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You can't stop me from speaking for her just because she was in love with me many years ago. I really don't understand where this ridiculous boycott is. We can all see what brilliant achievements she has made for the team and the club during her time in charge of Real Sociedad. It exists objectively. But only half a year after she left, the forward line line-ups, which had been in La Liga and no one could despise it, was scattered, and it was a question of whether they could keep two of their four strikers after this summer. And more importantly, her successor obviously failed to bring better new line-ups to the team. As for what they said about the harm of female coaches to the team, I think if the board of directors should also be counted on her head, then she really has a problem. After Blanco said this, another guest who appeared on the show with him said: "But considering that Kerviel, who is so obsessed with her, is only 21 years old this year.." "What's wrong with being 21?" Before the guest had finished speaking, Blanco interrupted with great, great displeasure and emphasized his point: "I was only 21 when I broke up with her, okay?". You're making me feel like I'm being discriminated against in some way. Chapter 232 countdown to the closing of the transfer window. When Blanco stressed so discontentedly that "I was 21 when we broke up" and stressed again that he had been so young, the atmosphere of the variety show was completely out of control! Not only did the hosts and guests in the recorded program laugh wildly, but even Yi Lei could not stop laughing. Unexpectedly,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, after that, Blanco showed the characteristics of touching the first half of the sentence and itching the second half of the sentence. "But now the whole of Spain knows that the Czech golden boy has been playing under her since he was 17 years old," a comedian asked him after laughing like that. So, will there be a moral problem in this matter? After all, Miss Yilei had been an adult for a long time at that time, and now the new Shenfeng of Atletico Madrid was still a boy who was not an adult. Is there anything you didn't know when you were 17? When you were 17,brushless gear motor, did you need a girl to force you to know that you actually wanted to kiss the opposite sex? If you have to say that doing something with a boy under the age of 18 is a moral issue, you have to ask the boy himself whether there is such a thing or not, and then you can bring it up again. Seeing the Frenchman squint his eyes and say, "We are all men, we all understand that you can't pretend any more," Yilei instantly cooled her face and pressed the channel. She even used her mobile phone to check when Barcelona would meet Atletico Madrid this season while changing the channel, but only after changing several Spanish TV stations, she saw a brief interview with Barcelona coach Luis Garcia by a sports journalist. As this year's European football summer transfer period has reached the last ten days, the transfer drama has been repeated, and some things have become a foregone conclusion, while the rest have entered the final stage of the TV drama. Tide 。 Giovanni was also bought back by Barcelona after Kewell's transfer to Atletico Madrid. It is rumoured that Ilovic has agreed to renew his contract with Real Sociedad for another year, Micro Gear Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, while Soto is clamouring to move to another club. And that's what Blanc said on the variety show: "After this summer, it's a question of whether they can keep two of their four strikers.". Giovanni's return to Barcelona may not be a blockbuster deal in La Liga this summer, but it's a transfer deal that many people are concerned about. On the one hand, Giovanni is in the storm half a year ago, in addition to Kerviel, and Yi Lei came out of the sex scandal of another major player. On the other hand, many people are concerned about what results Giovanni, who has gained experience in Real Sociedad, will create after returning to Barcelona. That's why Spanish sports journalists interviewed Barcelona coach Luis Garcia about Giovanni's transfer deal.
In addition, the journalist, after answering questions about Giovanni's position after his return to Barcelona, asked the coach about the huge storm that Real Sociedad is experiencing in the main line-ups, saying that he hoped to get Luis Garcia's views on this issue. Faced with such a question, as the coach of Barcelona, the Spanish giants, Luis Garcia's answer will certainly be much more objective and cautious. This is a problem we can't deny. In many cases, a manager is a symbol of an era for the team. Once the manager changes, the team's line-ups will change. Barcelona will be a special case because many years ago, our coaches came out of Barcelona's youth training camp. Although our philosophy will be slightly different, our football philosophy is the same faction, we have inheritance. But in other places, this is not the case. Just like our rival Real Madrid, every time a new coach appears, their line-ups will change a lot. This is in line with common sense. Listening to Luis Garcia's words, although Yi Lei suddenly hummed and laughed, but still can not deny what the other side said. This is in line with common sense. Every coach's preferences, styles and playing methods will be different, so after changing the coach, the team's internal personnel will change, which is indeed in line with common sense. See here, Yi Lei listened to some more, that is almost some of Luis Garcia's outlook for the new season, as well as the evaluation of the player's recent state. It wasn't until a few minutes later, after watching the interview, that Yilei looked at the schedule of the first five rounds of the season in La Liga and got up to cook dinner for herself. After arriving in Germany, Yilei's menu has also undergone some changes. Compared with Spain, the German diet is more carnivorous,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, with more pig's feet and sausages. However, after eating too many pig's feet made in Germany here, Yi Lei will occasionally miss the braised hoof with the flavor of her hometown. But even this kind of pig's trotters will have a special taste with German style pickled cabbage. ichgearmotor.com

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