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2D Barcode Scanner & QR Codes

The 2D Barcode, also known as QR Codes, Matrix codes or symbologies, is a form of barcode which consists of a pattern of squares, dots, hexagons or other kinds of geometric pattern within an image – usually a square pattern on a white background. Just like the more standard 1D Barcode, this pattern is simply encoded information which can be quickly and easily scanned, decoded and resourced. The information typically stored by this type of barcode is text based.

Also known as QR Code, short for ‘Quick Response’, the 2D Barcode was devised for the purpose of allowing a quick scan and decoding to take place. The 2D code was originally created by Denso-Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, in Japan in 1994, and was first used in the vehicle manufacturing process for tracking parts. It has, therefore, become very common in Japan before spreading more widely in usage. But is now commonly used in a wide variety of locations, and not just vehicle manufacturing.

In fact, 2d barcodes are quickly becoming the standard for mobile phone technologies. Their ability to encode and quickly communicate text based information has proved very useful in the exchange of digital business cards via cell phone and bluetooth, also known as mobile tagging. Google’s mobile Android operating system supports 2d barcode (QR Code) and natively includes the 2d barcode scanner, also known as the ZXing, on some of its models.

2D Barcodes holding encoded business addresses and website addresses also appear on many magazines, signs, buses, business cards and anywhere that this sort of information might be useful to communicate quickly and easily. Many people even wear them as a t-shirt design, for their aesthetic value. Anyone with a mobile phone that has a camera on it, and a 2d barcode reader document scanner app for iphone installed, can scan the image and retrieve the encoded information. As with many elements of mobile phone technology and the culture that has arisen around them, the act of scanning a matrix code has its own name. Such acts of linking from an object in the real world to the cyberspace of a mobile phone or computer is called hardlinking, or physical world hyperlinking. The use of 2d barcodes is only likely to grow, and it is predicted that barcode scanning will soon be an essential application on all mobile phones in the near future as the real world and cyber world become less and less distinct.

2D Barcode Scanner Online
After searching for a 2d barcode scanner online, I found a variety of sites that would generate a new 2d barcode for me, but far fewer that would scan...

After searching for a 2d barcode scanner online, I found a variety of sites that would generate a new 2d barcode for me, but far fewer that would scan a 2d barcode and deliver its decoded information. So I thought it might be a good idea to compile a shortlist of online 2d barcode scanners with a brief review of each, so if you are looking for a 2d barcode scanner online then this is the place to look.

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