning? Continue reading to find out what Lego can be beneficial to your child.

Alright electric motor skill-set progression
Connecting Lego pieces requires coordination and accuracy. This assists children in developing and strengthen the fine motor skills. Lego Duplo was designed to be used by all age groups. It is great to help develop skills at the early stages. More intricate Lego sets will test and develop fine motor skills as your child grows. Whether you prefer special info about d&d minifigs, sneak a peek at this website.

Teamwork and communication
Like most things to do, playing with Lego is always fun with family and friends! Being able to play with Lego with your friends can teach children to be generous and to share their experiences from the very beginning. Playing with Lego can teach children teamwork and communication abilities, which help them achieve a common goal. Therefore, make sure you bring the bucket full of Lego at your next date with friends!

Resilience and perseverance
Everybody has been through the pain caused by the accidental destruct of a well-constructed Lego tower... At first, the results are typically devastating, however, encouraging children to begin again and not give up will help build their resilience and help that they can persevere even when tough situations arise. Although it may sound absurd but these abilities can prove extremely beneficial later on in life.

It's a fact that not every project follows the plans. Unfortunately, Lego structures are no exception. Lego can help kids identify problems and fix the issues before they arise. Understanding the instructions and working out how to fix an unstable LEGO structure can be a very rewarding learning experience.

Innovative thinking
Your imagination is the only limit on your imagination when you play with Lego. Lego lets children express their creativity and let their imaginations go free without fearing failure. The children will also discover the things they can come up with when they play with no restraint.

Lego is a great toy with many other advantages other than keeping your kids entertained for hours. You aren't alone!

The abilities children learn through playing with Lego are extremely beneficial for their early development and learning. Lego helps children develop soft skills like problem solving, creativity, teamwork and conflict resolution.

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